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Approximately 22 Veterans a day commit suicide.
How many OD on #Opioids each day is unknown.
Counts of homeless vets vary.

Would at least 22 of my Twitter friends please copy & tweet? (Not RT).
💥💥💥Veterans Crisis Line 800-273-8255
HT to @LutherBeckett a patriot in exile.
Stay tuned for my "Warrior Weekends" sailboat therapy program.

It's a template to create non-profits across the nation & can even use donated RVs & campers instead of sailboats. It makes disabled vets mobile & even houses homeless ones. More need our help than you might think.
Think "Habitat for Humanity" for struggling vets using "Wind on the Water" & campervans w/ ramps & hand-controls.

Independence=Freedom=the best cure for "Combat Fatigue."

As my drunken friend pointed-out,
"A vet w/ one-arm can single-hand one of these twin-keel boats!"
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I woke up about an hour ago from what my sister and I call a tornado dream ... today is the anniversary of our surviving a tornado as children.
The dreams don't plague me now the way they used to.
I found this article written in 1982, two days after the tornado: Oklahomans Try to Pick Up Lives After Tornadoes Strike
*^ "On closer inspection, however, the cheery scene grows macabre. The "confetti" becomes bits of bright yellow and pink clothing, rose and gold building insulation, and shiny scrap metal twisted around limbs and wires."

This scene shaped who I am.
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The Trump Administration is #AtWarWithWomen. The #ViolenceAgainstWomenAct ( #VAWA ) has been allowed to expire and they have quietly changed the definition of #DomesticViolence.
The Trump Justice Department declared, only harms that constitute a felony or misdemeanor crime may be called #domesticviolence. The isolation, financial control, emotional attacks, and verbal assaults are no longer considered domestic violence.
I am a survivor of #domesticviolence and long before the horror of the physical abuse that would constitute a “felony or misdemeanor” came the systematic destruction of my ability to be a free and functioning individual.
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Regarding triggers:

Some of the things you say press firmly on what hurts. You aren’t hurting me. But the words found a hurt place & pressed firmly on it.

I’m in pain. You didn’t cause it. You just found it. And sometimes pressing on it makes me panic. #PTSD
Thinking of the recent #medhumchat discussing poems by Mary Oliver, pondering over the famous quote: “Tell me, what is it that you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
#cPTSD took living from me. Survival was the landscape, you see. I could only see surviving, in whatever way possible.
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I just sent a copy of this to my brother - to help him make sense of our crazy, fucked-up childhood.

I know he'll only read it because Tech recommends it, so I promise to send him an @ImmortalTech t-shirt once he finishes it.
For those interested (since my screenshot cut off the title - sorry!), the book in question is The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma (by Bessel van der Kolk) -->…
I'm also re-upping an old thread of mine on #PTSD, in the event it might help someone. I experienced many types of trauma, multiple times - from childhood to adulthood, from domestic spaces to war zones.

It is nothing to be ashamed of - it's survival.

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I was paralyzed on Aug 26, 2016.
It changed my life forever.
Fortunately I was able to access a community of #disabled writers, artists, musicians and more on here.
It helped me survive.
I met the fantastic Alice Wong who does @DisVisibility from whom I have learned so much.
I already knew @nicolaz who is a terrific writer friend and disability rights activist. She introduced me to more people.
One night I met @MortuaryReport on here. Then @Keah_Maria. Then @Tinu. And my dear friend @PKhakpour.
And everyone's best activist pal, @morethanmySLE.
I watched @Mattbc do extraordinary work pro bono for people. @Nataliew1020 models every day what it is to love your severely #disabled child with all your heart.
And so many others dealing with chronic illness and #disability and mental illness--all helping others to navigate.
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Keeping Latin fresh &current at the high school takes up most of my week, but I managed to write pieces on topics ranging from abuse in sports to Ovid at @TheWeek @HuffPost @mcsweeneys @NBCNewsTHINK @swimswamnews @sentantiq @The_Belladonnas @scsclassics & @Paideiainstitut THREAD
Jan: It can be hard to build a solid secondary Latin program, especially when there is no L in STEM Here's my piece for In Medias Res about a few easy strategies for keeping your dead language program alive via @PaideiaInstitute #LatinTeach #TeachAncient…
Jan: I wrote Latin mottoes for your overrated university in 2017 and made a sequel of honest state mottoes for the new year.

