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Donald Trump interview on Oprah Winfrey in 1988. Will you run for President Donald? Donald replies I don't know, I don't think so. Oprah, If you ran for President would you win?
Trump yes I would win I am not a loser.
Will you Vote for Trump in 2020?
Who is he Anons?
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#Breaking pétage de plombs présidentiel...Pour ceux/celles qui doutaient de la pression ressentie par #Trump, il commence par dénoncer à propos du Saturday Night Live la collusion entre réseaux TV et démocrates et souhaiter 1 action judiciaire pour l'interdire...RT
2) #Breaking #Trump continue en pointant les SMS disparus des agents amants du #FBI Strzok et Page...sauf qu'ils ont été récupérés par l'inspecteur général de la Justice après la panne de logiciel explicative…
3) Et pour finir, ou presque, #Trump se lamente de la perquisition du FBI chez #Cohen en avril qui a déclenché toute la procédure, car celui-ci était avocat… comme si le statut d'avocat protégeait même d'éventuels crimes commis au nom du client...
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I think I see a problem emerging for Felix Sater.

Today, Michael #Cohen said that Trump was not telling the truth about Russia.

But #Sater has said for months that he knew of no collusion and was even skeptical that there was any. 1/3
Sater has also said he had no evidence at the time of Russian interference in the 2016 election. “I read about it, just like everyone else, in the newspapers.” 2/3
Sater and Cohen have been lifelong friends, and they worked together on Trump Tower Moscow. So who’s going to be caught lying?

Not Cohen, methinks. 3/3
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Dear mass market media,

#Cohen does not charge himself, @realDonaldTrump was referring to the prosecutors trying to 'embarrass him'.

What that really was is a thin back up attempt to justify impeachment shortly down the road.
These guys (SE & SDNY) know there is no real legal case here and would never get a conviction if tested at trial... But just putting this out there doesn't hurt there effort... Best case creating pretext for impeachment or worst case help defeat him in 2020. Plain as day.
The democrats in the house just might be crazy enough to impeach... Hoping that being "the first impeached president to stand for reelection" would be a huge damper on his campaign. It's all about elections at the end of the day. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

I DARE you house democrats ...
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#Mueller's tactics make former KGB agents blush:

-> pulling guilty pleas via financial bankruptcy
-> early morning house raids at gunpoint
-> threatening family members
-> 23 hour solitary confinement w/o conviction
-> #whistleblowers homes ransacked
-> regressive memory torture
Mueller is the most corrupt and incompetent investigator ever

-> wrongfully imprisoned 4 fall men for Whitey Bulger (2 died in prison); 150 million paid out
-> wrongfully convicted CDC scientist in anthrax case; 10 million paid out
-> covered up FL Saudi Family Connection to 911

Mueller targeted Republican Congressman Curt Weldon who was running for re-election

He had given two outspoken speeches that the FBI had known about 9/11 ahead of time and failed to act.

In response false stories were leaked and his daughter's home was raided.
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Michael Cohen got 3 years! #cohen
#Cohen will be locked up for 3 years for partly being the messenger.... I am looking at you trump...
Plus 2 months for lying to Congress. 500k forfeited, $1 M plus ...
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Russian Oligarch Viktor Vekselberg
(A short thread)

-Allegedly paid 500K to Michael Cohen just before the 2016 election.
-Business/personal associate of Vladimir Putin.
-Part of #Mueller’s investigation into Russian meddling.

Viktor Vekselberg cont.

-Shareholder & chairman of the board of Renova, an aluminum company controlled by Oleg Deripaska.

-Received economic sanctions earlier this year “for activities including election interference.”

-Attended #Trump’s inauguration.

#Cohen #Russia
Viktor Vekselberg cont.

-Attended a dinner in Moscow for RT where #Flynn was also in attendance and reportedly sat beside Putin.

- Vekselberg’s private jet was detained by the FBI earlier this year, “as part of the Mueller investigation.”

