I'm wondering if it's possible to use the @ehtelescope to find out more about the #WowSignal.
And while we are talking about the #WowSignal: I have an alternative speculation for it besides aliens (although I still think it actually has a natural cause we haven't found yet, so don't get too excited): us from a parallel timeline somehow sending a spacecraft in the past.
There are possible indications why it could be us and not aliens. The first indication is that the #WowSignal didn't last long. If it really was aliens trying to contact us then why did they seemingly only send this signal for a short time and not continuously?
But there could be another reason for the #WowSignal: it could have been a distress-signal activated shortly before the destruction of the spacecraft sending it. But if it should've come from aliens why did it seemingly target our world & not their homeworld or a colony of them?
Wouldn't it be more likely in this case that it's a signal deliberately sent by one of our own spacecrafts towards Earth, our homeworld? Ok, maybe it wasn't specifically targeted at us and instead only targeted at our broad direction meaning it randomely hit us too
and the alien-homeworld or -colony could instead be somewhere relatively close to us.
But if you are following #OckhamsRazor: what is more likely? That the #WowSignal originated from a civilization we haven't found yet or that it originated from the only civilization we currently know meaning our own civilization?
Ok, I admit that the "it was us from the future of a parallel timeline"-explanation also comes with a lot of unproven assumptions like the assumptions "time travel to the past is possible", "there are parallel timelines", etc.
but at least I might have a plausible explanation why we would send spacecrafts of any kind towards the Saggitarius-constellation in the first place: it's the constellation holding the center of the #MilkyWay & the supermassive black hole #SaggitariusA* & maybe more black holes.
A possible future for us, if we survive, could be the colonization of black holes where we could basically survive til the end of time and which are probably the best source of energy ( )
meaning it would actually make a lot of sense to send exploration-probes towards #Saggitarius even without time-travel. Some may ask now "but why would this alternative version of us capable of time-travel only send one probe?": here come parallel timelines into play again.
Time-travel would in fact probably only work with the existence of parallel timelines as it's probably the only way to avoid causality-paradoxes usually associated with time-travel
meaning every time-travel-event into the past would lead to a split of the timeline on the exit-point of the time-travel-event meaning the original timeline without the time-travel-exit-point would still exist parallel to the new timeline with the time-travel-exit-point.
So if you are sending more time-travel-probes they would probably all end up in different timelines unless maybe if you would send them together in a single time-travel-event.
Ok, there could also be another reason for only one probe: maybe it was just a prototype and maybe us from a parrallel timeline decided to end their time-travel-programme
because this parallel-timelines-scenario would unfortunately also mean that it's actually impossible to prove the existence of time-travel at least from the perspective of the timeline initiating the time-travel-event
because they would lose contact with the probe immediately as it exits into the new timeline not connected to their timeline anymore. So from the perspective of the time-travel-initiating timeline it would just look like the probe has been destroyed
meaning they could conclude that it's too wasteful and risky to try to send probes or even humans through time. Yes, at the end the "it was us from a parallel timeline"-explanation is probably as purely speculative as the "it was aliens"-explanation
and I still think the #WowSignal will actually turn out to be caused by a natural cause we haven't discovered yet but none the less: now that we have technologies like the #EventHorizonTelescope
and will soon also have additional technologies like the #JamesWebbSpaceTelescope and the #EuropeanExtremelyLargeTelescope maybe it's time to also start a new investigation into the #WowSignal and more closely observe it's two possible locations of origin.
I think independent from the #WowSignal having a natural or artificial explanation this investigation would result in some very interesting discoveries.
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