🇮🇱Israeli Military Intelligence publishes "Hassan #Nasrallah's file.
“Very central, excluding others, & preoccupied w/ himself. He is a very sharp person, very intelligent. But he is very narcissistic." This is how #Israeli Military Intelligence, summarized the personal & psychological characteristics of #Hezbollah's Sec Gen, Hassan Nasrallah. 2
This is what was included in excerpts published in a Heberw newspaper from a report that will be published in full on Friday, Friday, entitled “Nasrallah's File." 3
It includes narratives from intelligence officers, as their "task is to enter the head (mind) of the Hezbollah leader, try to understand him, analyze his steps and anticipate them." 4
The report is within the framework of studying the psychological & personal worlds of the #enemy and their implications over many years, in order to help understand their effects in shaping #Nasrallah's decisions & his steps in the security & political context towards Israel. 5
This is part of its endeavors in the context of the security theory that the Jewish state adopts for survival. It is "pre-emptive prevention”. 6
The strategic researcher in the Israeli Military Intelligence, “Aman”, talks about the health aspect of #Nasrallah. It says that he needs vitamin "D" by virtue of the fact that he does not go out of the house and does not approach the windows. 7
It is not exposed to sunlight properly. This is because he is well aware that the moment he comes out, Israel will know where he is.
By virtue of his 60s, #Nasrallah is included in the category that the Corona virus poses a threat to, but he opposes American vaccines. 8
The mechanisms of communication with the leaders of security and politics in #Hezbollah: Fearing his discovery, #Nasrallah does not have a mobile phone. The messages are conveyed by his deputy, Naim Qassem, and the chairman of the Executive Council, Hashem Safi al-Din. 9
Since the assassination of those called "Hezbollah chiefs of staff," Imad Mughniyeh and Mustafa Badr al-Din, and later the assassination of the commander of the Iranian Quds Force, Qassem Soleimani... 10
...which prompted #Nasrallah to work as a "state leader, defense minister, chief of staff of the forces, commander of the region." "He is dependent on a small number of people, and he does not appoint people in high-ranking positions. 11
It is said that #Nasrallah’s success in running a large organization such as #Hezbollah lies in the fact that "after many years in leading the organization, there is what is called (the leader's spirit). 12
#Nasrallah tends to send special encrypted messages when they are security instructions. And that, in a way that makes the party's security leaders able to analyze and understand the intent and goal. 13
#Nasrallah's eldest son, Hadi, during a clash with a force from the Israeli "Iguz" unit in Lebanon in 1997.
An exchange deal was concluded during which Hadi's body was recovered in exchange for the body of an Israeli soldier. 14
The intelligence officer makes a comparison between #Hadi, the martyr, and his brother, Jawad, based on a moral criterion and a media benefit for #Nasrallah. The latter seeks to benefit in the media from the fact that he has a martyr son. 15
Nasrallah’s second son, #Jawad, caused great embarrassment to him, after the disappearance of journalist Luqman Salim, who had criticized Nasrallah strongly after the port explosion in Beirut. 16
#Jawad tweeted: "The loss of some is in fact profit and an uncalculated kindness...”. A short time later, the tweet was deleted. He apparently received a “nerve phone call,” the officer claimed. 17
#Nasrallah has difficulty dealing with the new media, as the Israeli intelligence officer claims, saying that "the criticism against him on social networks is making him crazy, because he wants to controls everything." 18
The Hebrew newspaper described #Nasrallah as "the staunchest enemy of Israel, and he heads the organization that controls Lebanon, and has tens of thousands of missiles that cover almost all of Israeli territory." 19
It is noteworthy that the Israeli intelligence service, "Aman", did not forget to mention #Nasrallah's interest in the Israeli media. The officer described him as "living the Israeli media & knowing who write, based on his interest in analyzing & studying the Israeli public. 20
In fact, the report of the Military Intelligence Division #Aman about Nasrallah's psychological features comes at this time not only to say to #Hezbollah in general and Hassan #Nasrallah in particular, we know the smallest details, we are the strongest in the war of minds." 21
🇮🇱Rather, it also comes within the framework of internal malice at this particular time, especially in light of talks of hidden differences & conflict btw the head of the #Mossad, Yossi Cohen on one hand, & the chief of staff of the #Army on the other hand. 22
The same newspaper reported a few days ago about the paradox btw the two agencies; (Aman and the Mossad) in the tracking, the evaluation and the perception of the enemy; #Iran, and its arms in the region and the best way of dealing. 23
Newspaper believed that the conclusion of the conflict behind the scenes is: If the Israeli army is the one who carries out the main part of the intel confrontation w/ #Iran, there is no reason for the head of Mossad to be the one leading & planning the policy in this matter. 24
🇮🇱Israeli Military Intelligence publishes "Hassan Nasrallah's file. (24 Tweets)

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The missiles reportedly that arrived and were buried in canals and tunnels that belonged to the ISIS organization. @coalition @CENTCOM @IDF 2/10
1️⃣First launch site, 200 meters from alleged Ain Ali shrine in the olive grove.
14 rockets & quantities of various weapons and ammunition, and is subject to heavy security guard and includes guard posts for the militia of the Abu al-Fadl al-Abbas Brigade. 3/10
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🇹🇷The Soft Power of Turkish Intelligence.
——————————————The Turkish TV production hasn’t been affected much by the pandemic, as #Turkey still produces series, & it takes an additional step towards embodying reality through the series Tashkeelat, which began March 7th. 1/15
Turkish series enjoys widespread interest in #Turkey as well as in all of the countries of the Middle East, the Caucasus and the Balkans, where they enjoy high-quality accuracy and craftsmanship, as well as financial generosity for production and a high viewership. 2/15
What is new in the series #Tashkeelat is its touching on a very sensitive topic; the Turkish #intelligence activities, & its embodiment of real events that occurred, also broadcasting scenes that actually occurred during the security & military ops in Turkey & its vicinity. 3/15
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