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Something Sweet In the Air - Donut AU

The Kirishima's Sweet Riot Donut Shop was always the busiest shop year round. Somehow, the Kirishima's always knew how to keep it up and running, bustling with regulars and sometimes new customers whom heard about the shop through someone +

Bakugo, however, was roped into it by his parents who insisted on getting him the best jelly filled donuts they could find.
He was turning a measly ten years old that day. Bakugo doesnt understand why they just didnt get him a cake, why did it have to be donuts of all things? Fuming, he followed his parents whilst thinking of the chocolate cake he could be getting as an alternative.
Entering the store wasn't a mistake however because once that sweet smell hit his nostrils, he would never admit that he was hooked. And that was only the smell! Wait until he tasted one of those badboys.
Mitsuki and Masaru led him to the glass display and pointed out the jelly donuts they'd be getting. His mouth practically watered at the sight.

"We'll buy a dozen of these," Mitsuki says to a boy with shoulder length black hair who's running the store at the moment.
"Ah, right away ma'am. "

Bakugo studied him, he couldn't be much older than him right?

"Oi, what's your name?" he wasn't all that tall, but he could at least see over the counter. He eyed the black haired boy as he got a box of the donuts ready.
The boy looks around before working a brow, "you're talking to me, little man?"

Little man?

"Who're you calling little? Hah? You cant be much older than me."

"I'm thirteen," the laugh that escapes the other sounds harmonious and Bakugo yearns for more.

"Oh... well I'm ten."
See! You are little, not even a teen yet."

Growling, Bakugo shoves his sleeves up, "I'll show you-"

"Katsuki, that's enough," Mitsuki says, grabbing the box of donuts that is extended out to them while Masaru pays.
As Bakugo's parents are leaving, he doesnt budge from the counter.

"You didnt tell me your name," he frowns but it looks more like a pout.

"I'm Eijirou Kirishima. What about you, pal?"

"Bakugo Katsuki..."
"Maybe you could get a little older and we could be friends? You look like the type of kid that needs some," he doesnt say it in a mean way but that's how Katuki takes it.

"What about you? You look pretty emo and lonesome to me."
Eijirou bites his lip, red eyes showing a deep sadness that Katsuki hadn't taken notice to.

But he just smiles again, "I guess you're right. Well, it was nice meeting you. I better get back to work, your parents are waiting on you."
Now Katsuki feels terrible having to witness what lie deep in those ruby eyes but that damn kid started it! He takes one last glance at him before heading off with his parents.
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As the weeks and months fly by, Bakugo cant help but think about that boy.

Sure Eijirou was older than him, but could they potentially be friends? And why did he look so sad?
Now, every chance that Bakugo had, he would go to the donut shop and buy one different kind every day, hoping he could witness Eijirou's smile and he didnt even know why he wanted to see it. What was so special about this guy?
"Hey, Kat. You sure are stopping by quite a lot, huh?" He smiles and Bakugo watches him glaze some of the donuts, filling some with jelly, powdering others.

Bakugo Katsuki cant say he isn't entranced, his red eyes watched everything the other boy is doing.
"Kat? You daydreaming there?"

Their eyes meet and he quickly averts his gaze, hoping his face isn't too red.

"Shut up, I am not!"

Eijirou giggles, wrapping one of the freshly made jelly donuts with wax paper and putting it into a brown paper bag.
"Here you go, kid. Feel free to stop by again, I never get tired of your presence," grinning, he waves at Katsuki and turns away, attending to other store matters.
Bakugo didnt understand the feeling in his chest or why his legs felt like jelly when he went to leave. He really did have to come back didnt he?
Two years fly by in a flash and Bakugo is now twelve. He's been visiting the donut shop every chance he gets, needing to see Eijirou so desperately but he had no idea why.
His parents kept his birthday tradition of getting him jelly donuts, so they went in near noon only to find a red haired man working behind the counter where Eijirou should have been.

"Hey! Wheres Ei?" Bakugo feels offended when he doesnt see the familiar black hair.
"Huh?" The male looks up in confusion, only to see Katsuki, "I am Eijirou."

"Clearly not, he has black hair, duhhh."

"Its because I dyed it," Eijirou had a brighter expression and Katsuki bit his lip.
This Ei seemed different. Of course the hair was different but his overall personality seemed to do a 360.

"Are you sure you aren't like a carbon copy? You seem so different," he glares as he eyes the other up and down.
Rolling his eyes playfully, Eijirou hands the box of a dozen jelly donuts to Bakugo's parents.

"Cmon, you know me. How about you have an awesome twelfth birthday and visit again?" he winks, running a hand through his spiked red hair.
Katsuki stills at the wink, his whole face flushing. Without a second thought, he sprints out of the store, feeling embarrassed; leaving his parents to wonder why he ran.
Bakugo didnt understand the feeling in his chest or why his legs felt like jelly when he went to leave. He really did have to come back didnt he?
Two years fly by in a flash and Bakugo is now twelve. He's been visiting the donut shop every chance he gets, needing to see Eijirou so desperately but he had no idea why.
His parents kept his birthday tradition of getting him jelly donuts, so they went in near noon only to find a red haired man working behind the counter where Eijirou should have been.

"Hey! Wheres Ei?" Bakugo feels offended when he doesnt see the familiar black hair.
"Huh?" The male looks up in confusion, only to see Katsuki, "I am Eijirou."

"Clearly not, he has black hair, duhhh."

"Its because I dyed it," Eijirou had a brighter expression and Katsuki bit his lip.
This Ei seemed different. Of course the hair was different but his overall personality seemed to do a 360.

"Are you sure you aren't like a carbon copy? You seem so different," he glares as he eyes the other up and down.
Rolling his eyes playfully, Eijirou hands the box of a dozen jelly donuts to Bakugo's parents.

"Cmon, you know me. How about you have an awesome twelfth birthday and visit again?" he winks, running a hand through his spiked red hair.
Katsuki stills at the wink, his whole face flushing. Without a second thought, he sprints out of the store, feeling embarrassed; leaving his parents wondering why he ran.
// I have a lot of ideas but I'm kinda having writers block. I hope I can do justice to this AU for you guys! There's gonna be a lot of age skips so we can get to the nitty gritty 😝 //
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After that day, he didnt visit as often, too afraid of what he felt in his chest and gut when in Ei's presence. Especially after he winked at him, seriously, what was that about?!
Bakugo lay in bed, his curtains closed- casting a dim lighting. He lie there listening to his breathing, unable to get those red eyes out of his mind. And now his hair is even more astonishing. Not that the black he had was terrible but now the red really brought out his eyes +
and his sun kissed skin.

Wow. Katsuki was fucked wasn't he?
It had been a whole year since Bakugo had visited the donut shop. He felt terrible for not showing up after semi making friends with the son of the donut shop.
It wasn't his fault that his heart, body, and mind were stirred up whenever Eijirou would look at him! That's what drove him not to go.

But once again, it was his thirteenth birthday and his parents seemed really persistent on going as per tradition.
Plus, they wondered what happened to their son going nearly every day. That changed and now they were curious.

"Katsuki, hurry up."

"Its my birthday, I take as long as I want."
He was always stuck with his parents these days. Maybe what Kirishima had said years ago was correct- about him needing friends.

