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This 👇👇👇 (h/t @joemd)

Also, at midcareer female success is threatening to men our age AND to younger men who rely on patriarchal patronage systems. Women, overpoliced by the system, then, yes, are tougher bosses AND we *do* tend to adhere more closely to ethics.

I do do all:
On #MedTwitter there is a pattern of “callouts”, yes vs all genders & ages, but also pattern of misogyny and misogynoir. It happens towards nurses & doctors alike. One of the reasons I connected with @ShrimpBrokkoli is because I saw a yt male resident ridiculing her online.
I saw that behavior being taught by NON-clinical faculty & that REALLY crossed a line.
If you are a woman + nurse + frontline + Black/WOC, you already live with so much violence towards you. Added online made up drama from a trainee vs nurse?
No, no, & no.…
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This is what targeted racial harassment looks like: nitpicking things like “smiled” or “wore clothes like a celebrity, as a celebrity” or “bought cookware.” It is part of the “gold digger” narrative.
This is common in #healthcare#professionalism” where there is hazing & bullying by racist &/or classist made up non-rules lacking standards…yet people are called “breaking the rules.”

It’s exactly how bullies operate: double standards, mislabel/smear, exclude, marginalize.
In the U.K., “BAME” includes the formerly colonized, thus making race constructs or power different from U.S. as latter had race-based chattel slavery.

Thing is, those formerly colonized have many who have internalized self hate & racism.…
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This makes me so 🤢

The idea that women are automatically “safe” is exactly what creates this “opportunity” for some women to exploit children & monetize their “optics” of “trustworthy” on behalf of predators.

Gender does not predict ethics, integrity, safety.
Why does #GhislaineMaxwellTrial matter to #womeninSTEM?
⬇️federal funding
➡️private donors (Epstein)

“Socialites” open doors to elite spaces, including #academia #science #STEM
Women=“optics” & “reputation management” for these wealthy predator men…
These same connected women, often daughters of powerful businessmen

are on boards of #WomeninSTEM “empowerment” organizations or on #MeToo (TimesUp scandal)

the very women who are predators of young women are given access to women’s “safe spaces”? (!!!)…
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#antivaxx efforts now even use #deepfake

to target #refugee, Black, religious minority communities

like measles outbreak in Minnesota in 2019: Wakefield was flown in TO spread #misinformation & #disinformation

Now: online fake accounts/fake identities vs #VaccinesWork
What has #healthcare been doing meanwhile?

#Medbikini: Teach (male Asian) med students to make fake accounts to cyberstalk trainees’ personal Facebook for: bikini
or “being political” or “religious” (#BLM)

➡️“model minority” pipeline for “shadow faculty” vs Blck @ayshakhoury
#Medbikini #research got flak for men vs women

BUT was ALSO fake acct #surveillance vs #BLM like drove out @ayshakhoury @uche_blackstock @nhannahjones

While academia has ignored #vaccineequity
➡️ongoing #pandemic & deaths in marginalized targeted by #antivaxx

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This 👇🏽👇🏿👇🏻 This is why #BLM exists & why “implicit bias” is not only real but it kills

Why, when you see it, say something, do something
The system changes not by sharing tweets & hashtags but actions & consequences & removal of toxicity from the system

Follow #BlackTwitter
Above #MedEd #TikTok improvement: #citeblackwomen who lead this work (not only utilized the savior mindset of Black & brown as victims) #Blackexcellence @citeblackwomen center Black women
Send #SoMe traffic to Black creators & activists. #healthcare…
Take #sharethemic initiative. It allowed #Blackexcellence to speak thru #influencer accounts to large followings for a day. I looked at before/after numbers, it did NOT drive any additional traffic to the actual accounts of those voices. Resurfacing this:
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At every critical step past the early life & career stage (then rewarded for just delivering)

when protecting loved ones from harm
or #leadership

listening to #BlackExcellence/Black women gave me the framework to understand & the tools to be effective.…
“Model minorities” chase impossible standards? Then let’s try to match of achievement level set by Black women

…who accomplish so much while mislabeled, hated, un-/underpaid, killed, losing their children to violence of others’ fear/anti-Blackness…
This is NOT the standard:
-keep your access/proximity to power via a politician
-stay in spotlight
-use your credentials (& frowns/soothing tone) to gaslight a nation that deaths occurring not a concern to you

known for a collection of Hermès scarves…& now >700K American deaths
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Those of us with immigrant backgrounds have NO idea what debt we owe these women for risking their lives so some of us can shop at Whole Foods with other suburban moms, then drive a Lexus home to ride on a Peloton, & think only our own hard work created this access to success.
Those of us who are Muslim have a partial experience of what it is like to be made the face of threat and danger and vilified.

