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23. Holocaust in Yemen caused by US, France, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAEmirates, Israel, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Senegal, Sudan, Qatar, Morocco, Canada, Australia, Germany
#Yemen #CrimesAgainstHumanity #WarCrime #Holocaust #YemenCantWait #YemenHolocaust #WorldHypocrisy
1-20. Holocaust in Yemen caused by US, France, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAEmirates, Israel, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Senegal, Sudan, Qatar, Morocco, Canada, Australia, Germany 🤨👇🏼…
21. Holocaust in Yemen caused by US, France, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAEmirates, Israel, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Senegal, Sudan, Qatar, Morocco, Canada, Australia, Germany 🤨👇🏼…
22. Holocaust in Yemen caused by US, France, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAEmirates, Israel, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Senegal, Sudan, Qatar, Morocco, Canada, Australia, Germany 🤨👇🏼…
Yemeni Drones Conducts 2 Rounds of Attack against Saudi Airport
Arab Paper: Riyadh, Abu Dhabi Moving Towards Proxy War in Yemen
Saudi Footprints Found in Assassination of Ansarullah Leader's Brother
Renewed infighting between militias serving #SaudiArabia, #UAE leaves 8 Yemenis dead
Yemeni south separatists take control of all #military camps belonging to Hadi govt. in Aden
Yemenis protest blockade on Sana'a airport as more civilians suffer
Fresh clashes erupt between militants in #Yemen's Aden
UAE-backed Security Belt fighters take over presidential palace in Aden,
"At least 2,400 citizens have been forcibly expelled from #Aden, while over 1,600 shops have been burned and damaged, more than 1,700 shops closed and 76 cars confiscated."

Saudi, UAE Proxies Clash in Southern Yemen, as UAE Plots Partition…
"The #Saudi-backed Yemeni Govt accused #UAE-backed southern separatists of staging a coup in Aden after their fighters took over all military camps in the S port city, prompting Riyadh to call for an urgent meeting of the warring parties."…
"The #UN's human rights office has accused southern #Yemeni security forces of perpetrating "retaliatory attacks" against citizens from the country's north.…
"We have received information from multiple sources about arbitrary arrests & detention, forced displacement, physical assaults & harassment." #Yemen
-Ravina Shamdasani-…
"The #UAE-backed 'Security Belt' forces are "reportedly carrying out & enabling retaliatory attacks against civilians" originating from northern #Yemen."
-Ravina Shamdasani-…
"Renewed clashes in Aden killed at least 6 civilians as a violent flare-up between pro-govt fighters & southern separatist forces rocked the #Yemeni port city. At least six civilians were killed & a dozen others hurt in the fighting on Friday."…
Via YemenEdge
"Doctors Without Borders say they have treated 119 wounded people in south #Yemen city #Aden in less than 24 hours, most of them civilians injured by mortar fire and stray bullets"…
"Thousands of protesters converged outside Sana'a International Airport, expressing resentment over the ongoing air blockade & closure of the airport which has made it impossible for medical supplies to reach to + than 13 million people in #Yemen`s north."…
By @YemenEdge
It is funny that the coalition intervene after the UAE-backed separatist militias took control of #Aden after fierce confrontations w/ the Hadi's Govt & the latter's defeat.…
By @YemenEdge
Where was the coalition during the period of armed confrontations between the 2 parties? Why did this move come late? We may find answers to these questions in the coming days.…
@YemenEdge "Emirati-backed separatists, and Saudi-backed militants have turned on each other in #Yemen.
The separatists seek independence, while the other militants supported by Riyadh want to bring Hadi back to power."
@YemenEdge "The Yemeni fighters have threatened to target major installations in the kingdom if the war does not stop. What will the Saudis do if the Yemenis follow through on their threat?"