So here he went, following his mother and father to the donut shop, dragging his feet as his legs felt paralyzed with a numbing dread.
A few blocks away and around a corner, they opened the door to the Sweet Riot. The bell chimed and Bakugo immediately made eye contact with Eijirou from behind the counter.
"Mr. and Mrs. Bakugo! Katsuki!" he went from slouching to standing upright, beaming like a literal sunbeam.

Katsuki felt a pang in his chest and he gulped.

"Hey..." he felt awkward for not having shown up for so long.
"Where have you been? I always expected you but you never came back," Eijirou eyes him here and there as he gets the dozen jelly donuts prepared.

"I've just, uh... been busy."

"Well you should come around more often! I'm always around you know," he chuckles, boxing the donuts.
"If we were just damn friends already, I wouldn't have to meet you here and we could meet outside of this joint. "

"My, my, my. I had no idea that kids like you could cuss."

"I'm thirteen! "
"And I'm sixteen, who has the advantage here?" Kirishima says but he says it with a teasing tone.

"Blah blah, whatever," he shoves his hands in his pockets.

"I'm mostly always working so when would you suppose we could meet up?"
"You should ask for some damn off days, shitty hair."

Mitsuki slaps the back of Katsuki's head, "dont be so damn rude!"

"No, no, it's fine ma'am!" Eijirou rings up the box of a dozen and hands it to Masaru.

"Katsuki, be nice. Dont you want to be his friend?"
He clenches his hands into fists, hoping his cheeks aren't as red as they feel.
"I do..."

"Well then be polite. "

"No, I don't mind at all!"

"How about we go see a movie or something?" Bakugo suggests, feeling the nape of his neck heat up.

He watches his mother smirk, knowing they'll definitely say something to him later.
"That sounds great, dude! There's a new zombie movie, forgot what it's called but we should totally go see it!"

Eijirou's excitement made him embarrassed and stirred something inside of him. He really wanted to take this guy out.
"So it's a date?" Mitsuki asks with a knowing smile. Katsuki swore he'd kill her.

"Heh, sure. Happy birthday, Kat-suki~" Kirishima says teasingly, cheek resting on his palm.

Katsuki blushes even harder, muttering a thanks before quickly getting the hell outta there.
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"I'm fucking going, see you tomorrow shitty hair."

"Bye, Katsuki!" He smiles earnestly and waves as Bakugo turns around, leaving the store.

Kirishima watches him leave with a fond expression. He really wanted to get to know him better.
The following day, Bakugo shouldn't have been indecisive about what he should wear, but he was.

After a long time of looking through his closet, he pulled on a pair of black jean's that didn't sag too low unlike his other ones and a tight fitting white tee. He didnt really have+
defined muscles but this shirt really made his arms and chest pop.

He wouldn't admit it but he thought that maybe it would impress Eijirou.

Next, he couldn't decide what shoes to wear. He didnt wanna wear tennis shoes and make it look like he was ready to exercise. And he +
didnt want to wear dressy shoes. So he ended up going with socks and his Nike slides, hoping he didnt look too casual.

Not bothering to mess with his hair, he grabbed his wallet and phone before walking to the donut shop.
Upon his arrival, Katsuki finally got to see Eijirou's mom who had the nicest black eyes you'd ever look into, and beautiful long spiraling dark hair.

'No wonder Ei is so pretty...' with that thought, he turned beet red, hoping Eijirou would just hurry up.
Suddenly, one of the side doors opened and out came Ei. He had a black pair of Doc Martins on along with blood red jean's and a black muscle tee.

If Bakugo wasn't red then, he was totally burning up now. It was probably due to the shop's heavy lifting duties over the years, but+
this guy was ripped!

"Hey, kiddo!"

With that greeting, he grumbled out of annoyance.

"Oh c'mon, Kat! I didn't mean it like that, it was a joke. If anything you're nothing but an equal to me since we're friends, wouldn't you agree?" He grinned and it made Katsuki's gut do +
somersaults. What he said about being equals made his heart swell.

"Yeah... I agree."

"So ready to head out?"
// So basically, there are two doors in the shop. One leading to a back room where all the supplies are for the donuts. The other leads to the Kirishima's house connected to the back, I had the sudden idea that the shop and their house should be connected 🤣 +
When they're more aged up, there will be NSFW and you'll see why I wanted to make the shop connected to their house 😜 //
Kirishima's mother watched in amusement as she boxed up more donuts, bidding goodbye to the both of them. Eijirou takes Katsuki by the hand and drags him out the shop's front door.

"Oi! Slow your ass down!"

As the ruby haired teen slows to a stop, he's laughing heartily.
"You really should learn not to curse so much, you know?" Bakugo takes note of how close they are and he yanks his hand away, butterflies fluttering in his gut and threatening to come up his esophagus.

"Why? Its called freedom of speech. You're my friend, maybe you should get+
used to it."

"Awe, I'm your friend already? That makes me happy."

"Did I say friend? I meant shitty hair," he smirks, feeling smug. Eijirou isnt effected and instead starts leading the way to the theater while laughing some more.

"I cant handle you, Kat. You're too cute."
Cute. Kirishima Eijirou just called him cute. A teen three years older just...

Maybe this feeling he had was his first crush. But he couldn't be getting ahead of himself.
Once loaded down with drinks and popcorn, they took their seats in the very back row of the theater room. The movie was called Undead Fiends and was supposedly more scary than humorous.

They were munching on popcorn throughout the previews and it was already half empty.
Since it was lower in the bag, Katsuki had to reach further and more than once did their hands meet.

Kirishima laughed it off however while Katsuki wondered why all of this was only effecting his heart. It didnt seem to mean anything to the other boy.
Probably because he was older, probably because he saw them as only bros.

He was doomed.
After the movie, Eijirou was hyped up to the core, talking nonstop about if the apocalypse were to really happen. Katsuki could only shake his head and laugh.
This was one of the times he genuinely felt comfortable and it was nice.

That was until a black haired guy walked up and interrupted their walk out of the theater's plaza.

"Ayyy, Kirishima, what's up!"
"Sero! You're back in town? Oh my gosh!" They did that bro handshake and grinned at one another. Their excitement disgusted Katsuki to the point where he was visibly sneering.

"What have you been up to?" That Sero guy asks, rubbing the nape of his neck.
"Donut work, as always," he says it like hes bored with it and Katsuki is livid.

That's where they fucking met and became friends. The store is his family tradition and the sweetness livens the town, brings joy to him, joy to seeing this fuckers face while hes making and boxing+
those goddamn donuts and he sounds bored?

Maybe he was overthinking and overanalyzing everything. Maybe he cared way more than Eijirou.

"What about you?" Ei questions, hand on his hip.

"Missing town, missing you," Sero admits but Eijirou is unphased.
"Missing bros is always normal! I know the feeling."

Katsuki smirks inwardly as Sero gets bro-zoned.

"So who is this little guy?"

Ei could call him that and joke and tease. But this guy? Hell no.


Eijirou stops him with a smile, not surprised by his antics.
"Refrain from calling him that. He's not much younger than us bro. He's Bakugo Katsuki, my best friend!"

Wow. This cheesy, chiseled cutie really stood up for him. And he's his best friend? He was an asshole, how did he get boosted up to that status? +
Nevertheless, he was very much happy with that.

