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4 Oct 20
34 Hard Truths You Should Know Before Becoming “Successful” @BenjaminPHardy #Thread
1. It’s Never As Good As You Think It Will Be.

Until you appreciate what you currently have, more won’t make your life better.
2. It’s Never As Bad As You Think It Will Be
The problem with dread & fear is that it holds people back from taking on big challenges. What you will find — no matter how big or small the challenge — is that u will adapt to it.When u consciously adapt to enormous stress, u evolve.
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23 Sep 20
What #AI lacks, humans can fill in.
What humans lack, who will fill in.

Dual standards of our society and human thinking. #Ethics, #fairness and other values are regulated for AI but same values for humans are not regulated.

Time to do introspection.
If humans are unable to grasp the ethics, morale and fairness values due to deep diversity of humanity, how can we ensure ethical frameworks created for #AI will be universal.
Humans have failed to uphold the values of #ethic across history and geography. Humans have used the technology to gain control and become superior. The weaponisation of #ai is inevitable. We have seen parallel cases from field of #biotech and specific case of #crispr
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22 Aug 20
In God we trust,
In #machine we believe,
In #data we live,

We are the next-generation human being.

Sadly we don't trust humans, we don't believe in them and we have almost stopped living.
Religion, folklore, mythology and history agrees on one interesting statement.

Humans were created in image of God.

Aren't we repeating the same thing with #AI? Aren't we creating AI in image of ourself?
Don't believe, look around see with what it is compared.
Sufficiently advanced science is indistinguishable from magic.

Same way, sufficiently advanced #AI is indistinguishable from #god.
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29 Jul 20
Another set of questions are related to algorithms bias, fairness, and responsibilities.
#AI #Algorithms #bias #fair
Security and safety of consumer, product, partners and Algorithm is next set of questions. Again no satisfactory answers.
#Algorithms #AI #security
#antitrusthearing very interesting question, how will you ensure that biases of your employees are getting in to the algorithm?
In fact research has proven that algorithms are learning not from the data but the way data was labelled and annotated. #ai #bias
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28 Jul 20
#100daysoflearning #psychology
Day 18 update
Completed reading from Robert Cialdini
Started another reading from chapter 2 of Mayer’s book on Social Psychology, completed 5 pages
#100daysoflearning #psychology
Day 18 update
Key Learning
- spotlight effect is experienced when we think people are paying more attention to us then needed.
- we also suffer from illusion of transparency that our emotions are easily detectable.
#100daysoflearning #psychology
Day 19-20 update
Completed up to page 12/chapter 2 from Social psychology book by Mayers
Key Learning
- We overestimate the visibility of our social blunders and public mental slipups
- At center of our world is our sense of self
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23 Jul 20
Please feel free to join the #paneldiscussion on exciting topic of #QuantumComputing #technology development in #india.

Date and Time: 24th July; 5-6 PM
Free Registeration at

@rbeiindia Image
#QuantumComputing #quantum #technology #India We will be discussing on Prospects of Quantum Technology Development in India.
#QuantumComputing #quantum #technology #India Panel is packed with eminent and leading members from Science and Academia.
Apoorva Patel (IISc, Bangalore)
R. P. Singh (PRL, Ahmedabad)
Umakant Rapol (IISER, Pune)
Anil Prabhakar (IIT Madras)
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20 Jul 20
@IBM @qiskit Summer School Day 2
Time to learn algorithms.
@IBM @qiskit Summer School Day 3
Time to learn Shor's algorithm QFT and QPE
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18 Jul 20
Some people teach you a precious lessons of life.
Thank them for that.
Forgive them or forget them but learn a lesson.
Externalising causes and attributing them to outside is common behaviour in difficult times.

In this time, you realise true nature of a person.

Accept it but don’t have expectations.

Follow your path because you know your consciences is clear.
Chin up.

Know that you have done best.

Move on to learn new lessons in life.
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15 Jul 20
D1 of #50daysofudacity
I finished up to Lesson 2.19
My notes can be found here for quick refernce…
D2 of #50daysofUdacity
I finished up to Lesson 2.25
Also completed lab assignment for a linear regression model to predict the price of taxi in new york city
My notes can be found here for quick reference…
D3 of #50daysofudacity
I finished Lesson 2
Also completed lab assignment for linear regression model to predict the price of taxi in new york city
My notes can be found here for quick reference…
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10 Jul 20
#100DaysofLearning #psychology
I decided to learn #psychology for next 100 days.
First day update
Learnt basics of social psychology and some big ideas.
Picture from Social psychology book by Mayer’s
Started with @coursera course on Social Psychology by Scott Plous @wesleyan_u Image
#100daysoflearning #psychology
Day 2 update.
Finished reading chapter 1 of book
Social psychology by Mayers.
Life is lived foreword but understood backwards
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9 Jul 20
#DarkNetflix #DARK #DARKseason3

You and me are perfect for each other, don’t believe anything else!
#DarkNetflix #DARK #DARKseason3

DejaVu - it’s a glitch in matrix
#DarkNetflix #DARK #DARKseason3 what a wonderful world!
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13 Jun 20
You cannot ignore.....
Our inability to understand and grasp something doesn't mean that it doesn't exist.

