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#LIVE: Protesters are staging at least three more demonstrations today, and tensions are high. Follow our live coverage here: #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: Earlier, police, residents and protesters were in a stand-off outside the Sogo department store in Causeway Bay. Officers briefly raise a black flag, which means those gathered must disperse or tear gas will be used #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: Festival Walk shopping mall in Kowloon Tong is open as normal, despite a planned boycott this afternoon. There are fewer mainland Chinese shoppers than usual #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: Earlier, activist Tam Tak-chi of the party People Power was arrested outside Sogo in Causeway Bay. Photo: SCMP/Nora Tam #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: One shopper in Festival Walk, who identifies himself as Y Chan, is there with his three-year-old son. "I'm not afraid to come out and witness history with my son." #hongkongprotests Photo: SCMP/Kathleen Magramo
#LIVE: Back in Causeway Bay, a Shenzhen resident is frustrated at the gathering. "I feel that these people shouldn't do such things. They are creating a bad impact on Hong Kong's economy," says Liu. #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: Tear gas has been fired on Hennessy Road. #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: After the tear gas, Hennessy Road is largely clear. Protesters take shelter in nearby buildings. #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: The MTR Corporation has warned it could close stations and have trains skip them all together, "due to security concerns", should the events on Hong Kong Island lead to disturbances. #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: Crowds are already gathering again in Hennessy Road. #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: Some protesters have set up a colourful display of paper models outside Times Square, a mall in Causeway Bay, not far from SOGO. #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: Several dozen secondary school students are gathering in Tsuen Wan Park for a rally this afternoon. It is organised by groups from 10 secondary schools in the area #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: Tear gas is fired near St Paul's Convent School and St Paul's Hospital, near Victoria Park. #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: Tear gas rounds remain scattered on Hennessy Road, in front of SOGO. #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: A "shopping tour" kicks off at Festival Walk. Hundreds march around the mall, chanting slogans.
"We're just shopping," many of them yell sarcastically. Photos: SCMP/Sidney Leng, Kathleen Magramo #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: Most protesters are marching west from Causeway Bay towards Wan Chai and Admiralty. On Hennessy Road, many hold umbrellas, and chant: "Five demands, not one less". Photo: SCMP/Liu Yujing #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: The Festival Walk action is still going on. After protesters vented their anger outside sen-ryo, a restaurant under the Maxim’s Group, the restaurant closed. Some people are still dining inside. #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: On Hennessy Road, one protester uses stencils to spray “Hong Kong” and the V For Vendetta mask image in blue and yellow on the walls of an overpass #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: Police earlier took two protesters to a van parked on Gloucester Road. Officers boarded four vans and left the scene, along with the two detainees. Separately, police released two men they had stopped earlier. #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: People march on Hennessy Road towards the government headquarters in Admiralty, umbrellas aloft. A government helicopter hovers overhead. #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: Riot police have started gathering on a footbridge above Wan Chai MTR station. #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: The MTR Corp announces train services between Chai Wan and Sai Wan Ho, to the east of Hong Kong Island, are suspended, as the emergency exit of a train at Shau Kei Wan station has been activated by a passenger. #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: Most protesters have left the east end of Causeway Bay, heading towards Admiralty. #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: A man holds a "Hong Kong independence" flag while stepping on images of President Xi Jinping. #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: Police at Wan Chai MTR station have raised an orange flag, which means they will fire if the crowd does not disperse. It refers to firing anything non-lethal, from rubber bullets to tear gas. #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: On Queensway, Admiralty, protesters have started a fire. #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: The scene a little earlier on Hennessy Road, when police used tear gas. #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: Officers from the police's Special Tactical Unit are now inside Wan Chai MTR station, where protesters have smashed the windows near exit A. #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: Firefighters have extinguished the fire in Admiralty. #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: Protesters throw two petrol bombs into Wan Chai station, into which some Special Tactical Unit officers have retreated. The fire inside sparks the sprinkler system. Photo: SCMP/Mimi Lau #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: On Fenwick Street, not far from Wan Chai MTR station, a roadblock is being set up. #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: Police use tear gas on Harcourt Road, Admiralty. #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: People yell and swear at riot police inside Wan Chai MTR station. One officer yells back: “Can't hear you.” Incensed, people yell louder #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: Police have fired tear gas outside the Pacific Place mall, in Admiralty #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: People are still hurling bricks inside Wan Chai station, which police officers had retreated inside of. Protesters suddenly retreat as explosions come from inside the station. Tear gas appears to have been fired inside #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: Police have used a water cannon on Tim Wa Avenue, Admiralty, near the government headquarters. As usual, the water is blue, having been mixed with dye #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: Protesters have formed a human chain from Causeway Bay to Admiralty, to transfer tools such as long umbrellas and plastic zip ties #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: Rubber bullet casings on the street in Wan Chai suggest police used them on protesters earlier #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: Protesters are throwing bricks and petrol bombs at riot police on Harcourt Road in Admiralty. The crowd in Wan Chai is dwindling after riot police fired tear gas, but a large crowd is still gathering on Hennessy Road, in Causeway Bay
#LIVE: The police water cannon has once again fired blue liquid at protesters outside government headquarters
#LIVE: Police Raptors, or members of the Special Tactic Squad, are chasing down protesters on Harcourt Road
