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Le e-mail di Hillary Clinton pubblicate da #WikiLeaks hanno rivelato che la #NATO ha ucciso Gheddafi non solo per rubare il petrolio libico, ma anche per impedire l'indipendenza economica dei Paesi africani.

Almeno un terzo di queste e-mail proveniva dal suo stretto confidente Sidney Blumenthal, l'avvocato che difese il marito nel caso Monica Lewinsky.

In una di queste e-mail, datata 2 aprile 2011, si leggeva in parte come segue:
Il governo di Gheddafi detiene 143T d'oro e altrettante d'argento, risorse con le quali intendeva creare una moneta panafricana basata sul dinaro libico d'oro. Questo piano 猫 stato concepito per fornire ai Paesi africani francofoni un'alternativa al franco francese (CFA).
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Los emails filtrados de Hillary Clinton y publicados por #WikiLeaks revelan que la #OTAN mat贸 a Gadafi no s贸lo para robar el petr贸leo libio, sino tambi茅n para impedir la independencia econ贸mica de los pa铆ses de 脕frica.

Al menos un tercio de estos emails proced铆an de su estrecho confidente Sidney Blumenthal, el abogado que defendi贸 a su marido en el caso Monica Lewinsky.

Uno de estos correos, fechado el 2 de abril de 2011, dec铆a en parte lo siguiente:
El gobierno de Gadafi posee 143Tm de oro y otras tantas de plata, recursos con los que pretend铆an establecer una moneda panafricana basada en el dinar de oro libio. Este plan fue dise帽ado para proporcionar a los pa铆ses africanos franc贸fonos una alternativa al franco franc茅s (CFA)
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@gvenugopalan Sir Did I tell you about that time Julian Assange published US State Dept Cables which revealed the US gov working for Pfizer? Pfizer was sued in Nigeria for experimenting on kids & killing them during so-called pandemic of Meningitis in order to make bank on their shiny new drug
@gvenugopalan Nigerian Attorney General sued Pfizer for 7 BILLION Dollars. US State Dept Cables revealed that Pfizer employed thugs to dig up dirt on this Attorney General which the US State Dept then used to blackmail him to reduce the compensation from 7 BILLION DOLLARS to 70 MILLION DOLLARS
@gvenugopalan What the extradition of Julian Assange means is: if ANY of us say anything which the US finds "embarrassing"鈥攚hich includes saying anything about their global corporate cartel鈥& if it affects their bottom line, then they could come after us. This must be stopped. #FreeAssangeNOW
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1/11 A prop贸sito da recente decis茫o tomada pelo governo brit芒nico de extraditar #JulianAssange para os #EUA, recuperamos um artigo que public谩mos em 2019: 芦As reais raz玫es pelas quais Assange tem a cabe莽a a Pr茅mio禄 #FreeAssangeNOW #AssangeFree

Para ler em鈥 Image
2/11 H谩 exactamente dez anos, Assange acabava de passar a 1陋 noite na embaixada equatoriana em #Londres, onde permaneceu durante 7 anos at茅, em 2019, ser tra铆do pelo novo presidente do #Equador e detido pelas autoridades brit芒nicas. Assange enfrenta a extradi莽茫o para os #EUA...
3/11 ...onde o espera um julgamento burlesco com graves implica莽玫es para o jornalismo livre. Independentemente da forma que as acusa莽玫es tomem, o que est谩 em causa 茅 se publicar segredos embara莽osos de governos ocidentais deve ou n茫o ser considerado um crime digno de pris茫o.
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1/@JulianHillMP's excellent speech urging ScoMo to #FreeJulianAssange

The assessment of expert team of The UN Special Rapporteur on TORTURE concluded that Assange has been subjected to PROLONGED PSYCHOLOGICAL TORTURE

@Albo must DEMAND UK & US to #FreeAssangeNOW #DropAllCharges
#Assange has been PERSECUTED for exposing WarCrimes & misuse of StatePower. Those who committed WarCrimes have never been prosecuted. What Assange published is NO DIFFERENT IN PRINCIPLE to 1971 PENTAGON PAPERS which exposed truth about Vietnam War & the actions of 2 US Presidents
3/@JulianHillMP explains the DANGEROUS PRECEDENT of 馃嚭馃嚫+馃嚞馃嚙 imposing ExtraTerritorial Jurisdiction on 馃嚘馃嚭 & extraditing 馃嚘馃嚭Journalist #JulianAssange

