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1. When the whistleblower thing blew-up I did a deep dive on @ODNI statute. I never cared for the DNI concept. It is antithetical to compartmentalized intelligence. IMO the IC doesn't have to give John Ratcliffe jack squat. My guess is he's got no clue about what's going on.
2. If we survive, it will only be if @NSAGov takes down the GRU operating in @Facebook @Twitter @YouTube @instagram and on #QAnon #DailyStormer #8kun #8chan etc. channels. This is all enemy propaganda used in an attack by our most dangerous adversary.
3. IMO @POTUS @realtrump's not defending us is treason & subjects Trump @robertcobrien @MarkMeadows Barr and Cipollone to charges in ~35 states with US Code me-too treason statutes. IMO under Art. I sec 10 para 3 the @DemGovs have the power to block these sites in their states.
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#QAnon now has its very own Super PAC…
Disarm the Deep State is being run by the owner of #8chan Jim Watkins and claims to be the first Super PAC “dedicated to removing shadow government actors” and its mission is to “mobilize a community of patriots to remove power from Deep State members.”…
There are two dozen Congressional candidates on the fund's website, all of whom have expressed support for #QAnon…
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"It’s basically a death sentence” — that's how #8chan founder @hw_beat_that sums up the possibility that he will be jailed for calling 8chan’s current owner, and #QAnon booster, Jim Watkins “senile”…
The cyber libel charges faced by Brennan are not only a threat to his safety, he said they will set a chilling precedent in the Philippines that will damage freedom of speech and press freedom…
Watkin’s lawsuit was filed back in October when Brennan was in the middle of an all-out war to keep #8chan (now 8kun) offline. Brennan dismisses the changes, but a Philippines prosecutor thought differently…
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Ein paar Gedanken zu #Hanau, dem mutmaßlichen Attentäter Tobias R., seiner möglichen Motivlage und der Frage, wie Sicherheitsbehörden damit umgehen können ⬇️ | 1
Tobias R. hat mehrere Videos und Dokumente im Netz veröffentlicht. Darunter ein 24-seitiges Pamphlet, indem er biografische Details und vor allem Verschwörungstheorien, Rassismus, Genozid-Fantasien und seine Sicht auf Frauen beschreibt:… | 2 #Hanau
Der zentrale Aspekt des Pamphlets ist die Überzeugung, dass Staaten von einer „Geheimorganisation“ gesteuert würden. Und dass er persönlich ständig von „Geheimdiensten“ überwacht werde, die seine Gedanken lesen könnten. | 3 #Hanau
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After there months offline, #8chan resurfaced Saturday as #8kun and within hours #QAnon was back…
The return of #8kun follows a weeks-long battle between #8chan founder @hw_beat_that and the site's owners Jim Watkins (@isitwetyet) and his son Ron (@CodeMonkeyZ) who is the site’s administrator…
Hosting for the site is being provided by Media Land, a company based in Russia that @briankrebs revealed in July was a bulletproof hosting service used for ransomware, phishing and cybercrime forums…
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In latest JW Q&A livestream:

- #8kun to have backup node system like @getongab
- node system has potential security risks; not advised for everyone
- #projectOdin will be “something like 5ch” (e.g. 2ch/4ch; no custom boards)
- hopes for launch before elections next week

Currently working on legal aspect of the #8kun distributed node system. 30 different lawyers rejected working with him, but he has a legal team now.

8kun tshirts to be made 🤷🏻‍♂️
JW confirms he has no contact with Q after #8chan has gone down. #qanon @isitwetyet
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Slow night, so let's burn some time with an #8kun tinfoil thread:

What if @HW_BEAT_THAT is actually still employed by JW?

#8chan #qanon

Not as a dev, but as a kind of 'kayfabe spoil'. Even call it "PR/marketing". The purpose would be to gin up awareness of the new site via internet drama and MSM coverage, and use public means of stability testing the site while it gears up for launch.

8chan being knocked off CloudFlare was a surprise to everyone, since they had consistently held such a strong pro-free-speech stance. They went from defending 8chan to knocking it offline within a single week. This was a slight, and a betrayal.

