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#Breaking Comme on l'expliquait hier dans ce #thread (,),#Trump pense avoir gagné le match retour du #Watergate et sorti la présidence de tout impératif de contrôle. La preuve: il bloquera tout témoignage de collaborateur au Congrès.…
2) Dans cette interview publiée par le @washingtonpost cette nuit, #Trump explique qu'il s'opposera aux témoignages de ses collaborateurs au Congrès car il les a déjà laissés parler à #Mueller et que, selon lui, celui-ci l'a complètement exonéré. Pas la peine de recommencer donc.
3) #Trump veut ainsi empêcher son ex-avocat de la Maison Blanche McGahn, son ex-responsable de délivrance des accréditations de sécurité Kline de témoigner au Congrès et refuse aussi que le ministère du Trésor y communique ses feuilles d'impôt.…
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1: It's time to say it: Despite Twitter's outrage about #Watergate Barnaby Joyce is still likely to win #NewEnglandVotes. A thread for pragmatists ⬇️
2: I live in the electorate of #NewEnglandVotes. I was born on Kamilaroi Country into a family that settled in the region 150 years ago. Shop owners and graziers, my mob aren't special. If I were to analyse the family tree I'd find plenty of rusted-on Nat voters.
3: I am a hybrid. My mother's family were English settlers who arrived in 1905 and settled in the outer northern suburbs of Sydney. They were blue-ribbon Liberal voters.
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Hi twitter . . .


Barnaby, The Department and The Great Unravelling

#watergate #MDBC #watergate2019 @jommy_tee
It’s been a busy week at the farm with lots of talk about water buybacks & who said what to whom.

In particular Barnaby Joyce & his department seem very, very confused about their role in the whole issue.

So we thought we’d help out - @jommy_tee
Despite the #watergate2019 issue seemingly being the fault of “Labor, labor, labor” there is little to substantiate this.

A media outlet this morning claimed the QLD govt “asked” Barnaby Joyce to purchase the $80 million *water* in question.

This is incorrect.
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1. My frustration with most msm reporting of #Watergate comes down to a fundamental disagreement about the role of the journalist.

I first realised the schism in my first journo job, with Brisbane’s Courier Mail, when the chief sub castigated me about a story I’d filed.
2. It was about condom vending machines in schools. The Monisyer, Lyn Powell from memory, said something false, so I quoted him then stated the facts. The chief sub said: “Your job is not to tell the truth, your job is to report what people say.”
3. I don’t agree with that. I don’t see there is any purpose to journalism if the job is not to inform readers or viewers of the facts.

I’m not talking about inserting opinion into news stories, I’m talking about facts which contradict reported claims.
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Listening to @RNDrive . I have seen the brief that was provided to @Barnaby_Joyce. The documentation came from the department, not the QLD Government. Before he approved the purchase he should have made his own inquiry.
The Australian Government Solicitor acted for Commonwealth. Did he ask any questions of the AGS about the entity he was dealing with? #watergate
Did he ask why the Department were using a limited tender in preference to an approach to the market?
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Former Water Minister @Barnaby_Joyce is with @PatsKarvelas right now on water buybacks

Live stream:

Or follow along here 👇

#rndrive #auspol #AUSVote2019 #watergate (AAP)
@Barnaby_Joyce @PatsKarvelas Why was $80 million of taxpayer money given to a company domiciled in an offshore tax haven?

"Because that's what the price was ... I am at arms length, I do not negotiate the price" says @Barnaby_Joyce #rndrive
@Barnaby_Joyce @PatsKarvelas "I do not negotiate the price, I do not negotiate the vendor" insists @Barnaby_Joyce #rndrive #auspol

"Let's just calm down, and answer the question" says @PatsKarvelas
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Where is the media narrative linking multiple Liberal National govt scandals into a wholistic story of a rotten government doing dirty deals, wasting public funds, enriching their mates and failing the public interest test? Where is this storyline in election coverage? A thread👇🏻
My research interest is in political narratives. I’ve found once someone or a group of people is framed by the media as a particular archetype - hero, villain or victim - this characterisation is sticky and tends to influence how they are framed subsequently.
You all remember when Gillard was framed as a ‘liar’ for bringing in carbon price (it wasn’t a tax)? That villainous characterisation was impossible for Gillard to escape. It ultimately cost her the Prime Ministership and political career.
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Tweeps are frustrated, and journos are fighting back with accusations of hyper-partisanship and trolling, and it's all getting rather nasty whilst completely failing to understand what is at stake. So here is my take on why I, personally, am so deeply frustrated with our media.
I was an Australian Public Servant from 2002 until my forced resignation last year. As ex-APS I will give no details of that, except to say that the consequences for those who expose truth are real and they are serious.
The APS is a huge beast, and dominates the lives of more than a few here in Canberra. If you're not in the APS, you're married to someone who is, or the neighbours are. You can begin to relate pretty much any experience from the APS - the bonkers hand-written scrawl...
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Are the responses provided by Angus Taylor to #watergate sufficient for us to all move on?