#LIVE: In addition to Wan Chai MTR station, Admiralty station is now closed. Meanwhile, traffic has completely stopped on Gloucester Road after protesters threw petrol bombs from a footbridge as they saw police vehicles pass by #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: Protesters are being lined up against the wall on Harcourt Road #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: Protesters have set up barricades on either side of Gloucester Road in Wan Chai using traffic cones and rubbish bins #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: In Causeway Bay, dozens of protesters briefly surround a masked young man and search his bag, suspecting he is an undercover police officer. They release him after finding nothing police-related in his bag #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: Over on Gloucester Road, protesters are digging up more bricks and tossing them over to their barricade. When an ambulance arrives, they rush to open a space in the barricade #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: Raptors and riot police are pinning down another group of protesters outside Pacific Place. After taking away at least 37 people on Harcourt Road, riot police are making another round of mass arrests on Queensway #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: At least three groups of 30 riot police have advanced down Queensway, and the last group is now in front of Pacific Place #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: A fire has been lit outside Wan Chai MTR station. Another fire is burning near the Methodist Church in Wan Chai #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: Police say officers are using appropriate force to disperse radical demonstrators in the areas of Admiralty and Wan Chai. They will also conduct dispersal operations in Causeway Bay
#LIVE: This is the scene at the Wan Chai MTR station exit after firefighters put out the blaze there #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: The crowd in Admiralty and Wan Chai is getting smaller, as protesters retreat to Causeway Bay. Thousands are gathering on Hennessy Road, where two protesters found a communist flag and burned it on top of a tram stop
#LIVE: Petrol bombs are tear gas are used again in Wan Chai #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: A police source says an undercover officer fired a live round in the air near Southorn Playground on Johnston Road, Wan Chai at around 5.45pm, but the purpose remains unclear #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: A fire has been set at an exit of Causeway Bay MTR station near Sogo department store #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: Seven rounds of tear gas have been fired after riot police advanced towards protesters on Hennessy Road in Wan Chai #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: In Causeway Bay, about a dozen police vans have arrived from along Lockhart Road. Dozens of riot police alight, with one holding a rifle-type gun and others with long shields #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: A barricade has been set on fire on the corner of Fleming Road and Hennessy road, riot police watching on from 20 metres away. A fire truck arrives and puts out the fire #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: Police use extinguishers to put out a fire at the junction of Hennessy and Tonnochy roads. Meanwhile, the water cannon has swept along Hennessy Road
#LIVE: Protesters are on Gloucester Road in Causeway Bay and blocking vehicles trying to enter the Cross-Harbour Tunnel. In Admiralty, traffic has resumed on Harcourt Road #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: Live-firing incident: a police source confirmed the four individuals were undercover officers and said they were under "severe and vicious attack by rioters" before firing the warning shot into the air #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: Police advance down Morrison Hill Road and shine flashlights at residents yelling at them from buildings above #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: Police have fired tear gas on Leighton Road #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: Police have lined up again on Hennessy Road and are banging their shields. They advance along the street #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: A crowd near Sogo department store has moved onto Great George Street. Riot police have cordoned off the end of the road, which leads to Victoria Park. People are again shouting vulgarities at police #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: Protesters have thrown bottles and other items at police vehicles as they speed down Hennessy Road to where the riot police line is. In response, at least two rounds of tear gas are fired
#LIVE: Police officers have removed barricades on Hennessy Road. Dozens then board several police vehicles and unmarked cars to leave. A short while ago, police vehicles and a water cannon were seen heading in the direction of Tin Hau from Causeway Bay
#LIVE: Police charge forward and protesters under the Canal Road East flyover retreat about 50 metres. Police then move back #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: Hundreds of protesters have gathered on Hennessy Road under the Canal Road flyover, chanting songs that mock police. A riot squad and several police vehicles are positioned about 100 metres away on Hennessy Road #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: Officers use pepper spray on journalists and residents at the Canal Road flyover before leaving in police vans. People yell at them as they leave #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: A round of tear gas has been fired near the Canal Road flyover #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: A man in white sitting on the pavement outside Lee Theatre shopping mall was found with blood coming from a head wound. As first-aiders helped him into the mall, a protester hit him on the head #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: Police are guarding the junction of Hennessy Road and Canal Road under the flyover. Most protesters have left the scene #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: Dozens of protesters are now back on Hennessy Road, chanting "Liberate Hong Kong; revolution of our times" #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: More on the taxi that was vandalised earlier in Causeway Bay. Protesters are attacking it again - and being cheered on by the crowd. The windows are being smashed and paint is being sprayed on the cab
#LIVE: The aftermath in Wan Chai and Causeway Bay - debris, graffiti and roadblocks #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: A dozen riot police make a sudden appearance outside Wan Chai MTR station and rush towards Lockhart Road. It is not clear who their target is #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: Firefighters have move the vandalised taxi to the side of the road. A resident sweeps up the broken glass. Photos: SCMP/Sarah Zheng #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: A police source says more than 100 protesters were arrested over the course of the day. #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: Riot police have darted out of Mong Kok Police Station, giving chase to protesters shining laser beams on the building. Several men were detained on nearby streets. #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: A 39-year-old Indonesian journalist hurt during the protests is in a serious condition, according to the Hospital Authority. Veby Mega Indah is an associate editor with Suara Hong Kong News. #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: The scene outside Mong Kok Police Station a little while ago. Photos: SCMP/Felix Wong #hongkongprotests
#LIVE: In a statement, Hong Kong’s first post-handover chief justice Andrew Li Kwok-nang said: “Violence cannot solve the problems and is not tolerated in a society that upholds the rule of law. It should be strongly condemned.” #hongkongprotests
The situation at Mong Kok Police Station remains tense, but it's calm on Hong Kong Island after a chaotic day. Our live coverage ends here but you can read a wrap of the day's events here: #hongkongprotests
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