61/. Human rights lawyer & husband of ex-PM, Cherie Blair has been revealed as ‘ethics advisor’ to NSO, the Israeli firm that sold #PegasusSpyware to human rights abusing govts

NSO are implicated in facilitating the murder of Jamal Kashoggi. #Pegasus thetimes.co.uk/article/cherie…
62/. On Saturday, we mark the 4th anniversary of the murder of #DaphneCaruanaGalizia

At the time, she was investigating the Panama Papers & links btw SCL/#CambridgeAnalytica & Henley Ptnrs

There are vigils in Malta & London

@Europarl_EN has a journalism award in her honour. ImageImageImageImage
63/. In times of greater repression the job of journalists becomes more vital than ever: more vital & more dangerous

It’s in the interest of the corrupt & powerful to silence effective media

Today we mark 4 years since the murder of #DaphneCaruanaGalizia
64/. The idea for the #DaphneProject came about 4 years ago based on the idea: “You can kill a journalist but you can’t kill a story”

Fittingly, ystdy #PegasusProject investigation, led by @FbdnStories, won the #DaphneCaruanaGalizia prize for journalism awarded by @Europarl_EN ImageImage
65/. #BREAKING: India’s Supreme Court has set up an independent expert committee to investigate the use of #PegasusSpyware against journalists, opposition MP’s & others.

“This is a huge vindication of #PegasusProject investigation. Let the inquiry begin!” @svaradarajan
#Pegasus Image
66/. Getting away with murder

Today is Intnl Day to #EndImpunity for Crimes against Journalists

The vast majority of journalist killings go unpunished

@pressfreedom reveals 226 journalists were murdered with impunity in the last decade

@globalfreemedia ipi.media/impunity-day-i…
67/. Around the world, investigative journalists face threats & intimidation

Impunity in cases of murdered journalists undermines #pressfreedom.

A threat to press freedom is a threat to ALL our freedoms.
#EndImpunity @UNESCO @pressfreedom @hrw @RSF_inter
68/. #BREAKING: NSO Group placed on a US blacklist by @JoeBiden admin after it determined the #PegasusSpyware maker has acted “contrary to the US foreign policy & national security interests”
@skirchy in @guardian @FbdnStories #PegasusProject @AmnestyTech theguardian.com/us-news/2021/n…
69/. The #PegasusProject has been awarded a @RSF_inter award for its impact

But what had the impact been so far?👇

Well done @FbdnStories @AmnestyTech @citizenlab @guardian @haaretzcom @lesoir @DIEZEIT @proceso @direkt36 @OCCRP @thewire_in @frontlinepbs
70/. “NSO Group is in crisis,” according to @HowellONeill in @techreview

“They are struggling & failing to reverse US sanctions & are $500 million in debt. There is doubt at the highest levels about their future”
#Pegasus #PegasusSpyware #pegasusproject
71/. NSO's #Pegasus spyware has been repeatedly used by abusive govts to target peaceful human rights defenders, activists & critics

86 NGOs & independent experts are now asking the EU to #SanctionNSO & ban all use of its technologies
@hrw #PegasusSpyware hrw.org/news/2021/12/0…
72/. The mobile phone of Kamel Jendoubi a UN-backed investigator who was examining possible war crimes by the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen was targeted with spyware made by Israel’s NSO Group. #PegasusProject #Pegasus #PegasusSpyware #SaudiArabia
73/. @AmnestyTech confirms @citizenlab's finding that Polish Senator @KrzysztofBrejza was hacked with #PegasusSpyware during the 2019 parliamentary election campaign

Ruling party chair admits buying #Pegasus but denies it was used for political purposes!
74/. These revelations show the need for govts to stop non-human rights compliant forms of surveillance & for a global moratorium on the export, sale, transfer & use of surveillance equipment, 'til a human rights-compliant regulatory framework is in place.
75/. Israeli police 'used #Pegasus spyware to hack phones of citizens'

