1. "Yesterday was such a frustrating day that by evening I had to go to bed with chest pains..."

Thread. What is a #Hybrid #VotingMachine & Why Do I Care?

#SMARTelections #ElectionProtection
2. "It started out a good day. The day before I celebrated my 14th anniversary with my husband. The cherry blossom tree we planted in the backyard was exploding in pink taffy balls, and the smell of the lilies he got me floated through the living room as I walked to my desk."
3. "From there it went downhill pretty quickly ... For the last 2 years, I have been trying to protect New York voters, and voters across the country from a particularly “bad” type of voting machine known as a “hybrid”.

What is a “hybrid” voting machine?"
#Hacking #Voting
4. "Welcome to my world. I am working full-time to stop something that most people do not even know exists.
There is so much wrong in the world right now ... it is very hard to convince people that something they’ve never heard of poses “extraordinary risks” ² to them."
5. "Let me clarify that I am not an empassioned Republican trying to overturn the 2020 election, although I admit, I understand their frustration. I am a non-partisan election advocate, and my beliefs are based on evidence and expert research."
#Nonpartisan #ElectionProtection
6. "So it’s my job right now, to persuade you to care about this. I know you are tapped out. I feel your pain. You are jaded. You’ve heard that all this huzza about voting machines is a radical disinformation campaign."
#disinformation #Election2020
7. "You have enough stress and you already are reaching for your Netflix list. Find a way to care. It matters. It’s a little technical. But it’s not that much harder than knowing if you’re using an Android or iPhone."
#Tech #DisabilityTwitter #Vote
8. "A hybrid voting machine is one that combines two functions into one machine. With cars, that turned out to be useful. With voting machines, not so much."
#ElectionSecurity #HybridVoting #Elections
9. "Hybrid voting machines combine a ballot-marking device, something that was designed to help voters with disabilities vote easily, with a scanner and tabulator...There is remarkable agreement in the election security community that this is a very dangerous design."
10. "Research indicates this type of voting machine could be programmed by malware to add, change, or omit votes on the paper ballots. This can impact, not only the tabulation of votes, but also the backup paper ballots themselves."
#Security #VotingRights #Scientific
11. "Because of this, security experts say that elections held on these voting machines “cannot be confirmed by audits.” For reliable, verifiable elections, security experts say this design is 'a disaster.' "

12. "Unfortunately, there is a complete disconnect currently between what security experts believe and what voting machine vendors do. The top 2 vendors in the U.S., ES&S and Dominion Voting Systems each have a hybrid voting system that they are selling aggressively"
13. "In the last 2 years, hybrid voting in New York has exploded — from use in three counties to use in twenty-eight."
#NewYork #Elections #Elections2021
14. "These machines are not just proliferating in New York. The hybrid voting craze is part of the equally problematic movement to use ballot-marking devices for all voters, something that at my last count is happening in at least 19 states."
#BadIdeas #Security #Elections
15. "there is a clause in the #ForThePeopleAct #HR1 #S1 that could be interpreted as mandating that every jurisdiction in the country purchase a hybrid voting machine. We have recommended the clause be changed, as part of our...suggestions for that bill." docs.google.com/document/d/1Td…
16. "Vendors like these machines because they are some of the most expensive on the market, doubling their sales income compared to other types of voting machines." cyber.pitt.edu/votingsystemsa…
#CorporateProfits #TaxPayer #Dollars
17. "In New York, as hybrid use is rising in counties, and another even worse hybrid voting machine is in the process of being certified, lawmakers have not managed to pass legislation protecting voters."
#ProtectYourVote #ItsUpToYou
18. "The press, w/ the exception of @NYDailyNews has been relatively quiet about hybrid voting machines." @nytimes managed to do an entire expose on 1 hybrid, without mentioning it was a hybrid, or that it was in the process of being certified in New York. nytimes.com/2019/11/30/us/…
19. " Perhaps you are starting to understand my pain. What yesterday, literally turned into chest pain." lulufriesdat.medium.com/yesterday-was-…
20. "As I said, we have been trying for two years to alert voters to this danger, and pass legislation protecting them." nyassembly.gov/leg/?default_f…
#Legislation #ElectionProtection #Voters
21. "If the legislative session ends without protection for voters, the entire city of New York will likely be voting on hybrid voting machines within the year. The city already requested permission to use them." smartelections.us/ess-problems#8…
#TeethGnashing #FeelMyPain #NewYorkCity
22. "Was that when the pain started? Or was it earlier when I discovered that although the New York legislature has not passed new security guidelines for voting machines in over 10 years, they have given counties twenty million dollars to buy new voting equipment."
23. "I care if my vote counts. Accurately. For the person or issue I voted for. Otherwise our entire system of government is meaningless.
I am having chest pains now. Your pain will come later, when you realize you are voting on a hybrid."
Full read here
24. "You can learn more. You can send a letter. You can make a phone call. You can follow me on Twitter. I hope that you will." smartelections.us/hybrid-voting-…
26. Link from the article: Design flaw in Dominion ImageCast Evolution voting machine
Article about hybrid voting machine #ImageCastEvolution or #ICE machine by #AndrewAppel Computer Science Professor at Princeton
27. More links:
Ballot-Marking Devices Cannot Ensure the Will of the Voters
official link
free version
by #AndrewAppel
@rad_atl & @philipbstark
28. I had a special request for this - it's a 2-part video investigation of hybrid voting machines that explains a lot. smartelections.us/dominion-ice#8…
#Hybrid #VotingMachines #Hacking #ElectionSecurity #ElectionProtection #VotingRights

