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Very touching scene
A Yemeni father’s heartbreak for his children and their bodies next to him, sitting on the rubble of his house, which were targeted by the Saudi-Emirati aircraft in a raid.
. Image
Among the thousands of touching scenes left by the Saudi-American air strikes on Yemen over the past 7 years:

This is a scene of a Yemeni girl from Hajjah Governorate, the only survivor of her family whose home was destroyed by the US-Saudi coalition aircraft on the heads of
1/2 Image
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So you build an anti-ship missile factory in your capital's suburbs

And claim to have sunk #RussianFlagship #Moskva with one of its products

What would you expect to happen next

Well if you were on receiving end of a #US "#SpecialOperation" you'd expect capital to be destroyed #Putin+#Russia/#Ukraine v #Serbia #Afghanistan #Iraq #Libya #Putin+#Russia/#Ukraine v #Serbia #Afghanistan #Iraq #Libya #Putin+#Russia/#Ukraine v #Serbia #Afghanistan #Iraq #Libya #Putin+#Russia/#Ukraine v #Serbia #Afghanistan #Iraq #Libya
Don't worry

If you're on receiving end of a #US "#SpecialOperation" while could expect our capital & the rest of country destroyed

Would just be unintended accidental #CollateralDamage no one could have avoided

Of course if it's #Putin one it's deliberate #Genocidal #WarCrime #Putin+#Russia/#Ukraine v #Serbia #Afghanistan #Iraq #Libya #Putin+#Russia/#Ukraine v #Serbia #Afghanistan #Iraq #Libya #Putin+#Russia/#Ukraine v #Serbia #Afghanistan #Iraq #Libya #Putin+#Russia/#Ukraine v #Serbia #Afghanistan #Iraq #Libya
Of course can't compare #Putin's #Illegal #Genocidal #Massacres of #InnocenCivilianBabies with accidental unintended #US #CollateralDamage

So don't try to

Unless you want accidentally #CollateralDamaging back into the #StoneAge where you belong

Like the #Ukraine I mean #Serbia #Putin+#Russia/#Ukraine v #Serbia #Afghanistan #Iraq #Libya #Putin+#Russia/#Ukraine v #Serbia #Afghanistan #Iraq #Libya #Putin+#Russia/#Ukraine v #Serbia #Afghanistan #Iraq #Libya #Putin+#Russia/#Ukraine v #Serbia #Afghanistan #Iraq #Libya
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Als junges #DDR Mädchen lernte ich einen hauptamtlichen #Stasi-Mann kennen. Er quälte hauptberuflich Menschen, gab damit an, dass er sein Handwerk vom #Russen gelernt hätte. Er berichtete von kahl geschorenen Mädchen, die zur Vergewaltigung auf Leitern gebunden wurden. #WarCrime
Damals kannte ich seine Tochter näher, die ein sehr unglücklicher Mensch war. Der Mann konnte seine Gewalttätigkeiten nämlich privat nicht abstellen.
Menschen, die die Verbrechen der #Stasi leugnen oder Opfer der #DDR #Diktatur verächtlich machen, die merke ich mir 💋. Ich sehe euch und euer Bildungsdefizit. 🙌🏻Dagegen gibt es was von @BAufarbeitung
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A #thread on the horror of #Bucha: locals recount random, unaccountable violence against civilians in clear evidence of war crimes.…
The few scattered residents of this devastated suburb city outside #Kyiv share a blank, distant stare that speaks of the terror they experienced during weeks of #RussianOccupation.
“The artillery and shootings were 24/7,” said Dmytro Zamohylnyi. “We couldn’t leave our house for the entire time. Only when the Russians left, on March 31, could we see the dead bodies. In a radius of 1km around my house we found around 15 bodies – all civilians, no military.”
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The previously mentioned Mikhail Podolyak was quick to use the #Bucha "massacre" to ask for more weapons
It's worth noting that the Rus Army left the town on Mar 30,,,,4 days ago but footage appeared only today
#UAV footage of a strike on a Ukr target during the battle for #Izum at the end of March
#LPR Artillery....some awards given to distinguished crews
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Videos, photos, and AFP reports show bodies of at least 20 men lying on street of Bucha near #Kyiv after #Russian forces retreated from Kyiv Region & Ukrainian forces retook this town in #Ukraine
#UkraineRussiaWar #Ukrainewar #Russia #RussiaUkraineWar…
Moving hand video in #Bucha that is propagated by #Russian media and various social media is fake news. Original video shows that this is windshield sunspot.…
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Ukraine has turned their own country into a minefield and are now trying to blame Russia for it.
The Atlantic, lauding Ukraine's Nazi militia for their guerrilla warfare tactics, which includes planting mines and IEDS on roads to "slow down Russian tanks", which they started doing before the invasion even started.
Meduza, quoting a Ukrainian official who explained that mines are their cities' first line of defense.
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#ukraine soldiers calling family of deceased to mock and swear at them. Knowing modern phones - the soldier in question must’ve been alive before they unlocked his device. That’s another POW #warCrime to their repertoire.
If anyone doubts it's the level of treatment they give to families of either POWs or killed Russian soldiers - there's few more videos I've stumbled upon and seems to be a regular occurrence / standard behaviour on the #ukraine side. #warcrime
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#ukraine soldiers shooting captured and secured POW’s in legs which is a #warcrime and in case of the shock causing death ( second video ). Haven’t you noticed that anyone captured by Ukrainians is always beaten up? Vid 2 in thread.
#ukraine soldiers shooting secured prisoners of war in legs which is a #warcrime. Russian soldiers, previously beaten up as seen on at least one example here bleeding out and dying from the shock afterwards.
cc @ICRC in case you’ve missed this.
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Entering the summit of 🇪🇺 defence ministers in Brussels, 🇩🇪German Defence Minister Christine Lambrecht says the EU's new rapid military deployment capability will be the "military heart" of the new European security policy.