"These revelations are further proof that journalists, politicians, lawyers, activists & human rights defenders are all at risk from secretive surveillance," Gil Naveh @AmnestyIsrael middleeasteye.net/news/pegasus-s…
76/. As Israeli spyware dealer NSO Group is facing renewed scrutiny over the abuse of its #Pegasus WhatsApp hacking tools, an US startup - secretly backed by #Palantir’s Peter Thiel - could also rptly hack WhatsApp

Palantir run the NHS #Covid data store.
77/. "This is an earthquake"

According to @calcalist, Israel police used NSO's Pegasus spyware against top govt officials, journalists & activistsmall without a court order. (via @haaretzcom)
78/. Today, the @DalaiLama tweeted:

“Whether science or religion is constructive or destructive depends on our motivation & whether we are guided by moral principles”

Last year, it emerged that the Dalai Lama’s closest advisers & staff were potential targets of Pegasus spyware. Image
79/. The words of the @DalaiLama echo Carl Sagan’s warning:

“We’ve arranged a society based on science & technology, in which nobody understands anything about science & technology. This combustible mixture of ignorance & power, sooner or later, is going to blow up in our faces”
80/. “OK! I admit it! I had a toke on the spliff, but I never inhaled”

Last week, the FBI finally admitted that it tested NSO Pegasus spyware, but the agency claims “it had not been used in support of any investigation”. #PegasusSpyware #NSOGroup #Israel
81/. “If 2022 is to be a year of reckoning for the wider spyware industry, then govts must prioritize strengthening domestic laws against surveillance & accountability mechanisms & revamp procurement & export controls” @amnesty’s @ErikaGuevaraR #Pegasus
82/. "These new findings increase concerns, not only for politicians, but for the whole of Poland’s civil society" @amnestyPL

@AmnestyTech's Security Lab uncovered evidence of #Pegasus spyware targeting people linked to #Poland's political opposition👇
83/. Worried about cyber-attacks?

Want to keep yourself as digitally secure as possible?

These might not be able to protect you from sophisticated #PegasusSpyware type attacks, but
here are 8 tips to help.
#Pegasus #CyberAttack #cyberattacks Image
84/. "Once it owns your phone, it owns everything..."

A new video from @amnesty reveals how @AmnestyTech’s Security Lab & @FbdnStories helped uncover the #PegasusProject spyware scandal 👀
#Pegasus #PegasusSpyware #Pegases2022 amnesty.org/en/latest/news…
85/. Journalists at #IJF22, make sure you check out this👇

The #Pegasus Project: A worldwide collaboration to counter a global crime' with @amnesty’s @Ingleton @laurentrichard0 @sandrinerigaud & @svaradarajan. #PegasusSpyware #PegasusProject @FbdnStories
86/. Senior officials at the European Commission were targeted last year with #PegasusSpyware designed by Israeli surveillance firm

They included @dreynders
the former European Justice Commissioner #PegasusProject #Pegasus @FbdnStories @AmnestyTech @hrw
87/. Unbeknownst to him, the phone of Greek journalist @nasoskook was under surveillance for 10 weeks

Who was using this spyware tool, Predator to monitor this @insidestory_gr journalist?

@e_triantafillou & @telloglou report

An investigation is needed. insidestory.gr/article/who-wa…
88/. “The Spanish govt needs to come clean over whether or not it is a customer of NSO Group. It must also conduct an investigation into the use of #PegasusSpyware against the Catalans identified in our #Pegasus investigation”
@amnesty @AmnestyTech #Spain amnesty.org/en/latest/news…
89/. Boris Johnson told that his Downing St office has been targeted with “multiple” suspected infections using #PegasusSpyware the hacking software made by Israeli NSO group

@RonanFarrow reports that the FCO was hacked at least 5 times in 2020/21

@citizenlab links hacks to UAE ImageImageImageImage

• • •

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Apr 18
The PM breaking #COVID19 lockdown rules then lying about it is serious

But there are MUCH bigger scandals than #Partygate (many of which I broke)