"Ha, this squirt is your best friend? Well I'm glad you haven't been all alone. It's nice to meet you, Bakugo. I'm Sero Hanta," he moves in for a handshake and he smells so dank that Katsuki is hesitant.
If he did drugs, he could NOT be a good influence for Ei.

He shakes his hand anyway for Eijirou's sake, hoping to rush this along so they could get to the park.
"It was very nice to see you, Kiri. You should hit me up so we can hang out again, it's been way too long."

"I agree. What about Kami and Mina? Have you heard from them lately?"
"Not really. Mina is still volunteering at the hospital, shes been mowed down with work from that community college and shes trying to pay her tuition. "

"If she was our age, she wouldn't be having to adult so hard but I'm proud of her."
"Yeah, for real. And Kami signed up for playboy but he's only seventeen so. I dont think that's gonna go well."

"Unless he shows off his bod," Kirishima chuckles and Katsuki has no idea what they're talking about, he feels left out. He doesnt bother talking though because he +
doesnt want to converse with Sero even though he should probably make friends with Ei's friends.

"Well, like I said, hit me up and we can have a good time. I'll let you guys go cause I'm meeting my mom here to watch a movie so," he shrugs and they hug curtly.
"Bye, Sero! Enjoy that movie, tell your mom I say hi!"

As they go their separate ways, Kirishima leads Bakugo out of the glass doors. He looks back and finds Sero staring at Ei's ass as they walk away. Katsuki can feel his blood boil over.
Once at the park, Eijirou runs over to the swings like he's a goddamn little kid. But his expression and his laughter were so endearing and wholesome that Katsuki couldn't help but chuckle, feeling his heart warm up. Remnant thoughts of that Sero guy quickly dissipated as +
he joined Ei on the swing set.

"Cmon, Kat, I bet I can get higher than you!" He swings forward with his legs out before dipping them beneath him as he flies backwards.

"Oh hell no!" Katsuki starts violently swinging, gaining more momentum.
"Hey, you're cheating!" Ei shouts, his laugh echoing around the empty park as they swung even higher and higher.

The whole swing set was literally rattling as they swung with such force.
'Maybe if I jump off, I can impress Ei...' Katsuki thinks impulsively and jumps when his swing goes forward.

He hits the park's tire bits and a painful shock shoots up his ankles. Letting out a groan, he falls to his knees, trying to let the pain pass.
"Kat!" Eijirou immediately slows down and quickly gets off of his swing, running over to Katsuki, "shit, are you okay?"

That was the first time he's ever heard Kirishima curse, his voice sounded frantic even though what just happened wasn't that much of a big deal.
"Can you stand?"

Katsuki tries to stand but his ankles still feel fuzzy with searing heat.

"I dont think I can..."

Eijirou takes out his phone and clicks on the flashlight to take a look at his ankles. He lightly prodded them and sighed.
"They look a little swollen, you did jump from a good height. What were you thinking?"

If he would have known that he would be able to see this look of concern on the redhead's face, he would've gotten injured a long while ago. Fuck, he was weak.
"I'm not really sure... just did it in the moment."

Kirishima chuckles, "You're so silly, goodness. What am I gonna do with you, Kat?"

They looked at each for a few passing moments with the park darkness surrounding them, the only light came from the few streetlights.
Katsuki became breathy at the silent intimacy and he had no idea why.

"Hey, I'll carry you home," Ei smiles and helps Katsuki stand with tender equilibrium. Without a moments hesitation, he bends and helps Katsuki onto his back for a piggy back ride.
"You really dont have to..."

"I dont have to but I want to," he grins, "hold on tight."

Katsuki grips the older boys shoulders as he gets carried home.

"So.. for payment of you carrying me-"

"You dont have to pay me."

"Not with money, idiot. Like a Q and A."
"Ohhhh, I totally forgot about that. Alright, let's do it."

"What do you wanna know?"

"Favorite color?"

"Red or orange," Katsuki says without having to think about it.

"Favorite flower?"

"What the hell, are you serious?"
"Yes! Its manly to appreciate nature. My favorite are carnations."

"Fine.. its dandelions."

"Awe, that's adorable. Favorite food?"

"Anything spicy."

"Jeez, you want heartburn or something?"
"Shut up, it's just good! Feel the burn," he says, resting his chin on his hand on Ei's shoulder.

"Favorite music genre?"

"Probably rock."

"Heh, really? I didnt take you as a rock type of person."
"Well I am, better get used to it. I can play the drums too, I've been having music lessons for years."

"Woah, you might have to play something for me one of these days."

"Yeah, yeah, only if you manage to come over."
"I can work something out. My donut schedule is usually busy."

After a nice long chat and listening to the cicadas as they stroll along, Kirishima gets Katsuki to his doorstep and Katsuki says he'll manage from there.
Ei says goodbye with a grin and a slight bear hug. After that, he's gone and Katsuki is making his way upstairs to his room with a smile on his face.
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Two years pass and the two become great friends, worthy of the best friends title.

"Yo, Eijirou," he walks into the donut shop like he owns the place, now older and taller. He was still merely fifteen while Kirishima was now eighteen, far from comparison.
Yet the friendship they had was out of this world.

It was Ei behind the counter though, it was Mrs. Kirishima.

"Oh, Katsuki! What a delight. You can go on in the house, he should be in his room."
"Thank you, ma'am, " he opens the door to the right of the counter, basically their house front door and in he walks through the starting corridor that leads to the living room.

Out of instinct, he takes a left and down that short hall is Ei's room.
He knocks in a certain rhythm that only they know and he hears a faint 'come in' before opening the door and witnessing his red hair down.

It's been so SO long since hes seen his hair down. And it was absolutely beautiful.

"Well hey there stranger," Kirishima says jokingly.
"Ha, we saw each other like three days ago."

"Yeah, I'm just messin around bro," he laughs, folding up some clothes.

"So what's been up?" Katsuki asks, plopping down onto the bed.
"Well, graduation is right around the corner. We have a senior brunch and a baccalaureate and then the graduation is after that. We also have project grad at Rockin Lanes, I can bring a plus one."
He watches Kirishima's muscular back through his tank top as he puts away his clothes.

"Sounds exciting. Who's your plus one?"

"You obviously," he turns around smirking, "I can't leave you out on all the fun. There's skating and bowling and an arcade!"
"Bro. I stuck at all of those except the arcade part," he deadpans.

"No worries! I'll help you!"

"Wow, so generous," he rolls his eyes, hint of a smile on his lips.

"Heh, yeah. And prom is coming up too, I'm nervous."
Why would he be nervous? Does he have someone in mind he'll ask? Is it a girl or a guy? They never really established each others sexuality. Shit, Katsuki doesnt even know what he is or why he feels this way toward Kirishima. He's the only one he's ever felt close to.
Instead, he shrugs it off, knowing he has to give his best bro his moral support, "It'll be fine bro, I'm sure you'll have a great time."

"Yeah... I hope so," he avoids Bakugo's eyes.

"I dont know why you're sweating it, prom isnt a big deal."
"You dont understand! You are-" he stops, grumbling.

Katsuki doesnt push further, he doesnt know what Kirishima was going to say but maybe he shouldn't know. It might be bad.