It's a "clear signal" to 🇷🇺Russia, she says.
🇫🇮Finland's Defence Minister Antti Kaikkonen says the #UkraineWar means there must be "more cooperation" in 🇪🇺EU defence, and "more steps forward".

"I hope we get results today, and later this week."

#Finland is not in #NATO but has recently been participating in NATO summits.
The defence minister of 🇸🇪#Sweden, also not in #NATO but recently in meetings, sounds same tone on the need for 🇪🇺EU to coordinate its military response.

He also echoes other ministers today on #Mariupol: "What Putin and the Russian government are doing is a repeated #WarCrime"
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Einschließen, bombardieren, vernichten: Das russische Vorgehen gegen #Mariupol verstößt gegen die Anti-Völkermord-Konvention. Die Lage in Charkiv ist ähnlich dra­ma­tisch, auch Odesa droht die Ein­krei­sung durch rus­si­sche Truppen. @Bundeskanzler…
Meldungen über die Bombardierung des Schauspielhauses in #Mariupol. Zahlreiche Einwohner hatten in dem Gebäude Schutz gesucht, die Rede ist von ca. 1000 Menschen. Nach der gestrigen Evakuierung wurde heute wieder ein Flüchtlingskonvoi beschossen. #WarCrime…
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Im Nordosten haben sich die Russen reorganisiert und rücken auf Kiew zu. Sie haben 1 lokales Übergewicht, doch die Ukraine hat sich hier verstärkt. Was wird aus Chernihiv, das unmittelbar vor der Einkreisung steht? Der Krieg ist im Kiewer Vorgarten, Tag 13.
Der heutige Vormittag und Morgen steht im Zeichen humanitärer Evakuierungen. Die Kriegsparteien haben eine Waffenruhe in mehreren Städten vereinbart, damit Zivilisten fliehen können. Doch die Waffenruhe ist brüchig. Hoffen wir, dass alles gut geht.

Die Flucht ist auch nötig, denn das Putin-Regime bombt die Städte in Grund und Boden. Gestern starben Dutzende Zivilisten. So wurde z. B. eine Bäckerei mit wartenden Menschen (Nähe Kiew) getroffen, 13 Tote.
In Sumy wird nach Überlebenden gesucht:
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Russian Army continue to resupplying the Ukrainian Army.
Two Russian trucks with ammunition.
Thanks Putin.
287/ ImageImage
Russian Mi-24/35.
I watch this again and again.
The pilots of a Russian jet in Chernihiv, one killed during landing other is injured.
289/ ImageImage
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Ukrainian «Azov» militants blew up a house in Mariupol (Meotida Boulevard) today. This act of terrorism was carried out by the Azov militants immediately after the appearance of information about the provision of humanitarian corridors for the evacuation of civilians.

