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Mixed signals don't exist. She's not interested. If she's interested the level of attention & investment she'll be giving you will be off the charts to the point where it's s bit creepy. You won't wonder what to text her cause she'll positively respond to anything you send
She'll respond immediately to your texts, she'll be looking forward to hearing from you. Always available for you. She'll even initiate convos. Logistic arrangements (dates, sleepovers), she'll be cooperative. Because she very much wants to be part of your world
Escalation attempts (being physical e.g kisses, holding hands, ultimately sex) will be accepted. She'll do all the work for you & takeout the guesswork. If a woman is genuinely interested in you'll know. It's a night & day difference when you are & aren't a girls top option
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#Chainlink #LINK $LINK has not been talked about enough imo. Not speaking about price but how it positioned itself so well and still such a big part of crypto-people don't see it, don't understand it and are not buying it (yet). Let me summarize a few thinks here
The OG marines made soo much money because they did understand something very unique very early on. Understanding this early takes one to have a great filter, knowledge of the crypto landscape and patience. The OGs did understand or see what actually made smart contracts
valuable or how they would look like in the proposed whitepapers of early layer one blockchains and early literature of different type of distributed ledger technology. You would have to understand the different types of decentralization that exist, not just PoW decentralization
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There is still a massive misconception I see regarding #Chainlink. Unpopular opinion (amongst non-marines) The #LINK token is AT LEAST as much 'oil' as #Ether is. The "customers" of $LINK are not defi users. It's all defi protocols consuming any kind of data
There are people saying Chainlink isn't growing. Chainlink doesn't have a big userbase. Chainlink network usage is dead. I am looking at Aave, Synthetix and co. and thinking "what the fuck r u talking about?" The total value locked and the userbase of all of these defi protocols
ARE Chainlink customers. THIS IS Chainlink usage. It is below all of these defi protocols when it comes to the pyramid. It is *more* foundation than anything else. When total value locked for $SNX and $LEND goes up x100 within the next 2 years then this is directly growing #LINK
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#Nazionale - #Sondaggio @HarrisPoll
@JoeBiden 56% (+12)
@realDonaldTrump 44%
Campione: 1.886 elettori registrati su base nazionale
Data: 17-18 giugno 2020
Margine di errore: n/a (da noi stimato +/- 2%)
#Montana - #Sondaggio University of Montana.
@realDonaldTrump (R-inc.) 52,3% (+14,4)
@JoeBiden (D) 37,9%
Indecisi 9,8%
@stevebullockmt (D) 47,3% (+4,3)
@SteveDaines (R-inc.) 43,0%
Indecisi 9,7%
Campione: 517 RV
Data: 17-26/06/20
MoE: +/- 4,31%
#Michigan - Sondaggio @ppppolls per @ProgressMich.
@JoeBiden 50% (+6)
@realDonaldTrump 44%
Altri 5%
Indecisi 1%
Campione: 1.237 RV
Data: 26-27 giugno 2020
Margine di errore: n/a (da noi stimato +/- 3%)
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/16/2020-2…

Capitalism's Case for Abolishing Billionaires - Evonomics…

#billionaires #capitalism
Using Evolutionary Social Science to Deal with Pandemics - Evonomics…

#social #coronavirus #evolutionary #complexity
Petroyuan’s stature grows on Shanghai exchange, helping world’s largest energy importer cut dependence on US dollars | South China Morning Post…

#petroyuan #oil #energy
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I did not expect #Maker to add #LINK as collateral, but I'm also not surprised. It makes a whole lot of sense that, after #ETH and #DAI, LINK is the very next coin they want to add as THE collateral for the biggest ETH #stablecoin system. Here is why:
As collateral, you wan't something that is safe in the long run, that is not volatile and based on far fetched / high speculative value. You wan't something with high liquidity and a bit 'cash flow'. Unlike most ERC20, #Chainlink is not fueling new/different blockchains that
compete with Ethereum on the smart contract marketshare (which it has over 95% already). Chainlink does not compete with the Stablecoins where Tether alone has about 90% marketshare. Chainlink is a new 'thing', a new 'category' and serves the purpose of
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1/ Far too many self taught experts are calling for #Crypto to save us from the current worldwide economic downturn. However, I consider this as nothing more than a pipe dream. Here are my reasons why.

#1 Crypto has zero investor protection
2/ Crypto markets are still the Wild West. Exchanges perform 0 risk assessment before letting people do 100x leveraged trades. There are no circuit breakers. No ban on wash trading, spoofing & exchanges trading against their own customers.
A few hedge funds may dabble in crypto
3/ But such a market isn’t going to make old money pull out from traditional markets & go all in on crypto

#2: None of the projects are ready for prime time

As much as crypto fanatics hate to admit this, it’s the truth. #BTC and #ETH aren’t scalable & are nothing more than PoCs
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1/ Just wanted to state the obvious, even though I think the majority has no clue whats going on. #Finance, #Business, #Banks, the #economy as we know it has finally collapsed, well the governments might be able to hold it out a little more because most people are so blind.
2/ While Governments are spreading massive fear about #coronavirus, there are worse things happening behind the scenes. Don’t get me wrong, Corona is bad. They always use fear to control us when they lose control, it makes us think irrational, and more reliant to the governments.
3/ The global system collapse has already started. Ive been calling for a system collapse for a decade, now its finally unraveling. People always laugh it off, call me crazy and what not. Presented this for a huge company over a year ago called WESTCON Yards – response was laughs
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I see the (#ETH) public chain private chain debate the same way as centralized/internal #oracles and decentralized oracles (#LINK). Companies started using private chains, as it's easier to test with, it's private from the competition and they have higher throughput right now.
Endgoal is still public chain. This is very clear and specifically confirmed by market leaders like #EY's Paul Brody recently again, #Gartner and #Capgemini. The real value of immutable ledger and end-to-end secure smart contracts lies with the open, decentralized way.
It just takes time till companies can/should use public chain. Privacy is one condition to be met before this happens for example.

Just as these companies test around with private #ethereum chains, they test around with private/centralized smart oracles.
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To all involved in #crypto and not, DO NOT ignore this tweet

I was introduced to #bitcoin and #ethereum 5 years ago.
I even wrote my thesis on tokenizing real assets onto the #blockchain.

All I have to say is #Tezos! See threads below

$xtz #btc #eth #xmr #xrp $trx $btc
1/ #Tezos , #xtz is a decentralized blockchain that governs itself and it establishes a true digital commonwealth.
While #ethereum, is undergoing two fork, $xtz is upgrading its protocol by using voting on the blockchain.
Currently this is the 5th successful upgrade, #Babylon
2/ #Tezos is the first production-scale multi billion dollar asset tokenization project on the #blockchain.
Currently over $5 billion of assets ready in the pipeline for Q1 to be tokenized on the #xtz blockchain.

$btc $ltc $eth $eos $xtz $xmr $xrp $iot $neo $trx $ada $atom $tomo
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#linux #bash #path #obfuscation
goal: obfuscate /etc/passwd
1) #directorytraversal: /mnt/././../etc/././passwd
2) escape characher: /etc/.\/\/\/\/\/passwd /etc/.\/.\/.\/.\/passwd /\e\t\c/passwd
3) null character /et$'c/pa\u0000/notexist/path'sswd
#path #obfuscation using #symbolic #link
ln -s / anything
head -n 2 anything////../etc/passwd

ln -s ../../ wow
head -n 2 ././wow/../etc/passwd

* ../ after a sym link applies to the sym link not the current path
filename expansion #globbing

cat /et*/pa**wd

command expansion
$(echo /e)tc$(echo /pa*)wd

+ other string obfuscation techniques
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