"Well, dont think about it right now. How about some video games?"
A few weeks pass and prom is nearing, Kirishima has been stressing and not only that, he's been distancing himself which leaves Katsuki wondering if he did something wrong.
But all of that is put to rest when Katsuki is called downstairs by his mom, saying someone is here for him

When he gets down the whole flight of nicely waxed brown stairs, he spots Ei dressed in a nice black and red tux, holding a bouquet of dandelions and a small sign that +
has a promposal in a Legend of Zelda reference.

Eijirou hands Katsuki the bouquet and bends down onto one knee, "Its dangerous to go alone, may I guide you on this quest to prom?" He has a cheesy smile yet he looks nervous.

Katsuki is speechless, his cheeks turning scarlett.
"What will it be, Kat?" He sounds breathless, like he's afraid Bakugo will say no.

"Uh... bro..."

"No home! J-Just, I really want to go with you since you're not in my grade... a-and..."
"Yes. Please stop talking now," he chuckles, not wanting his best friend to feel any more embarrassed.

If he only wants him to go because he isnt in his grade, well.... Katsuki cant admit he's quite disappointed. And oddly enough, he wants it to be full homo.
Kirishima grins real wide before standing and embracing the ash blond. Katsuki cant help but melt into it, taking in his eucalyptus scent.

Fuck. He was totally gay.
When they part, they notice Mitsuki and Masaru had been taking pictures the whole time, grumbling, Bakugo takes Ei up to his room to talk about when it is and to figure out how he'll get a tux in time.

Ei offers to buy him one to which he declines.
After the redhead leaves once he got his answer and they talked things out, Katsuki blushes and puts the bouquet of dandelions in a vase.

Ei remembered his favorite flower...
// Made a few typos thanks to my new phones autocorrect. It isnt used to my language like my old one 😂🤣 at one point, it was supposed to be 'wasnt Ei behind the counter' and Ei said 'no home' but obviously supposed to be no homo lol //
The day of Kirishima's senior prom, he arrived at Katsuki's early that morning, handing him a tux with that matched his- black and red. It was just inverted as if Ei wanted them to fit together, it was cute.
"I told you not to buy me one!" He was flustered, "And how did you even know my size?"

"Sorry, I had to. You dont have a tux or anything still do you? I did you a favor! And the size... well, I just guessed."
Sure he did, and that's why it fit Katsuki perfectly when he put it on? Accentuating all the good parts of him. He felt embarrassed.

Maybe Ei watched him closer than he previously thought. The tux in itself showed that.
When he returned downstairs to show Eijirou how it fit, he could feel how his gut churned.

"Wow... it looks really good," Ei looked at him like they were the only two in the world, a gleam in his eyes.

"Stop, you're embarrassing me," he growls.

"Wanna take prom pics?"
"Sure, where at?"

"I have a few places in mind," Ei grins.

And with that, they go on an adventure with Bakugo's parents who follow to take professional pictures.

First, they take a few in the Bakugo's nice yard before going to the donut shop.
Next, they go to the park and the pier. All of these places are special, symbolizing what they've had in this friendship.

Katsuki feels ecstatic but somewhat tuckered out.

"Kat, you hungry?"

"Heh, I actually am."
"Here, let's go then," they walk off the pier and say goodbye to Katsuki's parents. Kat follows Ei to the parking lot only to follow him to a limo.

"Uh... what is this?"

"I rented a limo! Cmon, let's go get lunch!"
"Oh my god, you are ridiculous, " he laughs, getting in as the driver opens the door for them like a true gentleman.

They're taken to Tokyo: Buffet and Sushi Parlor.
After eating, they pass more time by riding around and taking more pictures due to Ei insisting on it. Wanting what he stated as 'memories, a moment to look back on' even though the sky was beginning to darken.
When its finally time to go to prom, they head over there immediately. Katsuki feels his anxiety return. He is an underclassman. Hopefully with Eijirou's presence, he'll feel a hundred times better.
Ei gives his ticket including a plus one ticket on Katsuki's behalf and in they go.

They are met with heart thumping music and a rave light making Bakugo wonder about epilepsy and warnings. There were red and black banners hanging everywhere along with rose petals +
and confetti scattered all over the floor.

They had a few tables lined with snacks and even a punch bowl.
Katsuki looks at everything, watching the large crowd of students dancing.

"Wow, you have a huge graduating class."
"For real. Some are assholes that I dont associate with but eh," he shrugs, grabbing Katsuki's hand.

His head whips and his red eyes look at their hands.

"Let's dance, hmm?"

Before they could get to the dance floor, some blond guy intercepts them.
"Who the hell are you?" Katsuki is annoyed they were interrupted.

"Wow, amazing, Kirishima. Bringing an underclassman to prom!" His voice was annoying to Bakugo's ears, he sounded high and mighty.

"Go away, Monoma. We're trying to dance. Go annoy someone else."
"Ah, I dont think I will. Just wanna ask some questions ya know."

"Like?" Kat asks, nearly growling.

"You fucking him, Kiri? If so, that's not kosher, he's underage," he sips his cup of punch.
"Wha-" Kiri wasnt expecting that, and neither was Katsuki by how hot his face turned.

"You dont even deserve to be here kid, go run along with others your age," he splashes his whole cup of punch onto Bakugo's tux.

"Monoma! You asshole!" Kirishima's teeth are clenched.
Katsuki can feel his frustration and anger risk, tears welling up in his eyes.

"Kat, you okay?" He asks but he doesnt get an answer because Katsuki runs off, shoving the glass doors open.

Eijirou follows, running out into the downpour of rain.
"Katsuki!" He chases him to the football field where he sits on the nicely mowed grass and sobs, letting the rain beat against him.
"Hey... Kat, c'mon..." he puts his hand on Katsuki's shoulder only to get it nudged away.

"Dont touch me!"

Ei frowns, "please just talk to me."

The ashen blond stands and turns, unable to look the other in the eye.
"That guy was right, I dont deserve to be here. You should've asked someone else to prom, Ei. And now the tux you bought for me is ruined! I might as well go home!"

"Kat. I wanted to go to prom with you, whether you're an underclassman or not, that wouldn't have changed. +
And the tux? I could care less about that right now, I'm just worried about you."

Bakugo sniffles, shoulders shaking along with his now clenched hands.


"Yes, really."

Thunder rumbles in the sky and Ei takes a few steps closer.

"May I have this dance, Katsuki?"
Red eyes blink in confusion, "there isnt any music..."

"Pretend there is," Eijirou smiles, extending his hand.

Katsuki doesnt waste another moment and puts his hand in the other's only for both his hands to be led to broad shoulders.
He cant help but stare at the other boys face now as hands go to his hips.

"I cant really dance..." Katsuki says next, blinking away the rain on his lashes.

"All you do is sway," Ei reassures, starting to sway, his palms hugging Bakugo's hips.
The song playing off in his head is soft and he shuts his eyes, leaning forward and laying his head on Ei's shoulder.

'I love you..." Katsuki thinks, grasping the others shoulders as the rain continues to fall around them.

"Hey, Kat... you okay?"
Katsuki pulls away so he can look at Ei better, their faces weren't that far apart and his breath catches in his throat. The song in his head is slowly coming to a stop and he realizes he doesnt want this to end.

"I am..."
Eijirou smiles as their eyes lock and they just stay like that; swaying and looking into each others ruby colored eyes.

