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Perfect description!

#FeralSeminary with #WellHellzbellz
Thought-provoking questions about religion aren't a bad thing.

As a Mormon, when you discover history, ur forced to deal w/a new reality.

Everyone in your life is:
A) duped
B) lying, or
C) never gave a shit in the first place.

It is a huge blow!

Faith is recovered in pieces.
Every truth-seeker must challenge their own beliefs. Nothing to fear. Good and God are everywhere.

(what I'm really trying to say — don't be a f**king pansy)

You'll be fine.😉

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Who's ready for #wellhellzbellz #Seminary today?
Tick Tock
I have a little poem for you — one of my many talents.
Jesus died.
The people cried.
And then they lied.

#Wellhellzbellz #Jesus
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1. #Toledo Ohio Dig - working thread
@realDonaldTrump mentions “Toledo” during his convo about Garlic Festival, El Paso Texas & Dayton Ohio shooting. Where is Toledo Ohio.
Note the “Port Clinton” caught my attention. Let’s find out...
Near Camp Perry, & 44 miles from Toledo.
2. #Toledo Ohio.
Port Clinton named after DeWitt Clinton, nephew of NY Governor George Clinton.
💥💥💥💥Notable GRAND MASTER Freemason, ESSENTIAL in establishing Grand Encampment of Inights Templar in the USA. 1, 2 & 3rd Grand Master.
3. Before people jump down my throat, note that I have not said there is a genealogical relation between DeWitt Clinton & Bill Clinton aka William Jefferson Blythe, Jr.
- But DeWitt Clinton name got me searching.
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1. #News ~ REPORT: President Trump plans to declassify documents around same time Inspector General Michael Horowitz releases his report on FISA abuses [abt six weeks]…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #TablesTurned
#JusticeComing #ItsHAPPENING #TickTock
2. #News ~ HUGE! Wife of VP Pence Former Chief of Staff Joshua Pitcock Was Working for Peter Strzok in FBI…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
3. #News ~ Green New Deal combines radical environmentalism and socialism: Varney…

#Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #Walkaway
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1. #News ~ 2015 Email to John Podesta Reveals PLOT TO “SLAUGHTER TRUMP”, Saving Hillary Election By Projecting Her Treasonous Putin/Russian Guilt Onto Donald TRUMP

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #Spygate
#JusticeComing #PAIN #SOON #TickTock
2. #News ~ HUGE! Rep. John Ratcliffe Confirms How Comey, Yates, McCabe and Rosenstein Were Caught Lying on FISA Warrants to Spy on Trump (VIDEO)…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #Spygate #JusticeComing #PAIN #TickTock
3. #News ~ 6 dead in small plane crash near Kerrville, Texas…

#Trump @realDonaldTrump #Qanon
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April 21
Report: Multiple explosions hit #Colombo, other parts of Sri Lanka
By @PressTV
April 21

Report: Explosions hit two Sri Lankan churches, two #Colombo hotels
By @PressTV
April 21
Report: At least 80 injured in Sri Lanka church blasts

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The scale of the #SriLanka attacks is hard to fathom - 290 dead & 500+ wounded.

Target choice, scope, coordination & device success rate makes an international nexus here *highly* likely.

Both #ISIS & #AQIS have reported links w. Sri Lanka/ns, but no evidence yet links to this.
#pt: #SriLanka authorities have pinned initial blame on indigenous Islamist movement @ntjinfo, but I'd be amazed if they - or any similar local organization - had the capacity to conduct such a complex series of mass-casualty attacks.

The bomb-maker alone appears very adept.
@ntjinfo #pt: As @RobertPostings has revealed, one of the allegedly-identified #SriLanka suicide bombers, "Zahran Hashim," was an overt #ISIS supporter (as of late-2017), with a social media following of 4,000+.

#SriLanka has also acknowledged ~40 citizens joined #ISIS in #Syria/#Iraq.
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1. #News ~ President Trump has ‘Never Been Happier’ — Attends Church on Easter…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #JusticeComing #SOON
#ReleaseFISA #Spygate #VINDICATION
2. #News ~ RINO Mitt Romney Flip Flops Like a Fish Out Of Water!

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #JusticeComing
#SOON #ReleaseFISA #Spygate #TRAITOR
3. #News ~ Frustration Grows Among Central American Migrants as Mexican Support Dries Up…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #CRISIS #NationalEmergency #BuildTheWall
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What is the significance of this napkin so neatly folded?