#auspol #AusVotes2019

This is a tough one, but I hope I've broken it down enough to be useful.
Lot's of #auspol are very interested in Angus Taylor at the moment. Rather than repeat the awesome work of those who are doing the digging, I’ll help everyone assess Angus’ response to #watergate. So what are those responses and what do they mean? I'll set them out at length.
CH10: Your parliamentary website lists you has a co-founder of the eastern irrigation Australia corporation. Are you still part of that corporation?

AT: No.
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1/ This is a MEGATHREAD. 👇🏻

That's not a Jamaican Doom Metal band name. It's a list of LNP issues & scandals for:


I’d like to present evidence to show they’re voting against their interests.

Please Distribute & RT. #auspol #ausvotes19
2/ If you hate your internet, it’s entirely LNP fault. The Labor NBN fibre to the premise model was world class. It was hobbled by Turnbull to serve Rupert Murdoch. The lost productivity / opportunity cost for Australia is likely TRILLIONS. #NBNfail…
3/ If you are a woman LNP voter - Why? What the heck? LNP have a huge issue with women. Their best PM candidate was not considered for the role and that’s why Julie Bishop quit, among many others. Add your examples in comments. #auspol #ausvotes19…
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If anyone needs a reminder of what’s happened over the last few months of the LNP; here is a quick reminder. Research any and all of it, please!.

Menindee Fish Kills
Paladin Affair
Sympathy for the Pell
Anti-Encryption law debacle
Revolving PM’s
The National Energy not so Guarantee
Neglecting Aged Care
Jerusalem Embassy for sale
It’s Ok to be white
$185M of Christmas Island PR stunts
Broad and his Sugar Babies
Just Barnaby, all of Barnaby
Member for Manila
Dog Whistling
OneNation preferences - LNP yet to decide
Making a Massacre
Adani and MP Price
Franking Credits - funding the wealthy
Avoiding the Banking royal commission —> 26 times
Public service outsourcing - again and again
Djap Wurrung birthing trees - heritage for sale
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6 Jun 2017, EF Realisation interim report.
Eastern Australian Irrigation Limited (EAI) owns two large farms in Queensland. Principal assets include water rights and the associated water storage infrastructure for irrigation.
EF Realisation owns 9.6% of EAI's equity. #Watergate
2 Sep 2017, EF Realisation first capital distribution.
EF Realisation received about GBP2.4 million from Eastern Australian Irrigation Limited after it sold water entitlements to the Aust Govt, distributing a majority of the proceeds to its shareholders, including EF Realisation
EF Realisation reported it owns 9.6% of Eastern Australian Irrigation's equity.
2.4 million pounds is 9.6% of 25 million pounds. (Around $45 million AUD)
Eastern Australian Agriculture isn't mentioned.
It seems ALL of $80 million taxpayer's paid went to the Cayman Islands.
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#watergate (1/3) Intra-company lending is a method of profit-shifting to avoid tax ...Subsidiary in high tax jurisdiction is loaned money by parent in low tax country, and interest becomes tax deduction for sudsidiary, while it’s assessable income for parent. @hamishNews #auspol
#watergate (2/3) Now if loan is structured so interest rate is very high, then that makes a large tax deduction (ie interest expense) for subsidiary and high revenue (interest income) in low-taxed parent. For example, an $52m profit in Australia would result @hamishNews #ausvotes
#watergate (3/3) would result in $14m company tax at 27.5%. Curious how Eastern Australia Agriculture paid exactly $14m interest to Eastern Australia Irrigation. The deductible interest in ‘18 appears to neatly offset tax bill on ‘17 $52m profit 🤔 @hamishNews #TheProject #auspol
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Love #auspol but don't quite understand the @Barnaby_Joyce/#watergate/#RonniSalt thing?

Always had Qs re #MurrayDarling politics, but were too afraid to ask?

This thread's for you.
Current excitement is about an $80m ‘strategic water purchase’, which Joyce made as water minister in 2017.

@AngusTaylorMP's old company Eastern Australian Agriculture made a $52m profit on the deal.

Taylor was not involved in EEA in 2017 & I allege no wrongdoing on his part.
Taylor's involvement isn't the point - point is that EEA is a well-connected corporation.

To understand the #auspol of the #MurrayDarling you need to realise that it isn't about upstream vs down, farming vs env, or ALP vs LNP.

It's about the powerful vs everyone else.
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@DevinNunes tells @MariaBartiromo last week about 8 Criminal Referrals he sending to #AGWilliamBarr. Nunes Sent the 8 referrals on Wednesday. Refer to Q drop 1125 "FBI burning midnight oil"
@SaraCarterDC it was released on @seanhannity show the announcement. #FisaAbuse
Q drop 1828 names released. Prep for future events
Q 1125
“FBI burning the midnight oil”

