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Jul 10, 2020 24 tweets 16 min read
#100DaysofLearning #psychology
I decided to learn #psychology for next 100 days.
First day update
Learnt basics of social psychology and some big ideas.
Picture from Social psychology book by Mayer’s
Started with @coursera course on Social Psychology by Scott Plous @wesleyan_u Image
#100daysoflearning #psychology
Day 2 update.
Finished reading chapter 1 of book
Social psychology by Mayers.
Life is lived foreword but understood backwards
#100daysoflearning #psychology
Day 3 Update
Finished reading 2 more section of chapter 1 (yesterday I updated wrongly, it was one section) Image
#100daysoflearning #psychology
Day 4 update
Reading 2 more section of chapter 1 of book social psychology by Mayers.
I am reading slowly as I am making notes also.
The notes are helpful.
#100daysoflearning #psychology
Day 5 Update
- completed chapter 1 of book social psychology by Mayer’s
- completed lecture 1.4 of course
Key learning
- “People are not neutral”
- “our perception of reality is reconstruction it”
- “change blindness is real”
#100daysoflearning #psychology
Day 6 update
- completed up to lecture 1.7 of course

Key learning
- confirmation bias is dangerous as it stereotype narrative in relation, organisation and societies
Consequences of Confirmation #bias Image
#100daysoflearnimg #psychology
Day 7 update
Completed lesson 1 with all videos
Completed assignment to understand impact of randomisation
Key learning
- self fulfilling prophecy is reality and behavioural confirmation is example
- first impression matters, thin slice judgement
#100daysoflearning #psychology
Day 8 Update
- bonus reading from lesson 1
- up to lessopn 2.1
Key Learning
- Normality and abnormality is not universal. Context and environment plays a big role
- Attribution theory relies on saliency
#100daysoflearning #psychology
Day 9 Update
Completed up to lesson 2.3
Key learning
- Attribution error (down playing situation and highlighting personality)
- Actor observer Bias - actor attributes success to personality while observer attributes it to situation
#100daysoflearning #psychology
Key Learning
- Actor Observer bias - actor attributes failure to situation while observer attibutes to person
- Attitude behavior inconsistency - Attitude is intent while behavior is action (plastic is bad for earth but we still use it)
#100daysoflearning #psychology
Attitude and behaviour are unrelated most of time.

This has critical impact on #Entreprenuer and #startups projects
1. During customer discovery surveys are of no use as they talk about intent and not behaviour (1/n)
#100daysoflearning #psychology #Entreprenuer #startups
2. Interviews also verify intent and vary rarely unearth behaviour until and unless cleaverly conducted using clarifying question on behaviour
3. Therefore observing people is best to understand behaviour (2/n)
#100daysoflearning #psychology #Entreprenuer #startups
4. Remember buying decision is influenced by behaviour and buying a product is an behaviour
5. Intent to buy is just an attitude and not behaviour. Behaviours are depends on many things (3/3)
#100daysoflearning #psychology
The gap in talk vs. walk related to #corporate #innovation #culture is because of Attitude behaviour inconsistency. Every one understand that innovation is needed but very few really engages with it. Intent to action to realisation gap remains.
#100daysoflearning #psychology
Day 10 and 11 Update
Completed up to lesson 2.4
Completed peer graded assignment
Key learning
- Cognitive dissonance occurs when we hold 2 contradictory thoughts
- Self perception theory says we justify behavior based on our perception
#100daysoflearning #psychology
Day 12 Update
Completed lesson 2.5
Key Learning
- Cognitive dissonance comes in 2 flavors before a decision and after a decision.
- Pre-Decision - Dissonance influences decision
- Post Decision - Dissonance influences later judgments
#100daysoflearning #psychology
Day 13 Update
Completed lesson 2.6
Key Learning
- For being persuasive its better to present counter argument and provide mild criticism of it
- If your audience is highly involved use centralised route of facts, statistics and argument
#100daysoflearning #psychology
Day 13 Update
Key Learning
- If your audience is not involved fully use peripheral route of persuasion using music, arts, other
- Fear works for persuasion provided mitigation mechanisms are discussed, else it backfires.
#100daysoflearning #psychology
Day 14 update
Completed 7 pages of module 15 of book social psychology
Key Learning:
- Central route vs. Peripharal route: Choose wisely based on understanding audience.
- Who says What, by what method and to whom defines the core of persuasion. Image
#100daysoflearning #psychology
Day 15 update
Completed module 15 of book social psychology.
Completed course up to 2.7
For better persuasion and influence, use following 6 shortcuts in ethical way. If you try to manipulate, it will backfire. Image
#100daysoflearning #psychology
Day 16 update
Completed course up to 2.8
- Social influence is real and there are techniques for it
a) The foot-in-the-door
b) The door-in-the-face
c) The low-ball
- Understand them to protect yourself
#100daysoflearning #psychology
Day 17 update
Completed 3 pages of reading by Robert Cialdini
Key Learning
- People tend to do what is socially approved as well as what is popular

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Jul 28, 2020
#100daysoflearning #psychology
Day 18 update
Completed reading from Robert Cialdini
Started another reading from chapter 2 of Mayer’s book on Social Psychology, completed 5 pages
#100daysoflearning #psychology
Day 18 update
Key Learning
- spotlight effect is experienced when we think people are paying more attention to us then needed.
- we also suffer from illusion of transparency that our emotions are easily detectable.
#100daysoflearning #psychology
Day 19-20 update
Completed up to page 12/chapter 2 from Social psychology book by Mayers
Key Learning
- We overestimate the visibility of our social blunders and public mental slipups
- At center of our world is our sense of self
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Please feel free to join the #paneldiscussion on exciting topic of #QuantumComputing #technology development in #india.

Date and Time: 24th July; 5-6 PM
Free Registeration at

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#QuantumComputing #quantum #technology #India Panel is packed with eminent and leading members from Science and Academia.
Apoorva Patel (IISc, Bangalore)
R. P. Singh (PRL, Ahmedabad)
Umakant Rapol (IISER, Pune)
Anil Prabhakar (IIT Madras)
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