Without thinking, Katsuki leans in with reckless abandon, closing his eyes and pressing his lips to his best friends.
The song stops as well as the gears in his head.

So soft, so warm. Tingly and ecstatic.

After a few moments, the gears start up again and he immediately snatches away, wide eyes.
"Oh god, fuck, I-I'm so sorry Ei!" He's a blushing and flustered mess, trying to pull away entirely but hands tighten on his hips.

"No, no, its okay..."

"Its not! Im... I'm underage like Monoma said... we're best friends..."


Kirishima kisses him again, deeper this time, tilting his head which in turn makes Katsuki tilt his as well. His throat goes dry and his thoughts are cut short. His hands cup tan cheeks, pulling him as close as possible, savoring this moment.
The rain is coming slower now while they kiss fervently. Katsuki is the first to pull away, panting for breath as his eyes slowly open.

"Ei..." his heart is pounding as they lock eyes again.

"Are you better now, Kat?"
"I-I am..." he can feel the warmth still lingering on his lips.

"Want to go home?"

"I want to hang out some more..." Katsuki gulps, looking away out of embarrassment.
"Then let's go to my house, hmm? You can borrow some of my clothes, we gotta get dry, dont wanna get sick do we?"

Katsuki feels like he has the biggest existence right now with Ei, but he feels like the tiniest speck when he starts to worry if Ei would pretend this +
never happened.

His brain is close to short circuiting while Kirishima laughs and grabs his hand, "let's go. I'll never lead you astray."
At Eijirou's house, they shimmy through the donut shop with sopping wet clothes and into the house, down the hall, and to Ei's room.
Katsuki is handed a big lavender colored shirt along with black basketball shorts. Eijirou let's him change there while he disappears to the bathroom to change.

The younger of the two sits on his bed and chews on his bottom lip, knowing he needs to bring up the subject.
He doesn't want Eijirou to move on and forget. He needs to know if that kiss really meant something to him or if he simply did it to console Katsuki.

Once the redhead enters the room in almost the same outfit he gave Katsuki, Katsuki sits up straighter.

"Hmm?" He sits next to him.

"Was that kiss just a phony or was it something real..?"


"Tell me, please, I need to know."

"Does it matter that much?"

"Yes, because I fucking love you!" He doesnt mean to spill all of that and yet he does, probably coming on more +
desperate than he wants to.

"I love you too but what Monoma said is true. That you're underage. That doesnt mean I dont like you or that you're not my best friend though."

"Then why did you kiss me like that back there if you knew the repercussions?" Katsuki felt annoyed, +
wanting what he felt to be returned.

"Because I love you too, okay? I feel weird and wrong like I'm not supposed to, but I do..."

"Ei... I had no idea..."

"I had no idea about you liking me like that either! I thought I was the odd one out to feel that way about you.
And then you kissed me and something just melted inside me. I couldn't not kiss you."

"If you like me and you're worried about being all weird for being older, can you wait on me?"

"Wait on you?"

"Yeah... to turn eighteen."

Eijirou blushes and looks away, "For you? I can +
do that."

Katsuki nearly bursts with happiness, he tackles Kirishima until he's flat on his back and peppers his face with kisses. He gets many more in return.
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As time progresses, Katsuki and Ei steal chaste kisses from each other. No one knows about how they feel for one another.

The senior brunch passes and afterwards, the duo hangs out at the beach.

They walk along the shore collecting shells and building mediocre sand castles.
Katsuki soon runs off laughing like a maniac, diving into the ocean only to have Eijirou follow behind.

Further and further into the salt water, they laugh as the waves crash against them. Katsuki jumps onto Ei like a koala and kisses him softly.
Kirishima grabs onto his hips tightly, returning the kiss and pulling him closer, water lapping around them.
Baccalaureate, Katsuki accompanied even though it was really only for the seniors.
He watched them practice and go over everything they needed to know for the actual graduation. His eyes stayed on Eijirou, watching him move, enjoying how the black cap and gown fit him.

He was in too deep.
"Wow, I'm nervous. Its tomorrow," Eijirou is face down on his bed, voice slightly muffled.

"What was that?" Katsuki heard him clearly but wanted him to sit up so he could see his pretty damn face.

Ei sits up quickly and sighs, "graduation tomorrow. I'm nervous. "
"Whats there to be nervous about?"

"Its just a lot to take in, its finally happening. There's gonna be like a thousand to two thousand people there. Family and friends. Just wow."

"If it makes you feel better, I'll be there. I promise I'll take good pictures. +
And then we'll have a good time at Rockin Lanes!" He rests his hand on the tan one before him, squeezing it.

Kirishima smiles, exhaling shakily, "You're right, thank you. "

The rest of that day, they binge watch marvel movies before Katsuki is walked home.
They share a short kiss on his doorstep before he goes inside and Kirishima returns home.
Graduation comes along and Katsuki helps Eijirou as much as he can.

"Dont gel your hair up, if you do, your cap wont stay on right," Katsuki straightens out his cap when it's on his head, pulling strands of his hair out of his face and styling it nicely, his designer side +
like his family coming out.

Eijirou watches his focused expression as he attaches the tassle threads.

"There," he smiles before helping smooth out the wrinkles on his gown.

Next, he bends down to help shine Ei's dress shoes. When done, he looks up and realizes he's eye level +
with Eijirou's crotch and he blushes before clearing his throat and standing up.

"A-All ready?"

"Mm, thanks," he grins before kissing Katsuki softly.

They kiss for a few moments before pulling away.

"Cmon, let's go."
Once at the school, they go their separate ways. Katsuki joins his parents and Ei's parents in the bleachers, finding a good spot to take pictures and videos from.

Time passes and the gym fills entirely, he knows where Ei is coming from about being nervous now since there are +
so many sponsors and teachers and people in general. They wait and wait until the grad music begins to play.

Katsuki has his camera out, on the edge of his seat, heart pounding rapidly.

Eijirou's classmates walk out one at a time, perfectly in time because Kat had gotten +
to see them practice at the baccalaureate. The last names get to the K's and he has his camera at the ready.

When he first spots red hair, he licks his lips and takes tons of pictures up until Ei gets to his seat.
When he first spots red hair, he licks his lips and takes tons of pictures up until Ei gets to his seat.

They go through speeches including the valedictorian one. There are prayers and scholarship handouts- which Ei gets one of ten thousand.
Katsuki is astounded, clapping the loudest for the redhead. After all the scholarships are handed out, they start calling everyone up by full name to hand them their diploma.

Katsuki continues to fidget, unable to sit still. He was so proud of Eijirou.
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After that, the seniors gathered in the lunchroom to get their bags checked. Katsuki waiting until Ei was done since he was the plus one. After that, they were treated to dinner before loading up onto three buses and heading to Rockin Lanes.
Ei and Katsuki sat together in the very front, holding hands. Kat played rock music on his phone and handed one earbud to the redhead. They both listened to music in bliss.

Once there however, they started getting hyped up. +
Kirishima looked so excited that Katsuki couldn't help but feel it secondhand.

The whole senior class has the entire place to themselves. First thing Eijirou wants to do is skate, Katsuki could feel his heart leap into his throat.
"Cmon, Kat!" He says after they get their respective size skates.

"Uh, Ei..."

"Whats up?"

