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MSM begins sensational stories to control the narrative to divide the sexes and add a racial element... Buttafuoco early summer 1992. Bobbitt early summer 1993. OJ/Nicole early summer 1994. #GreatAwakening #QArmy #WeAreTheNewsNow
After those, the OJ trial lasted until 1996 ... covering up the real news that the C_A was about to go before Congressional Hearings again, and the main attraction being ass_ss_nated (“drowned”) ... oh!!! And wait!!! The victim’s lying, C_A son was a part of the OJ trial?! #QArmy
End of that story.... Evidence buried.

Soooo, next ...
Princess Di’s death summer 1997. (Same year the IBM computer won the chess game.)

1998 Presidential sex scandal (same year that Goo_le search engine is incorporated... with early contributions from Sun Microsystems and...
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🚨 Let’s take a sec to look at what narcissistic people are like & what to watch out for 👇

It’s important in this movement to realize that many are out to mislead you in large numbers.

The surprise will be on you if you don’t see beyond the hysteria.
A seasoned General, LEO, prosecutor, (honest) counsel (yes, we exist, but are not the norm), and professional investigator will agree:

Look for these signs 👇
With all due respect to anons fighting daily with their time, lives here daily, it’s ultra important to pay attention to very telling details. Don’t let your voice, your opinion be silenced! Don’t follow wolves in sheep’s clothing.

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#QAnon Christmas Song (Thread). Enjoy!

You better watch out.
You better not cry.
You better not pout.
I’m telling you why.
#QAnon is coming to town.

He’s got a long list.
Of all your vice.
He already knows.
Who’s naughty and nice.
#QAnon is coming to town.
He sees you when you’re leaking.
He knows when you are FAKE.
He knows if your’e a #patriot
Or are part of the #deepstate.

You better watch out.
You better not cry.
You better not pout.
I’m telling you why.
#QAnon is coming to town.
With indictments unsealed
And convictions amassed
Evil no longer
Hiding at last
#QAnon is coming to town

Turning light into dark
Your secrets we’ll tell
Get ready for a bunk mate
In your new cell.
#Qanon is coming to town
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So, who is Q? (At least in part.) The more you know...
1544464077628.png #QArmy #QAnon @POTUS #PatriotsUnited
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!!NEW Q DROP!! 12.04.18 23:42:55
[Dec 4, 2018]

"NBC News: There appears, although the redacted documents do not make it completely clear, that there is a [[[+++separate criminal (Cont.) #QAnon #FlynnIsSafe @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
2. investigation going on outside of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's purview+++]]] for which Flynn has been providing significant assistance." Markers are important.
[Dec 4, 2017] > [Dec 4, 2018]
Think No Name.
Did Mueller have a choice in making the recommendation? #QAnon
3. Who does Mueller 'now' report to?
Does WHITAKER also oversee HUBER + OIG?
What case(s) is HUBER + OIG + team of 470 currently working on?
Who has the server(s)?
Who has access to NSA UT Term1-12?
Does FISA grant access to NSA umbrella collection? #QAnon @realDonaldTrump
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1. @ScottJIsrael You disciplined a career cop SOLELY because he wore a #QAnon patch on his uniform promoting #ZEROCONFIDENCE in you. Your department recognized Sgt. Mike Patten many times in 30+ years as an outstanding deputy and hero to your community.…
2. Patten may be the most decorated deputy in Broward history. He's received 4 life saving awards, several commendations, 2 gold crosses, SWAT Operator of the year in '16 with no disciplinary action in 31 years. But you burned him over a patch promoting #ZEROCONFIDENCE in you.
3. Patten was significantly recognized several years ago. "The Sheriff’s Foundation Medallion is awarded by the Foundation’s Board of Directors to recognize an individual’s contribution to the mission of the Foundation." You earned... #ZEROCONFIDENCE!…
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I was looking at the Q Clock & noticed that on 12.05 the second hand on the clock lines up with @GenFlynn birth year 58!!! Another coincidence? So I’ve been re_reading the Q drops that also line up & mirror that date. I found General Flynn in these!!! #QAnon #NoCoincidence @POTUS
Another Q drop that lines up with General Flynn’s birthday on the Q clock! #QAnon #Patriot @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
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Check this out-Sarah Palin shows her fear of a young, powerful woman & the world hits back! Holy smokes, READ THIS! #ThursdayThoughts…
2/"Today in basic Twitter lessons: the ratio. A ratio is what happens when a tweet’s endorsements — as measured in retweets and likes — are vastly outnumbered by criticism in the form of replies. Also, a ratio is what happens when Sarah Palin tries to mock someone else for
3/"botching an interview. Let’s illustrate: Palin — or, rather, the social media brand Palin most manifests as, after careers as governor of Alaska, Republican vice-presidential candidate, and reality-TV star — was making fun of an interview clip with Rep.-elect Alexandria
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I don't know if people realize this, but this country wouldn't be here if it weren't for nationalists.


