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My son's teacher just sent out an email including this statement: "I want you all to know that it is not only my job, but in my nature to protect your children while they are in my care and to make sure that each and every one of them feels loved and safe while at school" 1/
I'm wondering if in that statement she is implying that she would put her life on the line for our kids. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but that's the sense I'm getting. Now I can't stop crying.Instead of teaching she needs to think about sacrificing her life for my child 2/
How are teachers supposed to teach? How are children supposed to learn? Our brains are unable to think critically when in fight/flight/freeze. Kids don't learn when they're in survival mode. Teachers can't process information when they're constantly on high alert 3/
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Setbacks happen to all of us. And things can get better. (A 🧵)

Last Thursday, I moderated a panel on #traumainformed #researchmethods featuring @aditisjoshi, @albanvillamil, and @rdietkus at @RosenfeldMedia's Advancing Research (#AR2022) conference.

[1/12] aditi joshi, Alba Villamil, Rachael Dietkus, and Matt Berniu
Together we collaboratively explored a critical topic in front of a virtual audience of hundreds of researchers and research leaders. As someone passionate about the need for all of us to embrace trauma-informed approaches, this was a highlight of my career.

And, if you had told me I was going to do this a decade ago, I would have laughed in your face and told you “my career is over.”

In March of 2012, I was at one of the lowest points in my life.

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#MemberMention! @VMunro_Law is Prof of Law at @warwickuni [& a fiercely proud Glaswegian, mum of 2, & an equal-measure fan of cake & cardio]! She’s been researching & publishing on feminist legal theory in general & law/policy responses to VAW in particular for over 2 decades!
Much of @VMunro_Law's work has looked at decision-making in sexual offence cases & focuses mostly on criminal justice contexts, though also explores responses to claims of sexual violence in family, asylum, & university discipline contexts.…
She has a particular interest in jury decision-making & #traumainformed justice! She recently worked on a major study of jury decision-making & a project exploring complainers’ experiences of receiving the ‘not proven’ verdict in Scotland! @rapecrisisscot…
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1/ Yesterday was my last day working in the #NHS. I loved my job and my team but we need to stop normalising working for stat services being a lifestyle choice and not just a job. We deserve a life outside of work too. (a thread)
2/ The NHS recruits the best people. Passionate people who care about others. With the best values. And they give their heart, their soul and their life to their work because of that. They will do what it takes to keep their NHS and the people they support afloat.
3/ this year I learnt it doesn't matter. It will never be enough. They will see you suffer, pat you on the back (or give you a clap) and tell you to crack on. It doesn't matter how resilient you are (though they'll make you think it does), how much you care or how hard you work
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Hello! It's @ReclaimCare here again.

The Independent Care Review for England aims to give an independent insight into the children’s social care system within England and bring about the change it desperately needs. 👇
As a community collective, one of our core concerns is whether the review will provide #TraumaInformed support & care to those who engage with the review itself, during & after - and how we foster community connections and support. @ReclaimCare
We also wish to highlight and share some of the concerns other care experienced people and allies have illustrated about the review

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When you want to know why
-women & minorities leave medicine
-why research lacks data to serve needs of anyone not white & male
-why different mortality rates in patients by gender, race, SES

this is why

This is #MedBikini#professionalism” again

Is insidious
but highly effective
-different access

As women, LGBTQ, minorities, disabled enter or advance in medicine, this professor’s public stance will be cited to mislabel having #ethics as “lacking #professionalism…
#medbikini is not one article
=attitude of many physicians
=drives this

We saw this happen with @ayshakhoury and @uche_blackstock and so many others. It especially happens at midcareer to WOC, especially black. Also if Muslim, LGBTQ, disabled, #mentalhealth

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Cyberstalking by faculty and administration is simply never okay. #Medbikini was not a one off.

Almost everyone, regardless of age & gender, whose bio has “#professionalism” in it or “#cybersecurity” is worth looking into as to what #ethics they disregard or violate.
#Mentalhealth is needed. Until they clean up their #ethics minoritized populations will continue to be unsafe

Torture relies on “exploiting” psychological or physiologic vulnerabilities

Some, instead of creating #health, sell services to design torture…
Conflicts of interest, especially unreported, are a massive source of ethical failure. First, clinicians should inherently know torture is unethical as well as “unprofessional”

but if they lack a moral compass or ethics, reporting COI can flag to others…
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A long thread:

Reflecting on my hospital day procedure, through a #traumainformed lens.

