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#YEMEN:Gunmen believed to be affiliated with the #UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) kidnapped a woman in the Yemeni’s southern port city of #Aden, local sources said.
According to the sources , the gunmen kidnapped “Mona Hashim Ismail” since last Friday, a day
after security crews broke into a land owned by her husband Wahid Saeed Kulaib .

Mona Hashem works for a civil society organization in Aden, and the kidnapping shocked the Adani street and the extent of the situation.

The abduction came a day after military forces occupied
a piece of land belonging to the kidnapped woman’s family in the city.
The husband blamed the security services in Aden for the kidnapping of his wife and demanded that she reveal her fate.

#Aden and other southern provinces have been witnessing assassinations and security
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#Saudi forces have deployed military vehicles near al-Ma’ashiq Palace in the southern #Yemeni city of #Aden, local media reported.

Local media sources confirmed that a military force of UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) militias tried to storm the Palace of
al-Ma’ashiq late on Tuesday evening.

According to the sources, the STC elements, aboard a number of military pickup vehicles, were stationed near the gate of the palace in a threatening move against the Hadi administration.

Saudi forces subsequently stepped up their
presence at the palace’s internal security barriers, and ordered the STC militias to leave the vicinity of the palace.

On Tuesday, the STC threatened the Hadi administration during its meeting chaired by Aidarous al-Zubeidi.

According to the separatists, the
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#YEMEN:The Ministry of Human Rights condemned the racist discrimination carried out by #Saudi-led coalition countries in the occupied province of #Aden.

In a statement, the ministry denounced the racist practices of the coalition states in occupied city of Aden,
1/2 Image
which is one of the menial weapons used by the coalition to tear apart #Yemen’s community fabric and perpetuate a culture of hatred, division and disharmony among the members of the same society.

It called on the international community and relevant international
organizations to intervene quickly to stop such practices and prevent continued persecution, abuse and racial discrimination by coalition states against the people of the Northern provinces.

The statement called on the #Saudi authorities to deal responsibly with expatriates
1/4 ImageImage
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#YEMEN:#UAE builds secret air base on strategic #Mayon Island in #Yemen: AP

The UAE is continuing to building a secret air base on the strategic #Mayon_Island in #Yemen, according to the US Associated Press (AP)’s report.
The agency quoted officials in the #Saudi-backed exiled Hadi government affirmed the #UAE is standing behind the construction of the air base on the volcanic Mayon Island in the Bab al-Mandab strait, although it announced in 2019 the withdrawal of its forces from the
military coalition led by #Saudi.

Jeremy Binnie, Middle East editor at the “Janes” intelligence company, which has been following construction work on Mayon Island for years, said that building the base means that there is a “long-term strategic goal to establish a permanent
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#Israeli Tourists Flocking to #Socotra Using UAE Visas

The United Arab Emirates has reportedly transported groups of Israeli tourists to the strategic Yemeni island of Socotra to spend their vacations there, more than eight months after the Persian Gulf country established
1/2 Image
full diplomatic relations with the Tel Aviv regime in a deal brokered by former US president Donald Trump.

#Yemeni #sources, requesting not to be named, said hundreds of foreign tourists have entered the island over the past few days on visas granted to them by #AbuDhabi,
in flagrant violation of #Yemen’s sovereignty as well as international law and regulations, local media outlets reported.
The sources posted pictures of the tourists, mostly Israelis, on social media platforms.

They also called on the international community and the
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#YEMEN Two public figures opposed to #UAE occupation abducted in #Aden

Two political leaders opposed to the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) have been kidnapped on Monday in the center of Aden city, southern Yemen.
A press release issued by the so-called
1/2 Image
Revolutionary Movement Council confirmed the disappearance of a member of the movement’s Executive Committee in Aden, the legal advisor Alaa Al-Quba.
The release indicated that Al-Quba went out after dawn and did not return to his home, and held the security authorities
fully responsible for his disappearance.

The Revolutionary Movement called for the governor of #Aden, who is affiliated with the STC, to urgently intervene in order to release Al-Quba.

