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I just showered and shaved after a shitty night's sleep. My hair's an unprecedented #jewfro - the most personally-fascinating element of this apocalypse so far. I had some thoughts in the shower, as showers often have - about the #CorporateWorld. Image
The corporate world's about the #rich getting #richer - that's not news. However, the corporate worker pays a price for their "living wages" & "benefits." Stress-levels and corporate cultures can be soul-crushing, depressing and desperate - but people stay and serve their time.
Those of us outside the bubble can only marvel in wonder at daily life inside Nike's World HQ or on Google's Bay Area Campus. Even average high-tech companies mirrored those life and work combining #wonderlands, such that employees need NEVER return home.
But are they happy? Not in my experience. I saw miserable humans tasked with jobs they couldn't succeed at and given financial metrics & business goals upon which their pay, careers and future employment would be strictly judged which were literally & fantastically #unattainable.
I've had some of my hardest working coworkers commit suicide. I've had senior executives tell me they only dreamed of retiring & cared of nothing but showing up until they could. I've heard staff talk wistfully of the peace involved in a "dirt nap," while awaiting a team meeting.
My point is - WHAT will humans tolerate for THE LEVEL of pay & benefits they've built their families, homes, lifestyles, relationships, possessions and self-images upon when they know that IF THEY LEAVE, they'll NEVER attain such #TotalCompensation like that again in their lives?
In my experience - the answer is, "#ANYTHING." Any abuse, misery, injustice or perversion can be tolerated if it comes with RETAINING the financial base for their lives.

Lies? Daily.

Abusing others to lessen their abuse - yep!

Fraudulent practices? Sure - if the boss says so.
Will @Boeing workers die to KEEP A JOB in a shrinking industry? Maybe - but engineers aren't known for their lack of logical thinking. #Boeing is a TEST OF THE CORPORATE SLAVERY SYSTEM. Can workers be "returned to work" against all logic with known risk to their safety and lives?
We're gonna find out. There's no human immunity to #COVID19 - a fact. This #pandemic is beginning - not ending. That's another fact. Many people will die by and FROM "returning to work." Fact overload!

Some #Wisconsin folks even held a #VoteToTheDeath!☠️
#PublicHealth is a big island of souls we're all stuck on until #death do we part. Death's easy - #living is hard & government's harder. If we let a pandemic run wild in our #FailedState with insufficient #Testing & #HealthCare to mitigate the consequences - we're BEGGING for it.
These thoughts come as @Boeing employees are being coerced back into production by craven corporate deciders and a #MadKing. Is there a jet shortage when the world isn't traveling? No.

Trump claimed Boeing as ~1% of the U.S. Economy. It's the #PosterCorp for #ArbeitMachtFrei.☠️ Image
Trump's plan is to force Americans back to work despite a broken & exhausted healthcare system that doesn't have #PPE or #Testing to support #PublicHealth needs, thus saving his tremendous corporations & beautiful economy. He doesn't care if his economy runs on humans or corpses. Image

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May 4, 2020
1) Your points are manically suppressed by panicked cult victims. DEMS aren't winning & Biden represents nothing outside the status quo of our failed state. Neither logic nor facts support the DNC cult delusions - just craven lies that one evil man is to blame for EVERYTHING.
2) Scapegoating an evil clownish POTUS is great for cult culture, but it's not truth & it won't depose him. What's the END GAME of blaming a single septuagenarian that neither writes, nor READS policy for DECADES of war, kleptocracy & predatory capitalism?
3) Scapegoating a POTUS by deploying HATE not only distracts cult victims from the reality of America's failed state, but it backfires miserably, as lies do.

What does #WealthInequality look like?
💰The top 20% hoard over 90% of our wealth
🎯The next 20% over 9%
☠️60% have < 1%
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Apr 26, 2020
#WeThePeople are in big, horrible and #YUGE trouble because of #BadPlanning. I want to tell you a story - a modern day #parable.

Two cattle rustlers working on an #InsideJob to steal veal, decided to test their newfound Sharps Buffalo Rifle.
The young rustlers' Sharps 1874 Buffalo Rifle test worked just fine - dropping one of the wealthy land-owning rancher's grazing steer dead with a single bullet of such tremendous caliber - "it blowed a hole in him you that could throw a cat through."
However, the folly of the rife-testing young and impatient American cattle rustlers became immediately apparent when a hair-raising #helicopter versus #car chase exciting ensued.
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Apr 16, 2020

What if American MDs decide that working in a system of #kleptocrats and #lawyers who neither respect their medicine, nor humanity, isn't worth the risk? What if doctors quit practicing because of profound compromises demanded of their integrity and lives? Image
This @ZDoggMD interview with @nishamehtamd about the lives and businesses of Medical Doctors is a #MustWatch, because our healthcare system is on the razor's-edge of catastrophic failure.

MDs have years of education and training that make them irreplaceable - and they're fed up! Image
@ZDoggMD makes the case for required #revolution by MDs & Nurses - demanding control of quality medical care, their lives, finances & careers.

Doctors are humans and the predatory capitalist system of kleptocrats & oligarchs destroyed them too. Structural changes are imperative.
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Apr 11, 2020
This is the type of info consume - rational talk from doctors, scientists & healthcare professionals. We don't have to be cultists. Rather, we can continue to think and revise our preferences and recommendations.

"A #COVID19 Reality Check," with @ZDoggMD
America's rationed healthcare system is the culprit behind our #COVID19 crash - and both DEMS and the GOP chose it for us. I love @ZDoggMD, because he tells the truth - without notes, from his heart.

"Stay away from healthcare if you want to live a long and healthy life." ~ZDogg
This isn't about Doctors NOT KNOWING good medicine - it's about a system that prevents MD's from practicing good medicine. #PublicHealth is a concept that was hidden and lost under #PredatoryCapitalism, exposing the fundamental flaws America's corrupted healthcare infrastructure.
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Apr 9, 2020
The #Coronavirus crisis first and foremost demonstrates fundamental #failures of world #markets and #governments.

We the people now must take #opportunity from #crisis. It’s our chance to both survive and build a better world - free of the tyranny of oligarchs and corporations.
Beyond any doubt, highly-negative impacts upon health, economics, society, families and careers are being most tragically experienced and - to our horror, evilly weaponized by #GenocidalGovernments, further deteriorating living conditions & lives of #POC, poor and the houseless.
Life can’t go back to what we once knew as “normal.”

“Democracies” are now fully exposed to daylight as purely evil & genocidal #kakistocracies. Corporations are equally exposed as serial-killing monsters – undead & soulless, like the humans that bow & serve their cannibalism.☠️
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Apr 5, 2020
If you tune into @NBCNews on @YouTube you get campaign messaging from #MadKing Trump's regime. America has never been more #socialist, so this must be a great pole poll for poling proletariat patsies.

"Official #socialism approval poll." I approve. What do I win?
Both #Nazi parties of the two-party system have been working furiously to redefine & destroy the concept of #socialism - because in reality, it’s a mandate for #HumanSurvival.

#ReadThisBook by #ManningMarable - “How Capitalism Underdeveloped Black America.” I studied it in jail.
"Truly blessed" Dumbass Low-Grade Lying Fool (#DLGLF) Pence stated Detroit's Mayor claims they tested 150 "exposed" #FirstResponders and "they're all back in the line of duty." They're just spinning a bunch of nonsense & Trump is playing malevolent moonlighting #FakeGynecologist.
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