…But “the West “still wants to “save” Muslim women… make us a token or mascot of saviorism & evidence of being a shining city on the hill.
In comparison, the black woman doesn’t have that opportunity to be paraded around as the most recent woman “saved” & celebrated - the tropes are universally harmful & exploitative/pejorative vs Black women in society/media + centuries of economic barriers/being exploited.
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Word “racism” silenced, actively, by #MedEd #MedTwitter #healthcare#professionalism” & “communication” labels

Saying “racism” offends or “hurts feelings” > actual #BLM deaths

If #professionalism itself is racist -makes sense that word suppressed
What @ayshakhoury experienced pushes out & silences many

If the editors of @JAMA_current resist hearing word “structural racism” then they certainly are not publishing papers using that word

@DrAlethaMaybank @RheaBoydMD @FutureDocs @TIME #BlackintheIvory #MedTwitter @bmj_latest
Journal gatekeeping: men
Behavior gatekeeping: women/HR

#accountability only for white men
-> we miss “Amy Cooper” in #academia, #HR, #professionalism #compliance…

@DrAlethaMaybank @RheaBoydMD @FutureDocs @TIME #BlackintheIvory #MedTwitter @bmj_latest
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The only feelings to center on are those of black community
Wrong use of this quote during the week of #DerekChauvinTrial

Some people “feel” things if a white male faces accountability
Amy Cooper’s feelings: call cops
Racism & racism lite has always focused on “feelings” #BLM
When @ayshakhoury or @uche_blackstock were authentic in their feelings: ended careers

Black female physician #DrSusanMoore having “knowledge” or a “voice”
while DYING
made others
*feel* “intimidated.”

This is part of a known pattern for WOC
#BLM #BlackintheIvory
This is a repeating pattern of “feelings” used against tellers of uncomfortable truths that #MLK described in the letter from the Birmingham jail.

Seeking order > justice or overpolicing are all to protect only certain “feelings” of “security” while those like #adamtoledo die.
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Important perspective below

When I was a foreign grad & trainee I bought into idea: I just needed to work 3x as hard to get 1/2 as far

At mid-career, my health gave out trying for:
“be the person you needed when you were younger”
& to protect students

this system does not work ImageImage
Editors of elite journal @JAMA_current question if medical racism is real

the business world gets it
published this on #minoritiesinmedicine #blackexcellence #blm #BlackLivesMatter

#MedTwitter needs #transparency & #Accountability…
why can’t elite journals that define #EBM & #datadriven #healthcare
like @JAMA_current

focus on OUTCOMES
as experienced by PATIENTS

Why focus on LABELS certain physicians don’t like to hear?

Am a former regulator
we need quality #data by gatekeepers…
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Evidence online “#vaccine research” by @Illinois_Alma drives anti-#vaccine #SoMe
=prolong #pandemic

@KateClancy’s study: periods in perimenopause “after” vaccine
by 15-minute survey
= bad #data = #misinformation

American feminism has a long history of harming WOC Image
Best practices of #community engaged #research involves
to all important stakeholders

American feminism
frequently believes that it
✅box of the diversity
no need to listen to anybody else

Women & WOC deserve good, not bad #data.…
Theories of infertility “by” vaccine
Draw upon past government sterilization programs
Fears are never unfounded
even if not the case now

Being out of touch with these realities + poor #studydesign
= research that adds harm without adding knowledge…
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In light of the Boston police Union leader child abuse, this is very plausible, even probable. I have 2x, on behalf of someone else, reported, via Title IX - the woman or gay man was not feeling safe enuf to report. Yes, there is blowback when one reports. But we can’t be silent.
I am a mandated reporter as a #pediatrician. I *must* report for my patients or face legal consequences. Am same for staff, students, trainees. But in #EmergencyMedicine who do I call if a child may be unsafe at home? Sometimes, cops. Are cops safe?…
I have seen #mentalhealth and entire life paths destroyed by abusers preying on children like: This happened to too many people I know. I have seen institutions intimidate, mislabel, bury stories of the victims. (Some predators wait until 18th birthday.)…
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So true, but “sticks & stones...”