Massachusetts: Tacete, scimus nos asperos esse
“Shut up, we know we are rude”

On @McSweeneys…
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I understand the country is reeling in the wake of another senseless mass casualty gun shooting, however, you need to reconsider your inflammatory headline about the shooter. This is in no way to protect him, as he committed unspeakable acts and cut
short the lives of many promising individuals, but to protect those who have honorably served our country and continue their daily battle with PTSD.
Your headline lists this person “was a Marine maybe suffering from PTSD”. First, you have no evidence to
corroborate your claim of PTSD as that is protected health information under HIPAA. Unless this has been disclosed from close family-you have no way of validating this claim. All this does is further stigmatize those who truly suffer from PTSD, specifically combat-related PTSD.
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A thread about #PTSD, and the many faces it wears.

PTSD is sleeping very deeply for once when the heater comes on.

It’s jerking awake inside your brain at the sound only to discover your hands and feet are asleep from wrist & ankle down and nothing works.

It’s trying to move your limbs but you can’t—
It’s trying to scream or cry or yell but nothing comes out—
It’s that you’re trapped, your heart is pounding, your breathing jagged—
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Did you know that trauma can actually lead to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis?

That mindset would change the world of PTSD, wouldn't it?

It definitely would.
It would mean that there's more "physical" to PTSD than originally thought.…
That would make sense if trauma impacted the IMMUNE SYSTEM, wouldn't it?

PTSD as an autoinflammatory autoimmune disorder?
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#Florence is finally moving away from the Carolinas (severe flooding still ongoing for several more days), and the long-term recovery process is beginning. It's important to keep in mind the psychological impacts of disasters on humans. (Thread)
Many people impacted by a disaster, especially those with direct experience, endure temporary distress after the event, which can take days or weeks to diminish.
Symptoms of temporary distress include trouble sleeping, becoming angry or upset more easily, problems at school or work, a sense of isolation, flashbacks or nightmares, and difficulty concentrating or listening.
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These past 2 weeks have been rough re: my #CPTSD . Unless you suffer from #PTSD or #CPTSD it's difficult to understand how thoroughly it disrupts your life and invades your mind. It's not just the nightmares, anxiety, and's the random thoughts, the unwanted ..
flashbacks, hypervigilence, feelings of impending doom,'s a sudden smell that reminds you of terror, a random memory that leads to other memories, the constant fight between who you want to be, who you are, and who you were.
For me, the past 2 wks have been riddled with nightmares and unwanted / unbidden flashbacks and memories. I just want to be the confidant, carefree, optimistic, brave individual I used to be. I just wish I could peel off this constant terror like one peels off a coat.
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It's 3:30am and I am crying because I am just so sick and this past week has been an incredible struggle to find some kind of balance between grasping for shreds of wellness and trying to carry on writing and meeting deadlines.

It's just so terrible.
In the midst of this it is the grim anniversary of my being paralyzed. And #PTSD does not take a holiday.

I honestly cannot bear how my life is some days. The restrictions, the relentless pain, the anxiety, the yearning to be well.

I miss wholeness. Even the wholeness I had.
I'm not asking anyone for anything. I'm just crushed by all of it in this moment.

It is so hard knowing this is how it will be for always.

