John Minford, #SunTzu 9: 47 "Envoys with words of conciliation desire cessation."
I don't know much about Tip O'Niell. I just looked him up and the years of his speakership are very interesting. 1977 - 1987. So, he saw the Carter Administration in all its glory, and saw the Reagan Revolution that followed. It would appear he understood his moment in history.
A glance at Tip's wiki shows how the left-leaning writers have no sense of humor. It's obvious that you have two fellows on opposing sides of the line, taking stabs at, but far more joking around with each other. I sure wish they knew how to make and take a joke.
The best joke goes to Reagan. He said in a speech he got a Valentine's card and knew that Tip had sent it, because the heart was bleeding. For you youngsters reading, you might not know that "bleeding heart liberal" was a term back in the day. I know, I was one!
Now get this! O'Neill and Reagan came together over Russia - I mean USSR - policy. Back then, the truly political Democrats were positively anti-Communist. That is, Communism did NOT sell in America to the voting populace. Sure, there were many Democrat sympathizers, absolutely.
But under the Reagan Administration, the Democrat Party knew it had to come with words of conciliation to Reagan in order to so much as remain relevant. Now that's interesting, don't you agree? I'll have to study Tip more. We're going to need a friend like him again soon.
So, who remembers that Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich led America to a balanced budget? Following the Contract with America and the Gingrich Revolution in 1994 and losing the House, Bill HAD to come to Newt with words of conciliation. What great gains that led to, for America.
Let's be absolutely clear in our vision forward. We must show America who we are in 2020, retaking the House, building the MAGA control of the Senate and finally giving our President the chance to run his administration without the virulent opposition he's continuously faced.
Once we do that, I absolutely assure you, envoys from the other side will come with words of conciliation in hopes of cessation of combat. No, not the rabid ones. They have to be shamed into slinking away, humiliated. Wiser, cooler heads will then have the chance to prevail.
And our mission will then be to put paid, once and for all, to the siren call of Socialism with its absolutely anti-American, anti-freedom, anti-Constitutional dogmas and credos. And with that, we must turn to our own dark side and feeble surrender of the fight historically.
In a word, by 1913, they'd persuaded us that the fat cat rich guys were the problem, that the Progressive vision was the ONLY one, that our Constitution was "living," "evolving," and that to balance our society's needs we needed to trust the government with new powers.
I thought to give you a bit of a rundown of Andrew Napolitano's phenomenal book, Theodore and Woodrow, today. I realized two things. It wouldn't do the book justice, and, you just HAVE to buy the book. Go do so, please. But I will focus on our greatest surrender as he tells it.
Sadly, I must state that I've been quite disappointed in our Judge of late, but the book's pub date is 2012, back in the day when he was one of my great heroes. At any rate, there are two great elements he explains about the 16th Amendment that we require.
The first is somewhat nuanced. The Judge tells us that, while the amendment was executed in a Constitutional way, it completely breaks the Constitution itself. This, he teaches us, is the use of Democracy to destroy Republic. It is precisely what the Founders warned against.
But how? Up until 1913, there simply was NO Constitutional basis for the Federal Government to interact with us, its citizens directly, at all. It's relationship was to the States, not us, not we individual citizens. We were free of its reach and power, and very purposefully so.
This was PRECISELY what our Revolution was fought for. We REMOVED the power of the King to control us, his citizens. Then, in 1987, when writing the Constitution, the great fear was that we'd build a new Kingship, in the form of a too-greatly empowered Central Government.
There's a very confusing term that everyone back in 1789 understood, but that we today have completely lost: apportionment. It was the absolute restriction of the Congress AGAINST taxing citizens directly. All taxes were to be apportioned among the states.
I have much yet to learn about how it worked, technically. But I can tell you that when you apportion taxes among states, you have NO access to the citizens of those states - and here's another key term - directly. The Constitution forbids direct taxation absolutely, expressly.
Looking back, you simply have to give it them. They kicked our American asses by way of our ignorance and gullibility. We allowed the Supreme Court to perpetually define any tax it wanted to - you know, the Constitution evolves - as NOT direct, and therefore legal.
And we let them destroy the double protection the Founders gave us, by wiping out the mandate of apportionment, which was the great barrier between ourselves, we individual citizens, and the vast greed, hunger and cancerous growth of the federal power of a centralized government.
Let me say it again. To apportion - or to divide up - taxes amongst the states; to DISALLOW any tax NOT so apportioned, IS, in fact, to empower Congress to tax individual citizens with no barrier or limit upon its reach and power over us.
And that brings me to Napolitano's second great point about our surrender, our conciliation. He tells us we went from being a nation of freedom to a nation of slavery in that very moment. I'll come back to exactly how that works in a moment. First, let me put it in my own words.
