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🚨Tomorrow (WEDNESDAY, JULY 24)

🚨Subcommittee Hearing

🚨Oversight of the Unaccompanied Children Program:

🚨Ensuring the Safety of Children in HHS Care

☀️9AM EST in Washington, DC.


@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO New information I've gleaned so far from this hearing on ORR comes from Chair of the Subcommittee, @Rosa_DeLauro, who's visited Homestead several times. She says they have only FIVE certified teachers. FOUR physicians. ZERO psychiatrists.

For now 1300--was 2300--children.
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO .@rosadelauro asks the extremely important question: there were children in Homestead for 45, 50, 60 days who had family in the States, but were languishing, and then, suddenly, in a two week period, 1000+ children were released. Why not before?

@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro It's obviously not a question of resources, if ORR was able to so quickly move so many children out of Homestead. They had obviously identified and vetted sponsors for these children....

So why had they not been released? Why were they still being held at this for-profit prison?
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro Congresswoman @Rosa_DeLauro also reiterates that we _do not know_ despite multiple attempts to legislate otherwise, what information ORR is sharing with DHS and ICE about potential sponsors, which is likely having a chilling effect on numbers of sponsors.
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro Ranking member, @TomColeOK04, wants to sound very reasonable, but he's making excuses for ORR & HHS like woah. Paraphrase: "They just don't have room for the unprecedented number of children in licensed facilities. Whatever can they do?"

Uh, release children to homes, Tom. Duh?
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 .@TomColeOK04 also uses a misleading factoid about average length of stay of children in Homestead, claiming it's only 42 days. That number apparently only refers to children, as a group, who are not considered "Category Four."

If you include ALL children at Homestead...?
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 .@ACFHHS Assistant Secretary Lynn Johnson just said ORR *doesn't imprison children.*

@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS .@ACFHHS Asst Sec. Johnson is making excuses for influx shelters like Homestead (which has been open for more than 18 months) not being licensed by the state, because those licenses take often 6-9 months to acquire. 🤔
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS She does not mention that NOT having a state license in Florida, in particular, keeps Homestead from having access to the state child abuse database when vetting potential employees.
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS "They get their own beds. Three hot meals a day. Snacks. Education, recreation, legal services.* They asked for more soccer balls...and we gave them to them."

Oooooo, so, *totally* not a child prison then. 🙄

*Is this true? Didn't they end funding to these 3 items a month ago?
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS Here's the run out on the end of "education, recreation and legal services." It was pretty widely reported. Although, I suppose an influx of $4.6 BILLION buys a lot of soccer balls.

@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS Also, I'm pretty sure we know the children at Carizzo Springs, at least, are NOT receiving legal services, because @RAICESTEXAS has said they've tried to provide them and been rebuffed.

@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS Thank goodness for @RAICESTEXAS, honestly. Without them, the hundreds of CHILDREN at Carizzo Springs #ConcentrationCamp for Kids would have ZERO legal representation when they went to court.

You can donate to them, here:

@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS An interesting tidbit: @ACFHHS Asst. Sec Johnson says that, right now, "There are no children pending temporary placement over 24 hours in our Border Patrol facilities."

That's a HUGE change from even a week ago, when there were children who'd been in CBP custody for WEEKS.
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS @ACFHHS Asst. Sec Johnson also states that ORR still plans to have enough permanent, licensed facilities that they won't need to use influx #ConcentrationCamps anymore, by the end of 2020.

...I'd prefer it if they didn't try to keep *adding* beds so as to detain *more* kids.
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS My response to Director of ORR, Jonathan Hayes, is...have you READ the 600+ filing in the Flores Homestead case? Cuz I've read a good deal of it, and ... you lyin.

@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS The questions....

@Rosa_DeLauro attempts to get Hayes to commit to closing Homestead. He refuses, but does claim they're moving children out of there as fast as they can...

(Nothing to do with tents + hurricane season + utter lack of plan, I'm sure.)
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS Chairwoman @Rosa_DeLauro homes in on the most pertinent question w/Director Hayes: why aren't the children being moved out of Homestead faster?

As part of this, she asks how many children are there now.

