update on the KyoAni fire this morning :(

at least 38 (some news outlets say 40) injured, with at least 10 people reported to be gravely injured. man in his 40s was apprehended and identified himself as the one to pour gasoline and ignite the fire.
I’m relieved the arsonist was apprehended and hoping there wasn’t any loss of life among the injured employees :(( this is so upsetting. I’m a little heartbroken at the thought of what KyoAni may have lost today. all the irreplaceable work from past and future projects :(
fuck never mind the news just confirmed there were multiple deaths in the KyoAni fire. police haven’t revealed the number, identities, or genders yet.

fucking hell I’m so upset
there was a woman who was burnt...running out of the KyoAni building asking for help, saying the arsonist poured gasoline on her....he was pouring and trying ignite the employees......
police have found multiple large knives on the scene of the fire, no confirmation they belonged to the arsonist yet
roughly 20 people are still missing, many people were found inside the KyoAni building
reports at the scene of the KyoAni fire:

the arsonist was telling people to “D/i/e.” as he poured gasoline and lit the fire. he was injured after being apprehended and was taken to the hospital to be treated before being further investigated
I.....I really have no words.

Police reported to have found 10 bodies on the second floor of KyoAni’s studio following the fire. They’re believed to have passed away and won’t be transported via ambulance to emergency services.
firefighters are continuing rescue efforts throughout the KyoAni building. those found with no signs of life (pulse/heart beat/breath) were left behind to continue searching for those still alive
according to NHK and the police, there were about 70 people including employees inside the KyoAni studio building at the time of the attack. over 10 are dead, many more missing
SANKEI NEWS: the arsonist was chased by a KyoAni employee until he was apprehended by police while hiding at a nearby home. when asked why he did it, the arsonist angrily replied “I was ripped off. I poured the gasoline. I lit the fire with a lighter.”

to elaborate

the arsonist told police パクリやがって when they asked why he attacked KyoAni

パクリ has multiple meanings, so his accusation can vary from they hurt him, they ripped him off, they plagiarized him until the motive for his attack is elaborated on
I won’t give this awful person more attention than he’s already been given so that’s all I’ll share about him. there is a GoFundMe being shared by Sentai Filmworks to help KyoAni but until there’s more news/details on where the money is going, I’d hesitate to donate for now.
official Fire and Disaster Management Agency of Japan report on the fire at KyoAni’s Studio 1 building as of 14:20 today:
1 confirmed death, 10 severely injured, 6 moderate, 20 minor injuries. 12 confirmed bodies with no signs of life inside the building.
wrong timestamp sorry, the report is updated as of 15:00 JST today. the fire was officially put out at 15:20 JST today, roughly 30 minutes ago

6 more declared dead out of the 12 bodies found so far, total of 7 confirmed deaths from the fire at KyoAni.

police will investigate the KyoAni fire as an arson murder case. the arsonist in custody is confirmed not to be a current employee or to have ever worked for Kyoto Animation before

10 more bodies with no signs of life found on the 3rd floor of the KyoAni building and the stairs leading to the roof.

13 confirmed deaths after the discovery of over 10 bodies with no signs of life on the 3rd floor and stairs of the Kyoani Studio 1 building

update from FDMA Japan on casualties and injuries as of 17:15 JST (less than 30 minutes ago)

7 declared dead, 17 with no signs of life (not declared dead by a doctor yet), 10 gravely injured, 6 moderately injured, 20 with minor injuries.

sorry had to double-check the article.

not a situational update but the president of Kyoto Animation Hatta-san revealed that a few years ago, KyoAni received many death threats. they may or may not be related to today’s arson.

20 confirmed and declared dead from the KyoAni fire

25 people confirmed and declared dead from Kyoto Animation arson

there are still 5 remaining KyoAni employees still unaccounted for and missing, with 25 declared dead and 36 injured.

there were 73 total people in the building at the time of the fire. 7 people got out unharmed.

KyoAni president Hatta Hideaki-san revealed a few years ago, KyoAni began receiving series of death threats towards staff over their work. They reported it to the police and consulted lawyers in a plan to address each incident.

33 people confirmed and declared dead from the Kyoto Animation arson

no names released but of the 33 confirmed deceased, 20 were women, 12 were male, 1 unconfirmed gender.

36 injured.

NHK confirms rescue efforts have ended. every person and body that was in the Kyoto Animation Studio 1 building today has been found.

just want to clarify for those asking that as of right now, there is no confirmed list of the deceased. no names have been revealed. any list you see floating around on the internet is not legitimate. the only two KyoAni staff confirmed safe are Hatta Hideaki and Yamada Naoko.
A family member of a Kyoto Animation employee’s request to the public right now:

“I’m sorry for this sudden request.

I am a relative of an employee at KyoAni.

Can you please stop sharing that fake list of missing persons?