And I want to be brave and model that for others, but dear G*d suffering is NOT ennobling. It just wears you down every blessed day.
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#Disability twitter, #medtwitter , let us have a discussion about patients discussing #MedicalTrauma on here. A Thread:
#chronicillness #ChronicPain #Chroniclife #MedTraumaChat #Spoonie
2) Last night, a fellow advocate posted a very handy guide for HCPs & patients abt treating patients who are trauma survivors: Trauma Informed Care - Disclosures and Care Transitions… #medtwitter #Disability #chronicillness #medtraumachat #spoonie
3) It's a good resource for both #patients & HCPs, please read it if you have a moment.
This led to a helpful discussion about #MedicalTrauma between an HPC and the person who wrote this guide, who has had experiences with this,
#Disability #medtwitter #chronicillness #Spoonie
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I didn’t know it at the time, and didn’t talk much about it [definitely not publicly], but recently realised I had PTSD from mid-late teens to mid 20s, related to various traumatic events. 1/…
Symptoms: Nightly nightmares (esp. family members dying). Anxiety. Depression. Extreme sweating. Rashes. Constantly on edge (fight/flight/freeze, literally freezing at a thought). Visions. Tics, mostly repressed [exhausting]. #PTSD 2/
Didn’t talk about it. Energy went into trying to look after remaining younger siblings and suppressing symptoms by any means. More nightmares. Doctor prescribed Anxiolytics & ADs at the time. Just remember feeling numb. Weren’t for me. Also industrial strength antiperspirant. 3/
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Today is #PTSD Awareness Day. It's not only veterans who suffer from it, but regular people and journalists. For me, it started in Iraq after I covered a multiple suicide bombing. As the death and destruction piled up over the months, it got harder to function outside a war zone
I only felt normal when I was surrounded by chaos. I would have panic attacks when out in a normal city. Eventually I got help and after that I was very careful when covering conflict to look at my mental health and those of my colleagues.
News organizations have gotten alot better in helping journalists who suffer from PTSD. There is less stigma. But managers should also be aware that suffering from PTSD doesn't mean you shouldn't or can't cover conflict again.
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You didn't know #AnthonyBourdain. You know nothing about his life, torments, demons, nothing. You didn't know #KateSpade either. Watch the torrents of albeit genuine but odd shows of public grief to two complete strangers but nothing for the 20 vets who commit suicide daily.
You want to mourn #suicide? Mourn this. In 2013, the US Department of Veterans Affairs released a study that covered suicides from 1999 to 2010: roughly 22 veterans were dying by suicide per day, or one every 65 minutes. Some suggest that this rate may be undercounting suicides.
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Yesterday I created a thread in which my objective was to point out my horrible experience at the @DeptVetAffairs office when I returned back, for mid-tour leave, from combat operation in #Iraq. Mind you, this was Feb 2005.
I couldn't believe how I was treated! I was sobbing uncontrollably, shaking, & suicidal. I wanted to end it! No more pain! And then to top it off, we were escorted off of VA property because my brother was shouting at the VA staff as to why they weren't going to help me.
Although the point was well received by 99% of you, after reviewing the thread, I realized how selfish it was. I used "I" when I should've been using "WE". I was NEVER alone throughout my combat tours. Deployed troops bond, show esprit de corps, and latch onto one another.
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Borderline Personality Disorder aka Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder is one of the most misunderstood, stigmatised & complex mental health diagnoses (Thread) #BPD #EUPD
One could write pages relating to the condition BPD and a layman’s understanding would still be incomplete. For this reason I am going to try and keep it short, simple and concise as I can and explain to you what BPD is to me.
BPD is intense feelings of loneliness & an inability to sit with myself without resorting to poor coping behaviours #BPD #EUPD #MentalHealthAwareness
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Greater focus needed at #VA please. It’s not Fixed yet. Needs huge focus on PTSD which affects millions of veterans. Mental health is bigger than even the #OpioidCrisis Try this: Stop Making Veterans With #PTSD🇺🇸. How many countries are we bombing now? 7? 8?
Many #VietnamVets had ongoing #MentalHealth treatment for #PTSD. But when a huge influx of #IraqVets appeared with #PTSD the #VietnamVets #MentalHealthCounseling was DISCONTINUED! As if they were suddenly cured. Now #Vets with #PTSD cannot be accommodated. Too many!!!
Stop fucking #BOMBING and Stop making more and more #Vets with #PTSD
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#PTSD #Narcissist #NarcissisticAbuse

Friends I share this so you can empathize and realize the poison that narcissists spread in their lives.

They leave victims devastated and ruined. No one is sacred or protected. If you’ve ever experienced sociopathy, you will know.…

These 12 signs are all characteristics shared by the #Narcissist I described above. Please be careful. If you are with, trapped by, or in the environment of someone like this, they are a life ruining timebomb. Get free.
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My birthday is Feb 21.

I can't afford my #healthcare after Feb. 28 because my monthly premium leapt to $1,978.10 in January.

I'm re-applying for #Medicaid and #SSDI, but no one should have to do this in America.

I am just one of millions.
I'm angry.
I've been angry since Nov. 9, 2016.
I'm not by nature an angry person.
But when you're fighting for your literal life, you're in constant pain & you have to fight a system dedicated to crushing sick/#disabled people, it's enraging.
All over America people are crowdfunding

*dental care
*medical tests

Not artistic works or small films or books but

Take that in, America.
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I had to take the day away from Twitter after I read #UmaThurman's story. I was shattered.

I was raped & nearly killed a few years ago. I wrote about it for my local newspaper and @HuffPost.

[TW for this thread]

Rape: Another Coming-Out Story…
I'm not sure why #UmaThurman's story hit me. Was it because 30yr old me dodged a bullet with #HarveyWeinstein? Was it because her friend saw her disheveled and hysterical? Was it because of what happened in that car scene?

No way to know. #PTSD is like that. Unpredictable.

I can tell you that I will never fully recover.

I am not alone in this. We talk about #survivors, but we never talk about how we're supposed to become a survivor.

I wasn't killed, but I was beaten, bitten, punched, slapped, sodomized and raped.

I have permanent scars.

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