894, he says.

Days ago, it was 1300.

Two weeks before that, it was 2700.
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS Then @rosadelauro moves on to talk about discharge rates and how the memoranda of agreement between ORR and ICE put a chilling effect on sponsors coming forward, because people ARE in danger of being deported if they tried to take back *their own children*, and they know it.
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS Chairwoman @rosadelauro then directs @ACFHHS Asst Sec Johnson to do an obvious task the Secretary has apparently not done before: for ORR & AFC to investigate how repealing the MOA would affect the discharge rates of children in their custody.

Johnson agrees to do so.
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS In concluding, @Rosa_DeLauro quotes a stat that the MOA between ORR and ICE caused SIX TIMES as many people to back out of the sponsorship process than normal.

We know, from court docs, etc., the effect this had on children--essentially used as bait--has been catastrophic.
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS .@Rosa_DeLauro's very last question, to both witnesses, "Should we discontinue the MOA?"

After a moment's hedging, @ACFHHS Asst Sec Johnson said, "Yes."

ORR Director Hayes declined to answer.

Chairwoman DeLaura took that for "No," & Hayes didn't correct her.
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS Snrk.😂 @TomColeOK04 wants to make it clear that Congressmembers can't just show up unannounced at shelters to visit* cuz it would be so disruptive, then throws the explanation to ACF's Johnson...who actually says protesters IMPERSONATING Congress is why they can't let them in.🤣
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS The 2nd reason @ACFHHS Asst. Sec Johnson gives for why Congressmembers can't just show up to do due diligence oversight as allowed by law*, is that the facility would need to pull staff away from working with children to answer questions & show them around.

This is Grade A Crap.
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS VERY consistently, Congressfolks who've been able--with WEEKS of notice--to visit ORR shelters, are NOT shown around by or given a chance to ask questions of regular staff made available to them, but ALWAYS by management.



Management could do the same any day.
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS I'm pretty sure I recall hearing from several Congresscritters previously that they were specifically enjoined not to speak to staff members. 🤔

*As part of Congressional Oversight of the Executive, in particular children in the care of HHS, Congress DOES have this right.
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS Moving on....

Congresswoman @NitaLowey reminds everyone of one instance in which ORR was legislatively directed not to share info with ICE. She continues, "Yet the original MOA between HHS and DHS still stands, and many worthy sponsors are still terrified to come forward..."
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS @NitaLowey Congresswoman @NitaLowey asks ORR Director Jonathan Hayes point blank, "Does HHS currently share information about potential sponsors with the Dept. of Homeland Security?"

"Yes, ma'am, we do."

Stunned silence.

"At the time of discharge," he elaborates, as if that's better.
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS @NitaLowey Questioning passes to @RepMoolenaar who asks both witnesses about lessons they learned from the 2014 surge, when neither was at ORR, and what they're doing now to add bed capacity.

1) Lesson learned: be prepared

2) What they're doing: asking grantees to provide MOAR BEDS
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS @NitaLowey @RepMoolenaar When asked what barriers there are to getting new, *licensed* facilities up off the ground (as opposed to relying on completely unregulated, unlicensed sites where there's no oversight, and seemingly no adherence to laws of the United States) Hayes of ORR mentions compliance with
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS @NitaLowey @RepMoolenaar local and state regulations, like fire marshal capacity restrictions, and state licenses. He also says they're getting pushback from Governors, both Dem and Repub, who don't want new ORR facilities in their states, even though pretty much every state has already got at least one.
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS @NitaLowey @RepMoolenaar Congresswoman @RepBonnie asks what if a child comes to a shelter like Homestead &doesn't speak English OR Spanish (bc they speak a Mayan language like Q'eqchi'.)

ORR's Director Hayes says the child'd be transferred to a center where there are appropriate interpreters.

@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS @NitaLowey @RepMoolenaar @RepBonnie I'm old enough to remember 5/31/19, when as part of the Homestead Flores filing, there was a legally blind child being abused by other children, who didn't speak English or Spanish, and not only was he not transferred to another facility, he wasn't released to his OWN FATHER.
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS @NitaLowey @RepMoolenaar @RepBonnie .@RepBonnie asks why @ACFHHS Asst. Sec Johnson thinks the for-profit company Caliburn is better able to develop an educational curriculum for children at Homestead than the State of Florida.

