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#JamesWebbSpaceTelescope's new photo of the Tarantula Nebula caught thousands of never-before-seen baby stars

#NASAWebb… Image
Astronomers focused the #JamesWebbSpaceTelescope on Tarantula Nebula, one of the brightest and most active star-forming regions in our galactic backyard, and found thousands of young stars they hadn't seen before, images released by NASA on Tuesday show.…
The Tarantula Nebula, is an immense cloud of gas and dust about 160,000 light-years away in the Large Magellanic Cloud, a satellite galaxy of the #MilkyWay. The nebula has birthed some massive stars, a few that are more than 150 times the mass of our sun.…
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#NASA's James Webb Space Telescope detects carbon dioxide in a distant world's atmosphere for the first time

NASA's #JamesWebbSpaceTelescope have detected evidence of carbon dioxide in a world beyond our solar system.

The planet, called WASP-39 b, is a gas giant orbiting a sun-like star about 700 light-years away, where temperatures are consistently about 900 degrees Celsius.

While the planet was first discovered in 2011, Webb's sensitive infrared instruments allowed researchers to analyze it in detail, definitely detecting carbon dioxide there for the first time.

#JamesWebbSpaceTelescope #NASA
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जेम्स वेब टेलिस्कोपने प्रतिमांचा पहिला सेट प्रसिद्ध केला आणि जगभर उत्साहाची लाट आलीय. या निमित्ताने जेम्स वेब टेलिस्कोप विषयी मराठीमध्ये थोडक्यात माहिती देण्याचा प्रयत्न या थ्रेडमध्ये करते आहे.
#JamesWebbSpaceTelescope #JWTInMarathi
जेम्स वेब टेलिस्कोप ही जगातील आतापर्यंतची सर्वात मोठी, सर्वात शक्तिशाली आणि आजतोवर तयार केलेल्या अवकाशीय दुर्बिणींमध्ये सर्वात कॉम्प्लेक्स ठरलेली इन्फ्रारेड स्पेस ऑब्झर्व्हेटरी आहे.
१९९६ मध्ये या दुर्बिणीचं काम सुरु झालं तेव्हा तिला 'नेक्स्ट जनरेशन स्पेस टेलिस्कोप' असं संबोधण्यात आलं. पण नंतर २००२ मध्ये नासाचे दुसरे प्रशासक म्हणून नियुक्त झालेल्या 'जेम्स वेब' यांच्या स्मरणार्थ या दुर्बिणीला 'जेम्स वेब टेलिस्कोप' हे नाव द्यायचं ठरलं.
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🚨 Se ha hecho superviral un hilo de un tuitero con más de 100k seguidores sobre la primera imagen del #JamesWebbSpaceTelescope con muchos errores que no puedo obviar.

Paso a 𝗮𝗰𝗹𝗮𝗿𝗮𝗿 y 𝗱𝗲𝘀𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁𝗶𝗿 algunas cuestiones del hilo que también he visto en más medios 🧵👇 Image
Antes de empezar, no diré el nombre del autor ni postearé el hilo (que va ya por casi 90k likes y 30k retuits) por dos motivos: por ser errores comunes y para no seguir alimentando el hilo. Si lo queréis buscar, es fácil de encontrar.
Por otro lado, con este contrahilo no pretendo dar la sensación de que solo los expertos pueden hablar de su tema, pero cuando escribes sobre cuestiones que no dominas, te arriesgas a que te desacrediten.
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#NASA-led #JamesWebbSpaceTelescope's breathtaking images of the universe's past have taken the world by storm.

As we inch closer to unravelling more cosmic secrets, here's how researchers from #India plan to use the #JWST.


#NASA had opened up submissions for Guaranteed Time Observations to reward scientists with 16% use of the JWST observatory for the first 3 cycles.

Out of the 1,173 proposals, two astronomers hail from India: Dr #JessyJose from @IiserTirupati & Dr #Puravankara from @TIFRScience.
Dr Jose, along with an international research team from the US, UK and Australia, will be examining the Galactic Centre Cloud (GCC) — the central molecular zone of our Milky Way — in April 2023.