a person who advocates political independence for a country.

#JFK #Nationalist #IndependenceDay #DeclarationOfIndependence
Yes that's right our country was founded by Nationalists and Patriots.


A person who vigorously supports their country and defends it against enemies or detractors.
#JFK reading the #DeclarationofIndepence in above tweet found at
Most people Don't know that another mysterious organization was founded just 2 months before the #DeclationOfIndependence was signed. That organization was the #Illuminati. This occulted organization persisted in one form or another til #JFK and up to now.…
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In regards to Qs post last night on the 23sec mark. Id like to also add [R] which equals renegade. Renegade is what USSS called BHO. Meaning of renegade. Which is synonymous with traitor.

#Patriot #BHOtraitor #Qanon
• a person who deserts and betrays an organization, country, or set of principles.
•synonyms:traitor, defector, deserter, turncoat, rebel, mutineer
•a person who behaves in a rebelliously unconventional manner.

#Patriot #BHOtraitor #Qanon
Dont worry Mr. Michelle Obama I will never forgive you for being a traitor to America.

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!!NEW Q DROP!! 16:23 (23=Pain!!)…
Why are we under heavy fire?
Why are we so important to the FAKE NEWS media?
Attacks coordinated?
There is a reason some could no longer be trusted. #QAnon #PainComing @realDonaldTrump
Forced exposure.
Standard deviation broken long ago.
Q #QAnon #PainComing #TheSwampIsFightingBack @realDonaldTrump
Anon's election trap theory!! #QAnon #ElectionFraud @realDonaldTrump
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1. @Americanlll @MastersShelby @Dina1trump @tedcruz @RealEyeTheSpy @GenFlynn @O_IrishT @prayingmedic @PatriotPlaceATX @qanon76 @WeAreOne_Q

#Q, #WWG1WGA, #MAGA, #TheGreatAwakening

The prior secretary of the Department of @ENERGY Ernest Moniz was a nuclear physicist with a PhD...
2. theoretical physics. Rick Perry has a bachelor's degree in animal science. What makes Perry eligible to run the department and responsible for issuing "Q clearances"?

Animal science has nothing to do with power and energy regulation.
3. Before Moniz there was Steven Chu, also having a PhD in physics and winning a Nobel price in 1997 for his work in cooling and trapping atoms with laser light. He's a professor of physics and studied at MIT. Before him was Samuel Bodman, also a MIT! And, he...
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@Loretta96727708 ❤️ We all love you, Loretta and Momma Pearl!!! You are on our minds and in our hearts today!!! Patriots, lets honor Pearl by VOTING RED and encouraging others to do so today!! #ShesOneOfOurGreatPatriots @realDonaldTrump @BarbaraRedgate
Update on Pearl! ❤️ Please keep praying friends!! #Patriot #Pray4Pearl @Loretta96727708 @realDonaldTrump @BarbaraRedgate
Dear Ms. Pearl, Every single time I see your pictured it makes me smile!!! 😊 @realDonaldTrump
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!!NEW Q Drop!! 11/02/18 00:47:08 Power Shall Be Returned To The People!! Mathematically impossible or every detail planned?
1 Year Ago.
Q #QAnon #WWG1WGA @realDonaldTrump
Anon comments on Q drops!! From the board!! #QAnon #ReturnPowerToThePeople @realDonaldTrump
Anon comments on Q drops!! From the board!! #QAnon #ReturnPowerToThePeople @realDonaldTrump
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In the past few weeks it’s become ever so increasingly difficult to not see the delusional tactics of the Democrats!
How can anyone that claims to be a #Patriot that Loves this country, that says they support it’s very foundation, how can they support their...