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#HR1 #S1 #Amendments - all passed today
includes a new amendment to study #Blockchain voting
amendment #39
Directs the Election Assistance Commission (@EACgov) to conduct a study regarding the use of blockchain technology to enhance voter security in Federal elections.
Requires a sufficient number of ballot marking machines equipped for individuals with disabilities, as defined by the Election Assistance Commission in consultation with the Access Board and the National Institute of Standards and Technology, for all in person voting options.
9. Bourdeaux (GA)
...ensures that the number of drop boxes and geographical distribution of drop boxes provide a reasonable opportunity for voters to submit their ballot; permits for the security of drop boxes through remote or electronic surveillance.
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17 Dec 20
#SolarWinds hack. Thread.
1. Dominion Voting Systems, a voting machine vendor used in #Election2020, is a Solar Winds client. It does not use Orion, the product at the center of the hack. via attorney Paul Lehto

Solar Winds list of clients is now hidden solarwinds.com/company/custom…
2. Unknown if #hacking investigation is expanding to all #SolarWinds clients, like Dominion Voting Systems.
#ElectionSecurity #ElectionProtection #Election2020results
3. "early signs indicate the reach of the stealthy supplychain attack will have substantial aftershocks; #SolarWinds claims to have 300,000 customers, inc. /National Security Agency all 5 branches of the U.S. military & entities in /health tech telecommunications media & finance"
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31 Aug 20
Thread 1.
#LosAngeles Done listening to 3 hours of testimony & public comments about the LA Voting System. Incredible that in all that time not a single member of the public testified with any kind of enthusiasm for the voting system. #VSAP #SecurityFail #LaVotes #SMARTelections
2. Instead ppl noted:
- The #VotingMachine can print on the paper ballot after the voter casts it potentially changing votes.
- The method that #security experts recommend: #HandMarkedPaperBallots is not being offered.
- the system is tabulating #QRcodes, something banned in CO
3. I noted: The new system makes it impossible to audit and/or recount. A group that wanted to recount a race that was won by 16 votes was unable to - because of the cost estimate of 200k due to the way the new system stores ballots. presstelegram.com/2020/05/11/lon… #DontCertifyVSAP
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23 Aug 20
Thread. 1. #ElectionProtection. What's the most important thing you're going to do today? Sign up to get ongoing Election Protection training. Reports predict #Election2020 may be "marked by a chaotic legal & political landscape" Will you be prepared?
2. Does it matter if you get training? Yes. "We face a period of contestation/from the 1st day a ballot is cast/until 1/20/20. The winner may not, & we assess likely will not, be known on 'election night'." If you are prepared & ready - you can help. assets.documentcloud.org/documents/7013…
3. @SMART_elections collaborating w/ @ScrutineersUS
is providing important #ElectionProtection training every other Tues. It's the foundation you need to #DefendOurDemocracy. On YouTube: 8/25 7pm ET here.

We've got to train to be ready for #Election2020
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