Yesterday I had a #gastroscopy with full sedation.

I’m also a survivor of child abuse & years of coercive psychiatric treatment, so it was a scary prospect.

Here’s my experience.

Leading up to the procedure, I was scared that somehow I’d end up with an unwanted psych consult. What if I cry too much or they just make assumptions based on my history?

This was a big fear. I almost cancelled. Thankfully, it didn’t happen.
One thing I forgot to consider was that the last time I’d been in hospital was when my Dad died, about 8w ago in January.

The second I walked into the hospital I realised, and the tears started flooding.

I didn’t plan for grief or thinking about death, but I should have.

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A school contacted me asking me to provide trauma informed trainings to their educators. I reviewed the content I planned to discuss, much of which also addresses racism and disparities in education. They indicated they were "not interested in racism stuff." #traumainforned 1/
My answer: then you are not looking to become more trauma informed. You CANNOT address trauma in schools without addressing the trauma caused by systemic, structural, and individual racism. Do not ask me to teach you something you aren't ready to learn. Absolutely not 2/
As long as Black & Latino students are expelled at 3x the rate of white students for the same behaviors, I will address racism in education. As long as Black & Latino students are not recognized for their excellence, I will address racism. Needless to say, I wasn't hired 🤷🏾‍♀️ 3/
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A virtual Improvement Directors' Network 'unconference' about the role of improvement in the new world is just starting.

We're going to be identifying practical solutions for NHS recovery - and how we help each other now. We'll share key points in this thread.
Our National Improvement Director @HughMcCaughey welcomes participants. Hugh says improvement is central to recovery, growth, and changing how we work in the future in the NHS.

.@HughMcCaughey shares a favourite proverb: "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

Hugh says this sums up the vision for the Improvement Directors' Network - working together for improvement across the NHS

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Have ~ quarter million followers on #LinkedIn & use that space to speak truth to power. Use the power of my voice including on sexual harassment vs women.

In one #healthcare setting, the board hired marketers to cyberstalk employees. Creepy. #MedTwitter…
My current institution & my alma mater have taken money from #Epstein. #Science & #academia is full of creepy types in positions of power.

It is shocking those who woo a human trafficker donor also cross the line, hire ppl to #cyberstalk own staff? #MedTwitter #AcademicTwitter
When will we start to listen to the students paying substantial tuition?

Why do students have a superior understanding of #ethics and #traumainformed #education as compared to administrators who earn millions between salary & consulting gigs?…
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Recently Briana Loomis PhD, Pooja Mhatre MPH & Stacey Blankenbaker MA of
@SF_DPH #Traumainformed Systems Initiative shared perspective on TIS during #COVID19 - trauma affects not only communities & individuals but also systems/organizations. / 1
"Trauma-reactive" orgs can be fragmented, fear-driven, feel unsafe | transform ➡️#healing org w/6 guiding principles 👇understand trauma/stress, safety/stability, #culturalhumility #equity, compassion, collaboration/empowerment, resilience/recovery important during #pandemic /2 6 guiding principles trauma informed systems
Workforce cannot sustain #traumainformed care unless workforce experiences TIS - esp important in #2020 - @SF_DPH req training for entire workforce all commit to 1 action post training. Tool for TI work life = staff survey to ID a focus /3 Trauma-informed organizations must support workforce as well
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As a physician, can say this about doctor culture in the U.S.: we are a socially stunted puerile bunch easily manipulated by sales & marketing ppl or by metrics of competition, obsessed with status, prestige, ego..

...not my doctor friends...but we hang out at the margins.
The high school level drama that plays out in hospitals, then the replica, amplified, on #MedTwitter is 😱 No wonder our profession kills so many patients when we are so busy policing on pettiness & ignoring standards of quality, safety, population health…
There are many reasons why I am hanging up the stethoscope, one of which is that I cannot in good faith go into any clinical setting and feel confident about “first do no harm” - The system is too misaligned, not driving quality, safe results

Then, the human dynamics are
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Another great episode in this series, this time touching on #academia, #class and #traumainformed understandings of distress.

I love how @themichjam's #livedexperience informs her understanding of the change we need to see in #mentalhealth systems.


"You're such an inspiration!"

"Are you safe to be here?"

On responses from mental health professionals when identifying as person with #livedexperience during guest lectures.

"Over the years, I just got angry and that's why I decided to start speaking about it"

On the choosing to share #livedexperience as a form of activism.