"Just nervous... I dont wanna bust my ass. "

"Here, I'll skate with you! You'll be fine, I swear!" They pull the skates on and tighten it, making sure it's on safely.
The ash blond stands shakily, holding onto the railing tightly.

"Kat, itll be fine," Eijirou rubs his shoulder comfortingly.

Taking a deep breath, Katsuki extends one foot and pushes himself out onto the skating ring.

"Ah, fuck... Ei, if I fucking die, I'm going to kill you!"
"How will you kill me if you're dead? And I promise, you wont die. I'd never let that happen. "
Katsuki was struggling as he moved his legs, trying to get the hang of moving around. Everytime Ei tried to touch him, he dismissed him, claiming he needed to do it himself.

A lap around the whole ring made him feel happy and successful.
His legs were aching and he feels as if he's used muscles he's never used before.

"Ei! I'm doing it!" He pumps his legs, having easily gotten the hang of it. Eijirou cheered him on, skating alongside him.

When Katsuki's hand get grabbed, he gets flustered and loses his footing.
Eijirou mutters a string of curses as Katsuki literally goes slightly into the air and lands on his knees.

"Fuck!" He groans, the pain having shot up his legs.

"Oh my god! Kat! I'm so sorry!" Eijirou tries to help him up but he shakes his head.
"Dont... just let the pain pass."

He stays like that for a while until he thinks he can stand. Bakugo takes the hand that is outstretched to him, and he stands shakily.

"Well, that was shitty."

"Kat, I'm sorry... I didn't think that would distract you."
"Nah, it's fine Ei. Cmon, let's make the most of this," he grins, pulling Eijirou along despite the throbbing in his legs.

Their white shirts were glowing due to the blacklights. Ei's laugh warmed up his heart and Katsuki didnt want this moment to end.
He needed more of this redhead, he couldn't let him slip through his grasp.
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After skating, they decided to hit up the arcade.

Eijirou runs over to double seated mario kart game, "Oh my gosh! Kat! Let's play this!" His excitement was off the charts and Bakugo laughs and goes along with it.
Ei picks Princess Daist as his character and Katsuki ends up picking Luigi. They select a random course and begin.

Katsuki was a pro at this so it wasnt surprising when he beat the redhead.

"Kat! No fair..." he grumbles, swiping his card again, "we're not going to another game+
until I beat your ass."

"Heh, I dare you to try."

Another round goes by and Kirishima is so close to the finish line until Katsuki hits him with a red shell and speeds past.

The ash blond is laughing so hard that tears come to his eyes, "wow, you suck at this."
"Shut up! I just almost beat you so I dont entirely suck!" Eijirou swipes his card again.

Once more, they go through the same things. Eijirou almost winning and Katsuki waiting till the last second to hit him with an item and zooming past only to win.
"Wowwww! I hate you!" He stands, pouting.

"Oh cmon, you love me."

Eijirou cant maintain the pout any longer and smiles, "I certainly do~ now, let's go find another game."
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Around and around the arcade they go, back and forth to the games they really like.

Katsuki stumbles upon a claw machine and swipes his card, wanting to win Ei something nice.

"Kacchan! Awesome!"
"Kacchan?" He turns out of curiosity, the claw losing its accuracy and missing the stuffed Aquaman he was trying to win.

"Well... yeah. I've been thinking on it for a while. It's cute, " Kirishima smiles, a blush tinting his cheeks out of embarrassment.
"I used to be called Kacchan in grade school. It's been so long that it was just surprising," Katsuki smiles, shrugging.

As long as Eijirou thought it was cute, he was fine with it.
Now, more focused than ever thanks to the nickname and the cute redhead depending on him, he not only grabs one stuffy, but two.

"Ei, h-here. I had you in my head and you motivated me to get this for you. I just knew I had to win it for you," Katsuki takes his hand and gives +
him Aquaman while he takes Superman for himself.

"Kat! Thank you!" Eijirou quickly pecks his cheek before people can see, "cmon, Kac~chan~"

Before Katsuki could react, he's dragged along by the wrist to a photo booth.
Him and Ei are jam packed in it and he's flustered, cheeks on fire.

The redhead pushes buttons on the screen. He selects how many copies and what theme.

"I hate pictures..."

"But it'll be cute! Cmonnnnnn, pleaseee?" He begs, whining slightly.
Katsuki thinks about the what ifs and the uncertainty of their future. They haven't even talked about whether or not Eijirou is heading off to college or staying here in their hometown. He couldn't let these moments slip.
"Fine, fine," he chuckles. Eijirou whoops loudly and pressed the camera. It begins to count down from five.

The first picture is just them smiling, arms around each other.

The second, Eijirou found it funny to smoosh his cheek against Kats, pressing against him to where they +
were as close as possible. Katsuki watched themselves in the screen projecting their movements.

He was so undeniably in love with this guy.

The third go round, the ash blond found it within himself to turn and press a warm kiss to the right tan cheek that presented itself +
before him. The screens flash goes off and Kirishima is giggling.

The fourth and final time, Katsuki is still facing Ei's way when all of a sudden the redhead turns to him, beaming with happiness. He grins sweetly before kissing Katsuki. Katsuki makes sure to reciprocate, +
kissing back with all of his being- trying to show his feelings as much as he could through their lips and touchy hands. It was so warm and quick but it felt like an eternity.

When it was over and they heard the shutter of the booth printing out their two copies, +
Katsuki opens his eyes, not even recalling when exactly they had closed.

When opening them, he meets a pair of similar crimson colored eyes as they simply stare at each other. They break out of being enamored when they hear a group of other students approaching the booth.
Katsuki's eyes widen and he quickly grabs the copies before pulling Eijirou out of the opposite side from where the voices could be heard.
They scuttle along until they find a four man air hockey table.

"Woah! I didn't even know this was a thing."

"Huh, me neither," Kat looks at it with his hands now shoved into his pockets.

"Should I invite two of my friends to play?"
Katsuki didnt really want anyone to interrupt this sweet time that they had together but he shrugged and said sure.

Kirishima then drags him around to find two of his friends, whoever they found first and who wasnt busy.
They came across a guy with extremely edgy and spikey black hair that somewhat resembled Ei's and a guy with red and white hair.

"Who's this emo and half and half guy?"

"Well this is Tokoyami and this is Todoroki! We've been pretty good friends. Guys, this is Bakugo Katsuki."
"Nice to meet you, Bakugo," Todoroki says in a somewhat monotone and Katsuki wonders if he's okay.

"Same here, the darkness greets you," Tokoyami says and Katsuki gets shivers.

What was up with these friends of Ei's?

"Anyway, we were wondering if you two wanted to play +
four man air hockey with us!" Ei grins and it's the brightest thing Katsuki has ever seen. He wants to see it forevermore.

"Sure, we were about to go play bowling but air hockey sounds more fun," Todoroki says, shrugging.

"Indeed so," Tokoyami has his arms crossed.
"Well let's go!" Eijirou leads the way back and Katsuki wonders how he can have so much energy.
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Bakugo laughs, flicking both his middle fingers in the air. He was the one who won out of the four.

"Darkness does not prevail," Tokoyami shakes his head but is amused.

"Who would've thought Bakugo would win," Todoroki retains his monotone as he sighs.
"Oh shut it, you guys are just mad I won!"