They have been allotted 27.3 hours over the access period of 12 months.
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Antes de irme a dormir, les comparto la única foto "no-foto" del #JamesWebbSpaceTelescope, qué las demás muy vistosas pero esta me parece super-relevante.
Es la detección de AGUA en la atmósfera de un exo-planeta que orbita una estrella tipo Sol a 1500 años luz.
WASP-96B fue seleccionado de entre otros 5000 candidatos por la escasa contaminación lumínica entre ese sistema solar y el nuestro, por su volumen y su proximidad a su estrella, le hizo el candidato idóneo para esta primera gran observación del Espectrógrafo a bordo del Webb.
El espectro capturado por NIRISS (el espectrógrafo del Webb) de WASP-96B no es solo el más detallado hasta la fecha, sino que cubre rangos de longitud de onda incluso inalcanzables desde la tierra.
¿lo insólito?, sólo se necesitaron 280 tomas para lograr tan detallado espectro.
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NASA’s #JamesWebbSpaceTelescope has released its first full-resolution images in a preview of the science soon to come

This is one of the brightest nebulas in the sky. About 7,600 light-years away, the Carina Nebula is a huge cloud of gas and young stars… Image
These five galaxies, called Stephan’s Quintet, are about 290 million light-years away

Four of the five are engaged in a deadly game of chicken, swooping past one another closer and closer until, one day in the cosmic future, they will most likely smash together and merge Image
This cloud of dust and gas surrounding a dying star is called the Southern Ring, or the Eight-Burst Nebula

It’s about 2000 light-years away and nearly half a light-year across. The bright cloud that makes up the ring came from the outer layers of one of the stars at the centre Image
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یہ صدر جو بائیڈن کے طرف سے حالیہ ریلیز کردہ جدید جیمز ویب سپیس ٹیلی سکوپ سے لی گئی پہلی تصویر ہے۔
اپ اس تصویر میں ستاروں کو نہیں دیکھ رہے بلکہ اس تصویر میں اپ 13.5 ارب سال پیچھے galaxies کو دیکھ رہے ہیں.


#NASAWebb #JamesWebbSpaceTelescope #NASA
یہ اس وسیع کائنات کا محض اتنا سا حصہ کہ جیسے کوئی ریت کے ڈھیر سے ریت اٹھا کر اپنے انگلی کی نوک پر رکھے۔ اس تصویر میں اپ کائنات کا ایک چھوٹا سا حصہ دیکھ رہے ہیں جس میں galaxies وافر مقدار میں چمک رہے ہیں کچھ کم کچھ زیادہ۔

#NASAWebb #JamesWebbSpaceTelescope #NASA
تقریباً سو سال پہلے ہم سمجھتے تھے کہ کائنات میں صرف ایک ہی galaxy ہے جس میں ہم ہیں، جس کا نام milky way ہے۔ لیکن اب ہم یہ سمجھتے ہیں اور دیکھ بھی سکتے ہیں کہ جیسے ہمارے Milky way Galaxy میں اربوں ستارے ہیں اسطرح اربوں ستاروں والے اربوں galaxies اور بھی موجود ہیں

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Minor Jackpot seeds are set at 100. 10 mini-jackpot seeds #JWST: We'll be discussing the Wowpot today. Considering that none of the others will ever surpass 8 million. Game #JamesWebbSpaceTelescope of Fortune Wheel of Wishes.…
Is it possible for me to win 8.7 million this week? When we last looked, the enormous 8.75 million Wowpot prize was still increasing. Can it reach 9 million? Could that happen today? Will the entire.…

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"We’re increasingly convinced about the crucial role storytelling has to play in helping us navigate the global challenges we’re facing and to build a more beautiful world. And we feel as inspired as ever to continue this work."--Happen Films @happenfilms…
New Evidence Shows Global Warming has Slowed Dramatically Over Last 20 Years…
#GlobalWarming, #MeteorologyBalloons, #SatelliteData, #TroposphereTemperatures
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"Civilization is still a new experiment. Modern democracies are a brand new idea, currently in beta testing." -- Tim Urban…
A Fully Aligned Webb Space Telescope Sees a Field of Stars…
#JamesWebbSpaceTelescope, #FullAlignment
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/14/2022…
Study: US is an oligarchy, not a democracy - BBC News…
#USA, #oligarchy, #democracy
Why is molten lava often covered with zig-zag patterns? - BBC Science Focus Magazine…
#MoltenLava, #ResearchResults, #MoltenWax, #FlowPatterns
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/01/2022…
Omicron's wave is at least 386% taller than delta's—and it's crushing hospitals | Ars Technica…
#OmicronVariant, #transmissibility, #HealthCareSystemCapacity
How can battery-powered aircraft get off the ground?…
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 01/18/2022…
Euler’s 243-Year-Old ‘Impossible’ Puzzle Gets a Quantum Solution | Quanta Magazine…