@AlboMP must DEMAND 馃嚭馃嚫馃嚞馃嚙 to #DropAllCharges & #FreeAssangeNOW

Hill also mentions the DELIBERATE Media Smear Campaign against #Assange
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A small boy clutches tiny white flowers
Picked beside prison walls
thrust hastily into jean pockets

a yellow centre
surrounded by white petals
extending outwards
like a sun of truth

#FreeAssangeNOW #Assange #Poetry #Poem
Many years ago
shortly after creating an ingenious technology
to speed up the dissemination of truth
and end wars
his father spoke of a sun of truth
as a guiding beacon for civilisation

#FreeAssangeNOW #Assange #Poetry #Poem
The small boy passes through
prison gates
silent corridors
the frame of a metal detector
stern faces in uniform.

Large hands
check small pockets
the daisies are confiscated
sheepishly and awkwardly
another act of compliance

#FreeAssangeNOW #Assange #Poetry #Poem
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1/3 We were very fortunate to have an interview with Daniel Ellsberg at his home in California this morning! It was in incredibly inspiring experience talking to this legendary whilstleblower, peace activists, author and luminary!

#FreeAssangeNOW #Assange #FreeSpeech
2/3 We had a few challenges with planes flying overhead and a excess sun in the garden to contend with, however we think the result will look and sound fantastic. We had goose-bumps with the powerful, inspiring words and ideas shared!

#FreeAssangeNOW #Assange #FreeSpeech
3/3 We waited almost a year to be able to interview Daniel Ellsberg in person rather than having a zoom call, as we wanted the picture and sound to be incredible - to help make the film as impactful as possible!
#FreeAssangeNOW #Assange #FreeSpeech
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1/5 鈥淲e must come to understand
That this system is set up so that
Our ignorance is their power
Our na茂vet茅 their free ride
Our acquiescence their re-enforcenent
Our pessimism their fuel
Our dis-organisation their accelerant鈥.
#FreeAssangeNOW #Assange #FreeSpeech
2/5 鈥淥ur helplessness their ammunition
Our lack of time is their advantage
Our can鈥檛 be bothered is their free ticket
Our waning interest is their ascendency
Our illusions their vehicle.
Our apathy is their super highway to greater control鈥.
#FreeAssangeNOW #Assange #FreeSpeech
3/5 鈥淗umanity will only grow with awareness
Humanity can only progress through knowledge.
Humanity will only flourish via access to reality鈥.
#FreeAssangeNOW #Assange #FreeSpeech
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1/5 hi all :-) We'd love to have your input into what questions we should ask Daniel Ellsberg at our interview with him tomorrow? Please tweet them below! Many thanks!
#FreeAssangeNOW #Assange #FreeSpeech Image
2/5 Daniel and Julian are good friends. Daniel testified at the Extradition hearing for Assange in 2020. He told the court that that they shared the same aspirations, to shine a light on the 鈥済reat lack of transparency鈥 in decision-making circles in the U.S.
3/5 Like Assange, Ellsberg faced the prospect of decades, at least, in prison for releasing the Pentagon Papers.
#FreeAssangeNOW #Assange #FreeSpeech
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1/5 Now more than ever, our right to speak our mind, question authorities and have dissenting views is being diminished.
Now more than ever, we must stop acquiescing to the empire.
#FreeAssangeNOW #Assange #FreeSpeech Image
2/5 Now more than ever, we must stop comprising our values and integrity to advance our careers.
Now more than ever we must have integrity and hold fiercely to our core values.
3/5 Now more than ever, we must see through the illusions
Now more than ever, we must get off the fence.
Now more than ever, we must see through the illusions of violent wars on innocent people under the guise of protecting democracy.
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1/3 Now more than ever we must act.
Now more than ever, there is a precedent being set.
Now more than ever, we must halt the accelerating drift towards a transnational dystopia.