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For the last week, a war has been brewing between those looking to being #8Chan back online, and its founder @hw_beat_that who wants it — and #QAnon — to die…
The latests efforts to get 8chan’s successor, #8kun, up and running is to rout traffic through China — you know, where free speech online is so welcome….…
Without 8chan, or its successor 8kun coming back online, then #QAnon is dead and Frederick Brennan wants to keep it that way Image
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#8chan is preparing to return, rebranded as #8Kun, but with all the same hate-speech and conspiracy theories you loved the first time around…
As 8chan’s founder @hw_beat_that points out, the return of 8chan as 8Kun could help reignite the #QAnon movement Image
Just got a call from domain registrar @tucows to say this is the first it has heard about the 8kun URL. Which is interesting given @KELLYWEILL contacted them about it yesterday and @slpng_giants and @hw_beat_that have been flagging it on here…
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The racists, white supremacists, and hate mongers from #8chan have been left without a home since the site was taken offline. They’ve crawled further into the dark corners of the internet to find a new home…
While experts agree the shuttering of #8chan would be a good thing for stoping the spread of extremist views, it also presents problems…
"When they are pushed to the margins, we can lose valuable open-source intelligence that can often be useful in figuring out how these individuals and networks operate.” @ColinPClarke from @TheSoufanCenter says…
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#8chan has been offline since @voxility pulled support for Bitmitigate/Epik yesterday. I’ve been told the site will be releasing a statement soon to give an update on the current situation
Here’s Jim Watkins, owner of #8chan, speaking about the El Paso shooting and working with the FBI
Watkins says #8chan has been accused by “some less than credible journalists” of protecting those posting illegal speech on its platform.
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Some thoughts on the recent @Cloudflare #8Chan decision,
esp their recent blog outlining the decision to cut their services to the site from an #anthro #PhD who studies such #Internet companies:…

So much of Cloudflare's reasoning is endemic to a number of cultural tendencies I see in my research across "Internet infrastructure providers".

Understanding these is necessary to tackle discussions about the responsibility of tech companies in such tragic events. 2/17
Many smart people like @beccalew @BostonJoan @JessieNYC are discussing the ramifications of the Cloudflare decision.

I will focus on the fact that there is a problem in how these companies see their tech & connect this vision to a sense of corporate responsibility. 3/17
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Thread: @Cloudflare’s decision to cut off #8chan was probably right. The site wasn’t far from ISIS-style propaganda. But the case has surfaced some real policy dilemmas that won’t always have easy answers in the future. 1/7
Here’s the problem we’re already familiar with: Tech companies have the ability & legal authority to moderate harmful speech—yet they lack democratic legitimacy or any real investment in the philosophical values at stake. They're still the best we have today. 2/7
Until now, debates about content moderation have focused on the Internet’s “application layer” of consumer-facing information platforms (e.g. Facebook, Google). These sites are the primary filters of bad content, & they’ve muddled their way to some basic expertise. 3/7
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🔥Cloudflare dropped #8Chan but why did it take them so long when Jim Watkins owner of 8chan and NTTec owned pedo porn websites⁉️ it any surprise that white supremacists love Trump⁉️
🔥💀🔥This is the most terrifying study that I have ever seen on #8chan. @realDonaldTrump and his @GOP sycophants opened a Pandora’s box of evil and they should be held accountable for inciting domestic terrorism💀cc @FrankFigliuzzi1 @MingGao26
@0dayer look at this guy w the same 2533 N Carson address as 8chan and Jim Watkins biz🤔…
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Trump's Encouraging QAnon May Result in Violence—Just ask the FBI

8/1/19: The FBI specifically mentions QAnon, a shadowy network that believes in a deep state conspiracy against Trump, Antifa & Pizzagate.

8/3/19 two mass shootings.
5 days b/4 Alt R #ElPaso

FBI assessment that online conspiracy theories “very likely” result in domestic extremists committing violent crimes

The AltR/QAnon folks spun a false narrative about coming ‘Antifa’ violence in El Paso five days before the Maga mass shooter massacred people.

9 people were killed in Dayton, Ohio, when a gunman opened fire early Sunday at a bar.

MX vows to take legal action against U.S. after deadly El Paso shooting

From its effect on the world, 8chan could be ranked as one of the internet’s most dangerous sites.
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Trump signals bad news coming out of New York in extended rant against state investigations re Trump Foundation

NYAG: Trump Foundation Will Dissolve, Accused of ‘Shocking Pattern of Illegality’

Or did he confuse Trump Foundation with Trump Org?


New study shows RU propaganda may really have helped Trump

The study does not prove RU interference swung the election to Trump. But it did find Trump's poll #s improved when RU trolls were active.

Ivanka Tests Her Diplomatic Chops and Riles a Legion of Critics

Trump’s Making the World Safer for Autocrats (TOC), Western Liberal Democracy, not so much.

Vladimir Putin, Recep Tayyip Erdogan & Saudi’s MbS, basked in Trump's attention, humor and respect


Ex-Judge Hit With $2.85M Suit Over Probation Power Grab
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Am 27.4 griff ein 19-Jahriger eine #Synagoge in Kalifornien an, tötete eine Frau und verletzte drei weitere Personen. Er kündigte die Tat auf #8chan an, verwies auf #Christchurch und sprach von einem Livestream. Thread zur Tat und den Reaktionen online 1/x…
Um die Tat zu verstehen, ist es wichtig die online Kultur zu verstehen die ihn radikalisert hat 2/x…
Sein "Manifest" erinnert an #Christchurch:
"The sheer density of in-jokes and references to obscure aspects of “channer” culture in both manifestos leaves one with the question: What can we take seriously?
The Nazi stuff. Take the Nazi stuff seriously."3/x…
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1/ In running for office, I have tried very hard to not mention Gamergate.

