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As this landed on my TL yet again, I don't think I can keep quiet anymore. Sorry for the long thread but I haven't yet read anybody else's reaction to this letter that satisfyingly spelled out what I, in my hubris, think needs to be said here. 1/20
First of all, while admittedly I don't care what Tony Parsons thinks these days I don't doubt these people are sincere in what they're saying. Le Carré's written a whole novel about the stupidity of Brexit for a start, he clearly knows what's at stake in this election. 2/20
Nonetheless, there are things here that really rile me: “a particular anguish: the prospect of a prime minister steeped in association with antisemitism.“ If we worry about the future, shouldn't we first look at what exactly we have now? 3/20
Because last time I looked the UK had a prime minister who has been consorting with Nigel Farage, a man, who once bemoaned the power of the “Jewish lobby” in the USA. For some reason, I don't hear this being quoted back at him much, if ever. 4/20
Okay, you say, that's Farage, but Johnson's only his friend when he's useful to him. But then BJ also likes to take advice from Steve Bannon, a white Supremacist who regards being called a racist “a badge of honor” and has designs on buying the paper the PM is contracted to. 5/20
Not even going into the racist language BJ used writing for the Telegraph because it would make this thread too long, but bear in mind the same paper that put “Jews will leave if Corbyn wins” on its front page also dog-whistled about George Soros and his “secret plot”. 6/20
Are we okay with BJ being steeped in association with all that? Just as we were okay with Theresa May's “citizens of nowhere”, a variant of the antisemitic slur of the rootless cosmopolitan? Beause I certainly felt a particular anguish there... 7/20
..as an EU citizen whose ancestors, both Jewish and not, had lots of nationalities. Austrian, Polish, Ukrainian, Russian (not sure), Czech, US, Israeli, Venezuelan, and Belgian & French (the latter two fake, during the war) 8/20
It wasn't easy to get into Britain then for refugees, and it isn't now. I mention this because there is one party whose conference voted for extension of Freedom of Movement while two others are campaigning on curbing immigration, causing a very particular anguish in me. 9/20
You may call all the above whataboutery, but doesn't the letter itself say: “Which other community’s concerns are disposable in this way? Who would be next?” I can't help thinking of the travelling community here. 10/20

Again, this is causing the same anguish in me as any kind of antisemitism, after all Roma and Sinti were also victims of the Nazi murder machine, and it's a huge warning sign when they and other so-called “gypsies” are being attacked. Who would indeed be next? 11/20
Of course, the letter is no endorsement of the government, and xenophobia and racism on one side doesn't “make up” for antisemitism on the other. But I truly cannot see how the prospect of Corbyn holds greater anguish than that of a far right Johnson government. 12/20
I'm not able to vote in this election, as no one but Labour and Libdems showed concern for my community when it was called, but coming from Austria, I know all about holding one's nose while voting, and the choices here are stark. 13/20
You don't need a foreigner to explain first-past-the-post to you, but if you live in an area where only Labour can beat the Tories I can't really see how handing a seat to a Tory makes the future look any less frightening for minorities, Jews very much included. 14/20
My friend Tjinder Singh @CornershopHQ put it like this: “Brexit for me started when I was born. Brexit 1. This is Brexit 2.0. Then when they close the door, and the land is locked, then they'll know who the next target is by the colour of the skin and it won't be simple.” 15/20
@CornershopHQ I believe he is right because Brexit, especially the kind this government is heading towards, will no doubt cause huge social hardship that will inevitably result in people looking for someone to blame, and we all know where they tend to look first. 16/20
@CornershopHQ So with all respect to those who feel anguish about Jeremy Corbyn: The only way to stop any kind of Brexit is to avoid a Tory majority. Realistically, Labour won't win outright, and if at all, Corbyn could only become and act as a PM with the agreement of other parties. 17/20
@CornershopHQ Moreover, do take a look at your Labour candidate, say @RosieDuffield1 @Keir_Starmer @rupahuq or, actually, @MargaretHodge, and ask yourself if they would truly help a Corbyn government further an antisemitic agenda. 18/20
@CornershopHQ @RosieDuffield1 @Keir_Starmer @RupaHuq @margarethodge Then think of a Johnson government, heir to the Windrush scandal, already campaigning on immigration, aligned to Trump, free to pursue its hard Brexit policy, with all the consequences on life for minorities or anyone socially vulnerable in this country. 19/20
@CornershopHQ @RosieDuffield1 @Keir_Starmer @RupaHuq @margarethodge This, I'm afraid, is the scary choice, and I just wish I could vote as well. 20/20
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