Somehow, Johnson thinks professional educators do not understand these kinds of kids.
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS @NitaLowey @RepMoolenaar @RepBonnie Then @RepBonnie asks why there're only 5 certified teachers at Homestead. The answer Johnson gives is confusing. She says something about a "30 day learning experience," which makes me wonder if they just have 5 teachers *at a time* for 30 days and then they get new ones?
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS @NitaLowey @RepMoolenaar @RepBonnie .@RepBonnie: If ORR releases all the children from Homestead, quickly and safely, & the site lies vacant ...what are our financial obligations to the for-profit corporation (w/John Kelly on BoD) no longer providing services?

Hayes: Uh, we can look into that.

@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS @NitaLowey @RepMoolenaar @RepBonnie Next up is @RepAndyHarrisMD who supports dictators like Putin and Victor Orbán, and pedophiles like Roy Moore, but he's gonna repeatedly blame Dems in Congress for ORR's failings.

Okay, Andy: Go!
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS @NitaLowey @RepMoolenaar @RepBonnie @RepAndyHarrisMD 1. Asks & answers own question about whether the delay in funding (by 33 days longer than the 25 days during the Obama admin--calls it "whistling past the graveyard," twice) was responsible for any delays in children being released to sponsors.

@RepAndyHarrisMD decides it was.
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS @NitaLowey @RepMoolenaar @RepBonnie @RepAndyHarrisMD There is no evidence that it was.

In fact, when @RepBonnie specifically asked Director Hayes what had been cut back bc of lack of funding, and told him to list everything, ALL he listed was:

Legal services

...I do not see family reunification anywhere.
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS @NitaLowey @RepMoolenaar @RepBonnie @RepAndyHarrisMD 2. Insinuates that "OF COURSE HHS should be sharing information with ICE. It's not a law enforcement agency, but it shouldn't, like, hide stuff from law enforcement, right? There are gangs & trafficking & stuff! We can all agree on that, right? Guys?"

@RepAndyHarrisMD is a putz.
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS @NitaLowey @RepMoolenaar @RepBonnie @RepAndyHarrisMD 3. Has the unmitigated gall to suggest that no instances of child abuse have taken place at Homestead. He asks ORR's Director Hayes how many reports of abuse there have been (since mandatory reporting is a thing) then just steamrolls over the fact that the answer is NOT ZERO.
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS @NitaLowey @RepMoolenaar @RepBonnie @RepAndyHarrisMD 3a @RepAndyHarrisMD seems to think Homestead being "subject to the applicable federal and state laws" &mandatory reporting requirements means bupkis when we're talking about this population of vulnerable children who've been told if they're ever out of line, they can be deported.
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS @NitaLowey @RepMoolenaar @RepBonnie @RepAndyHarrisMD 3b. Worse, it's conceivable that @RepAndyHarrisMD, & his colleagues on the right, have not read any of the Flores Homestead filing...which you'd think would've been required reading for this hearing.

But what do I know. I'm just some schmuck from Oregon.
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS @NitaLowey @RepMoolenaar @RepBonnie @RepAndyHarrisMD Moving on to @MarkPocan, he points out how very, very lucrative it is to have a $750/child/day influx facility that delays releasing children. States, when he visited Homestead, he didn't see conditions that could justify those costs in any way. They aren't "ramping up" anymore.
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS @NitaLowey @RepMoolenaar @RepBonnie @RepAndyHarrisMD @MarkPocan Congressman @MarkPocan also states he spoke with several girls who'd been at Homestead in excess of 45 days. One, there for 60 days, said she'd only *just* been put in touch with her brother, who lived in the States.

What, Rep Pocan asks, was going on during her other 53 days?
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS @NitaLowey @RepMoolenaar @RepBonnie @RepAndyHarrisMD @MarkPocan The video is corrupted here, so it's impossible to see who's speaking, but I THINK it's Congresswoman @RepRoybalAllard. She goes after the earlier testimony that Homestead and other influx centers are "not prisons."

