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Most recents (24)… Very raw, but this is my reality still. Open some dialogues today :) #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek #grief #dyingmatters #cptsd #ptsd #anxiety #anxietydisorders
i.e don’t just post a be kind pic 😜
Also share if you like, the subject and starting a dialogue around it is so important to me.
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Quick piece of #MedEd #MentalHealthAwareness given the recent discussion around #PTSD
Q. What is PTSD?
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
It's defined as a complex set of responses to a traumatic event which persists for more than a month -- it lasts a while and this time can vary
Q. What is a traumatic event?
ANY event that causes you to feel stressed, threatened or traumatised. People perceive these differently. Incl but not limited to: sexual or physical abuse, accidents, natural disasters, war, diagnosis of a terminal/severe illness, witnessing death
Anyone who has witnessed or survived a traumatic event is at risk of developing PTSD.
Q. What puts people at risk?
Having an existing mental health illness, lower socioeconomic status, younger age when exposed to the trauma, LACK OF SOCIAL SUPPORT, prior traumatic events
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World Economic Forum: "Lockdown is the world's biggest #psychological #experiment - & we will pay the price"

Apr 9 2020 "With some 2.6 billion people around the world in some kind of #lockdown, we are conducting arguably the largest psychological experiment ever"

"Unfortunately, we already have a good idea of its results. In late Feb 2020, right before EU countries mandated various forms of lockdowns, The Lancet published a review of 24 studies documenting the #psychological impact of quarantine."

"The findings offer a glimpse of what is brewing in hundreds of millions of households around the world...

people who are #quarantined are very likely to develop a wide range of symptoms of #psychological #stress and #disorder..."

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I was feeling overwhelmed by all the laypress articles about #moralinjury and #burnout in frontline health care workers during #Covid_19 so I decided to do a deep dive into the literature on the mental health of workers during pandemics.

Here's what I found. #thread

Seriously, so many laypress articles.

What evidence do we have on this, and further, what evidence do we have on strategies that mitigate these mental health issues in health care workers?

I presented these data the @UChicagoMed @UCCancerCenter grand rounds last week.

@UChicagoMed @UCCancerCenter But first, some definitions to set the stage:

Burnout, initially described by Dr. Maslach as the prolonged physical and psychological exhaustion related to a person's work. Not specific to medicine, although the definition has been honed for medicine (see slide). #burnout

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Time to resume elective surgery cases? A thread summarizing new guidance out today from the @AmCollSurgeons #COVID19

This document intro states that peak COVID rates have already been reached, or will be within a few weeks, depending on region...

[link at end of thread]
They offer four categories, each with specific issues that must be addressed locally before elective surgery may be safely resumed.

1. COVID-19 Awareness
2. Preparedness
3. Patient Issues
4. Delivery of Safe High-Quality Care
For the 'awareness' category, the specific issues are:
✅Knowing your local COVID-19 numbers, including prevalence and incidence
✅Knowing local isolation mandates
✅Knowing your diagnostic testing availability
✅Knowing testing policies for pts and HCWs
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#chloroquine, #Hydroxychloroquine or #Mefloquine?
“Particularly among military veterans, in whom these drugs have been widely used for decades as prophylactic antimalarials, these symptoms can mimic and be mistaken for those of #PTSD and traumatic brain injury.”

Chloroquine (US Brand Name Aralen Phosphate) was discovered in 1934
#chloroquine is a medication primarily used to prevent and treat malaria in areas where malaria remains sensitive to its effects.
Hydroxychloroquine (brandname #Plaquenil )
Approved by FDA 1955, is being studied as an experimental treatment for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). As of March 23 the benefits versus harms of treatment with hydroxychloroquine are UNCLEAR.
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#VeteransRCNow .@AuSenate .@ScottMorrisonMP
@AuSenate @ScottMorrisonMP A #ScoMoCommission will not stop this from happening to our sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters

#StepUpScoMo #VeteransRCNow

@AuSenate @ScottMorrisonMP Secret meetings with .@JoshFrydenberg to scuttle #VeteransRCNow it is more than #PTSD
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#storytime it’s #BlackHistoryMonth and I want to tell you all a little HIStory about my son. He is 14.5 years old and has an internship at Google. He is diagnosed with ADHD at 6 and has an IEP. I am going to tell you about systemic racism 1st hand.
At @SuccessCharters he went to their whitest location at the time (and still maybe) Upper West. He went there from 2011-2014. It was ran by predominantly white staff that probably considered themselves liberal and not racist. He was denied all his mandated services.
Instead of helping my son they suspended him. I know you’re probably thinking what does this have to do with #BlackHistory Well one day someone is going to do some research and my child is going to come up. Because he left this “school” 6 years ago & people still reach out to us
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Here's my latest* update to my vetted collection of Twitter Disability and Chronic Illness hashtags. Please share it!