@YemenEdge By @Almasirah_Eng
"Transitional Council" Militia Declares Control Over most of Adens’ Military Camps…
@YemenEdge @Almasirah_Eng By @Almasirah_Eng
Update of Confrontations with US-Saudi Forces in Border Fronts…
@YemenEdge @Almasirah_Eng Yemeni snipers shot down a number of mercenaries in Al-Dod mountain (Jizan)…
@YemenEdge @Almasirah_Eng Yemenis stage demonstration in protest at Saudi-led air blockade+Video…
@YemenEdge @Almasirah_Eng "The missile force of the army & popular committees released on Friday evening a ballistic missile of ”Badr P-1″ type on the center of controlling and leadership of the mercenaries & invaders off Sagam in Najran."…
@YemenEdge @Almasirah_Eng "The Yemeni Southern Transitional Council has captured the Maashiq presidential palace in the S port city of Aden. The Security Belt Forces, supported by loyal forces, established control over the presidential palace after 4 days of fighting w/ its guards"…
@YemenEdge @Almasirah_Eng "At least 30 people were killed during clashes inside a camp of security forces of the presidential palace in Yemen's city of Aden, Al Arabiya reported, citing sources, on Saturday amid fighting between separatist & Govt forces there."…
@YemenEdge @Almasirah_Eng By @southfronteng
Military Situation In Yemen On August 10, 2019 (Map Update)…
@YemenEdge @Almasirah_Eng @southfronteng By @southfronteng
UAE-Backed Southern Separatists Capture Several Bases In Aden, Besiege Presidential Palace…
@YemenEdge @Almasirah_Eng @southfronteng "The separatists backed by the #UAE had been fighting as part of the #Saudi-led coalition that supports the govt but turned against those forces in clashes in the S city. The death toll in 4 days of fighting climbed to+than 70 people, including civilians."…
@YemenEdge @Almasirah_Eng @southfronteng "Yemen’s separatists from the Southern Transitional Council have started withdrawing from positions under their control in the city of Aden."
South Yemen Separatists Start Withdrawal From Positions in Aden - Reports:…
@YemenEdge @Almasirah_Eng @southfronteng "The #USA-#Saudi aerial aggression committed, a horrific massacre against an entire family in Hajjah province. They targeted a house inhabited by a displaced family from the Haradh area to Al-Sawamil area, Mustaba district with 3 consecutive raids."…
“Until now, the number of martyrs cannot be predicted because the family has turned into scattered pieces, and the search for victims continues under the rubble of the destroyed house."…
The #Saudi-led coalition that has invaded #Yemen has attacked a position of militia backed by coalition partner the #UnitedArabEmirates (UAE) in Aden, describing the site as “a threat.”…
"The death toll of the #USA-#Saudi aggression that targeted the house of a displaced family in Hajjah province rose to 19 - 8 citizens were killed, mostly children and women, and 11 citizens were wounded."…
"The #Saudi-led coalition that has invaded #Yemen has attacked a position of militia backed by coalition partner the #UnitedArabEmirates (UAE) in Aden, describing the site as “a threat.”…
"The #Saudi-led coalition in #Yemen has launched an air strike against #UAE-backed southern separatists after they seized the presidential palace, fracturing the alliance that had been focused on battling Houthi forces."…
"Political experts say the recent armed clashes between #Saudi-backed militants and #Emirati-backed separatists in southern #Yemen indicate how the war against the impoverished country has ended up in a deadlock."…
“Scores of civilians have been killed & wounded since August 8 when fighting broke out in the city of #Aden. Preliminary reports indicate that as many as 40 people have been killed & 260 injured.”
-UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Yemen Lise Grande-…
"#Yemen’s southern separatists say they have taken effective control of parts of #Aden, after days of fighting with troops loyal to the internationally-backed government."
" The #SouthernSeparatists’ takeover of #Aden, the interim seat of #Yemen’s government, could leave #SaudiArabia struggling to hold together a military coalition fighting the #Iran-aligned #Houthis."…
"Everybody is bound to observe the rules imposed by international humanitarian law, protecting defenceless populations & civilian infrastructure, especially hospitals, schools, places of worship, refugee camps.”
-Pope Francis-…
"The #UnitedArabEmirates (UAE) on Saturday called for a “reasonable dialogue” to end armed clashes in #Yemen’s southern city of #Aden."

UAE calls for dialogue to end violence in Yemen’s Aden…
The Washington Post: "Yemen: Seizure of Aden by separatists exposes rift between Saudi Arabia and UAE"… "As top allies scale back in Yemen, Saudi Arabia faces prospect of an unwinnable war"…
By @southfronteng
Southern Separatists Began Withdrawing From Positions In Aden Following Saudi-led Coalition Airstrikes…
@southfronteng Houthis Release New Video Of Large-Scale Operation In Al-Jawf
@southfronteng By @telesurenglish
The two Gulf states turn on each other.