"Kat, you're like McBlasty. You literally sent it flying a few times!" Eijirou laughs heartily, going over and patting him on the back.

"So what now, Ei?"

"Oh, lets go get that free pizza and drink."
"Shit, I forgot that was a thing."

"Only because our principal is the best."
Ei grins.

"Well we're going over to the bowling alley, see you two later," Todoroki waves and Tokoyami follows behind.

"C'mon, let's go eat, one on one," Eijirou winks and pulls Katsuki along.
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When they get to the small food court, its empty due to the other seniors off doing other activities.

They dont have but at least twenty minutes left so they might as well eat.

Ei and Kat get their free cheese pizza and a free cup of whatever soft drink they desire.
They sit in a small booth across from one another, smiling gleefully.

"God, I'm so hungry," Katsuki says, biting into the hot cheesiness like a total barbarian.

"Ha, you look like you've been starving," Kirishima laughs, biting into his own slice.
"Dude, I totally am. All this running around and awesome fun we're having is driving me hungry."

A few moments pass in comfortable silence. Well, not complete silence due to the loud chatter and noises all the seniors were causing nearby. +
But the little aura surrounding them was peaceful and loving.

"Ei, I dont want this to end," Katsuki says as he finishes his pizza, sipping some of his coke.

"Want what to end? This night?"

"Yes but no... I dont want us to end."
"What makes you think we will?" Kirishima looks concerned now, munching on his last slice.

"We... you, you're heading off to college aren't you?"
"Do we have to talk about this now, Kat? College talk is stressing enough as it is and I just want to have fun with you right now..."

"I need to know where we stand... where I stand in your life's priorities. I dont want to be forgotten. I don't want to be that little mistake- +
that little romance you had before you move onto something bigger..."

"You wont be. Do you think I'm that much of a jerk? I genuinely enjoy our time together, I really like you."

"Probably not as much as I like you..." Kat mutters, looking at his hands.
"Probably not. But I like you enough that I want you in my life, you're my best friend. You're one of my top priorities, Katsuki."

Bakugo swallows his pride, slowly looking up at those beautiful crimson eyes.

"What college do you plan on attending?"
Kirishima sighs, "The Plus Ultra college, U.A."

"The most prestigious one out there... it's like 10 hours away..."

"Yeah... my parents want something good for me. So I thought-"

"U.A... so you'll probably forget about me. Probably wont speak to me again..."
"What the hell, why are you saying that?" The redhead reaches across the table, grabbing Katsuki's hand, "I love you. I enjoy spending time with you. It's not like I want to leave but I need the best education for me, you understand that right?"

"Yeah.. I understand perfectly."
"Are you mad at me?"

"Never..." Katsuki forces a smile, "I'm sorry for getting so worked up. I just dont want to lose you. You're the best thing to ever happen to me. You literally brighten up my life."

"I know, Kat... my feelings are mutual. When I go, I will NOT forget +
about you. I'll make sure to text or call, even video chat. Please dont be upset with me about my choice..."

"I'm not, I'm sorry if I come off in the wrong way. I just..."

"I know..."

They both understood the unspoken and they were both afraid to let go.
After the night of project graduation, weeks pass and Bakugo cant stop thinking about Kirishima who's going to go off to college soon.

He wanted to grasp what time they had left together until he left but he felt too vulnerable.
Hoping to get it off of his mind for now, Katsuki texts his semi-friend, Deku.

K: Yo, shitty nerd [11:35]

D: What's up, Kacchan? [11:35]

K: Let's go get some damn lunch, starving. [11:36]

D: Sure 😝 Outback Steakhouse? [11:39]

K: Hell yeah. 12:30 is the latest, nerd [11:42]
Around twelve, Bakugo finished getting ready before heading out, slightly yawning.

He walks as fast as his legs carry him whilst checking out the little town hes come to know. It was cheesy, but he smiles and is so grateful for being here since it brought him to Ei.
A few blocks away, Katsuki makes it to the restaurant. He sits on one of the nearby tables set up right outside. He waits for Deku.

While waiting for the bastard, Katsuki's eyes widen when he spots striking red hair.

He quickly gets up and hides behind one of the restaurant's pillars, peeking out to see his love interest walking up to the glass doors with a pink haired chick.

'Who the hell...' he squeezes the pillar, feeling a strange feeling burning in his gut.
The tanned teen is smiling, making so many hand gestures as he talks about something that happened recently he assumes.

'He doesnt need me...'

"Kacchan! Why are you hiding?"

"Shhh!" He grabs Deku and pulls him behind the pillar as well, "shut the fuck up."
"Why are you spying?" The emerald eyed nerd peeks around just in time to see the duo enter the restaurant.

"What a goddamn coincidence. How the fuck did we show up at the same time? How did we even fucking choose the same place?" Katsuki growls, pondering to himself.
"That redhead? Who is he, Kacchan?~" he teases, talking in a sing song tone.

"No one! Shut up!" He pushes him away, "let's wait a few minutes before we head inside."


"Please?!" He sounds exasperated, begging to just have a good lunch.

About five minutes pass until they head inside and get a small booth to themselves close enough to where Katsuki can keep an eye on his redhead and this mysterious pink haired chick.

Deku hums, following Bakugo's eyes to where the duo is sitting.

"You love him?"

"Dont deny it. Your eyes... that expression. Its simply telling."

"Whatever... I dont know what you want to hear me say."

The waiter comes by and they quickly order. Bakugo starts to get antsy, especially when Kirishima looks up and looks back to his plate before doing a +
double take and making short eye contact with Bakugo.

"Shitty nerd, hold my hand."

"Huh?!" Deku blinks out of surprise and confusion.

"He's looking over here."

"So?" Deku looked incredulously at the ash blond.

"He's here with a girl. That must mean something. So hold my +
goddamn hand."

'We liked each other... what happened?'

"Kacchan, this wont make you happy."

"Just. Fucking. Do it." He extends his hand, palm up.

Slowly and with uncertainty, Deku reaches over and places his hand in Bakugo's.

Katsuki looks back up and they make definite +
eye contact. The redhead waves at him but falters when he notices their hands. The pink haired girl was gone, off to the bathroom Kat assumes.

He feels like absolute shit when Kirishima looks away with a blank and unreadable expression.
"Oh fuck this, it's all fucked isnt it?" Katsuki stands abruptly and swiftly walks out and to the parking lot where he nearly has a panic attack.

Everything around him slowly goes quiet in his own ears as he can practically hear his blood rushing past. Katsuki's breathing +
turn erratic and unsteady.

'I need to go home...'

Footsteps wavering, he makes his way back where he had came from and stops by the pier at the park to calm himself and think clearly.
"What was that about?" A nearby voice asks and he immediately recognizes it as the cute redhead.

He followed Bakugo here? They both left their lunch friend?

"Hah? I should be asking that." Katsuki feels offended when he should be the one asking the questions.
"How? No logic right there- you were the one holding someone else's hand. I guess you dont love me as much as you say you do."

"Oh dont you dare turn that shit on me. You were there with some mysterious hipster girl."

"So I'm not allowed to have lunch with a friend?"
"You could have told me," Katsuki clenches his fists, trying to maintain his anger and his anxiety that tend to flare up during situations like these.