Thank you :-) Graffiti background. Foreground in black letters on a  white background to the left reads “Twitter Disability and Chronic Illness Hashtags”<br />
This collection is current as of 01.30.20, previous Twitter update 09.11.19.

There's a PDF version coming up this weekend, to be posted to my Kofi profile. I'll add the link toward the end when it goes up, after the questions, where you can also sign up for email updates.
This version has added

- community suggestions,
- mental health hashtags,
- Medical crowdfunding hashtags,
- and a section for cancer-related hashtags.
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So I want talk about something difficult and disturbing: domestic abuse, and recovery from it. I’m talking about this right now because I’m listening to my upstairs neighbors’ screaming and fighting.
This is gonna be a whole thread about domestic violence and PTSD, so buckle up.
This is not unusual since I moved here, and sometimes I have to leave the house when it happens. As many people know, I suffer from #PTSD, and I often think it’s a general disorder that likes to attach itself to whatever trauma happens to you.
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Time for a story. Pull up a chair, if you'd like.

In July 1979, I shipped to Marine Corps Boot Camp in San Diego. I graduated October 27, 1979.

On November 4, 1979, Iranian 'students' stormed the US Embassy in Iran and took 52 American citizens hostage.
They held them for 444 days, releasing them on the day Ronald Reagan took office, making Jimmy Carter's humiliation (including a failed rescue attempt) complete.

They released them, we believed, because Reagan had promised to make Tehran glow in the dark.
Most of us believed Reagan would nuke Iran in a hot minute. I guess Iran believed it too. True? I don't know. My viewpoint was and is probably too simplistic.

This was my introduction to global politics and it featured Iran. Keep this mind if you will. I was very young.
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Let me say after Hepz!bah Nanna spent 96hrs in my home in Sept 2018, I can honestly say it's not IF SHE Commits a VIOLENT crime, it is WHEN & against WHOM! She goes to extreme lengths to create her fantasies in disgusting graphic details; she's capable; it's just a matter of time
Sent me threatening letter after I asked her to remove defamatory, libelous posts she publicly posted about me because I began EXPOSING HER SCAM. She isn't crazy, she's well AWARE of her actions, crimes, & is a VERY DANGEROUS SOCIOPATH, REMEMBER SHE STAYED IN MY HOME 96 HRS 🙄🛑
Her parent's FULLY AWARE THEIR DAUGHTER SCAMS elderly women, disabled & home bound folks, #Veterans with #PTSD. They KNOW she asks for $$$ as they pay for her POSH hotel room @WillardHotel in DC. Many low income folks have gave her $$ believing she's a Federal witness. She's NOT
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I often wonder if I'd be dead now, if therapy hadn't saved my life when I was suicidal. My great uncle didn't have access to therapy. He died in the same river I planned to drive my car into. Wildly irresponsible & ableist statements like this is the antithesis of helping people.
The glibness with which some people who have never experienced #depression, #anxiety, #PTSD or other mental illness address therapy, as if therapy is a foofy Starbucks coffee drink, is hard to fathom in 2019, yet seems linked to the anti-science talking points that stigmatize MI.
Seeking therapy is not easy.
Stigmatizing mental illness by dismissing the critical care that therapy is, makes it harder. People with depression are told to just get it together--something they'd never tell a person with a different life-threatening illness.
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A traumatized individual who sees the world through the lens of their traumatized nervous system is often


#Trauma #traumainformed #religioustrauma #churchtoo #CPTSD #PTSD #therapy #adversereligiousexpereince #religioustraumainstitute
After getting out of a domestically violent relationship and a fundamentalist, cult-like religion within a few months of each other, I felt a sense of freedom that I had never felt before.
I was under the impression, initially, that leaving these relationships was all that I needed to do in order to embrace a new life. In reality, leaving was obviously important, but only the first step.
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With PTSD trauma (caused by people’s actions) you often feel or are excluded from things u did before, this may be stigma, others taking sides or misunderstanding

This may not seem much 2 others
but u notice at time u need routine most it’s denied

#Autism #Trauma #Abuse #PTSD
When people cause u harm seriously & deny/fail 2 take responsibility it can feel like a daily second ‘injury’ which may then make the situation far worse & recovery seem impossible

this may also seem an added cruelty on an already vulnerable person

#Autism #Trauma #Abuse #PTSD
When harm comes from within an organisation they often even when harm obvious deny or protect the reputation of those responsible

It retriggered hurt when you see them continued to be included & your left out - it reinforces the hurt is your fault

#Autism #Trauma #Abuse #PTSD
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A couple examples of media's malice, lying, hypocrisy, manipulation, projection etc.. etc... In other words: Fake News!

Monday's #QAnon Post 3628 11/25/19

Enemy of the People.
You are the news now.
Facts matter.
2 of many.

From Monday's #QAnon Post 3628 11/25/19

#Obama #Trump #SocialMedia #Health #ElectorialCollege Gay Parents
3 of many.