#FBISawThisComing #FBI
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It's not possible to comment intelligently on #Mueller & the entire #investigation without reading LICENSED TO LIE: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice, self-funded and published in 2014 for the purpose of educating the public on the need for #CriminalJusticeReform
2. It crosses @GOP & @DNC administrations but has come to expose serious political abuses of #DOJ. It's made a lot of powerful people very angry.
The @FedSoc has not let me speak on topic since the book came out.
My own #BarAssociation @TexasBarCLE won't let me speak on it. WHY?
3. The book is TRUE, reads like a legal thriller but NAMES prosecutors who rose to positions of great power on the backs of people they wrongfully convicted.
It NAMES federal judges who turned a blind eye to egregious injustices.
No one has challenged a word of it, nor can they.
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1. I think @McDermottLaw represented #Cohen on or about Aug. 28, 2017 when letter was sent to SSCI and HPSCI? Firm continued on through the warrant litigation. I wondered at time if they had hired by the RNC (why Cohen remained DF Chair) possibly carrier but I think it unlikely.
2. I searched and found this posted around the time Cohen alegeges his attorneys worked with the @Whitehouse counsel to create the false letter.

Ryan is the attorney at McDermott that we saw with Cohen in the warrant litigation.…
3. I was once a witness for the USA in a criminal trial. I had caught bankruptcy fraud and it was my client's job to make the referral. When I met with the FBI and AUSA before the trial, the AUSA said to me, "Know what we really want?"
And I said "No. What?"
"An attorney." 😬
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(THREAD) BuzzFeed’s source? FELIX SATER.

Sater is key to RussiaGate. Among other things, he is SOURCE E of the Steele dossier. In memo #095, Source E = Sater lays out the whole Trump-Russia collusion narrative that is unfolding today.
#Mueller already had today’s BuzzFeed intel and no doubt much, much more. As Napolitano said today on Fox News, this is just the “tip of the iceberg.”

(Sater has long acknowledged publicly that he is a “source” for Mueller, but Mueller so far has kept him on the sidelines.)
On Feb 28 of this year, I posted a long thread on Sater, and concluded:
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Hot take ... The #cohenPlea today seems to be part of a perjury trap.
Seeing how this is a giant pile of nothing, moving the goal posts on "truth" after @realDonaldTrump submitted written answers to question is the only real play here IMO
AKA attempted perjury trap.…
Why would #cohen be doing all this? Easy... Is his wife being charged with the banking & tax crimes? Nope. That why, she could have been, and there is only one reason she is not... That's why.

What would you do to prevent your wife from doing a dime cuz you got cute on a loan?
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They sure are panicking. Wonder what they did to Cohen to make him say what they wanted.

Trump use to follow 47 he has had 46 for sometime. Who was the 1 🤔

#MAGA @realDonaldTrump #Cohen
I pray ALL illegally charged get Justice. This witch is a totally disgrace AND NEEDS TO END ASAP.

The American people are sick of seeing this BS continue. Lock them ALL up the pedophiles, pedovares, evil satanists etc.

They prey on the young, the weak and fearful

Heroes one day.

God Bless all wrongly accused/convicted.

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Wow. Here’s a headline. No collusion?…
This is the pleading. Smells of collusion to me.…
This is a good capsule summary, providing some factual context regarding @realDonaldTrump’s recent Twitter rants against the Special Counsel investigation.…
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#Breaking THERMONUCLEAIRE… #Cohen, l'ex-avocat de #Trump, signe 1 nouveau plaider coupable et accord de coopération avec le procureur spécial #Mueller où il avoue avoir menti aux commissions parlementaires SUR LA COLLUSION AVEC LA #RUSSIE... RT+1M
2) #Breaking Cohen a donc menti sur le fameux projet de #Trump Tower à Moscou qu'il avait toujours affirmé comme défunt à partir de janvier 2016 et du début des primaires républicaines. C'était donc faux...…
3) Pour mémoire, #Trump a TOUJOURS affirmé ne jamais avoir eu d'intérêts commerciaux et financiers avec la #Russie de #Poutine (ici en janvier 2017 #àvoir). Le plaider coupable de #Cohen semble indiquer...que c'est faux.…
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💥 There is a direct connection between the #Solntsevskaya Mafia and @IvankaTrump. Dasha #ZHUKOVA's father Alexander #ZHUKOV is KEY. 💥

The lede has been buried by way of incomplete reporting.