"Why do I have to tell you everything? It is beyond me and makes no sense. I'm grown," Eijirou is huffing, getting worked +
up as well.

"Because I really like you and would like to know what's going on. Haven't seen you for weeks and I see you with some chick after seeing you in what feels like forever."

"Same here to you with that guy. You were holding hands, eh?"
"I only did it to get back. I was jealous..."

"You dont think I wasnt? You're acting like I cant hang out with others, like I'm fucking chained down to you."

"Well you are. You said you would wait," Katsuki grumbles, sounding more selfish than he meant to.
Why should Kirishima miss out on growing up and turning into a proper adult just because of some kid?

"Well maybe I shouldn't if you're immediately going to have accusations."

"You do too!" Bakugo's eyes stung and his throat began forming a lump.
"Only because there was real evidence! The two of you holding hands. I dont recall me or Mina doing any of that. Shes my best friend and lesbian, so no, I do not want her. What's your excuse, Kat?"
"Fuck you." Katsuki grumbles, averting his gaze.

"No, I can't. Remember you're underage?"

"Oh my god!" He turns away to face the water again, blood boiling out of frustration.

"I think if it's going to be like this- feel like this, then we should just break whatever
this is off."

Kat blinks, heart dropping and mouth going unbearably dry. He turns back to face Eijirou, all feelings displayed on his face.

"A-Are you for real?"

Kirishima nearly flinches at the deeply saddened expression he is met with when looking at Katsuki.
"Tensions are high, we're obviously upset at each other. I'm going off to college in August... maybe we should."

Now Eijirou wont look at him, rubbing his arm and looking at all things BUT Katsuki.

"I dont want to be upset with you... just seeing you with that girl in that +
setting really killed me."

"And seeing you hold that guys hand had the same effects on me."

"You're so quick to break things off between us... is there something better? I know I'm not the best and you deserve absolutely anything but me. I dont know wha-"
"Enough! You're great the way you are but I really dont know right now, Kat... just give me some time."

"So you want a goddamn break or something?"


With that admitted and out in the open, Katsuki goes stony faced- not wanting any emotion to slip past.
"Alright. See you around then," he mutters as best he can, trying to keep the edge out of his voice.

"See you..." Eijirou follows his figure with his eyes until he gets about a few streets away.
Katsuki fell into a depression he thought he would never know after Ei said he wanted to take a break.

He didnt visit the donut shop, he didnt really speak to anyone except for the occasional Deku.
Everything he came across in life seemed bland, especially the first two weeks. They both acted as if each other didn't exist and it was soul crushing for the ash blond.

His mother and father suspected something was going on but never wanted to ask in fear Katsuki would snap. +
They knew it definitely had something to do with Eijirou.

Everyone knew he was acting off but never asked why. Maybe since he never really had anyone like Eijirou, he really felt alone in his current conundrum. He couldn't keep his sanity.
Seniors were out of school but the rest of the grades still had a week left near the end of May.

Every morning Katsuki woke, the more and more he wanted to stay in bed. He didnt know why but now it was just the norm.
He heard it was hormones but he knew it had to be something way worse.

That current Thursday, he went to school dreading the time he would be wasting when all he wanted was Ei.

During the last two hours of school, a therapist came in out of no where. Katsuki was bored and +
spaced out but was definitely aware of the guest.

"Some turn to drugs. Some turn to self harm or suicide. Others may run away. It is important to seek help before you decide on anything that may be rash."

Rolling his eyes, he looked at his hands but has caught on to the +
self harm part; his brain nagging every corner of his darkest ego.

'How would it feel...' he looks at his wrist and rubs a thumb across it, looking at the veins.

After school is over, Bakugo walks home in silence, unable to get what the lady talked about out of his head.
Self harm = not good

But if that was the case, why did his wrist itch for the feel so insanely bad?

When he finally gets home, he begins ascending the stairs that led to his bedroom.

"Katsuki!" His mothers voice slices through his cloudy thoughts.
He stops in place on the staircase, deadpanning.

"What would you suggest for dinner?"

"I dont care," he grumbles and then continues on until he's behind the safety of his door.
// The self harm = not good was a warning, its just what Katsuki was thinking since he knew stuff like that is wrong.

⚠️ BUT! There is going to be self harming, so heads up and move forward with caution ⚠️

We'll have to wait however because I must sleep now. Goodnight everyone //
The dim light of his room makes him exhale deeply, feeling entirely at home and safe now.

Locking it behind him, he goes to the bathroom that's connected to his room and locks that door behind him as well.

Katsuki stands in front of the mirror to look at himself.
The dark under his eyes have gotten more sunken from lack of sleep, his red eyes look like a fire that has slowly fizzled out.

"You. Are. Pathetic." He stares intensely at himself, "Cant even do shit but mope around without Ei?" He cocks his head before biting his lip hard.
As he continues staring at his reflection and stressing over everything inside of his goddamned head, tears overflow his eyes and stream down his cheeks.

"I'm fucking stupid... so-so stupid. I never deserved Ei. I don't even deserve to love, to live, to exist!" His voice +
cracks and he's gripping the sides of his ceramic pedestal sink.

The topic the therapist had spoken about earlier during school surfaced in his mind and the idea of self harming was at the forefront.
Pulling his gaze away from his reflection, his eyes search for something. Opening the drawer, there was a sharp pair of scissors, and a few razors.

Subconsciously, he gulps and grabs one of the razors. Studying it for a moment, he pops it out carefully, taking the blade +
between his fingers.

Katsuki's breathing quickens as he simply stares at it, thinking about how the expected pain worries him but at the same time he was already hurting so what could hurt worse?

Thoughts of doubt and uncertainty fills his mind as he holds his wrists over +
the sink; holding the blade with his right hand.

Bakugo huffs, taking in deep breaths and letting them out slowly.

Holding the blade to his skin, he notices that his hand is shaking with something fierce.

He can't do it...
Later that night, he berates himself for not doing it. He had the thought, he had the blade out- so why the hell couldn't he bring himself to do it?

Laying face down on his bed, his mind twirls and unfurls deeper into this dark despair.

What was stopping him?
Fear of pain? Disappointing his loved ones? Possibly dying and never seeing Ei again?

The last thought really choked him up and he started crying all over again; his pillow drowning out his sobs.

Like a puppet, he drags himself up into a sitting position before walking back +
to the bathroom to greet the blade that still sat on the countertop.

That simple silver harming device shined and seemed to shine through all the darkness around him. Grabbing it didn't really effect him this time as tears blurred his vision.

He holds his wrists above the +
sink once more before testing the blade against his skin.

Not really meaning to, he presses down harder than he wanted to- blood immediately surfacing and dripping into the ceramic bowl.

"Shit..." he exhales a breath, doing it again but way harder this time.
His red eyes watch the blood continuously drip- red like sunsets, red like Kirishima's hair, red like his bleeding heart.

Picturing Eijirou and all he felt for him, it motivated him to cut deeper- harder.

After six uneven and horizontal bloody cuts, he rinses his wrists +
with water and considers slapping bandaid on them. But that would be a bit suspicious...

Despite thinking about people finding out, he puts a plus size bandage on the cuts with sorrow before rinsing out the sink and the blade.

"Guess long sleeves it is..." he grumbles and +
sits in the dark on his bed.

He doesn't even remember falling asleep..
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