(Recall, I might've laughed a bit at that mischaracterization.)
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS @NitaLowey @RepMoolenaar @RepBonnie @RepAndyHarrisMD @MarkPocan @RepRoybalAllard She who might be @RepRoybalAllard tries to pin down ORR Dir. Hayes on why, when they went into a classroom at Homestead--aside from the deafening noise--was there a teacher and FOUR other adults monitoring the room, but there is not that ratio at licensed facilities?
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS @NitaLowey @RepMoolenaar @RepBonnie @RepAndyHarrisMD @MarkPocan @RepRoybalAllard ORR's Director Hayes claimed there is that ratio--despite the Congresswoman repeatedly saying otherwise--and brought up nearby Boys Town, one of ORR's licensed facilities, as the example.

Except Boys Town is specifically for children with behavioral and mental health issues.
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS @NitaLowey @RepMoolenaar @RepBonnie @RepAndyHarrisMD @MarkPocan @RepRoybalAllard Obviously, at a facility like that, you'll have a higher staff to child ratio, and a higher level of child monitoring, for safety purposes. But at a regular, licensed shelter or group home?

No. It's ridiculous.

The kids at Homestead have ZERO privacy, even in the bathroom.
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS @NitaLowey @RepMoolenaar @RepBonnie @RepAndyHarrisMD @MarkPocan @RepRoybalAllard She who is probably @RepRoybalAllard tries to impress upon Director Hayes that it's not healthy for children to be marched in straight lines from point to point & be monitored 24 hours a day.

He seems to think it happens everywhere, & that ORR "child welfare experts agree."
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS @NitaLowey @RepMoolenaar @RepBonnie @RepAndyHarrisMD @MarkPocan @RepRoybalAllard .@RepBarbaraLee next, with questions about the children's mental health care: 100% of them have trauma. How is that managed in the warehouse/prison-like setting of Homestead, and how are they de-institutionalized upon release?

Homestead, recall, has ZERO psychiatrists.
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS @NitaLowey @RepMoolenaar @RepBonnie @RepAndyHarrisMD @MarkPocan @RepRoybalAllard @RepBarbaraLee .@ACFHHS Asst. Sec Johnson tries asserting that ALL their workers are trained (somehow) in dealing with trauma in children--which I cannot imagine is true, given the *ahem* caliber of workers they were advertising for even a few months ago. Brute strength seemed more important.
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS @NitaLowey @RepMoolenaar @RepBonnie @RepAndyHarrisMD @MarkPocan @RepRoybalAllard @RepBarbaraLee Johnson also claims that every child receives "trauma informed therapy every day," when asked by @RepBarbaraLee.

I find that also very hard to believe.

As does the Congresswoman, I dare say.
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS @NitaLowey @RepMoolenaar @RepBonnie @RepAndyHarrisMD @MarkPocan @RepRoybalAllard @RepBarbaraLee .@RepBarbaraLee asks what the profit margin is on Caliburn's Homestead contract.

ORR Director Hayes, who gave them a no-bid contract for $340MILLION for services through November, has no idea.

But he'll get back to her, sure thing!

@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS @NitaLowey @RepMoolenaar @RepBonnie @RepAndyHarrisMD @MarkPocan @RepRoybalAllard @RepBarbaraLee Then @RepBarbaraLee asks if there are any bonuses in the contract to incentivize Caliburn into releasing children as expeditiously as possible. Or penalties if they hold onto children too long.

Hayes says no. He didn't want children released just for the sake of being released.
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS @NitaLowey @RepMoolenaar @RepBonnie @RepAndyHarrisMD @MarkPocan @RepRoybalAllard @RepBarbaraLee Next up is @RepCheri Bustos who returns to the question of education, which is dear to my own heart, thank you Cheri. I asked questions much like she's asking, way back when.

Like, Whaaaa? And Whhhyyyyyy?

She's way more articulate, though...

@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS @NitaLowey @RepMoolenaar @RepBonnie @RepAndyHarrisMD @MarkPocan @RepRoybalAllard @RepBarbaraLee @RepCheri .@CheriBustos: Does HHS or Dept of Ed go over the curriculum Homestead implements?