Let's connect the dots. #MOB
Ivanka Trump is a longtime friend of Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich's ex-wife Dasha Zhukova. Dasha is friends with Josh and Jared Kushner as well.
Supposedly, their introduction was made by the #spy for foreign intelligence Wendi Deng Murdoch.
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#BREAKING SKYFALL...#Cohen l'ancien avocat"particulier" de #Trump, qui avait décidé de coopérer, a parlé durant des heures avec l'équipe #Mueller. On l'a questionné sur la collusion avec la #Russie. La durée des entretiens signifie qu'il a "balancé",sans aucun doute. #Gamechanger
2) Et de toute évidence, d'après les 1ères infos d'@abcnews #Cohen coopère contre #Trump sans rien avoir exigé en retour, comme le laissait entendre ses déclarations publiques depuis 6 mois, il se retourne contre son ancien patron, par dépit affectif ou amical.
3) #Cohen s'est aussi mis à table face aux procureurs de l'Etat de New York quant aux malversations de la fondation #Trump. Ne pas oublier que cette enquête-là est encore plus dangereuse car hors de portée du pouvoir de pardon présidentiel...
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I said this yesterday and I'll say it again today: Democrats are legitimizing #Kavanaugh by not walking out.

They should release a joint statement that until the #Mueller and #Cohen matters are resolved, Trump cannot appoint a #SCOTUS justice.
The GOP is hellbent on pushing the #KavanaughConfirmation through. If Democrats walked out and he were seated, he'd have far LESS legitimacy on the bench than if they went through the motions of what they called a "sham" proceeding.
No matter how sharp their questions, no matter how much they protest the rules and procedures and document dumps, Dems are ENABLING THE GOP in brazen court-stacking. Republicans STOLE #MerrickGarland's seat and are shoving rightwing justices through. WHY ARE DEMS PLAYING ALONG?
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TL-DR: Anti-Trump cyborgs dominate, but there is a concentrated, active group of pro-Trump bots and cyborgs. Most of the top cyborgs (14 out of the top 20) oppose Donald Trump while four support him, with two being not clearly aligned in either direction.
Interestingly, of the 253 likely bots and cyborgs who link to URLs external to, the largest sub-group (community #13) consists of 62 predominantly right-wing bots/cyborgs that support Donald Trump.
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Was there a third important court event, on top of #Manafort and #Cohen verdicts? Prosecutors and Flynn lawyers agreed to postpone #Flynn’s sentencing; sentencing is the usual day of reckoning for cooperation.
It is not unheard-of for a “substantial assistance” motion to be filed after sentencing, but it’s rare. The #Flynn plea is in; the sentencing memos are presumably complete; the question of “substantial assistance” — cooperation — is the logical reason for postponement.
I may be reading too much into this terse and nondescript document, but very big things moving sometimes leave only small surface ripples.
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Seine Skandale holen ihn endlich ein: Donald #Trump wird von seinem Ex-Anwalt Michael #Cohen bezichtigt, mit ihm illegale Wahlkampffinanzierungen begangen zu haben. Ist das nun der Anfang vom Ende des US-Präsidenten? Nope. [THREAD] #CohenPleaDeal #TrumpRussia
To recap: #Cohen bekennt sich schuldig, dem Ex-Playmate Karen #McDougal und der Pornodarstellerin #StormyDaniels auf illegale Weise Schweigegeld gezahlt zu haben. „In coordination with and at the direction of [#Trump]" und „to influence the election“.…
#Cohen impliziert #Trump also in seinen Verbrechen. Das ist extrem brisant – und gewagt. Denn zwar hat Cohen ein Tape, in dem er die Zahlungen mit Trump diskutiert. Doch das gibt nicht 100% Aufschluss darüber, ob Trump illegale Finanzierungen bewilligte.…
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That look when you figure out paying #NDA for activities prior and unrelated to a campaign does NOT qualify as an 'in kind contribution'.
The look when #Cohen realized he took a #PleaDeal with non crimes being charged.
Of course... We don't know what was NOT charged. Perhaps 2 fictitious charges are a win... It's possible. 6 years beats 10 or 20 any day. #justSaying
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The Company ⇾ Trump Org
Individual-1 ⇾ Trump
Corporation-1 ⇾ AMI
Magazine-1 ⇾ Nat'l Enquirer
Chairman-1 ⇾ David Pecker
Woman-1 ⇾ Karen Mcdougal
Attorney-1⇾Keith Davidson
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⚡⚡🤯 👇👇#Giuliani “Why don’t you write a report and show us what you have, because they don’t have a goddamn thing,” said Trump's lawyer yesterday. Okay. Here goes. Time to revisit what we already know. Oldie but goodie. I am sure Mueller has more.….
2. Of, for your convenience, unrolled, thank you, the unroller magician, for all you do.…
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