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Drafting off @gavinpurcell thread on anxiety, I'm going to do a thread on the group of strategies I've used to manage my anxiety/panic disorder/PTSD. You might use a different array of things, I applaud that. Do what works for you. Here's some of what worked for me. (deep breath)
About 15-16 years ago, anxiety/panic/PTSD damage ruled my life. It was awful. I was an a very bad headspace. Depression too at the time. Xanax was not a good fit for me. In desperation, began meditating every day using Jon Kabat-Zinn's "Wherever You Go, There You Are" as a guide
this is meant to be maybe a little bit of a help during this virus time, so me saying "therapy was key also" is maybe not helpful. But if you can find a good therapist and/or do phone/skype sessions, try it? I truly think my therapist at the time saved my life. It was bad.
Around that time I went on anti-depressants, which lasted a couple years. I was also found to be *clinically* low on Vitamin D & have since been found to be low on magnesium. To this day, I supplement both and both help even me out.
So meditation & K-Z's book led me to a lot of books that I swear by now, notably Pema Chodron's "When Things Fall Apart," which changed my life, and Byron Katie's "Loving What Is." Both broke my brain in a good way, they helped me be far less reactive & more accepting of myself.
I don't talk about this stuff and meditation a lot because, my goddess, who wants to be harangued by the meditator/know it all white lady buddhist at a party? I mean, I don't want to make anyone else think their ways of coping are lesser because, seriously, you do you. 💚
So I meditate daily. I read books like that that help me daily for a few minutes. When I have anxiety I put my hand on my chest & try to feel myself in my body & accept what's there. Breath work. ALSO thank goddess for CBD and edibles. Huge help to me. Now legal in my state whew.
sorry if this is not helpful because you can't go out and purchase those things, but meditation apps & books are maybe obtainable? If not, there are free meditation guides online. And if it's not for you, no worries. Huge believer in each person's bespoke solutions.
I guess since I'm getting real: I joke a lot about drinking a lot on this here hellsite but I don't drink much any more. It was a mask for social anxiety and I decided to deal with the SA rather than keep the mask in good working order. That was hard. All of this can be hard.
In the course of doing these things, there might be challenges--meditation brought up a lot of grief & pain I'd repressed. So therapy & a support system can be key. Reach out to folks if you can/need to. I know we're isolating but if you can/need to...text, call, skype.
I am hugely privilege--I can afford therapy, meds when needed. That is also a factor in my support system/life. I have food, a home, people to turn to, Resources. Just want to make it clear that I get that--not everyone has that. 1 reason I do a lot politically. We need change.
It's making me feel nervous to share this with you, but I'm gonna go meditate & deal w feeling vulnerable. Isolation can increase negative mental states and & just wanted to say, I get it. I know what it's like to do your best & still feel anxious. I see you. Sending love. 💚
This helps daily too: I pay close attention to what can calm me. Walking in woods. Pics of nature (try r/EarthPorn on reddit, it's great!). Pics of quokkas (search quokka on Google image or insta). My insta is mainly pics of animals & nature, fwiw
Going to pin the first tweet in this thread & maybe add to it as I think of stuff. Here's a major thing: I continually think I have "fixed" my PTSD & anxiety &other issues. I'm constantly wanting to quit therapy because I am "done." Accepting I'll never be done was big. Still is.
It can be hard to accept that maintaining and working on mental health issues can be a lifelong task. Knowing that can feel exhausting. Know that those of us who face that are out here with you. We get it. Sometimes you just need someone to understand. I do. 💚
Btw here is a mini thread with recommendation of things to watch if you want to just escape it all via pop culture/TV (big fan of that! A+++ Would Escape Again):
Also: A lightbox. To a doctor all those years ago, it was very clear that I had (&have) Seasonal Affective Disorder. Got a lightbox from Costco & still use it a lot esp in winter. I also use an app to track my food intake & supplement magnesium, VitD, other vit/minerals if needed
Sorry if it seems like a lot/expensive/overwhelming. Feeling overwhelmed is something I definitely struggle with at times.

So a big piece of advice is: Do a small thing if it's all you can do. Try different things. Take small steps. PRAISE YOURSELF for what you can do/try. 💚
Therapy a help w framing, but we can re-frame internal dialogues--with practice & meditation & reading & the rest, "I fucked up, I'm the worst, it's all too much" can become, "I tried, good effort, Im struggling, I learned from that, I don't have to be perfect." It's a process.
I lost my parents in last few years & had other life-altering setbacks. I still struggle with grief & how to process it. Understatement to say it doesn't come naturally. Meditation, therapy, CBD, art (yes, TV too!) help me accept & process a lot. So lucky/glad to have these tools
Please don't think that you need to be tortured & in pain to be an artist or a creative person or any kind of human being. If I hadn't known how to process grief & pain, I wouldn't have survived the past decade. Or I wouldn't have been able to write this.…
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