But with the second mass shootings this year from someone radicalized on #8chan, I do want to share some of the things media doesn’t understand about it and what law enforcement can do to prevent more.
2/ Some history on #8chan. #Gamergate started on 4chan, a site owned and operated by current @google employee Christopher Poole.

The Gamergate threats on women were so serious, 4chan banned the topic. Posting child pornography and Gamergate are the only banned topics.
3/ Many 4chan users were so angry about the ban, they moved to mostly unknown site 8chan.

8chan mostly exists as a site for the activity too criminal for 4chan users. In fact, the legal liability was so high for 8chan that the owner left the US so servers could not be seized.
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Der Täter von #Christchurch beruft sich in seinem Manifest (Titel: "Der Große Austausch") auf zentrale Ideologeme der #Identitären - und was tut #IB-Kader @PatrickLenart ? Er leugnet jeden ideologischen Zusammenhang u versucht den Täter sogar als irren Klimaschützer hinzustellen.
Ein anderer #IB-Kader, @Martin_Sellner, hat sogar die Unverschämtheit, seinesgleichen, die "Patrioten", zu den eigentlichen Opfern des Terrors von #Christchurch zu erklären. Denn diese würden nun unter "Repression und Generalverdacht" und einem "Klima des Hasses" leiden. Absurd!
In einer Reportage von @AJEnglish über die #IdentitäreBewegung in Frankreich ist zu sehen, wie ein #IB-Aktivist davon träumt, ein Blutbad unter Muslimen in einer Moschee anzurichten. So viel dazu, die Identitären hätten in ideologischer Hinsicht nichts mit #Christchurch zu tun.
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#QAnon #DeepState #8Chan #4chan @drawandstrike @rising_serpent @LionelMedia @StormIsUponUs @true_pundit

1. Interesting mystery, but might be compelling information

A guy working at a Massachusetts B&B found a notebook. A cleaning lady found it in a room and showed it to him
2. As he is a Q follower, something in the notebook caught his eye. He brought it home and read it.

He was flabbergasted.

The woman who left it used a fake name to register at this B&B and didn’t pay with a credit card, but cash or gift card.
3. He found the notebook in October but was afraid of the information it contained. He hung on to it until today where he posted screenshots of all 68 pages on FB.
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[Thread #coursCultNum @lpticarc]
🍀 4chan 🍀
Sombre mélange de génie et de liberté que l'on regarde avec défiance ou admiration : tour à tour première famille d'internet, sphincter du web ou bastion des défenseurs de la liberté d'expression
Imageboard ( créé en 2003 par @Moot
Orientation majeure : culture japonaise et web mais tout y est abordé, moqué et détourné
2018 : 71 boards dont 19 NSFW
▶ Deux URL: (all) (Worksafe only)
🍀Fonctionnement :
Pas d'archive. Où, autant et quand je veux : peu de règles pour la création des fils. Chaque board a un nombre max de fils. Pour remonter la liste, il faut être commenté, sinon on tombe et la discussion disparait #coursCultNum @lpticarc
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1/ Saturday Thread: #ArtLaundering - In which I try to expand on this tweet. of an anon post from #8Chan

@AndreVanDelft and @WWG_1WGA_

#Qanon #PizzagateIsReal
2/ Before we begin... Should I ever get deleted from twitter, you can trust @Autisticated will be able to verify my new identity on a new account.

I am coming at this subject matter as one who:

A) Got an A + in Art History Class
B) Studied Economics

3/ If I were teaching a class on #ArtLaundering, the article entitled "Gaming Belief: The Modern Art Scam and Money Laundering Tax Racket by Jesse Waugh would be on the course syllabus. Stop and read it now.…
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Let’s talk about #pedowood and the claims @IsaacKappy made a few days ago. (Watch video)

I believe Isaac and anyone who has done even just a small bit of research knows #hollywood is infested with #pedos and satanic ritual abusers.

#qanon #TheGreatAwakeing #woke
#maga #truth
After @IsaacKappy posted his live video’s, talk made it’s way to the chans

Anon posts pic of Seth Green, Tim Gunn and others we’ll talk about, then suggests Haiti connection... provides links

#qanon #pedowood #pizzagate #GreatAwakenening #itsallconnected
#4chan #8chan #Truth
So as you can see there is a connection to Seth Green and this organization “aid still required”

I’m not commenting on the validity of this organization, I’m just making connections...

Continuing on...

#qanon #pizzagate #TheGreatAwakening
#Haiti #ChildTrafficking
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