Liberty is a high concept and can be manipulated hellaciously. Freedom is not quite so high falutin. And, as language evolves, the left has learned to sell us various "liberties" that are in fact forms of slavery. The destruction of language is one of their greatest powers.
Actually, the greatest teacher of this is George Orwell, in his book 1984. One of the three great mottos of the Socialist totalitarian dystopia he creates was: Freedom Is Slavery. Here is how it works. Freedom always entails direct risk and the possibility of loss.
How do we face old age? How do we face poor health? How do we face hunger? These, and countless other risks are the terrible price of freedom. It's an easy sell. Take money from the rich, trust the government to create programs that make you safe.
If you study the history, slave owners have always invested in health care for their working slaves. Healthy slaves are more productive. Okay, the Nazis happily worked their slaves to death as one more mode of genocide. But they didn't pay for their slaves either.
And remember, if you got to be household slave in the Antebellum South, you have a real chance of being happy there, even loving your masters. What did they give you in return for your freedom given up? Safety and security, food and health care. Sounding a bit familiar yet?
Freedom carries a very terrible price, a great burden. And beyond all things else, it requires the courage to face those burdens, build the virtues that only facing such burdens can create. Additionally, though, it requires that you KNOW exactly WHAT freedom is.
And that's the power of Napolitano's term: slavery. He tells us that in 1913 we surrendered our slavery and gave up the fight with words of conciliation to our new federal masters. We are, he teaches us, tax slaves. And we voted it in, ourselves.
Our Constitution protected our property. Giving up that protection, and with no limit placed upon their power to own our property, we gave up the fruit of our life's labors. Life, needing the fruit of its labors, is thus destroyed as a right as well.
Yes, you're certainly hearing my former great and passionate Libertarianism speaking again today, under Judge Napolitano's influence. We can talk about the loss of idealism and the need for pragmatism again another day. Our teacher's language is crucial, right now.
To properly Make America Great Again, we must be able to pinpoint exactly when its original greatness was lost, or shall I say, when it commenced to be lost. So great a loss requires decades to complete. Yet, there can be no question that the beginning of the end was 1913.
I'll offer one more example Napolitano references. Did you know that first paycheck withholdings did not get voted into law until 1942? Up until then, the government had NO access to your direct, personal income from your work. This is just another word destruction of the left.
When we were sold this bill of goods, income was what we NOW call PASSIVE income, from investments. What they take from our paychecks is a tax on what was then called wages, NOT income. When you work for pay, that wasn't income, it was wages.
By redefining wages into income, and then taxing it, and then having access to it BEFORE you can even cash your paycheck, you become a tax slave without having to call it that. He concludes this case with the theft of the interest you'd possess that the government steals thereby.
Instead of being a happy slave when you get a tax return, every citizen should be taught to calculate the interest on that return's amount which was stolen by the government. But the theft is so much greater than that. Your freedom has been stolen.
And that's why the left can never surrender to Trump's ascension into the Oval Office, at least not until we defeat them so utterly that the smarter among them realize it's now time to concede. They must be taught - the smart ones - that the MAGA movement will never give up.
Can you hear the words: Let Freedom Ring? That's the true basis of MAGA. We have a leader who cares about his promises, and who treasures OUR freedoms, and the Constitution upon which they are based. Our forefathers fought the British. We must fight our own ignorance.
We will Make America Great Again when we find our bravery to embrace full freedom again, with all its risks, and its demands for virtue and sacrifice and learning from failure, facing loss, and not giving up. So, in closing for today, what must you do, now?
Please reread the past 14 verses with an eye to the signs of defeat they offer and see our own victory in 2020 and beyond. View, with each verse, the other side's inexorable march toward surrender. If we fight with Master Sun's guidance within, we will win.
Dedicate yourself mind, heart, and soul to the historic battle we fight. Know that we surrendered and offered our own terms of conciliation in 1913. Know that we've been lulled into slavish sleep in the decades following. Know that the time is now to awaken, and we have.
Continue your studies of Master Sun's guidance. Redouble them. Read his words over and over and internalize them. As you do, your own path of action will arise from within. And when it's clear, get to work. America Herself is calling. Our destiny requires your answer.
275 verses completed, 181 to go.

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CORRECTION: The Constitution was written in 1787, NOT 1987...probably obvious, but it's good to correct errors!
@WarForAmerica21 CORRECTION: With apologies, my logic is off in a key paragraph about on the difficult topic of apportionment. I offer the corrected version in the two tweets which follow.
@WarForAmerica21 Let me say it again. To apportion - or to divide up - taxes amongst the states; to DISALLOW any tax NOT so apportioned, IS, in fact, to Prohibit Congress from EVER taxing individual citizens.
@WarForAmerica21 And to destroy this protection is to EMPOWER Congress to tax with no barrier or limit upon its reach and power over us.
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