Gospel of John (20:7)

the napkin, which was placed over the face of Jesus, was not just thrown aside like the grave clothes

The bible takes an entire verse to tell us that the napkin was neatly folded

#QAnon #GodWins
Mary Magdalene came to tomb first

early in the morning

found that the stone had been rolled away

“They have taken the Lords body of the tomb & I don’t know where they have put them”

The one whom Jesus loves outran Simon Peter

He stopped looked in saw linens lying there
It was Simon Peter who went in

Saw linens crumpled up

Except 4 the face napkin, neatly folded up 2 the side

Every Hebrew boy knew the traditions of Master & Servant

A key 1 was attending 2 the Master’s meal

The servant took great care 2 be sure the meal was perfect
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1. #News ~ "I think Brennan's a sick person, I really do," President Trump said. "I believe there's something wrong with him...…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #Spygate #JusticeComing #SOON
2. News ~#Qanon ~ President Trump Vows to Release FISA Docs Now That Mueller Probe Is Concluded, Slams 'Treasonous' FBI…📁
Did you enjoy the interview?

#Trump @realDonaldTrump #Spygate #JusticeComing #SOON
3. #Qanon ~ VIDEO: President Trump Vows to Release FISA Docs Now That Mueller Probe Is Concluded, Slams 'Treasonous' FBI

#Trump @realDonaldTrump #Spygate #JusticeComing #SOON
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Today is both #Easter and the 2772nd birthday of the founding of Rome (#NatalediRoma), and the second day of #Passover. So here's a short thread on how these three things are MUCH more closely related than you thought! (1/n)
First, Passover. This is the English word for the translation of "pasha" (Aramaic) and "pesah" (Hebrew) for "he passes over." It's a reference to God passing over the Israelites when killing first-born Egyptians. (2/n)
In Late Latin, the word "pasc(h)a" was used to mean both Passover and Easter. This seems to be related to the fact that both holidays were reckoned based on the vernal equinox. (3/n)
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❤️🇺🇸 Good Morning Mr President #HappyEaster to all 🐰💞
💞🐰#Easter 2017
✝️Happy Easter to all
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For those of us who are Christians, this is the day--THE day--that is both the evocation and commemoration of our faith. The sorrow of #HolyWeek is past and the joy of #Easter is here. #Alleluia alleluia.

On Easter we re-dedicate ourselves to Christ's selflessness and love.🌿
Jesus offers us a message of love that transcends death. On #Easter, as the gospel tells us, Mary Magdalene went to Christ's tomb & found he was not there. She is the one who announces the Resurrection. In her we see ourselves, opening our minds & hearts to Christ's teachings. 🌿
The #Resurrection that we celebrate on #Easter is our annual baptism and re-birth into our faith. It is the story of how much we are loved by Christ and how the one and only thing Christ asks of us in return is to love others as we are loved by him.

Can we do this?
We must.🌿
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BREAKING - Reports from Sri Lanka confirm blasts at churches in Batticaloa, Negombo and Colombo and in hotels in Colombo including the Shangri La and the Kingsbury #lka #Tamil
Breaking: 10 confirmed dead in Batticaloa, 25 in Colombo as Easter Sunday bomb blasts rock #SriLanka #lka #Tamil…
Breaking .- Photographs from St Anthony's Church in Kochchikade show the extent of the damage in the aftermath of the explosions. #SriLanka #lka
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⭕Video link is at the bottom⭕
1984 Ken Peters was given a vision from the #Lord
Recorded in 2000,
every word has been spot on.
#easter #passover2019 #Jesus
#Trump2020 @realDonaldTrump

The story of Ron Wyatt and how the real Sodom ans Gomorrah was found.
#Bible is true.