@southfronteng @telesurenglish "The #Ansarallah forces, their troops managed to capture 37 sites from the #Saudi-backed fighters, including 7 strategic hills & mountains. Their attack, which lasted for 72 hours, killed as many as 30 #Saudi & #Yemeni fighters, while wounding many more."
"The #Ansarallah forces also seized a large amount of weapons from the #Saudi-backed troops, including many ATGMs and night vision goggles."
Iran Reiterates Support for Peace Initiatives in Yemen
#Aden marks #EidalAdha amidst Southern Transitional Council takeover
#UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council forces proclaim #Aden takeover
Yemeni Minister Concedes Defeat to UAE After Southern Separatists Take Aden…
South Yemen Ceasefire Takes Hold, Talks Planned
Separatists agree to Riyadh talks, no date set so far
The Saudi Coalition Is Tearing Itself Apart
by Daniel Larison
Saudi Airstrikes Kill Nine Civilians, Mostly Children, in Northern Yemen
Attacks targeted internally displaced civilians
NBC News: "Saudi-led coalition fractures as separatists seize key Yemeni city"…
Al Jazeera English: "UAE urges 'dialogue' to resolve Yemen tensions"…
Al Jazeera English: "Fighting in Aden: Four key questions answered"…
By @southfronteng
Military Situation In Yemen On August 11, 2019 (Map Update)…
@southfronteng By @southfronteng
In Video: Houthi Forces Ambush Saudi-backed Forces In Najran Province…
@southfronteng VIDEO: Fighters of the Security Belt Force -- dominated by backers of the the Southern Transitional Council (STC) -- patrol #Yemen's second city of Aden after the head of the STC said he was ready to take part in #Saudi-brokered peace talks
@southfronteng "The United Arab #Emirates on Monday downplayed a rift with ally #SaudiArabia over #Yemen after separatists it backs took control of #Aden that was the base of the #Saudi-backed government."…
@southfronteng @Almasirah_Eng "As the Muslim world was approaching God on the morning of Eid Al-Adha, slaughter their (animals) sacrifices,the countries of the aggression coalition,led by #Saudi & #UAE, decided to submit a different sacrifice, they slaughter #Yemeni children & women.."…
@southfronteng @Almasirah_Eng "Graphics footage taken aftermath the #Saudi massacre committed by #Saudi jets on a house in Mastaba area of Hajjah in northern #Yemen in which 28 people were killed & wounded including children and women."
@southfronteng @Almasirah_Eng The Washington Post: "Trump's Arab allies turn against each other"…
@southfronteng @Almasirah_Eng CNN: "Yemen's civil war within a civil war"…
@southfronteng @Almasirah_Eng Dozens of Saudi mercenaries killed in Yemeni missile strike
@southfronteng @Almasirah_Eng By @telesurenglish
#Yemen's Houthis Movement announced that their forces launched a new attack on a Saudi airport in the kingdom's #Abha province.
#SaudiArabia #Houthi
@southfronteng @Almasirah_Eng @telesurenglish Ansarullah: Yemeni Drone Attack on Saudi Oil Field Biggest Ever Against Kingdom
@southfronteng @Almasirah_Eng @telesurenglish South #Yemen Secessionists Are Expelling Northerners
Pro-#UAE forces accuse northern refugees of being 'fifth columnists'
@southfronteng @Almasirah_Eng @telesurenglish #Yemen Govt Rules Out Talks With Separatists Unless They Surrender Aden
Peace talks between #Saudi-backed, #UAE-backed factions probably won't happen
@southfronteng @Almasirah_Eng @telesurenglish South #Yemen Separatists: #Saudis must evict Islamists or Lose War
Islah Party is a major part of the #Saudi-backed govt
@southfronteng @Almasirah_Eng @telesurenglish Joint #Saudi-#UAE Delegation in South #Yemen to Discuss Separatists
#Yemen govt demands separatists pull out of Aden
@southfronteng @Almasirah_Eng @telesurenglish Separatists Vow to Take Over the Rest of #South #Yemen
STC says they'll 'liberate' all territory under govt control
@southfronteng @Almasirah_Eng @telesurenglish Airstrikes Pound #Yemen Capital After Drones Hit #Saudi Oil Field
#Saudis warn civilians to avoid Houthi camps
@southfronteng @Almasirah_Eng @telesurenglish #Saudi Summit on Future of #Yemen Delayed After Separatists Seize Aden
Summit would've discussed forming a new #Yemen govt
@southfronteng @Almasirah_Eng @telesurenglish "The Ansarallah forces have released a new video showing the destruction of a #USA MQ-9 drone that was shot down over the Dhamar Governorate in #Yemen.