Hayes: No. But, we cool.

Johnson: I saw children learning homophones & they even knew the answers! They were excited about learning, but I decided that wasn't in their best interests & ended it.*
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS @NitaLowey @RepMoolenaar @RepBonnie @RepAndyHarrisMD @MarkPocan @RepRoybalAllard @RepBarbaraLee @RepCheri @CheriBustos *Only very slightly paraphrased. @ACFHHS Asst. Sec seems to be laboring under the mistaken belief that many, if not most, of the children who end up in ORR custody have *never* had schooling before.

She's said it several times now.
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS @NitaLowey @RepMoolenaar @RepBonnie @RepAndyHarrisMD @MarkPocan @RepRoybalAllard @RepBarbaraLee @RepCheri @CheriBustos Due to this mistake, she took it upon herself to end lessons in homophones at a particular shelter bc she did not believe it was worth the brief time the children would be in their custody to teach, despite the fact that they were engaged with the topic and clearly understood it.
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS @NitaLowey @RepMoolenaar @RepBonnie @RepAndyHarrisMD @MarkPocan @RepRoybalAllard @RepBarbaraLee @RepCheri @CheriBustos .@CheriBustos: Do you have a hurricane plan for Homestead?

Hayes: Yup. Went over it just last week with the emergency preparedness folks in Dade County.*

*Only about 2 months after the season started, no biggie
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS @NitaLowey @RepMoolenaar @RepBonnie @RepAndyHarrisMD @MarkPocan @RepRoybalAllard @RepBarbaraLee @RepCheri @CheriBustos [A slight glitch in audio (and the lack of visual) made me miss the changeover to @KatherineClark but it's all good now.]

Congresswoman Clark asks about the allegations of sexual abuse by staff at Homestead, & ORR facilities in general.

Bringing the heavy artillery in now.
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS @NitaLowey @RepMoolenaar @RepBonnie @RepAndyHarrisMD @MarkPocan @RepRoybalAllard @RepBarbaraLee @RepCheri @CheriBustos @KatherineClark [Dangit, the audio keeps skipping.]

From what I can piece together, Congresswoman @KatherineClark wanted more info about 412 allegations of sexual abuse, but Hayes didn't know what report she referenced.

🚨Director Hayes stated that some kind of new report is coming in Aug.🚨
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS @NitaLowey @RepMoolenaar @RepBonnie @RepAndyHarrisMD @MarkPocan @RepRoybalAllard @RepBarbaraLee @RepCheri @CheriBustos @KatherineClark Then @KatherineClark asks about how children were meant to be able to report sexual abuse or assault: a phone in a rec room, next to a ping pong table.

Now, FINALLY, they've moved the ping pong table away, but the phone is still out in the middle of everything, very not-private.
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS @NitaLowey @RepMoolenaar @RepBonnie @RepAndyHarrisMD @MarkPocan @RepRoybalAllard @RepBarbaraLee @RepCheri @CheriBustos @KatherineClark .@KatherineClark: Do you feel this set up is compliant with ORR regulations for client privacy needs, for reporting abuse, or calling their consulate*?

ORR Director Hayes: I do. But if you have any suggestions ...?

[I do, Mr Hayes: EAT MY SHORTS!]

*Numbers are preprogrammed
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS @NitaLowey @RepMoolenaar @RepBonnie @RepAndyHarrisMD @MarkPocan @RepRoybalAllard @RepBarbaraLee @RepCheri @CheriBustos @KatherineClark Oooooh, @rosadelauro is MAD.

[I assume this is her closing statement. There was another glitchy bit.]

She points out that ORR wanting capacity for 20,000 beds--which is what Hayes asked for--when the MAX they have ever had in custody was 15K, last fall, BECAUSE OF THE MOAs,
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS @NitaLowey @RepMoolenaar @RepBonnie @RepAndyHarrisMD @MarkPocan @RepRoybalAllard @RepBarbaraLee @RepCheri @CheriBustos @KatherineClark is ridiculous. That the MOAs need to be rescinded, and NOW.