From Monday's #QAnon Post 3628 11/25/19

Jessica Valenti #CatCall #Border #Hacking #Comey
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hey y'all i wanna talk about some magical support from teammates at #WFTDAChamps, but first a content note: this deals with mental health and trauma and anti-trans violence
it's also a thread, so here we go...
#MentalHealth #Dissociation #PTSD #NeurodiverseSquad
if u dont already know, i have a suite of mental health disorders/disabilities, under an umbrella of complex-PTSD, which manifest in dissociative episodes, agoraphobia, oc(p)d, self harm, etc, resulting from a life of inter and intra personal trauma, centered on my gender.
it's because of the debilitating nature of these disabilities that i have wallace, the best dang #serviceDog in the whole world, who goes everywhere with me, and is specifically trained to mitigate mental health issues that i face as i navigate the world
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#LivePD #LiveEMS #LiveRescue @LivePDPundit @LivePdFans
PLEASE READ & RT (I apologize for the long thread)
Tonight was one of my toughest calls in my career. We had a gentlemen who was truly ill and needed to be sent to a major facility that could handle his needs. As my crew and
I took care of him, waiting on in the incoming Evac, the pt had a moment in which he passed out. When he awoke, he had a wild look in his eyes. He then began yelling "Look, look they're over running the wire". My crew (in their 20's) looked confused.... I understand completely...
He twisted, became unsettled. I asked him. Where are you right now..He replied sharply "quang tri". What yr is it? (I already knew the answer before he replied, I bowed my head as he answered)..."1968". My crew looked even more confused now. He was becoming more restless, I then
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In what is sort of a continuation of yesterday, but a not always directly related to yesterday track, #NAAM day 15 is another dive into where adoption intersects mental health.
For starters, there is some crossover from mental health related diagnoses and genetic predispositions.

There are also mental health diagnoses that occur that are unrelated to a genetic predisposition, and are at times, related to adoption.
There are also situations where adoption itself is a barrier to mental health treatment, as mental health professionals are not always prepared to look into adoption sans positive adoption language.
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1/ #Cannsolve summit with Dr. Ian Mitchell, talking on “a tale of two drugs” aka #THC & #gabapentin
2/ #Gabapentin was made by Park Davis who also made #ketamine and #cocaine
3/ #NIDA only studies drug abuse. In the US #cannabis must come from NIDA. Therefore, we can see challenges in researching the #benefits of #cannabis in US
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One of the biggest myths about childhood trauma is that those who are abused grow up to abuse. While we can't ignore that some do struggle to break the cycle of learned violence, survivors are far more likely to be re-victimized than ever harm another.

Most run on compassion.
We need to take more time acknowledging the strength AND warmth of these resilient survivors; the gift they have to see the needs of the world and lend empathic solutions.
Much of the hard, humanitarian work you see around you is led by them - even if you had no idea.

It's survivors of significant adversity, flooded w/ empathy, driven to spare others of the suffering they endured for far too long.
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@NoomCoach I am on day 2 of my 14-day trial, and I am almost ready to cancel right now. 1/ I generally advocate for #bodyacceptance and #healthateverysize #HAES, so I am skeptical of all "diets" particularly the rhetoric around restriction and bad calorie science
@NoomCoach 2/ Your app/program claims to have a different relationship to food and value than other diet programs. And while I appreciate the gesture at not labeling foods "good" and "bad" your color-coding system is basically the equivalent
@NoomCoach 3/ Your calorie logic is *EXACTLY THE SAME* as every other diet program out there--weight loss is a simple equation between calories in/calories out. Which btw is overly simplistic. You basically have a teched-up revamp of @WeightWatchers_
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#Racism and #WhiteFragility

Important question to raise.

Please read this entire thread, and watch the youtube clips. (Yes, I have watched all, and three times now). This is important if we are going to overcome our internal racism.
Animus is NOT a required component in racism.
#Racism is by-product of #institutionalpower.

#WhiteFragility preserves 'order' whether or not intended.
Important to remember.
#WhitePrivilege, #InstitutionalRacism manifests sometimes in the form of blaming the blacks. It becomes 'code word bonding' and wittingly or unwittingly goes to preserve the status quo. Knowingly or otherwise, it is #WhiteFragility.
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I'm so sorry to ask. We are desperate. The hotel IS fully booked from Saturday, and availability not good after Thursday. @RedbridgeLive wilfully and recklessly leaving us to lethal rough sleeping at this time. Hotel trying to hold rooms for us. We need whatever help we can...
@RedbridgeLive ...intervention with @Redbridgelive especially after the court ruling in our favour, and enough money to book ourselves a few more nights. Being forced to move will place both Stevie and me at risk of cardiac failure because of our respective conditions. We are desperate.
@RedbridgeLive PLEASE retweet. You can donate directly to me using this paypal link…
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