What was just released to Nunes?…

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Huh? I deliberately did NOT Retweet the @AngusTaylorMP allegation thread because the allegations were unsourced. What’s going on, Angus?
2. Here’s the full letter from @AngusTaylorMP lawyers sent to @NoFibs which falsely claimed I tweeted a thread on allegations against him.
3. Wondering if a lawyer Tweep would agree to act for me pro bono to sort out this mess? I believe I did not Tweet or RT the thread in question.
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1/4 I lived & watched all the #Watergate & #Clinton hearings. I was in HS & college during Watergate. Both progressed in an orderly fashion that never had me fearful that our democracy was in jeopardy. I can’t say that with this #TrumpRussiaGate. I’m analyzing & racking
2/4 my brain for explanations, reassurances & to make sense of what’s happening. This time bc of the significant #GOPcultism however, I’m fearful we’re heading towards a dictatorship—loss of our democracy that my USMC Dad gave 30 yrs of life in 2 wars to protect. A NPRK replica.
3/4 In my quest to truly understand what makes #Trump supporters tick-what are their concerns/needs? Why are they so angry? Why are they so fearful of brown/black ppl? Are they racist or scared? Does poverty & ⬇️educ play a role?
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It's clear Barr is obstructing Congress in violation of 18 USC 1505. Somebody at @FBIWFO should be reading him his rights. And please. Don't tell me the AG can't obstruct. @TheJusticeDept @maddow @Lawrence John Mitchell
On Mitchell's picture: :What people call method acting deals with sensory memory. You use things like pictures. Mitchell's evoked a "giddy anxiety."

I was hounding Nixon too starting in 1969. #Watergate impacted family relationships. Mitchell's picture brings that all back.
Trump's a traitor but he's still not as scary as Nixon: Authoritarian and smart.
Looking back on how we got out of that mess peacefully, 1st we didn't have Congress owned entirely by the #KochBrothers. So the @SenateGOP still functioned.
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1. I'm amazed at @GOP leadership incompetence. I have Barr as No. 2 GOP leader now. Barr blew the Saturday deadline thus killing a very well organized, but doomed, propaganda operation. The plan clearly to flow from Sat p.m into Sunday interview shows. It didn't last a day.
2. The Barr plan was not #Watergate. It was more like the Bay of Pigs.
Now McConnell, who is my GOP No. 3, after a unanimous House vote says 'conceal the report' rather than just 'stall.' Mitch gives international signal for "Trump is Toast."

This week is going to be fun.
3. House was designed to be more responsive to electorate. Don't be surprised when Trump Barr McConnell, who are threatening @HouseGOP with extinction, force @GOPLeader to call for @POTUS impeachment vote of his own . Just to save every member within 10% in midterms.
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I'm a little shook. Just discovered that my family had a small role in Watergate. Thread to follow.
My grandfather, Nathan Tannenbaum, was a CPA who founded his own firm, N. Tannenbaum & Co., in Manhattan. Their biggest client was Leon Hess, who built the Hess Oil empire and later owned the New York Jets.
I remember, as a kid, learning that the partners at N. Tannenbaum & Co. were my grandfather, my father, the brothers Irving and Philip Warshauer, and Irwin Gleich -- maybe one or two other partners, but it was a small firm. As they say in Captain Underpants, Remember that now.
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#Breaking Et voici la déclaration d'#urgence nationale de #Trump sur la frontière avec le Mexique. Coup de force contre le Congrès qui sera tranché par les tribunaux fédéraux...1 nouvelle façon de présider est en jeu.
2) Bien sûr avec cet état d'#urgence, #Trump fait ça d'abord pour faire la"nique" à #Pelosi, reprendre la main politique après le #shutdown et rassurer son socle nationaliste/identitaire...mais pas modifie profondément l'exercice constitutionnel de la présidence...
3) Par cette #urgence, #Trump viole en effet 1 des pouvoirs constitutionnels les plus sacrés du #Congrès, le fameux pouvoir du "porte monnaie" (power of the purse)...
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A lovely opening nod by Chief Justice John Roberts to Henry Friendly, for whom young Roberts was a law clerk. #SCOTUS
With cite to the fine biography of Judge Friendly by lawyer, former federal prosecutor, & former Senate #Watergate counsel David Dorsen.
Sorry, that's @DavidDorsen.
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1/ On Michael Cohen’s upcoming federal sentencing & James McCord’s role in #Watergate
2/ #MichaelCohen, President Trump’s former lawyer, pleaded guilty in August to eight federal crimes, two related to Trump’s campaign finances & six related to Cohen’s personal finances.
3/ In pleading guilty to the campaign finance crimes, Cohen implicated President Trump in hush money payments to two women in 2016. Cohen & Trump worked together during his presidential campaign, Cohen told the Court, to conceal affairs that the women had with Trump.
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This is an EXCELLENT article. I highly recommend it.
#Watergate #TrumpRussia #TuesdayThoughts #DOJ…
2/"Nearly 45 years ago, the House Judiciary Committee concluded that President Richard Nixon’s contact with high-level Justice Department officials overseeing the Watergate investigation, detailed in a 62-page “road map” of evidence collected by prosecutors in 1972–73, amounted
3/"to an impeachable misuse of executive power. A half century later, the FBI’s former top lawyer, Jim Baker—a close friend and associate of fired FBI Director James Comey—is laying out parallels, albeit subtly, to President Donald Trump’s interactions with the law-enforcement
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