"The #Saudi-led Arab coalition “should think a thousand times before invading #Yemen’s airspace..."
@southfronteng @Almasirah_Eng @telesurenglish South #Yemen Separatists Seize Two More Military Camps
Separatist forces move into Abyan Province
@southfronteng @Almasirah_Eng @telesurenglish #Saudi-led coalition killed 47 #Yemen fishermen, detained over 100 others in 2018: Human Rights Watch
@southfronteng @Almasirah_Eng @telesurenglish By @telesurenglish
#UnitedNations & humanitarian groups were promised to receive US$2.6 billion in urgent help for #Yemen in February, however, less than half of the amount has been collected so far.
@southfronteng @Almasirah_Eng @telesurenglish South #Yemen Fighting Threatens Trump’s #Iran Strategy
#Saudi-#UAE split further threatens idea of anti-#Iran alliance
@southfronteng @Almasirah_Eng @telesurenglish #Yemen Threatens to Act to Stop #UAE Support for Separatists
#Yemeni officials accuse #UAE vehicles of taking part in the Aden takeover
@southfronteng @Almasirah_Eng @telesurenglish By @A7_Mirza
#Yemen #اليمن
The Mahrah tribes in eastern Yemen gathered and announced their readiness for fight against the #Saudi coalition.…
@southfronteng @Almasirah_Eng @telesurenglish @A7_Mirza By @A7_Mirza
Latest News from Southerners Conflicts with Hadi’s Forces; #Yemen

South Yemen transitional council chief visits Saudi Arabia; Tension continues in southern Yemen between Mansour Hadi ans Southerners…
@southfronteng @Almasirah_Eng @telesurenglish @A7_Mirza By @A7_Mirza
It seems the southern forces paused the military operations for now, waiting for Eidros al-Zubaidi and the outcome of his talks with the Saudis in Jeddah, #SaudiArabia.
@southfronteng @Almasirah_Eng @telesurenglish @A7_Mirza By @A7_Mirza
Ansar Allah Drone and Missile Attacks on Southern #Saudi Arabia

The first operation targeted the military communications system & the second operation targeted a warehouse & the airport refueling station.(King Khalid airbase, Khamis Mushait)…
@southfronteng @Almasirah_Eng @telesurenglish @A7_Mirza Separatists Make Further Gains in South #Yemen
Intense fighting reported in provincial capital
@southfronteng @Almasirah_Eng @telesurenglish @A7_Mirza By @telesurenglish
#SaudiArabia has called for a summit to end the standoff, but the government led by Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi said it would not participate until the separatists ceded control of sites they had taken over. #Yemen…
@southfronteng @Almasirah_Eng @telesurenglish @A7_Mirza 🗣️📢#Yemen, Attention, Watch out‼️
"Al-Faqih told alkhaleejonline that bin Salman agreed to a coup led by the #UAE-backed militias in the South of #Yemen to topple Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi & divide #Yemen into two the countries of #NorthYemen & #SouthYemen"
@southfronteng @Almasirah_Eng @telesurenglish @A7_Mirza "Saada’s old city, which is among the world’s oldest human-carved landscapes, once consisted entirely of historic, centuries-old multi-story homes. Now, it has been wiped out, after #Saudi declared it a military zone..."…

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United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres reported Omits Israeli Forces, Ignores Ukraine, Ethiopia, Mozambique…
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Terrorists in Idleb prevent students from reaching Saraqib corridor to take exams
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“The terrorists prevented the students from reaching Saraqib corridor and heading to the safe areas to take their exams this year,” Idleb Education Director Nader Abdo told SANA reporter.
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