#FreeAssangeNOW Image
2/3 Now more than ever, we must stand for peace, truth and justice.
Now more than ever, there is a father, a husband, a journalist and publisher who needs our help.
Now more than ever, we must think of future generations.
3/3 Now more than ever,
We must say something,
And we must do something.
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The Assange case is ultimately about whether we have the right to know what the institution we call our government is doing. It鈥檚 a case about democracy, transparency and accountability. The US knows that if ordinary Americans were fully aware, it would threaten the whole system.
It鈥檚 a system whose name has been repeated so often that it鈥檚 become boring to us: the military-industrial complex. Eisenhower knew whereof he spoke, and he understood the spiritual aspect of the military-industrial complex鈥檚 malign influence on civic life. For a free, democratic
鈥ociety to be possible, we have to be able to see what our government is doing. That鈥檚 what the Assange case means, the right for the truth to be known鈥攏ot sucked into the memory hole, so that nothing ever changes. #FreeAssangeNOW #FreeJulianAssange #FreeAssange #AntiWar
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C'猫 un barlume di speranza per il fondatore di WikiLeaks , tuttavia, legato al risultato delle elezioni australiane dello scorso fine settimana. La vittoria di Antonio Albanese, sostenitore del giornalista, ha riacceso gli appelli per fermare l'estradizione.
Albanese ha detto che, sebbene non simpatizzasse con Assange per alcune delle sue azioni, non vedeva alcuno scopo nel tenerlo in prigione...
...In definitiva, non credo che Albo voglia diventare un altro primo ministro australiano complice della persecuzione di Julian e, pi霉 in
generale, della discesa occidentale nella barbarie che si 猫 verificata dall'invasione dell'Iraq", ha detto. "Se ha il potere di resistere, dipende da noi"....
....Gli attivisti stavano difendendo 鈥渘on solo la decenza e la memoria鈥 di tutte le decine di migliaia di vittime della
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馃帴馃洃Im谩genes de las consecuencias del ataque en la planta de defensa "Artem" en #Kiev

馃敾Esta planta produc铆a misiles antitanques, antibuques y de aviaci贸n entre otros.
1锔忊儯 馃洃#Ucrania ha acumulado 2.000 soldados a lo largo de la frontera con #Transnistria para invadirla con ayuda de la #OTAN en respuesta a los fracasos de sus tropas en el #Donbass Image
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.@aaronjmate @raymcgovern @DEAcampaign My question about Julian Assange to Congressman Adam Schiff, a thread. #FreeAssangeNow Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA) was speaking at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books yesterday, Saturday, April 23, 2022, so I took.../1 of 10
...the opportunity to ask him a question about Julian Assange. First, I identified myself as a constituent of his, which I am. I thought this might provoke a greeting or welcome on his part, but it didn't, perhaps because I was wearing a 鈥淒on't Extradite Assange鈥.../2 of 10
...t-shirt. 鈥淵ou've spoken eloquently about America as an idea, not just a country I said. 鈥淏ut an important part of that idea is freedom of the press. Julian Assange is being imprisoned for the crime of journalism. When you return to Washington, will you ask... /3 of 10
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Recapping #DC events April 10-11th - protesting #JulianAssange's 3-yr anniversary of being trafficked out of his political asylum at the embassy, leading to his arrest & incarceration in a supermax prison.
@EndTheDamnWars @CredicoRandy @action_4assange @SarcasmStardust
Thread 猬囷笍
@EndTheDamnWars @CredicoRandy @action_4assange @SarcasmStardust April 10th, @EndTheDamnWars kicked off the weekend at John Marshall Park with the 'Pots & Pans Peace March' to the White House to protest the endless wars that #Assange #WikiLeaks tried to end.
A chilly day at John Marshall Park, calling out the war machine with great speeches!
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'Stand-Up for Assange' #DC at the @Tabard_Inn
Apr 11, three year anniversary of #JulianAssange being dragged out of his political asylum against all international laws.
Thank you @CredicoRandy for an entertaining, informative evening!
Thread 猬囷笍
.@CredicoRandy laments the recent censorship/ "mummified voices" of @LeeCamp @jafferkhancomic @TheRealJFOD @afshinrattansi @georgegalloway @ChrisLynnHedges @AbbyMartin
April 10, #StandUpForAssange #DC @Tabard_Inn @CredicoRandy
Julian Assange cannot and will not get a fair trial at the Eastern District Court of VA. It's impossible, the "deck is stacked". It's up to us to get in the streets. @JohnKiriakou
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#PeoplesHistory | On April 5, 2010 #JulianAssange鈥檚 @WikiLeaks published the 鈥淐ollateral Murder鈥 video, which showed the gunning down of civilians, children and two @Reuters journalists, uncovering war crimes in Iraq.
鈥淚t鈥檚 very simple. People have a right to know and a right to question and challenge power. That鈥檚 a true democracy.鈥 Julian Assange, founder and publisher of #WikiLeaks