“I don’t know the reason why that list was created but can you understand what it feels like to see that when we can’t get in contact with our family members right now?”

Please stop spreading misinformation about the missing or deceased KyoAni employees.

20 hours after the start of the fire at Kyoto Animation Studio 1, Kyoto police and fire department officials returned to the building this morning to begin inspection of the premises

highlights of NHK report:
- locals and KyoAni fans have begun leaving flowers and prayers near the Studio 1 building
- family members and friends of KyoAni employees came to KyoAni HQ today to be updated on current status and safety of their loved ones
in the linked article, NHK has also reported what police say “appear to be causes of death” for majority of those found in the building, especially on the second and third floors. please keep on mind it isn’t being declared by a doctor or stated to be the official cause.
KyoAni president Hatta confirmed to press today that sakuga, reference materials, and artwork stored in KyoAni Studio 1 have all been burned. “it’s all gone. the computers are all gone as well. I don’t know the amount of damage. it’s massive.”
a lot of employees at KyoAni Studio 1 are from Kyushu. KyoAni has prepared accommodation for the family members of the deceased and survivors as they arrive in Kyoto and wait for updates on their loved ones. it’s undecided whether they will have a joint funeral for the deceased.
Kyoto police have announced tonight that one man transported to the hospital to be treated for his injuries from the fire at Kyoto Animation has died.

The number of deceased from the KyoAni arson is now 34.

update from Kyoto Animation president Hatta to press: “Another employee has passed away. There are employees among the seriously injured that have had to amputate their legs.”

(cont.) the arsonist accused KyoAni of stealing/plagiarizing his novel (KyoAni is also a light novel publisher). Hatta-aan denies KyoAni was ever approached by the arsonist with any novel. Any past death threats KyoAni received were also never connected to the arsonist’s name.
Hatta-san also announced they plan to demolish the KyoAni Studio 1 building and convert it into a public park.

“We are in the midst of discussions to demolish the building in the future and convert it into a park with a memorial.”

and on a little positive note, everyone’s warm messages of support and love to KyoAni from all over the world have reached Hatta-san through the news (and hopefully to other KyoAni employees as well)

Hatta-san: “It has become our emotional support.”

Kyoto police have obtained a warrant for the arrest of the arsonist who attacked Kyoto Animation. he will be arrested for arson and murder after he has recovered from serious burns at the hospital.

NHK reported that police have told family members of KyoAni employees it will take about a week to conduct DNA testing to identify some of the deceased. words of support continue to pour in for the victims as they wait for more news on missing loved ones.
a little more hope from Hatta: “I don’t want the works we created with such great care to go to waste because of this tragedy. I can’t foresee what we’ll face in the future but those of us left want to do our best for the sake of the staff we have lost.”
current conditions of what remains of the KyoAni Studio 1 building following the fire. police removed the caution barrier yesterday evening, allowing people to approach the building to offer their prayers and leave flowers.

an area for flower arrangements, prayers, and drinks has also been set up about 100m from the KyoAni Studio 1 building. flower arrangements are being delivered to express words of support and condolences to KyoAni, their staff, and their loved ones.

KyoAni President Hatta today: "We are trying to do all we can to help those (the survivors and victims) showing signs of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to cope."

Kyoto Police have established a “Victim Assistance Unit” to aid and provide care for the victims of the KyoAni arson and their families. the unit is comprised of roughly 100 people, including officers trained in victim assistance.

the Victim Assistance Unit will handle all inquiries about missing victims, positive DNA identification of the deceased, and assist family members of the deceased KyoAni employees in handling their legal affairs. www3.nhk.or.jp/news/html/2019…
Kyoto Police Department’s Ueda on the Victims Assistance Unit: “The family members’ grief following this sudden tragedy is immeasurable. We will do everything in our power to support the victims, providing counsel and as much care as possible.”

Kyoto Animation’s official statement about the fire on their website, mourning the loss of their employees, wonderful colleagues and friends, and the loss of young talented people in the animation industry.

KyoAni will not release further details on the police investigation other than what was released by police as they focus on caring for their injured and deceased employees, and their families. They ask media and other companies contact KyoAni through a media correspondence lawyer
Kyoto Animation website update on operations following the fire:

KyoAni will stop the release of new products on their online site and close sales at their physical KyoAni shop. But they will continue accepting orders for items currently up for sale and mail out preorders.
Though KyoAni operations will continue as usual and as much as possible, order confirmation, settlement, and shipment may be delayed. KyoAni thanks everyone for their patience and concern, apologizing for any inconvenience to customers.

another statement from KyoAni president Hatta, reported by Asahi Shimbun:

“We have works planned so we will inherit everyone’s feelings, keeping them close in our hearts as we try to move forward. As an executive, I don’t want to lose our future.”