antics, their drama, much less, trust their motivation?


They seem to work and train, for what? For lunacy, for theatrics, for attention all in the name of power and control, really? This?


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!!NEW Q DROPS!! 10/1/18 14:28 EST
[THEY] call in threats prior to each rally in an effort to diminish reach of message.
When one shirt is not enough..
TWO becomes the solution. #QAnon Q ❤️’s you Maria!@MariaWall93 @POTUS
Latest Q.
On the clock. Mirror to today. Q is talking to us.
Learn to read the clock Anons. From the board!! #QAnon #QClock @realDonaldTrump
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#Q Drop 2299


#QAnon #QArmy #Qproofs #WWG1WGA #MAGA
#Q 2300


#QAnon #Qproofs #QArmy #WWG1WGA
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Rosenstein was going to try and trap @POTUS with the firing of Comey, but RR didn't know that it would be released HE was the one that told Trump to do it. They wanted to go after his mental stability. And invoke the 25th Amendment
Rosenstein was confirmed 96-6 so the government would go along with him in removing the President from office. POTUS did not take the meetings. He's always 100 steps ahead.

Panic in DC as this FISA is closer to be released so now they need to do ANYTHING to delay it.
Which brings us to Kavanaugh, being lied about, slandered and receiving death threats to stop his nomination. Or at least delay it. They were hoping to use Trumps impeachment in order to stop it but that isn't working.
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!!NEW Q!! 9/Q/18 16:48 CDT WOW!!! Here we go, Patriots!!!!…
SEPT —–17—–
Do you believe in coincidences? #QAnon #BuckleUp #TheStormIsUponUs @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
!!NEW Q!! 16:55 CDT Attention on deck!!
Memes at the ready!!
Lock on target!!
Fire at will!! #QAnon #MemesAtTheReady @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
!!NEW Q!! 16:56 CDT Q replies to Anon and says that Anons picked up on the 'carpet' bombs.
For you and you alone!
FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT! President Trump declassifying on the day of 70th annual Red Carpet Emmy Awards!! #QAnon #CarpetBombs #FightFightFight @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
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!!NEW Q DROP!! 9/15/18 13:35 Q posts @realTRUMPERLAND tweet with video!! Retweet if you think it’s Time to LOCK THEM ALL UP!!
#QAnon #ItsTime #LockThemAllUp @realDonaldTrump
Anon comments from the board!! Where’s Hill!?! #QAnon #LockThemAllUp #ItsTime @realDonaldTrump
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So @nytimes has its own #Anon#NYTAnon. Their own conspiracy theory, viz. a confederation of at least two people (#NYT, their "Senior" #Trump Administration #Anon and saboteurs). And this mysterious well-placed, secret insider guides us through White House treachery. Right.
#WhiteHouse Traitor Rats, Fake News Gutless #NYT, Has-Been #Woodward, Journo Trolls, Libel Law Tweaked [VIDEO] #LionelNation🇺🇸 #MAGA #KAG2020 @realDonaldTrump #WalkAwayMovement #Midterms2018 #KavanaughConfirmationHearings #RedNationRising #WeThePeople
A person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors is a #patriot. The state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one's way of life, behavior, or political views is #liberty.
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