#CollateralMurder #FreeAssangeNOW #DropTheCharges #JournalismIsNotACrime
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.#BostonAssangeDefense continues its fight for press freedom & to #FreeAssangeNOW
馃憠UK Supreme Court's refusal to hear Assange's appeal & the continued persecution of #Assange- still not granted bail!
馃憠AG Merrick Garland #DropTheCharges
馃憠Petition @ewarren @EdMarkey
Thread 馃憞 Image
"In 2010-11 Assange released the Iraq War Logs,Guantanamo Files & Diplomatic the US is embarrassed, too bad they shouldn't have done those things. Being embarrassed is no reason to put someone away for life...they're trying to make an example out of him" Susan McLucas
"If media covered #AssangeCase, you would know prominent civil liberties & press freedom org have written to Biden & Garland demanding they #DropTheCharges against light of @YahooNews story..heightens our concerns abt motivations behind this prosecution" @Plucille54
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"The unenthusiastic reception at @hmpbelmarsh cd not deter me, but it certainly contributed 2 my rapidly declining of perception of #Britain as a reliable partner in the area of #HumanRights".

@UN Special Rapporteur on #Torture, @NilsMelzer (first visit to see #Assange) 馃У
@hmpbelmarsh @UN @NilsMelzer @CraigMurrayOrg @johnpilger @medialens @caitoz @Jonathan_K_Cook @ggreenwald @jimmy_dore @johnmcdonnellMP @StellaMoris1 @wikileaks How thoroughly depressing: the #UK's "#Guantanamo" gaol treated @UN official, @NilsMelzer, investigating torture, WORSE than he's experienced in #Ukraine provincial prisons and in #Turkey.

Let that sink in 馃 Deeply shameful for all UK citizens...


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@TheJusticeDept 2-28-22
Thanks to our speakers!
Marsha Coleman-Adebayo @nofearcoalition
Kymone Freeman @WeActRadio
Leo Flores @LeonardoEFA @codepink
Peter Brooks, Native American activist
Luci Murphy's BWCC chorus @_ONEDC
Marsha Coleman-Adebayo opens:
鈥淭oday鈥e want to lift up whistleblowers.
We want to lift up our political prisoners
because they have been criminalized by a criminal government鈥y a government that doesn鈥檛 respect human rights.鈥 @nofearcoalition
鈥淢umia Abu-Jamal, Leonard Peltier, Julian Assange
they all said 鈥楴O!鈥
You can keep your money because I am choosing my conscience...choosing鈥hat I am a human being not a cog in the capitalist system. And for that they are being tortured鈥
Marsha Coleman-AdeBayo @NoFearCoalition
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Boston's 'Presidents Day' standout to #FreeAssange!
馃憠More signatures -petition to @ewarren @EdMarkey
馃憠Letters to AG Merrick Garland
馃憠Call-In to Biden! Feb 22, 11am-3pm ET
馃憠@NilsMelzer 'The Trial of Julian Assange'
#DropTheCharges #FreeAssangeNOW
Thread 馃憞 Image
"We got to break through that trust in the mainstream..have some courage & curiosity to look behind it. Most people are good-hearted but the machine isn't good hearted. They're fooling & deceiving us..We got to look through it & decide for ourselves. WikiLeaks helped us do that."
Activist and Co-organizer of Boston Area Assange Defense talks about @NilsMelzer new book and his advocacy for #JulianAssange.
Susan asks others to get informed, speak up for Assange and join us in the fight to #FreeAssange!
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Feb 7th, Boston showed up to defend press freedom and #FreeAssangeNOW!
Good turnout - new supporters!
Good speeches and lots of handouts distributed!
馃憠Calling on the Biden administration to #DropTheCharges @POTUS AG Merrick Garland
Thread 馃憞
"We are here not only for the freedom of Julian Assange, we are here to support the journalists.We are here to support the truth. We are here to support the freedom of expression. That's why we are asking the US to #DropAllCharges against Assange.
Massoudeh Edmond, Peace Activist
"[Our reps] should be hearing from us every day. They need to #DropTheCharges - it would be as simple as that ... Assange has lost 10 yrs of his life's been 3 yrs of murder by process ...@NilsMelzer says it's insane for Julian to be in jail."
Susan McLucas, Peace Activist
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