NHK: 7/22

the father of KyoAni director Takemoto Yasuhiro does not know the current status/safety of his son. “I want for things to return to the way they were before this tragedy more than anything else, regardless of what I feel about the criminal.”

Takemoto-san’s father: “when I heard my son’s wife say she was unable to contact him no matter how many times she called his cell phone, I felt hopeless.”

Takemoto-san’s father: “I’ve seen every new movie that he sends us free tickets for. He is an incredibly kind son. He is a son that is too good for me.”

following their examination of the Kyoto Animation Studio 1 building, the Kyoto City Fire Department reported in a city council meeting today (7/22) that substantial fire safety measures were in place at the studio building prior to the fire.

the Kyoto fire department will look further into what caused the greatest damage and casualties for future fire safety and prevention methods but

“weaponized explosive fire and smoke caused by ignited gasoline” probably isn’t something standardized procedure will cover
also, here is a helpful thread explaining the nature of the explosive gasoline fire that destroyed the KyoAni building in response to some questioning KyoAni's fire safety measures as a factor or even the cause for the high number of casualties.

translation of a hopeful message from Kyoto Animation president Hatta Hideaki, aired on TV tonight.

we will wait and support KyoAni for as long as it takes.

The Association of Japanese Animation (members of which include companies & studios like Studio Ghibli, Avex, Toei Animation, Aniplex, Sunrise, Production IG, etc) have set up a fund to collect donations from corporate members and others to support KyoAni
Animate has also posted on their website guaranteeing that 100% of the donations they are collecting in stores nationwide will go to KyoAni and its employees to support their efforts in recovering from the arson. Please donate if you are in Japan.

NHK reports that Kyoto Animation expresses their gratitude to all those worldwide who have given their support after the tragedy, and have decided to create a fund dedicated to accepting donations as a way to answer everyone’s support.

More information on the fund and acceptance of donations will be published on KyoAni’s website.

Money from the donations will be used to help provide care and support to the affected KyoAni employees and their families.

Just a quick update:

A report on the autopsy results of the 34 deceased employees of the KyoAni arson was released late last night. No names were released and I’ve chosen not to translate the causes of death.

We know how they were attacked. Please don’t ask me how they died.
Families of the victims are still waiting for DNA testing results to identify the bodies.

As news articles mentioning but not confirming names trickle out, please consider witholding the names out of consideration for the grieving families and to avoid spreading misinformation.
KyoAni has announced they have submitted a request to police and media to refrain from releasing names of the injured and deceased employees out of consideration for the grieving families, until funerals have been held.

Please heed their request as well.

in addition to KyoAni’s request for media to withold names of those injured and killed in the arson, a neighborhood in Fushimi Ward, Kyoto has posted a notice in front of every house, expressing condolences and asking media to stop asking for interviews.

any interviews/news revealing names of the deceased are likely the result of mass media taking advantage of and even harrassing greiving family members and friends of the affected KyoAni employees. please take that into consideration when you think about sharing those articles.
more on this topic:

examples of media behavior in the days following the KyoAni arson for an idea of what the families & the community are going through

and why we encourage others to follow President Hatta and KyoAni’s request to withold names and allow them to grieve in peace
after police removed the caution barrier around KyoAni Studio 1, media immediately swarmed the building to photograph thr flowers and offerings, leaving their stepladders to block the offerings and follow people coming to mourn, for interviews

after confirmation of the deceased KyoAni employees being returned to their families to be laid to rest, funeral service employees were contacted by media and news sites to inquire if they were handling the funeral services for anyone connected to KyoAni

mutuals on my own TL, who simply tweeted about attending the Free! RW screenings with Zakki and Tattsun, were DM-ed by news sites like MBS, TBS, and Asahi to ask for interviews and info. family and friends of KyoAni employees tweeting their grief, were asked to DM for interviews.
JP media may be what we have to rely on for news updates on KyoAni, unfortunate as it is, but the way we spread that news matters

these people are grieving. it isn’t just a news article for them. they asked us as a community to give them space to say goodbye to their loved ones.
if people still need an idea of the sort of tactics media resort for information:

a student was contacted for an interview by media under the pretense of wanting to hear about the aspirations of students who love KyoAni and would like to work there.

the first question the student was asked was if they knew anyone at KyoAni. after answering “yes”, the student was bombarded with questions asking what kind of person they were, the employee’s name (repeatedly), what kind of relationship did they have, their current status etc.
when the student gave vague answers and refused to reveal the employee’s personal information and mentioned lawyers up lawyers, the interview ended. they’re still being harrassed by media to give answers.

I’ve seen two “reputable” news outlets report on KyoAni staff funerals held this weekend. they are camping outside, filming the funeral processions, and trying to interview family and friends attending the wakes

is this still respecting the wishes of the family over the company?
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