Have ~ quarter million followers on #LinkedIn & use that space to speak truth to power. Use the power of my voice including on sexual harassment vs women.

In one #healthcare setting, the board hired marketers to cyberstalk employees. Creepy. #MedTwitter

My current institution & my alma mater have taken money from #Epstein. #Science & #academia is full of creepy types in positions of power.

It is shocking those who woo a human trafficker donor also cross the line, hire ppl to #cyberstalk own staff? #MedTwitter #AcademicTwitter
When will we start to listen to the students paying substantial tuition?

Why do students have a superior understanding of #ethics and #traumainformed #education as compared to administrators who earn millions between salary & consulting gigs?

Students (and faculty) who speak truth to power, who take a “sunlight is the best disinfectant” approach to transparency, ethics, safety are often especially targeted for cyberstalking, intimidation, and threats. Bullies flip this script and claim to be the ones harassed.
I also speak truth to power on #racism and #BlackintheIvory. I amplify #blackexcellence like reposting this original #LinkedIn post by a black executive linkedin.com/posts/usnehal_…

“Let’s stop telling people of color this does not happen or we are ‘post-racism.’”

• • •

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2 Feb
Also, if you notice a pattern of certain women who are very concerned about “cancel culture”, these are often women whose income, power, position comes from those men who avoid/fear accountability.
There is no reason to be afraid of women if one already was doing the right thing. Have good ethics yourself and have a good radar for that yourself. I have NEVER had problems with male mentors as we align on values/mission first. We work through trust.

If you are playing a dirty game or don’t have standards to who you hire, do business with, etc (or no standards to own behavior), yeah, I get why you are paranoid.

Drain your own swamp then.
Not all women are pawns in a man’s game like:

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2 Feb
Those of us who affirmed our own agency and power by learning from and with our moms. My mom’s stories are her own but she and I together have unpacked many cultural myths to learn better self compassion, willingness to identify racism, less perfectionism.
💪🏽💪🏻💪🏿 @DrvanTilburg
This is a type of trauma many WOC/POC experience. My mom’s hair is extremely thick, textured. I recall her being very fixated on making sure her own hair & our hair was always incredibly neat.

More recently I’ve come to understand this matches an experience of having black hair.
The so-called “model minority “is taught to align with white culture, to suppress oneself in order to layer under & serve white supremacy.

I have worked to remove internalized racism, colorism, self hate & learned from #blackexcellence on:

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2 Feb
Many feel professionally unsafe, especially those working in academia & hospitals, too. If you look at the stories of @ayshakhoury @uche_blackstock @timnitGebru you see this over and over. This exists on a spectrum and tolerating “mild” hate, racism, & bigotry is a slippery slope Image
It can also kill. Look at how #drsusanmoore was treated in the hospital

then posthumously called “intimidating” by same nurses who should have been caring for (not Karening) her

clinician at your bedside to care may be of #insurrection beliefs

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1 Feb
"As QAnon influencers and their followers are pushed off mainstream platforms.... There, they may be exposed to more extremist content, like that of white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups."

So what is the right approach? No right answers.

..soooo.. usually seek facts & ideas ...rather than go down rabbit holes of others’ 🤯

..but wow, some remaining QAnon-posting accounts are within 1-2 degrees of separation..

To FB’s credit, misinformation/disinformation posts get covered with a grey filter & this warning: ImageImage
Since I am a Muslim woman on the highly armed alt right’s radar myself now

am curious to understand what kind of 👹 they perceive me to be - tho prefer to only a quick peek, not a deep dive

(Obviously @IlhanMN was not actually at any such training camp)

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1 Feb
If you want to understand a woman, look at her mother - at least true of me

My mom? As a new immigrant to America, when she encountered an unfair Eurocentric rule from her English Lit grad program? She wrote a paper & got the rule changed

Owned her power
My mom and I are the same in core values but opposite externally. She uses maybe 1/100th of the words that I do and is intensely private. I am out climbing literal mountains while she prefers to stay in and read books and my dad’s #engineering journals.

My mom is an introvert who thinks 10x before speaking w/ surgical precision, educated by German nuns & British educational system
We are Urdu-speaking

She is fearless in face of patriarchy

It runs in the family. Have strong, activist #womeninleadership role models in #Pakistan
Read 25 tweets
31 Jan
Keep in mind the phrase “shattering” the glass ceiling is a violent phrase associated with riots or “anti-social” activities. #womeninleadership conferences or books don’t prepare you for reality of how perceived/treated when “smashing” the patriarchy, especially as a WOC.
There are two ways past the barrier: 1-align with/serve patriarchy and have the door opened.
= mere optics of change while perpetuating status quo & structural inequity
2-shatter it the glass ceiling. The latter will cause you to be a threat to the system & leadership
On rare occasions, the person opening the door past the barrier is truly seeking progress at scale rather than tokenizing you.

More often than not, your role when on the other side is to be token and sign off on perpetuation of inequity while providing the right look/optics.
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