In another incident, the STC militia abducted Revolutionary Movement leading figures
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#CoronaVirus'ü anlarsan
onu kimlerin ürettigini bilirsin.#Küreselciler

Küreselcileri bilirsen
kim-lere taptiklarini ögrenirsin.#Seytaniler

Seytanileri tanirsan
onlarin tanri'larini-tanrica'larini tanirsin..#Annunakiler

Annunakiler'in binlerce yil önce
yaptiklari #Genetik #Mühendislik calismalar sonucu
#AdemOglu'na verdikleri zararlarin devamini,

bugün Küreselciler dedigimiz seytani sebekeler
#mRNA #ASI'lariyla
#Ademoglu'na ayni zararlari vermeye
devam ettiriyor..#DNA Image
Küreselcilerin ATA'si olan Annunakilerin
yarim biraktigi Genetik calismalar
onlarin torunlari tarafindan (Öjenik Örgüt-Cemiyet)
bugün #Corona #Plandemisi'yle tamamlanmaya calisiliyor
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#YEMEN:The Aggression Plunders Half A Trillion Riyals Annually From Tax And Customs Revenues In The Southern Governorates
The media center for the southern provinces,Tuesday , issued a report in which it monitored the organized plunder of oil resources by the countries of the
#US-#Saudi-#Emirati aggression coalition and its tools. They exacerbated the humanitarian situation and caused the deterioration of services.

The report pointed out that the revenues amounted to 1.6 trillion riyals annually, according to the confessions of the
government of ran away president Hadi.

The report emphasized that the expenditures of these governorates are limited compared to the total monthly and annual revenues from oil sales, tax revenues, customs revenues and other fees.The expenditures for
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In an interview with Al-Ahed News, Acting Yemeni Minister of Human Rights Ali Al-Dailami detailed the war crimes that the #Yemenis endured during the years of aggression.
– Destruction of infrastructure: The Saudi-led coalition deliberately destroyed
1/2… Image
infrastructure, including thousands of hospitals, schools, universities, power plants, roads and bridges, communication networks, and fuel supply facilities. In addition, it destroyed food factories, food storage facilities, transportation networks, drinking water, and
irrigation facilities, as well as other civilian facilities that provide basic services. International humanitarian law prohibits the targeting of these sites.

– Starvation and siege: The #Saudi-led coalition sought to starve and destroy the #Yemeni people by targeting many
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#Yemen war updates ;
#Marib front ; tens of coalition mercenaries have been killed . Top #alQaeda commanders were among those killed in the battles.
The coalition airforces continue to bomb its mercenaries by "mistake "
Reports that the fighters from two of the biggest
tribes fighting for the coalition have left the battlefield.
#Sana'a forces are closing in on the city . this has prompted the coalition mercenaries to declare a curfew on the residents of #MarIb fearing a revolt amongst them.

#Abian front ; heavy clashes between coalition #audi mercenaries and #UAE mercenaries. The clashes have left many casualties ..
#Shabwa ; #audi mercenaries have targeted the UAE controlled mercenaries controlling gas facilities .. This has resulted in the destruction of the
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Takfiri #terrorists in #Syria are being transferred to #Yemen to join the ranks of Saudi forces and mercenaries fighting #Yemeni forces in the strategic central province of #Marib, Lebanon's al-Akbar newspaper reports.
Citing Yemeni intelligence sources, the
paper said #alQaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (#AQAP) militants are waiting for terrorists from #Syria to arrive in #Yemen's southern province of #Abyan.

The report said the #Saudi command center in Yemen's southern port city of #Aden has even instructed
the #alQaeda warlord in #Abyan to secure the entry points for #terrorists arriving from #Syria and other countries.

