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Remarks by President Trump and Prime Minister Khan of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Before Bilateral Meeting

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***On China, tech, and N. Korea:***

Q    The Washington Post is reporting today that Huawei had a relationship with North Korea to build their commercial wireless network.  Have you been briefed on that?  Do you have concerns?
PRESIDENT TRUMP:  I know all about it.  I know all about Huawei.  I know all about 5G.  And we’re working on it, and we have companies that are now getting very, very strong in that department.
And we’re going to have 5G.  We’re going to have the best 5G in the world, just like we have everything else.

Our Silicone [sic] — Silicon Valley cannot be competed with.  There’s nobody that can compete with Silicon Valley for the brainpower or for what we do.
And nobody was focused on 5G but now they are.  And we have great companies going into 5G.  Even if they don’t want to, a lot of them were very happy doing what they were doing.
But now they’re going — at my request, they’re going into 5G.  So we don’t need — we don’t need anything from anybody.
***Trump on Afghanistan, #WorldPolice, and teamwork:***

Q    And the same Imran Khan; he’s also fulfilling all his promises.  So how do you see this meeting?  Like, same kind of person?  Straight to point?
PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Well, I think we’re going to have a great meeting today.  I know that it’s an important meeting.  I consider this a very important meeting because I think we haven’t met the potential of either country.
I think the potential with Pakistan and likewise, the opposite way, I think we have not even come close to meeting it.  There is tremendous potential between our country and Pakistan.
I think Pakistan is going to help us out to extricate ourselves.  We’re like policemen.
We’re not fighting the war.  If we wanted to fight a war in Afghanistan and win it, I could win that war in a week.  I just don’t want to kill 10 million people.  Does that make sense to you?  I don’t want to kill 10 million people.
I have plans on Afghanistan that, if I wanted to win that war, Afghanistan would be wiped off the face of the Earth.  It would be gone.  It would be over in — literally, in 10 days.  And I don’t want to do — I don’t want to go that route.
So we’re working with Pakistan and others to extricate ourselves.  Nor do we want to be policemen, because basically we’re policemen right now.  And we’re not supposed to be policemen.  We’ve been there — we’ve been there for 19 years, in Afghanistan.  It’s ridiculous.
And I think Pakistan helps us with that because we don’t want to stay as policemen.  But if we wanted to, we could win that war.  I have a plan that would win that war in a very short period of time.  You understand that better than anybody.
***Trump on #MuellerWednesday***

Q    Mr. President, are you worried about Wednesday?

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  No, I’m not going to be watching.  Probably.  Maybe I’ll see a little bit of it.  I’m not going to be watching Mueller because you can’t take all those bites out of the apple
We had no collusion, no obstruction.  We had no nothing.  We had a total “no collusion” finding.  The Democrats were devastated by it.  They went crazy.  They’ve gone off the deep end.  They’re not doing anything.  They’re not doing healthcare.  They’re not going infrastructure.
. . .

All they care about is a phony investigation where the report was written — it said “no collusion” — the report was written, and the Attorney General, based on the report, was easily able to find there was no obstruction.  There’s no nothing.  They’re wasting their time
***Trump on #Mueller himself***

And Robert Mueller, I know he’s conflicted — he had a lot — there’s a lot of conflicts that he’s got, including the fact that his best friend is Comey.  But he’s got conflicts with me, too.  He’s got big conflicts with me.
As you know, he wanted the job of the FBI Director.  He didn’t get it.  And we had a business relationship where I said, “No.”  And I would say that he wasn’t happy.  Then, all of a sudden, he gets this position.
But you know what?  He still ruled — and I respect him for it — he still ruled “no collusion, no obstruction
***Trump of Afghanistan and Taliban***

Q    Bahzad Saleemi, here from Pakistani News Channel (inaudible).  Is there any exact date or timeframe of U.S. troops withdrawal under consideration under your admin?

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Are you talking about from Afghanistan?

Q    Yes.
PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Yeah, we have already withdrawn quite a few.  And we’re doing it very slowly and very safely.  And we’re working with Pakistan and with — as you know, we’re negotiating with the Taliban.  And we are doing, I think, very well in that regard.
Again, it’s something that we could do — we could go one of two ways: We could do a number the likes of which they’ve never seen before, and win it very quickly.  I don’t want to do that.
I don’t want to do that because you’re talking about millions of people, and I don’t want to do that.
***PM Khan on Peace in Afghanistan*** @ScottAdamsSays

Q.  What role do you see for India and Afghanistan?  And, Mr. Prime Minister, same question to you.  What — does India has a role to bring peace in Afghanistan?
PRIME MINISTER KHAN:  You see, this is the closest we’ve been to a peace deal in Afghanistan.

PRIME MINISTER KHAN:  And there is no military solution in Afghanistan.  There is no military solution because, as Mr. President says, if you go all-out military, there will be millions and millions of people who will die.
So there is only one solution.  And I feel — and I think we will discuss this — it’s the closest we have been to a peace deal.  And we hope that in the coming days we will be able to urge the Taliban to speak to the Afghan gov't and come to a settlement — a political solution.
PRESIDENT TRUMP:   And what the Prime Minister —

Q    (Inaudible).

PRES TRUMP:   Excuse me.  What the P.M. just said is a very big story.  And it’s 100 percent true. We’re — we’ve made a lot of progress over the last couple of weeks, & Pakistan has helped us with that progress.
But a lot of great things are happening.  A lot of things are happening for the United States, and I think a lot of great things are going to be happening for Pakistan too, under your leadership.  I really feel that.

PRIME MINISTER KHAN:  Thank you.  Thank you.
***Trump on Iran/CIA***

(@ScottAdamsSays look at the messaging to Iran in this statement)

I think very importantly — I read a report today about CIA; that’s totally a false story.  That’s another lie.
They put out propaganda.  They put out lies.  I don’t think Pakistan would ever do a thing like that, right?  Pakistan —

PRIME MINISTER KHAN:  Definitely not.

PRESIDENT TRUMP:   Pakistan never lies.

PRIME MINISTER KHAN:  Definitely not.
PRESIDENT TRUMP:   But Iran does, unfortunately.  So let’s see what happens with Iran.  We are ready for the absolute worst.  And we’re ready for sense, too.  But we are very geared up.  And if they — they are really the number-one state of terror in the world.
Now, I have to say, they’ve pulled back because their money is running very low.  The deal that President Obama made was a disaster because it was such a short term.
It didn’t cover ballistic missiles.  And they couldn’t see the important sites.  Under this you couldn’t inspect the important sites.  There were many things wrong.
And, of course, they gave 150 billion dollars plus 1.8 billion in green — green, beautiful cash.  That’s called many plane loads of cash.  I think Pakistan would like to have some of that cash.  But they gave $1.8 billion in cash, which is unthinkable.
And instead of being respectful and thankful — which, frankly, they should have been to the United States and to President Obama for making that ridiculous deal — instead of being respectful, they put their finger up in the air — this finger,
the thumb — they put their finger up in the air and they disrespected the United States.  They shouldn’t have done that.  That was a big mistake.
One of the best things I’ve done is terminate that ridiculous deal.  If they want to make a deal, it’s — frankly, it’s getting harder for me to want to make a deal with Iran because they behave very badly.  They’re saying bad things.
And I’ll tell you, it could go either way very easily.  Very easily.  And I’m okay either way it goes.
***By the way, if you'd rather listen:***

President Trump Hosts a Bilateral Meeting with the Prime Minister of Pakistan
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