#EncodedInformation, #QuantumMechanics, #EulerPuzzleSolution, #Mathematics
Transmission T-026: Eric Maskin on mechanism design for the market | Santa Fe Institute…

#MechanismDesign, #ExtraordinaryCircumstances, #ComplexityScience
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James Webb Uzay Teleskobu'nda en kritik aşama başarıyla tamamlandı, güneş kalkanı açıldı. Gelin Hubble'ın varisi ve adını nereden aldığı hakkında biraz bilgilenelim. 🤓
Webb teleskobu adını 2002'de NASA'nın Apollo programı müdürü olan James Webb'ten aldı.
Webb, insanlı ilk Apollo uçuşundan önce Gemini ve Mercury programları arasındaki tüm insanlı uzay lansmanlarında gözetmenlik yapmıştır.
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#Nobel's laureates have supported the Iranian resistance call for democracy, freedom, & #HumanRights in #Iran.
One of them was Prof. #JohnMather, Senior Astrophysicist for @NASAWebb & Director of the #JamesWebbSpaceTelescope.
@NASAWebb @StateDept 🔸2020
21 #Nobel Laureates, Condemn #Iran Regime’s Cover-Up Over #Coronavirus Outbreak, Calling It a #CrimesAgainsHumanity.
#JamesWebbTelescope Manager, Prof. #JohnMather, was one of the sponsors of this open letter to @antonioguterres.
#Nobel Laureates urged the Office of Ms. @mbachelet to dispatch representatives to visit #Iran'ian prisons to meet with prisoners, especially political prisoners.
Dr. #JohnMather was also among them.
#NASAWebb #UnfoldTheUniverse #JamesWebbTelescope…
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14/12 > Selon une grande étude, 2 personnes sur 5 atteintes de #CoVid19 ne présentent aucun symptôme via @IFLScience #LaMethSci
[L’étude à découvrir] 14/12 > Pourcentage mondial d'infections asymptomatiques par le #SARSCoV2 parmi la population testée et les personnes ayant un diagnostic #CoVid19 confirmé via @JAMA_current #LaMethSci
15/12 > Le décollage du télescope spatial #JamesWebb encore repoussé via @Sciences_Avenir #LaMethSci
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#PlanetInferno: Scientists Predict Supersonic Winds, Raining #Rocks in This Exoplanet Full of Lava Oceans - by @MrigDixit…

(📸: Julie Roussy, McGill Graphic Design and Getty Images)
The cosmic universe hosts millions of inhabitable celestial bodies, but some among them are so extreme that their characteristics would scare even Lucifer himself.
Among these are the planets that revolve too close to their host star. Most such planets are fiery hot worlds made up of oceans of hot molten lava.
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#LifeAfterDeath: James Webb Telescope to Hunt for Life on Planets Orbiting Dead Stars…

(📸: NASA Ames/JPL-Caltech/T. Pyle) Image
Following the recent discovery of phosphine in the clouds of #Venus, intense debates over the presence of life on our neighbouring planet are once again underway in full force.

And while scientists argue whether this phosphine is evidence for microbial life on #Venus, another group of researchers has devised a potential method to hunt for life outside our solar system—on planets orbiting dead stars!

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I'm wondering if it's possible to use the @ehtelescope to find out more about the #WowSignal.
And while we are talking about the #WowSignal: I have an alternative speculation for it besides aliens (although I still think it actually has a natural cause we haven't found yet, so don't get too excited): us from a parallel timeline somehow sending a spacecraft in the past.
There are possible indications why it could be us and not aliens. The first indication is that the #WowSignal didn't last long. If it really was aliens trying to contact us then why did they seemingly only send this signal for a short time and not continuously?
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