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With brand new epilogue: Dear Greta.

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#ClimateChange thread

The most sober & pragmatic analysis I've seen is from Citi, showing the benefits of clean solutions outweigh costs.

But that's the business side.

Sadly, the political rhetoric is now unhinged, exaggerated, irresponsible hysteria.

1) Greta says "people are dying". Not exactly. Deaths from natural disasters have plummeted over past 100 years.

2) Greta says capitalism is the problem when its driven down pollution by subbing gas for oil/coal, driven innovation lowering solar, wind, battery & other alt costs.
3) Activists talk about going green, but never include nuclear, the only alternative capable of scaling to the levels of consumption we have at a manageable cost. The rest are woefully insufficient or expensive for what they offer.
4) The idea that the US can fix GLOBAL climate unilaterally is nonsense. We're 14% of global energy consumption (down from 28% in 08) & shrinking. But let's not pretend theb other 86% is in a rush. The reason Paris was toothless: not one country committed to a carbon cap.
5) This is a money & time problem. No global economy is willing to cripple itself without clear economic benefit. We also have to be honest that any action we take likely won't have an impact for 100 years, if at all. We might be too late.
6) Without nuclear or carbon caps, we have 1 choice: #innovation. We need a new high-yield clean alternative w/clear economic ROI. Yes, there's a chance we won't find it in time. But there's also a chance no one will sacrifice for this cause otherwise.
7) Activists have done a terrible job of making this case. The grandiosity of saving Earth only works for coastal Twitterati. The rest need meaningful specific benefits (clean water, cheaper fuel, less smog, etc) Best case I've seen was by @Schwarzenegger
https ://t.co/OXuiiH2svA
8) Underscoring this failure is that most of the doom & gloom predictions haven't come true. You only get to cry wolf so many times before people stop listening. We're losing precious time by over-promising & under-delivering apocalypse.
We need to have sober, honest conversations about this & make the #'s work. Hiding behind the moral outrage of a frightened, emotional child, no matter how well-meaning, is a cheap, insulting, dishonest political tactic. Not to mention damaging to her & every child she scares.
That's not to say opponents play fair. Industry shills pump out disinformation, buy politicians, protect profits. But get oxygen when the good guys employ guilt, hysteria & righteousness. Wrong tools for this battle.

Let's stop screaming past each other before people tune out.
I don't discount the effectiveness of marches, apocalyptic declarations, children crying about stolen youth. It gets public attention. But is it strategic? Would you rather have 1M marchers or 100 physicists working on solutions & 10 entrepreneurs figuring out how to scale them?
The real answers are sooooo booooooooorrrriiiiiiing....

As they should be.

#Dematerialization is the single most important #trend for our #future. It is the child of #capitalism, cousin of digitization & proud expectant parent of modern global environmentalism. It, along w/smart #economics is the key to curbing #climatechange.

Here's why the doomsday hysteria & marches aren't working. People's real priorities:

Dead in 12 years. Take out big loans and start pillaging! @Sagron_of_Akkad

@Sagron_of_Akkad Besides scaring kids & fragile adults, another risk of using Malthusianism to advance an agenda: time is unkind to apocalypse. Religious, climatic, etc. So people tune out, even when there's legitimacy to the cause.

50 years of failed climate predictions:
@Sagron_of_Akkad Excellent, balanced explanation of the #climatechange challenge by @TheEconomist. A must-read for all.

The past, present and future of climate change
@Sagron_of_Akkad @TheEconomist No Greta force on earth solving climate change...


@Sagron_of_Akkad @TheEconomist Didn't think we could do it, but we've damaged the damaged.

@Sagron_of_Akkad @TheEconomist Let's sum up.

Creative entrepreneurs are revolutionizing meat substitutes, ocean cleaning systems, recycling/carbon capture, green tech, etc.

Climate cultists are preaching apocalypse, scaring kids & intimidating regular folk.

Who are the heroes, again?
@Sagron_of_Akkad @TheEconomist Are we still doing #EatTheChildren & #EatTheBabies? Or are we onto something more mature, like world war or genocide? Asking for a hun.

@Sagron_of_Akkad @TheEconomist "China’s planned increase...in coal power is 3 times the size of our whole electricity-generation industry"

Peter Hitchens illustrates the futility of unilateral climate action by UK.

Similar math applies to US, which is ~14% of world energy use.

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