Security and intelligence sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, said #AQAP terrorists have been tasked with transporting the incoming militants and
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The #UAE is trying to enter #Yemen through the occupation, under the cover of legitimacy. Abu Dhabi imposed its will on #Yemen’s sovereign decision, in order to enable it to exploit the country’s resources, and beyond that, the
violations became continuous and did not stop all day.
Mahriya satellite channel published the #Emirati role on #Socotra Island. The UAE pays tempting offers to the residents of the Socotra Archipelago to concede to the Emirati occupation, but it was faced with strong rejection and made it one of the countries hostile to the
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How and why the war on #Yemen started

March 26, 2021, marks 6 years of the inhuman and devastating war on Yemen. Backed by the United States, #Saudi led a coalition of allied countries to militarily intervene in Yemen under the guise of restoring
‘legitimacy’ and ‘stability’ to #Yemen and the region. Where is that legitimacy or peace today? They destroyed an entire country and caused the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

The #Saudi-led coalition never had the future or the well-being of the #Yemeni people in mind!
Their goal has been to crush any democratic aspirations of the #Yemeni people and impose a puppet regime in the country that will serve Saudi Arabia and its #Washington masters’ interests.
#Yemen’s strategic location is vital for the United States and imperialists to expand
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#Yemeni transport sector has suffered 7 billion dollars in losses due to #Saudi invasion

The Ministry of Transport on Monday said the total direct and indirect losses of the sea, air, and land transport sectors during the six years of the
#Saudi-led coalition war on #Yemen amounted to more than seven billion dollar.

During a press conference held Monday in #Sana’a, on the occasion of the passage of six years of steadfastness, the Ministry confirmed that the civil aviation and meteorology sector had been
subjected to unprecedented targeting in the region by the coalition, and its losses amounted to more than five billion dollars.

The deaths resulting from the closure of Sana’a International Airport were estimated at 80,000 deaths, while more than 450,000 patients urgently
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Six years of fierce war later, and legitimacy has still not been restored. Nothing has been gained but ruin and destruction in #Yemen at the hands of those close to the people in land and bloodlines.

Dr Amira Abo el-Fetouh

Hundreds of thousands of #Yemenis have been killed in schools, mosques and markets; the missiles launched from the land of the Two Holy Mosques has not distinguished between civilians and soldiers. The goal is to eliminate the #Yemeni people, if not by missiles, then by
disease. Even cholera has been recorded among children, killing thousands, according to a report by the World Health Organisation. Famine has also spread across the country as a result of the unjust blockade imposed on it by #Saudi Arabia and the #UAE, the home of Arab
1/4 ImageImage
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#YEMEN:ُMinistry of telecommunications and Information Technology on Wednesday released a report for the losses of the telecommunications and postal sector during the six years of the US-Saudi aggression and blockade.

During a press conference in the
capital, Sana’a, the Ministry explained that the communications sector had suffered material and human losses and had been severely affected by bombing of facilities, towers, centrals, communications and postal offices with more than 2, 409 air strikes.
“The aggression bombed 1,041 facilities, communications sites and post offices, resulting in a total destruction of 32% of the infrastructure and the partial destruction of 23%,” the ministry added.
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#US-#AlQaeda Unveiled (extremely import, pls read thro thread, 9/11th)