#mystery #cognitiveload
West has yet to understand paranormal phenomenon.

Ancient civilizations has achieved so much that still today we are unable to understand and comprehend.

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30 May 20
@InfoQ on #Microservices
microservice architectural pattern is best used for implementing the "breadth" of business functionality. Engineers should avoid building deep call chains of services, as this can increase the probability of failure 1/2
Deep chains in #Microservices can also increase the challenges of locating and diagnosing issues. Code libraries can often be used more effectively to implement "depth" within services.
Good advice for #architects dealing with issues. Thanks @InfoQ 2/2
#developers should avoid building highly-coupled distributed #systems. Instead, they should build "resilient federations" based on standard domain-driven design (DDD) federations of services for implementing #Microservices
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28 May 20
1/n) #automl automated machine learning is shifting a field of #ml from #knowledge centric to compute centric.
It also providing much needed abstraction layer for #businessgrowth and #product folks to directly leverage power of ml without the need of Experts.
2/n) Also from business point of view, it shifts #MachineLearning from fixed cost (Experts, systems, data) to variable cost (pay per use automl). This will result in death nail of many ml teams across Enterprise.
3/n) On top of #automl, if you can integrate #DevOps then you will get modified version of #mlops which means a single engineer with sufficient knowledge and help of cloud can replace team of engineers and researchers. #DigitalTransformation
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25 Jul 19
#ReimaginingDigital begins with bang Vasanth Image
#ReimaginingDigital #likeabosch
Designed to take a pause, learn from surrounding and industry and reflect up on it.
Great learning philosophy @boschindia Image
#ReimaginingDigital our dependency on mobile app is increasingand. they are becoming our partner.
Learning fitness app is something we need.
New app launch
#likeabosch @boschindia
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25 Jul 19
“Data is the new oil”, I have heard it & I don’t think it’s the right comparison.
What oil economy has done to earth, humanity? In short term it accelerated us at great cost.
#artificialintelligence #innovation #makinganimpact #deepthinking #humanity #likeabosch #AI #security
#Pollution, #GlobalWarming, economic disparity are the legacy of oil economy. We realised it after long time.

Do we want to take that short sighted approach with #AI?

#artificialintelligence #innovation #makinganimpact #deepthinking #humanity #likeabosch
#Biases, #fairness, #security, and #privacy are some of the issues already started showing up. Weaponisation of #AI is also happening at rapid rate and resulting in to rapid destruction of fundamentals of #humanity and #society.
#innovation #deepthinking #artificialintelligence
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23 Jul 19
[1/7] #AutoML (Automated Machine learning) is a new buzzword in the evolution of AI and ML. AutoML is the process of automating the end-to-end process of applying #machinelearning to real-world problems.
#AI #likeabosch #innovation #algorithms #machinelearning
[2/7] I recently read an interesting paper on the topic of #AutoML. form it, I created a taxonomy of automl parameters as a quick summary of papers, and at the top level it has three parts. #AI #likeabosch #innovation #algorithms #machinelearning
[3/7] Metalearning: Process of learning from previous experience gained during applying various learning algorithms on different kinds of data, & hence reducing the needed time to learn new tasks for a model. #AI #likeabosch #algorithms #machinelearning #innovation #AutoML
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10 Jun 19
If #ai is source for future competition and promising to provide competitive advantages, have any one thought of how to protect it and sustain it. If you can't protect and sustain, what is the use of competitive advantage. #BusinessIntelligence #Competition
Today's race of #AI is more towards accuracy and we are pouring enough resources for same. When time for industrialisation come to reap benefits, #ai will face many challenges. Industrialisation is a very big opportunity.
#Innovation #technology
When Will #AI Exceed Human Performance?
This is the hot discussion across many domains. However very few credible answers and evidence are available. Here is the most credible answer from AI expert based on crowd sourced prediction from research Paper.
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10 Dec 18
#Q2B2018 Demographic
Just awesome @Q2Bconference Image
#Q2B2018 #QuantumComputing vs. Classical computing. 100 quantum bits need 140 terabytes of classical memory @Q2Bconference Image
#Q2B2018 @Q2Bconference some basic questions for #QuantumComputing Image
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17 Nov 18
Just say no to #blockchain (for now) advises Gartner
"It's still not appropriate for the vast majority of enterprises to consider blockchain technology at its current level of maturity," said Gartner research fellow David Furlonger on Wednesday…
According to @Gartner_inc, #Blockchain technology has a number of issues that need to be addressed before enterprises can confidently roll it out at scale.
We need to take #blockchain #DLT carefully over the next few years until we reach a stronger point of robustness, both within the technology but also within the business itself.
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12 Nov 18
Gartner Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2019 - Smarter With Gartner #GartnerSYM #EdgeComputing #QuantumComputing #blockchain #ai Image
Gartner Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends includes #blockchain #DLT as vertical under mesh and digital #ethics and #privacy as horizontal. However blockchain in its proper design and implementation can provide for ethics via governance and privacy via selective disclosure.
#QuantumComputing breaks first time in to Gartner Top 10 Strategic #Technology Trends. It's a reason to celebrate but we have to remain pragmatic considering challenges of the field especially quantum error, decoherence and qubits size.
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