Some people got bullied & used that as excuse to become cyberbullies, learning tactics of bullying to control

Others realized bullies go after what scares them or is powerful.. & took control of own merit & power to create new value

Be the 2nd
Am *grateful* for the campaign of cyberbullying directed against me this summer as retaliation for reporting fellow faculty for #ethics review
what I learned on #MedTwitter from WOC in #healthcare

When it was my own family needing #COVID19 care, I was tough enuf, resilient
Not that, as a grieving daughter, I should have to be “tough”

but I had learned that my experience of #healthcare is as a WOC/POC

so I had better be listening to those whose own lived experiences and whose communities’ lived experiences were the wisdom I needed: black women
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Am grateful my #endometriosis and #fibroids only affects me severely one day a cycle and is not severe every cycle. Still that one day can make me unable to get out of bed or sit up without passing out. Severity worsens with stress.

Today I feel have my life back. Thank God.
Mind you, my definition of severe is “I pass out from pain.” I don’t know if it is really a good thing I self suppress so well that I don’t even feel or react to pain until it threatens my ability to stay conscious. I don’t glamorize “grit” that is a lack of self compassion
It is an accommodation to the pathology in the world we live that was apparent with the events this week. 6 Asian women killed but the compassion was for the killer who “had a bad day” by authorities while the women were mislabeled as sex workers to validate their deaths.
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When I look at the news today, the violence, as much as missing my mom today was super painful, I am glad she is in a better place, at peace. I thought of her constantly. So many things I wanted to discuss with her. But she was too good for this world. Now nothing can hurt her.
My mom and I used to often chat about the state of the world. She was both progressive and conservative. Many immigrant and South Asian women lack self compassion in order to manage the lack of support, the biases while still needing to get it all done. Mommy was a perfectionist.
In recent years we talked of racism. She was starting to recognize her internalized so-called “model minority” biases as I had needed to do myself. We talked at length on #DrSusanMoore when she read my LinkedIn repost of this 🧵 @TamorahLewisMD

“I never thought of it that way”
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One of the shifts in my social media since my mother passed away is to engage in ways that people who are human, results-oriented, genuine can interact.. while recognizing there will always be the folks here for optics. It's a reminder to spend my time, energy, care for results.
You'll find threads on how I learned strength from my late mother

Is what I relied on when she was in the ICU or when we were living in a war zone

That's in contrast to the fragile & "threat!" approach that was on display with the Amy Cooper incident…
Keeping in mind that Amy Cooper campaigned/fundraised for Obama

yet, when, from the looks of it the black man was not important enough or she may have felt no one would find out

she threatened a black man in a mechanism of white power: "vulnerability"…
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I want to recenter this #Tulane conversation on #DrDenner. Last night on Clubhouse we heard from students & previous residents who spoke to Dr. Denner’s brilliance, elegance, inspiration, advocacy, & power. It brought me to tears. As they expressed how much she meant to them 🧵
When we talk about the need for representation. This isn’t just about patient outcomes, disparities, & diversity. Our #BlackPhysicians are our champions. They are our means of finding safe spaces, while being in institutions that feel unsafe, toxic, and like terror to trainees 2/
When we enter classes and rooms, we look for those Black faces in leadership. We make eye contact seeking their non-verbal clues that let us know "they see US". We wait at the end of class just to say hello, to make sure we put ourselves on their radar. 3/
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Many feel professionally unsafe, especially those working in academia & hospitals, too. If you look at the stories of @ayshakhoury @uche_blackstock @timnitGebru you see this over and over. This exists on a spectrum and tolerating “mild” hate, racism, & bigotry is a slippery slope
It can also kill. Look at how #drsusanmoore was treated in the hospital

then posthumously called “intimidating” by same nurses who should have been caring for (not Karening) her

clinician at your bedside to care may be of #insurrection beliefs…
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Today I feel calm & resolute because I had been waiting for this. Back in 2016, given what I had been seeing in the run up to the election and nasty campaign language inciting hatefulness, was having an uptick in anxiety. Plus this:…