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About to jump into conversation with @thoughtxchng & @TahiraDChase exploring how to relaunch schools and what we've learned so far #bringpeopletgoether #backtoschool #newnormal #innovation
Launching into the drill-down session from @thoughtxchng superintendent round table: learning, reflection and crowdsourcing to move us into the new normal
Communicating & planning with the community for school relaunch: @TahiraDChase shares her takeaways from opening Greenburgh Central School. #collaboration is key
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The @OLCToday Accelerate conference program is posted. I'll be presenting a pre-conference workshop on #HumanizingOL and a discovery session on using scope of practice to support trauma aware teaching.

The pre-conference workshop is an add-on registration. Details here:…
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Keep in mind these kinds of ethical violations (& more) were what Andrew Wakefield had been allowed to get away with resulting in two decades of vaccine refusal & disease outbreaks. Yes, @VascularSVS, the is the right thing to do - accessing a database w/out permission is not ok
When people talk of "privilege" it is exactly this. Who bypasses ethical standards typically enforced by an IRB (I am a former IRB chair, as is @DrvanTilburg). There were med students & trainees on the paper being taught/incentivized (named on publication) this. #AcademicTwitter
This is much, much bigger than one paper. This is cultural. The journal has acknowledged and taken definitive action very matter of factly. Why do I make over 100 revisions and other get a pass? Why disparity in #MedEd #education publications? #MedTwitter
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I was inspired to do a bit of systems planning this morning to organize my thoughts (anxieties?) about the return to school.
After reading this article (…), I was inspired to do some systems planning (anyone who knows me knows my love of Multitiered Systems of Support/#MTSS).
What if we approached the return to school in a systemic way--that offers a both/and. For example--ALL students are provided with online, virtual instruction that teachers have had time to plan for (unlike the spring)--this is Tier 1.
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🎯If each group of 10-ish kids has an adult to help f2f and targeted instruction being delivered by expert teachers online, you MIGHT get the best of both worlds: 1 on 1 attention from a caring adult AND personalized instruction from a pro. #unlockingheroes #edutwitter
A stream of consciousness thread: A couple of things to watch out for: caring well for kids is hard. You would need volunteers/employees willing to take a crash course in #traumainformed childcare.
You've also got to get enough adults to cover all the posts f2f and online in the midst of a teacher shortage.
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I figured out what's bothering me about this image...a thread...

Where are the human stories that we'll all bring to the classroom?
Students and the shorts-wearing prof might be labeled with:
1. Lost a parent to COVID
2. Unemployed for 6 months
3. Assaulted at peaceful protest
4. Racial battle fatigue
5. Fighting daily panic attacks
I've been defining pedagogy as "our teaching choices," all of which are operate in a context. Too many of the fall plans ignore that context.

#fallplanning Image
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I am seeing a resurgence of interest in educators calling on other educators to stop pushing kids out of class, to do deep reflective work on their own implicit bias, and to implement restorative practice approache to discipline. #ClearTheAir Thread/
While I deeply appreciate the challenges educators are posing to one another, and also agree, that we as educators must call on our peers to do deep reflective work about our own internalized bias and the ways we view student “misbehavior”,
this moment calls on us to approach school safety within a larger context. In short, we need a Yes/And solution to safety, discipline and racial justice in our schools.
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I'd like to emphasize this slide in particular.

#antiracist Image
The impacts of current traumas on the work of teaching and learning, which is the work of #highered, will be massive. Massive. I really can't emphasize this enough.
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Hey #highered: talking to a reporter today about the impact of trauma on our work. What do we want her to know? What are the most pressing issues? I have some thoughts (shocker), but I'd love to know what's on your minds too.

I'll add that what I most want #highered to know is that trauma is not the sole responsibility of the counseling team. Trauma dramatically impacts both teaching and learning. It is also a pedagogical issue. It's a human issue. It is our shared responsibility across campus.
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Your fall plans need to be #traumainformed, whether you are back on campus or online or somewhere in-between.

I want to f/u on this real quick. Sometimes counselors are allowed a seat at the table. Sometimes. Even that falls short. We are institutions of teaching and learning. Trauma dramatically impacts how we teach and learn. You need someone at the table who can speak to that.
I'm hearing from too many staff/faculty that they are raising this question with leaders and being told, "Oh, Janet is handling that." Janet is the college counselor. There's one of her for 5000 students. She is not a pedagogical expert. We've got to do better.

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