The real Red Sea Crossing proving the #Bible and #Torah

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It's my calling as a Christian priest to remind all Christians that Christ's only commandment is universal compassion. Selfishness & cruelty work in direct opposition to #compassion, turning a Christian into an antichrist. In Jesus's name, I call upon such to repent. Amen.
The Christian message isn’t about the Second Coming, resurrection, or the afterlife, although those things are important, but about building a kingdom of compassion here on Earth now. The only commandment is universal compassion. “Love one another as I have loved you.”
The greatest act of the #Easter sacrifice was Gethsemane when Christ felt all our pain, rising above jealousy & anger to universal compassion. That gave him the strength for the cross, where he lifted us all up. That qualifies him to judge & rule. He lived his only commandment.
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On #PalmSunday, those of us who are Christians are reminded that Jesus' entire journey has been one of humility and service. He has healed the sick, fed the hungry, washed the feet of his disciples, given succor to those in need. We must follow his lead and do the same.🌿
As we enter into the holiest week on the Christian calendar, the final days of #Lent, what is our own journey toward #HolyThursday, #GoodFriday and finally, #Easter?
How do we walk with Christ through these days? How do we re-dedicate ourselves to the gospel and to our faith?🌿
The current political climate is fraught, as was that of Jesus'. But he stood against the unjust oppressor and with oppressed people. As Jesus prayed the night before he was taken by Pilate, he prayed for the cup to pass him by. He prayed for strength. He prayed for purpose. 🌿
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@ari_antoine @maitepagaza Claro, x eso se ensalza #NAZIonalismo #Razista #Supremacista #Egoista #Excluyente fundamentado en la DIFERENCIA con el VECINO y en producir TENSIONES y CONFLICTOS incluso BÉLICOS como en #Balkanes o #Ukrania o el q venimos padeciendo #ETA y a punto reventar en #España VERDAD?
@ari_antoine @maitepagaza Por eso quiénes están detrás son justamente #Rusia #China

#ISISRsEl y #USA verdad?
XQ quieren q seamos más fuertes contra ellos, no?

Claro.x eso nos empujan a #GuerraCivil y #Balkanizacion para estar tan UNIDOS como #ExYugoslavia o #Ukrania

Sois vendidos #Elite #NWO #Dugin
@ari_antoine @maitepagaza Vamos a ver sí te enteras un poquito, o mejor, a ver sí dejas de intentar engañar

#Salvini CERDO #Sionista #NazBol aliado d #Putin y #Trump pertenece al Club #Ambrossiano el pequeño #Bilderberg ITALIANO y es habitual d las fiestas/recepciones #Rothschild trabaja #Destruir #UE
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1. 2 Posts here 983 &984 Apr 2 2018 21:52:48 Anon Asks #QAnon if they had a good #Easter. Q responds that they had a good laugh at the attacks on @therealroseanne. Ratings over 25 Million #QAlert #MAGA @POTUS #GreatAwakening #Rosanne #RosanneBarr #rosanneshow
2. An Anon asks #Q if the meme was on target from one of #Qanon's last posts about HRC and the date 2.12.09 which Q had also said, "Very BAD!" Q Replied that the timestamp is key. #QAlert #MAGA @POTUS #GreatAwakening
3. #QAnon post 986
Why was this made public?
John Huber appointed by?
Removed by?
Reappointed by?
Why the reboot?
Think logically.
History books.
#Q links to Brietbart article. #MAGA @POTUS
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Occurred to me that since today is Easter, I'd share what Muslims believe a bit about Jesus' life & death, or as he is referred to in the Quran, Isa (pbuh). It's the tradition that after the name of any prophet of God we say peace be upon him, hence (pbuh).
Muslims believe in the Virgin Birth and Jesus is called the "Word of God" and "the Messiah" in our scripture. He is called the "Word" because we believe God said "Be", and Jesus was created through this command.
We believe he raised the dead and healed the sick by the permission of God. We don't believe he is divine, he is one of 25 prophets mentioned in the Quran and one of tens thousands of messengers of God sent to mankind over time, all with similar messages for humanity.
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This #Easter morning I went on a #TransitOriented #run from Mercer Island to Othello Station! Thanks @SoundTransit for the rides!

Downtown #Seattle ➡️ Sound Transit 🚍 554 ➡️ #MercerIsland ➡️ run 👟 ➡️ Othello ➡️ Link 🚈 Light Rail ➡️ downtown
Thank you @CityofRenton for the gorgeous Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park. I really enjoyed running through it!

Looks like someone even decorated these statues with #Easter baskets to celebrate the holiday!
I was delighted and surprised to be able to run on this brand new Eastside Rail Corridor Trail. Thank you @iheartkcparks and @wsdot! The part I ran on seems to be brand spankin' new--I didn't see it on Google Maps when I was planning my route.…
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We’ve fallen off of some wagons, jumped on to some others. You got a raise or lost the money. You got drunk or sober, married or divorced. People were born, people died. Nothing could stop the rising. Your accomplishments didn’t speed him up, your failure didn’t slow him down.
Love got up, in his own sweet time. Death was conquered. Maybe you don’t believe it. So? What you BELIEVE won’t make it more or less true.
Resurrection is God's responsibility. #easter
Life conquered death & there's not a thing we can do about it. Receive it as gift, doubt it, be wayward or devout-it's happened & happening. Resurrection is not an edict or summons, but an invitation to know the open secret humming beneath all created things-DEATH IS NOT THE END.
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#Probablemente ([#EO]#probable🍀/[#EN]#Probably🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿)
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