#Yemen authorities just disclosed v. imp phone call bet ex-#CIA Director George Tenet w/ex-Yemen President (Traitor) Saleh Afash, former asking 2 release an extremely important & dangerous #AlQaeda person.
#AlQaeda person was in the Yemeni Security Prison! ex-#CIA Director, Tenet, asked traitor ex-president to hand the terrorist to DCI's ppl on ground, he didnt even want #FBI investigators to know bout this, described as, my own personal problem & favor!
#CIA Director, Tenet said he'd talked 2all ppl in #WhiteHouse bout it. The #AlQaeda person was in prison mainly on investigations related 2 USS #Cole Destroyer suicidal atk bombing, #Aden, Oct 2000. Terrorist name was nvr stated by DCI then, but 2day we no he's Anwar Al-Awlaki!
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With the end of the sixth year of the unjust war on Yemen and as the year 2020 approaches its end, hundreds of thousands of Yemenis received the new year without salaries, within deteriorating and poor living conditions that many of
them can no longer afford. The infamous decision of the outgoing Hadi government in September 2016 to relocate CBY administration from the Capital, Sana’a, to the governorate of Aden, had catastrophic consequences for public sector employees. Their salaries have been
suspended for four years; and they came to the fifth year without a solution to the crisis of salary interruption. However, various local and international efforts and attempts to resolve this complicated file, which has become a card in the hands of the
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THREAD: Research Fellow @hu_rdman writes about the attack on Aden airport on Dec 30, 2020, when he and other colleagues narrowly escaped death at what should have been a celebratory occasion welcoming the arrival of the newly formed Yemeni government.…
At the #Aden airport, "the crowd was divided in two: to the right were #STC supporters... and to the left were supporters of the #GoY. However, the groups soon mingled and exchanged greetings... I whispered to a colleague: “It seems Santa Claus has been generous this year."
But around 2:00 pm, the airport was hit by three explosions, & it took @hu_rdman awhile to realize what had happened. "Five minutes & just 20 meters saved us from certain death. A loud explosion rocked the airport lounge, where we were supposed to go to carry out live coverage."
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THREAD: Yemeni PM @DrMaeenSaeed was the guest at the #Yemen_Media_Call during which he talked to over 70 attendees from int'l media, INGOs and UN missions, addressing the formation and priorities of the newly formed #GoY as well as the situation in Aden.…
PM @DrMaeenSaeed: Missiles that struck a runway at #Aden international airport December 30, 2020, were an attempt by the #Houthis to target the airplane carrying members of the new government that had just landed.
PM @DrMaeenSaeed: Debris collected from the attack site indicated the missiles were identical to some fired earlier in Marib for which the #Houthis had taken responsibility. The attack was unexpected, given that the airport is a civilian facility and media were present there.
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#YEMEN:Mothers of abducted Yemenis protest against #Saudi and #UAE aggression in #Aden

The Association of Mothers of the Kidnapped and Forcibly Disappeared Persons has on Tuesday carried out a protest in Aden province, southern Yemen,demanding that Hadi’s government reveal
the fate of the abductees and forcibly disappeared.
The Association, said in a statement during protest in front of the gate of Al-Ma’sheeq Palace, that the so-called Security Belt forces have abducted 39 young men four years ago, without any legal justification.
The statement indicated an official complicity from the Hadi government in the kidnappings, especially as the families of the disappeared had not obtained any assurances about their conditions or whereabouts.

The statement also called on the newly formed Hadi government to
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In #Yemen Starving Children Don’t Cry
Yet Abdo Sayid, a 4-year-old boy so emaciated he weighed just 14 pounds, wasn’t crying when he was brought to a hospital recently in #Aden, #Yemen. That’s because children who are starving don’t cry or even frown.
Instead, they are eerily calm; they appear apathetic, often expressionless. A body that is starving doesn’t waste energy on tears. It directs every calorie to keep the major organs functioning.
Abdo died soon after arriving at the hospital. A photographer named Giles Clarke,
a friend of mine whom I met on my last trip to #Yemen, was there again and captured the scene.
#Yemen’s suffering is complicated. Always poor, the country has been shattered by a war and blockade by Saudi Arabia, with backing from the United States under both the Obama and
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🔴 #Yemen 🇾🇪 | TERRORISMO 💥


Luego de la llegada de algunos ministros, ataques con morteros.
Números preliminares por el ataque al aeropuerto de Adén, reportan 22 personas fallecidas!
🔴 YEMEN 🇾🇪

Aeropuerto de Aden:

Imágenes de la @AgenciaAJN:
🔴 Yemen 🇾🇪 : el momento exacto en que un misil impacta en el aeropuerto de Adén.
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#YEMEN:Attack on Aden airport comes to filter accounts between coalition militias: #Aden governor.

YPA – Aden governor, Tariq Salam, said that the attack that targeted Aden airport on Wednesday came as part of a series of filtering accounts between the Saudi-led coalition
militias and causing chaos and destruction in the southern provinces.
Salam explained, in a statement, that the ongoing conflict between the coalition militias casts a shadow over the humanitarian and security situation in #Aden.
He said that the attack would affect negatively

the lives of citizens and exacerbated humanitarian situation daily in light of the spread of diseases and epidemics and the absence of basic services.
The governor explained that the bad situation in the southern provinces requires a firm stand by all factions of society to
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