About two hundred civilians stay under the rubbles in the basement, mostly women and children.
People want to get evacuated from Mariupol, they are waiting for it, but all humanitarian corridors are blocked by the far-right militants.
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The #Putin regime made very significant progress towards getting into the dock for military and international criminals...
However, each #WarCrime ALWAYS has a specific first and last name, and often more than one of them. Nameless #WarCrimes don't exist ... 1/1
Those who yesterday delivered fire strikes with the help of MRLS ... on dense urban areas in #Kharkiv, #Chernihiv , #Sumy and a number of other #Ukrainian cities ... certainly have a first name, a surname, and even I am not afraid of this phrase - like "military rank"...2/1
Hitting a “peacekeeper” with the help of “Grad”, “Hurricane” and “Tornado”... special valor and military skill is not necessary ... it is enough to perform a series of sequential manipulations ...
It is much more difficult to think about the consequences of your actions ...3/1
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New project: #WarCrimesTracker. Based on available data we are going to examine Russian #WarCrimes committed in #Ukraine. Cases to be assessed in accordance with #IHL. All cases to be published under this thread @Reuters @AFP @AP @Defence_blog @DefenseOne #RussiaUkraineConflict Image
1/ Case no. 1/25 Feb.: In Kiev region an unidentified, most likely Russian, armed vehicle run over a civilian car with a civilian. #IHL assessment: violation of Articles 48, 51(1)(2)(4) and 57(1) of Additional Protocol I @ICRC
2/ Case no. 2/25 Feb.: In Kharkov region an unidentified, most likely Russian, rocket hit residential area. The rocket did not explode. #IHL assessment: Articles 48, 51(1)(2)(4) and 51(1)(2) of Additional Protocol I #WarCrimesTracker #RussiaUkraineConflict #Ukraine #Russia @ICRC Image
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#war #Kyiv #Ukraine #Russia Collecting all reports thread; Ukraine's operational command says "cruise and ballistic missile strikes are underway at the control centres in Kyiv" from @lukeharding1968 Friends report explosions in #Kyiv, #Odessa #Kharkiv #Mykolaev thread, add info
Targets include airfields and military headquarters, operational command says
"Distant crumps - soft explosions - reported from west Kyiv, towards the airport. Not Cruise missiles, i think, but sounds like an attack on the airport." @JohnSweeney
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Ukraine's operational command says "cruise and ballistic missile strikes are underway at the control centres in Kyiv".
Map if the Russian attacks!!!
#russia404 Image
Announced about landing operation in Azov sea. Purpose to open the corridor to Odessa and Pridnestria.
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Es ist ein Verstoß gegen die „Good Manufacturing Practice“ der Impfstoffherstellung, dass den Menschen weltweit verschwiegen wird, dass sie offensichtlich an einem „klinischen Versuch“ teilnehmen, was gegen die Deklaration von Helsinki & den Nürnberger Kodex verstößt. #warcrime Image
In order to confirm the efficacy and safety of Comirnaty, the MAH should submit the final Clinical Study Report for the randomized, placebo-controlled, observed blind study C4591001. Due Date: December 2023…
Angesichts der grauenvollen Impfversuche der Nazis in den KZs – unter Federführung des Robert-Koch-Instituts (...) ist die Aufklärung über die Durchführung eines Versuchs sowie die ausdrückliche Einwilligung in einen klinischen Versuch für alle Ärzte und Hersteller verpflichtend Image
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This👇🏻 is what Russia did to Ukraine’s Donetsk International Airport in 2014.

Take a good long look at the decimated airport for perspective on how colossally stupid it is to talk about how Russia “may” be “preparing to invade Ukraine”.
👇🏻Mariupol, January 24, 2015.

#Russia's unprovoked missile attack was instructed, directed & supervised by military commanders in active service with Russia's Ministry of Defence. The #warcrime caused at least 30 civilian deaths & 128 injuries.

No sanctions were ever imposed.
Russian rockets being dropped on civilian heads in Ukraine in 2015

This missile attack below was directed FROM Moscow by military commanders in active service with Russia's Ministry of Defence

PLEASE stop talking about what will happen “if” Russia invades. It did. 8 yrs ago.
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#TPLF #WarCrimes - #Rape, #Massacres, 90% of Public Infrastructures Ransacked & Deliberately Destroyed

👉 #TPLF committed horrific #WarCrime in #Amhara & #Afar. Many women were raped; sexual violence was used as a weapon, mass graves were discovered.
👉 90% of the infrastructure deliberately ransacked and destroyed. Over 7000 schools, 36 large industries, 40 Hospitals, 1700 Health Posts ransacked and deliberately destroyed.

The scale of devastation is beyond words. The health system has almost completely collapsed.

👉 Every civilian infrastructures including #Schools #Telecom, #PowerGrids, #ElectricalLines, #Universities, #Factories, #Laboratories, #Pharmacies, ...
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13/11/21 - @eelcobvr is een Nederlandse journalist die het door de @AIVD gecreëerde Rusland dossier in de US op @CNN aan de man bracht. Het Nederlandse dossier heet #Cozybear en blijkt achteraf niet op waarheid te berusten. Voor wie werkt Eelco eigenlijk?
Achteraf kunnen we vaststellen dat zowel de UK als NL de aanval op een democratisch gekozen president aanvoerde. De eerste impeachment van President Trump werd gebaseerd op het Nederlandse #Cozybear het Engelse #Fancybear en een fake Christopher Steel dossier. @volkskrant @AIVD
De NL @AIVD bracht het #Cozybear dossier waaruit zou blijken dat president Trump met de Russen zou samen spannen. Achteraf blijkt dat de AIVD de GRU hack op de in NL gevestigde @OPCW onder de mat veegde. @wikileaks deelde deze hack. Tijdlijn 👉…
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Outside the Royal Courts of Justice
Julian's father John Shipton arrives and is absolutely mobbed by photographers
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(1/12) #OTD in 2017, an air strike hit the town of #KhanShaykhun in #Syria, releasing large amounts of the nerve agent #sarin. It killed dozens of people, including children, and injured hundreds. Today, we remember the victims of this #warcrime.
(2/12) The OPCW-UN Joint Investigative Mechanism concluded with confidence that the sarin identified in samples taken from Khan Shaykhun had most likely been made with a precursor from the original Syrian stockpile. 👉…
(3/12) On April 8 2020, the #OPCW Investigation & Identification Team released its report into 3 #chemicalweapons attacks in #Ltamenah on March 24, 25 & 30, 2017. It concluded with confidence that individuals from the Syrian Air Force perpetrated them. 👉…
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