1) Good Morning, #PardonFlynnNow supporters! We're going to focus on this meme today, which has fallen 18 votes behind its contender. The vote count is 51 - 69 as of now:

2) This is our current leader, and in both cases, the one above, and this one, I request your ongoing consideration, please. Vote as many times as you like, a retweet gets 2 votes, a like gets 1:

3) Today, I'm going to pretend that the first is my favorite. Tomorrow, I will pretend that the second is. Truth is, I have no favorite, I love them both, and again, thanks and honor to @KellsBellsSC for her art and dedication!

Okay then, analysis follows...
@KellsBellsSC "After revolutionizing warfighting intelligence,"

@GenFlynn is the greatest innovator in warfighting intelligence in American history. Period. Consider a single ratio. What if you could take 1 successful raid per night, and turn it into 3? A 300% improvement.
@KellsBellsSC @GenFlynn There's more though. What if you could, at the same time, reduce risk of loss to American warfighters from - well, not low to a bit lower? I have no idea of those numbers, but I know it happened. Technology was the force multiplier. But don't take my word for it!
@KellsBellsSC @GenFlynn 6) Read it and weep. Read it for yourself and weep. And I do mean weep. This is the man who has been targeted by Obama and Mueller. This man. And I do mean read it!

@KellsBellsSC @GenFlynn 7) Immediately after I started serving @GenFlynn, I just did a simple Google search on him, and found Fixing Intel. I printed it out and read it with stunned amazement. Perhaps we'll discuss his book, Field of Fight, tomorrow. Today, I'm sticking with Fixing Intel.
@KellsBellsSC @GenFlynn 8) In our conversations, @GenFlynn approved of the following name: Doctrine of Credibility. Winners don't win because they're right or just, or even because the people agree with them. They win because the people believe, with credibility, that they'll win.
@KellsBellsSC @GenFlynn 9) "He was critical to the MAGA revolution."

This is a delicate thing. Trump invested so much. He is such a political genius. He WON his own election. All of us who support him credit him with that. HE won. Yet, some of his supporters made critical contributions as well.
@KellsBellsSC @GenFlynn 10) A story the entire media missed, even to include all the FOX starts who support Gen Flynn, is how Gen Flynn's contribution was critical to victory in 2016. The credibility he provided was primarily with the Veteran Community. In key counties, he rallied the Veteran vote.
@KellsBellsSC @GenFlynn 11) More than that, Gen Flynn's fame and honesty aided in turning out roughly 6,000,000 more Veteran votes in 2016 as compared to 2012. Of those, 85% went to Trump. Do the math. That's just a bit more than 5 million additional votes for Trump. Please, think about that.
@KellsBellsSC @GenFlynn 12) Honor to Trump, he won the majority of those additional votes on his own, because he loves the Vets. Just ask my friends @Al_Baldasaro and @JoshuaMacias and they'll validate that with their own stories, wonderful stories. Yet, they will both confirm Gen Flynn's role as well.
@KellsBellsSC @GenFlynn @Al_Baldasaro @JoshuaMacias 13) "WE WANT HIM BACK"

Enter the phenomenal @SidneyPowell1. She, all on her own, may get Gen Flynn back for us. And if she does, I'll be the first guy dancing in the streets. In any case, all of America owes a greater debt to Sidney than we can repay.
@KellsBellsSC @GenFlynn @Al_Baldasaro @JoshuaMacias @SidneyPowell1 14) Yet, as those of you who support the #PardonFlynnNow campaign know, I have always maintained and do to this moment that Presidential Pardon is a far superior outcome. Why? Two reasons. First, it douses the corrupt system that illegally attacked Gen Flynn, righteously.
@KellsBellsSC @GenFlynn @Al_Baldasaro @JoshuaMacias @SidneyPowell1 15) Second, and most importantly, it reunites the #PublicFriendship of @POTUS and @GenFlynn. Go slowly now. Have you ever actually and clearly considered the idea of a public friendship? We all have friends. A public friendship is a different thing.
@KellsBellsSC @GenFlynn @Al_Baldasaro @JoshuaMacias @SidneyPowell1 @POTUS 16) A public friendship is one where the fame of both parties fuels and drives the power of their combined efforts. Again, the public friendship of Gen Flynn and Trump was one of the most critical, yet unheralded aspects of 2016, and remains its most important untold story.
@KellsBellsSC @GenFlynn @Al_Baldasaro @JoshuaMacias @SidneyPowell1 @POTUS 17) "WE want him back"

I've changed @KellsBellsSC' caps there for a reason. WE. The MAGA movement. WE want him back. After @realDonaldTrump, @GenFlynn is OUR leader. He is the greatest leader we have, but we don't have him. We don't have his present voice.
@KellsBellsSC @GenFlynn @Al_Baldasaro @JoshuaMacias @SidneyPowell1 @POTUS @realDonaldTrump 18) I'm often told, but we do have him, he is inspiring us more and more. I agree. He is. But, inspiration is NOT speaking. He remains gagged. Let me repeat. He remains gagged. What's more, even if ungagged, will he be restored to his position of power and respect?
@KellsBellsSC @GenFlynn @Al_Baldasaro @JoshuaMacias @SidneyPowell1 @POTUS @realDonaldTrump 19) So, again, that is why I favor a Presidential Pardon over any other outcome. Not only does it 100% clear by innocence from this illegal prosecution, it also, in one moment, restores the power of the public friendship and returns Gen Flynn to his former status.
@KellsBellsSC @GenFlynn @Al_Baldasaro @JoshuaMacias @SidneyPowell1 @POTUS @realDonaldTrump 20) My dream is the first rally where @POTUS turns the podium over to @GenFlynn with his warm embrace and iconic smile.

Bet you had no idea that all that was packed into this meme!

So, then, of course we conclude with...

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