NOW others see it too.
When that news broke of SCHOOLS sharing information with authorities to ARREST CHILDREN
my most recent conversation in the hospital in my last shift, a nurse had made remarks about race & who commits violence
I got a massive migraine & nausea.…
My revulsion/aversion to stepping foot into work was
-fear of complicity
-inability to protect my patients or other staff from harm
-risks to my career

to counter this #racism within the hospital, I described with @becker_sbecker in this #podcast…
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Frankly every single person has some kind of privilege. If you have sight or two functioning legs you lack certain barriers

Acknowledging the same about structural racism is not insulting

unless you have cultural chauvinism/superiority & believe your own culture faultless
Personally, as someone Muslim, what I was taught about my purpose on this earth is the every single thing I “have” is only loaned to me and nothing I am entitled to.

You have to pay interest on loans.

More you have, more you must give (back).

Of course I face barriers too.
I don’t talk about religion a lot. I am deeply spiritual. I do believe Islam is “a way of life.”

I am less worried about reciting the exact right dua/prayer when stepping in a room with the correct foot.

Hadith can be disputed but this one is beautiful. Mercy matters most.
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“Memory” from FB: The time I could not breathe despite 6 puffs of albuterol.
Severe asthma attack.

#blackqueens - thank you for always being there. Of all the women in the world, if I had to choose one at my side, I pick a #blackqueen every time. You all are the real deal. Image
That year ended up a patient in ED twice cuz
-I was working a lot of 12-hour night shifts in the ED
-working as many hours as uncompensated/volunteer for ACA policy work including flying to D.C. often
-dancing non-stop in between

This is how I look w/peak flow ~200 (red) btw ImageImageImageImage
The #DrSusanMoore story really makes me think. I had a #blackqueen nurse friend who worked at the hospital & who knew that I don’t look sick when I am about to collapse. She was not caring for me, rather able to come visit me after she completed her own 12-hour shift.
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This may come as a shock to some, but healthcare workers who are persons of color aren’t immune to feelings of mistrust and distrust. Image
For anyone curious as to how or why these feelings may develop, I refer them to Dr. @uche_blackstock’s recent OpEd, which delves into the injustice experienced by #DrSusanMoore

#DrSusanMoore’s story is the rule, not the exception.

Virtually any doctor, nurse, clinical assistant who is Black, Hispanic, or Native has a personal story of how they (or someone in their family) faced discrimination as patients.…
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1/ Welcome to another edition of West’s Well-Being Wednesday! As a reminder, I’ll briefly highlight papers, topics, questions, etc. related to healthcare professional #wellbeing, with a new entry each week. #wellbeingwednesday #burnout #MedTwitter
2/ This week we’ll touch on the association of racial bias and burnout, prompted by @FutureDocs thread last week reflecting on #DrSusanMoore and so many other victims of systematic disparities and racism.
3/ As a biostatistician, I think it’s interesting that in statistics “bias” is defined as a systematic error or deviation from the truth. This is worth reflecting upon as we debate whether racism and other biases are inherent in our systems – by definition, bias is systematic!
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After seeing multiple medical professionals down-play the role racism played in the death of #DrSusanMoore, I have been thinking of how to describe the logistics of how racism manifests in medicine. One way is what I will, in this thread, call "cumulative de-prioritization." 1/
2/ Lay people may think medicine is a panacea of limitless resources, but (especially in a pandemic), that's not true. Medical providers are CONSTANTLY triaging and prioritizing which patient gets which test / drug / family meeting at all times. Prioritizing must be done quickly.
3/ Imagine there are three critically ill patients in the ER and one current ICU bed. Which patient gets the ICU bed?

Imagine there are three patients all with symptoms of PE (blood clot in lungs), but there is only one scanner available to make the diagnosis. Who gets the scan?
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