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Thread. 1. Reposting these images now with the title
"Iowa Math is the #NewMath." In my original post I called these #RoundingErrors. But they are not errors. This is exactly the way the Iowa Democratic Party wants the votes to be counted. #IowaCaucus
2. From my post: "Because of the way the math was done at the caucuses, many precincts wound up with an extra delegate that got 'assigned' to one of the candidates at the end of the caucus. We were able to look at worksheets from 18 precincts that were posted on Twitter." #Iowa
3. "We found a strange process where numbers below .5 were being rounded up in multiple precincts. 6 of the precincts (1/3) had the unusual 'rounding up.' Of the 6 precincts with the "rounding up" - 4 were given to Buttigieg, 2 to Biden, and 1 to Warren. #IowaCaucuses #NewMath
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#ElectionSecurity funding will NOT actually have to be used for Election Security.
$425M allocated in bill to be announced later today.
"the funding deal used the language in the Senate version" which has NO #security requirements.… via @jennycohn1
@jennycohn1 2/ Why is this bad? Because states will be pressured by vendors to buy risky & expensive #votingmachines that do not protect voters or #taxpayers. Plz call members of the appropriations committee & ask them to include the language from #HR3351.
@jennycohn1 3/ What is #HR3351? It's the 2020 govt. funding bill that passed the House. It's a massive bill that includes $ & #security requirements to help protect #Election2020.…

Here is the language that relates to #ElectionSecurity.
#SMARTelections @jennycohn1
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#Security for #Election2020 is at stake right now.
1) #ElectionSecurity is for our national defense. It is worth investing in.
2) If we do not have security REQUIREMENTS w/funding some states will spend poorly. That is bad for tax payers & bad for voters. #SMARTelections
At our #Senate briefing on #ElectionSecurity we brought national experts on #computer systems, #security and #audits together to demonstrate why it's critically important that congressional funding for election security includes REQUIREMENTS for security.…
3/ How EASY is it to change election results? #Princeton Prof of #Computer Science AndrewApppel says it's basic. Voting machines are computers. Computers can be programmed to run malware. It could be done w/ a USB stick & via modem.
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1) Consult with #cybersecurity experts
2) Do what they say
House bill #HR3351 says "the voter shall have the option to mark his or her ballot by hand." That's good. That's what the majority of cybersecurity experts recommend.
Senate bill #SecureElectionsAct sets up a panel of "independent experts on #ElectionSecurity" then fills it with ppl who are NOT #security experts. If you have to have heart surgery - do you want a surgeon or a hospital admin?
3/6 The #SecureElectionsAct has #bipartisan support, but contrary to current narrative it is NOT less intrusive to states - just less effective. It still sets up standards - but instead of specific ones, they are undefined & will be determined later by a panel of non-security ppl
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Thread. BIG NEWS the Voluntary Voting System Guidelines 2.0 #cybersecurity working group is going to recommend NO #Wi-Fi & NO #Internet capability for #voting systems. This does not include #epollbooks but does include tabulators & election management systems. @secureourvotes
This is not a done deal, but it is a good step! The working group recommendations will be given to the Technical Guidelines Development Committee this Fri & they (the TGDC) may vote on these recs (could be up/down) then (supposedly) they go to the EAC for a public comment period.
Keep in mind that even if the EAC adopts these guidelines - they are still VOLUNTARY. States can choose to disregard them, or follow some & not others. Also the recommendation is not for the Wi-Fi capability to be removed, but instead permanently disabled due to cost of removal.
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Securing America’s Elections Part II: Oversight of Government Agencies #ElectionSecurity hearings supposed to be starting now by the House #JudiciaryCommittee
Strong priorities stated by #MattMasterson from @CISAgov but a focus on detecting interference will not detect insider rigging.
@CISAgov @EACgov Hovland saying states do not have the resources they need to protect #elections. And Election Assistance Commission budget is less than some cities spend on potholes.
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Excited to announce we have an offer of up to $5,000 in matching funds for $$ raised via our GoFundMe thru the end of Sept! $ raised so far will be included! Thx to those who donated! Can you plz give as much as you can today to support #ElectionSecurity!…
2. Your donation will help me edit/distribute footage of #hackers dominating #election equipment from the @VotingVillageDC at #DEFCON27. #Voting machines & #registration databases from all over US were hacked/ all of it is in use. This port? easy to #hack.…
3. Your donation also supports my writing - like the op-ed I wrote for #TheHill describing what easy pickings our #voting machines are for #hackers.… The piece was shared almost 3k times.…
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Voting machines are “losing” votes from predominantly black neighborhoods. To learn more about this situation, related concerns re: voting system vulnerabilities, & what WE can do to protect our votes, pls attend the #NN19 election-security panel tomorrow at 9 am! #SMARTelections
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🔥 GA, SC, NJ, DE, & counties in PA, WI, OH, TX, KY, IN, KS, CA, & NY, are rejecting unhackable HAND marked paper ballots in favor of hackable MACHINE marked printouts from machines supplied by vendors who sweeten the pot w/ gifts to lawmakers & officials. Learn more. ⬇️ #NN19 1/
3/ Florida just passed a law to enable the state to join these other jurisdictions in rejecting unhackable HAND marked paper ballots in favor of hackable MACHINE marked printouts from the vendors’ new machines. This is a critical topic that the national media has barely touched!
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Pls attend this Netroots election-security panel to learn:

* How vendors of risky new voting equipment are corrupting election officials with gifts & thus endangering the 2020 election;

* What VOTERS & CAMPAIGNS can & must do to help secure our elections. #NN19 #SMARTelections
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Pls attend this election-security panel to learn about:

* The voting machines in the South that are “losing” votes from predominantly black neighborhoods,
* Voting machine vulnerabilities,
* Voting machine vendor corruption,
* What VOTERS can do to protect our elections! TY!
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Voting machines in the South are “losing” votes from predominantly black neighborhoods. To learn more about this situation, related concerns re: voting system vulnerabilities, & what WE can do to protect our elections, pls attend this election-security panel at @Netroots_Nation!
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Please watch Professor Andrew Appel explain to the New York State Board of Elections why it and other state election boards should ban hybrid voting systems. TY. #SMARTelections #ProtectOurVotes #BanHybridVoting
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Voters! The Deadline for this election-security Action is TODAY! Pls use #SMARTelections’s template (below) to email the EAC asking it to NOT certify voting systems that involve barcode voting, hybrid voting, DRE voting, or wireless, remote, or internet connections! Pls reply ✅
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New York! The NYS Bd of Elections meeting & pre-meeting protest of “hybrid” barcode voting systems is TODAY at noon! Pls do this cut-and-paste letter created by #SMARTelections ASAP! Pls reply ✅. Instructions below. TY! #BanHybridVoting #BanBarcodeVoting
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PA! This is the hybrid barcode voting system that @PhillyVotes recently certified. @PhilaController is investigating the contract w/ the vendor, ES&S.

🔥 NY: This is the system that the NYS Elections Board may soon certify. #SMARTelections is protesting TOMORROW in Albany! 1/
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New York! The NYS Bd of Elections meeting & pre-meeting protest of “hybrid” barcode voting systems is TOMORROW! Pls do this cut-and-paste letter created by #SMARTelections TODAY so we can bring copies! Pls reply ✅. Instructions below. TY! #BanHybridVoting #BanBarcodeVoting
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Pls attend the June 6 #ElectionSecurityActionNY! You can buy one of these shirts at the Action & help stop NY state from certifying a risky new #BarcodeVoting system.

There will be a bus or carpools leaving NYC at 7:00 AM, returning 7:30 PM.

🔥 RSVP:…
If you will need transportation or can drive others, please email 2/
If you don’t want to RSVP on Facebook, you can do it here on EventBrite!… 3/
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Please RSVP for the June 6 #ElectionSecurityActionNY! You can buy one of these t-shirts at the Action & help stop NY state from certifying a dangerous new #BarcodeVoting system. TY!

🔥 RSVP here:…

#SMARTelections #HandMarkedPaperBallots #BanBarcodeVoting
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🔥 New York!: Plz join #SMARTelections at the June 6 meeting of the NYS Bd of Elections & pre-meeting rally.

The BOE plans to certify a “hybrid” voting system that can change ur paper ballot after it’s cast! We plan to stop it!

To RSVP, see post 2.… 1/
Election-Security Rally & Protest
June 6, 11:00 AM
40 North Pearl St, Albany, NY

NY State Board of Elections Meeting
June 6, 12:00 PM
40 North Pearl St, 5th Floor, Albany, NY

3/ You can alternatively register here:…
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🔥New York! On June 6, pls oppose certification of ES&S's ExpressVote XL barcode voting system by attending:

*The state BOE meeting at noon; &
*The 11:00 AM #SMARTelections rally.

ES&S's current NYC contract was the subject of a CRIMINAL PROBE, & its lobbyist was INDICTED. 1/
2/ Here's a link to the story in post 1 about @PreetBahara's criminal probe of ES&S's contract with New York City in 2010, and the indictment of ES&S's New York lobbyist.…
3/ From 2010: "Two Republican elections commissioners confirmed receiving subpoenas seeking information about the Jan. 5 vote that gave [ES&S] a more than $50 million…
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🔥 Pls email the federal Election Assistance Commission asking them to issue new guidelines that:

#BanDREVotingMachines #BanBarcodeVoting

Details & links in post 2, below. Pls reply ✅ TY! #ProtectOurVotes 1/…
2/ #SMARTelections has written a proposed email with a link to the EAC’s email comment form here. The letter largely echoes the goals set forth in my article in post 1. cc: @LuluFriesdat…
3/ Pls also send a copy of your email to the #SMARTelections website as described in here. Thanks again!…
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New York is poised to certify touchscreen ballot marking devices that put voters’ selections into an unverifiable barcode & can’t be reliably audited. The vendor is ES&S, which has donated $30K to the GOP since 2013. Decision June 6! #BanBarcodeVoting 1/…
2/ Article about the dangers of barcode voting.…
3/ The ExpressVote XL, which New York is about to certify, is not only a barcode voting system, but also a “hybrid” voting system. Hybrids can change your paper ballot after you cast it & can’t be reliably audited!…
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🔥 Plz join me & #SMARTelections on June 6 in Albany, NY to demand #HandMarkedPaperBallots & to protest #BarcodeVoting.

For details & to RSVP, please see If u can get to NYC, we can get u to and from the event. TY! 1/
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