That the very existence of those policies--fingerprinting entire households, sharing ALL info with DHS--put the brakes on discharging children out of ORR custody, &DIRECTLY led to the buildup of children in CBP custody.
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS @NitaLowey @RepMoolenaar @RepBonnie @RepAndyHarrisMD @MarkPocan @RepRoybalAllard @RepBarbaraLee @RepCheri @CheriBustos @KatherineClark I can FEEL @rosadelauro's righteous anger! [which is a good thing, cuz I certainly can't see her....]

She wants to know where in the world this 20,000 number is coming from, and what in the world justifies it: "We don't want an empire of beds!"
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS @NitaLowey @RepMoolenaar @RepBonnie @RepAndyHarrisMD @MarkPocan @RepRoybalAllard @RepBarbaraLee @RepCheri @CheriBustos @KatherineClark "You have a plan for 20,00 beds. Where is your plan for placing children with family members as expeditiously as possible?...What protections will you put in place so this administration doesn't slow the discharge rate to a halt again?"

~@rosadelauro to ORR Director Hayes
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS @NitaLowey @RepMoolenaar @RepBonnie @RepAndyHarrisMD @MarkPocan @RepRoybalAllard @RepBarbaraLee @RepCheri @CheriBustos @KatherineClark @ACFHHS's Lynn Johnson fielded this one: they want to have flexibility of placement for siblings, pregnant teens and so on, if there were a surge in the future...which sounds almost reasonable...until you consider that they are currently, supposedly, at the highest number of
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS @NitaLowey @RepMoolenaar @RepBonnie @RepAndyHarrisMD @MarkPocan @RepRoybalAllard @RepBarbaraLee @RepCheri @CheriBustos @KatherineClark children EVER crossing the border, and they have only 10,000 in custody.

@rosadelauro asks again, where is the 20,000 number coming from? How could you EVER need that many? "Also," she switches gear slightly, "why did Carizzo Springs get a MULTI YEAR contract?"

Good question.
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS @NitaLowey @RepMoolenaar @RepBonnie @RepAndyHarrisMD @MarkPocan @RepRoybalAllard @RepBarbaraLee @RepCheri @CheriBustos @KatherineClark Alas, she ran out of time before it was answered. I'd love to know, however, if Johnson testified earlier that ORR plans to cease the use of influx shelters by the end of 2020, why would Carizzo Springs' operators get a 3/5* yr contract?

*the Congresswoman wasn't sure which.
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS @NitaLowey @RepMoolenaar @RepBonnie @RepAndyHarrisMD @MarkPocan @RepRoybalAllard @RepBarbaraLee @RepCheri @CheriBustos @KatherineClark At the very end, we go back to @TomColeOK04 for his last turn at bat.

For a Republican, he's surprisingly reasonable &agrees that it'd be good to know where that 20K figure is coming from. And that state licensed sites are better than influx. His district does include #FortSill.
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS @NitaLowey @RepMoolenaar @RepBonnie @RepAndyHarrisMD @MarkPocan @RepRoybalAllard @RepBarbaraLee @RepCheri @CheriBustos @KatherineClark Well. It, in fact, was NOT the end of the hearing. But @AppropsDems are aware of the problem (12 hours ago) and promise to--eventually, I guess?--post the whole video. I looked elsewhere for it, when it first started glitching, including CSPAN, but nuthin.
@ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @porpentina2017 @TheSWPrincess @CaptainResists @Norberta36 @Rosa_DeLauro @ProudResister @_si_se_puede @TheLoyalO @rosadelauro @TomColeOK04 @ACFHHS @RAICESTEXAS @NitaLowey @RepMoolenaar @RepBonnie @RepAndyHarrisMD @MarkPocan @RepRoybalAllard @RepBarbaraLee @RepCheri @CheriBustos @KatherineClark @AppropsDems @RepKClark .@AppropsDems uploaded what looks like an uncorrupted version of the hearing, with an additional...90 minutes or so of testimony and questions and so on. Since it took me 13 hours to go through the 1st 2.5 hrs, I dunno if I'm gonna get to it all today. 😬
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