5/3/20 - #TakeItOnTheChin #HerdImmunityScandal

3/2/20 #GreenwichSpeech👇

15/5/20 #CarehomeScandal

👉the #DataGrab / #PalantirPlan
For me, my investigation began by chance on 8/3/20 when I stumbled on @BorisJohnson’s interview with @Schofe & @hollywills where he said “one theory is we could #TakeItOnTheChin

I clipped it & it went viral

Ironically, this was also the same day as first Briton died of #COVID
As #COVID19 hit, every epidemiologist/virologist made clear #HerdImmunity without a vaccine was an “outcome” not a “strategy”

Every behaviourist made clear “behavioural fatigue” was unscientific

Every expert knew about asymptomatic spread in Feb 2020

Then the penny dropped
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Apr 7
Good morning!

Next month is #WPFD22

If you’re at #IJF22, please add your voice to @amnesty’s #WPFD call to #FreeJulianAssange

I’ll be filming vox pops in Perugia

Whistleblowers, publishers & journalists are vital in holding govts to account. #Assange
“Perugia is great. The #IJF22 is great but let’s not forget about Julian Assange”

Today at the @journalismfest, we’d like to ask you a simple yes/no question

“Do you think that the US government’s indictment poses a grave threat to press freedom?” WPFD22
Here at the @journalismfest in Perugia, we are giving each journalist an Easter egg & asking them if they think that the US government’s attempt to “eggs-tradite” #JulianAssange poses a grave threat to press freedom

Do far the answer has been a unanimous “yes”!
#IJF22 #Assange
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Apr 3
#Hungary’s Orban - with his anti-Western, ultra-conservative, anti-LGBTQ worldview - made no secret of his closeness to Putin

Indeed, Russia is one of his role models

But following the #Ukraine️ invasion, will this be his undoing in today’s elections?
“We don't want #Hungary to be a diverse country. We want to be how we were 1,100 years ago”

#Orban said this in 2019, harking back with nostalgia to that golden era...known as the Dark Ages!

Like other populists, stoking culture war has been a key tactic
In 2017, Bannon invited Farage to help to create a global network of ‘populist nationalists’

He mentions Modi, Orban, Sisi, & Duterte but Trump, Bolsanaro, & @BorisJohnson were no doubt in his mind

Could an #Orban defeat mark the start of the fight back?
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Apr 2
1/. Tomorrow, voters in #Hungary will go to the polls

#Orban, who installed what he calls “illiberal democracy” is running for his fifth term

He controls public television

His allies dominate private media

Voters are inundated with pro-Orban coverage
2/. Ahead of the European elections, virtually all Hungary's newspapers ran the same front page Orban interview

Research found that 77% of political & public affairs media is financed by sources decided by ruling Fidesz party

These tactics are part of the authoritarian playbook Image
3/. Fascism experts like @TimothyDSnyder, believe politicians around the world are reviving century-old fascist tactics

They use populist rhetoric to stir-up divisions & harness the power of tech, big data & social media to win power & reshape narratives.
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Mar 23
Incredible optical illusion!

When you zoom in, you realise that these black horses are actually the shadows of Zebras

The photo by Beverly Joubert - taken above the shallow waters of the Makgadikgadi Pan, a salt pan Botswana - won @NatGeo’s Wildlife Photo of the Year in 2018.
This photo of camels in the deserts of Oman creates a similar optical illusion

Taken from a motorized paraglider by photographer George Steinmetz in 2005, the illusion works because the sun in very low, casting a long shadow.
And here👇a family of elephants cast long shadows across a dry floodplain as they head towards the waters of a nearby river in Zambia

Their shadows are clearer than the animals themselves, who seem to blend into the sand below them

(Pic by wildlife photographer, Marc Mol, 2014)
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Feb 18
1/. In the face of authoritarian rule, what can you to do?

Some will join the oppressors

Others will keep their heads down, hoping the horrors will pass

A brave few will choose the path of resistance

Libertas Haas-Heye & Harro Schulze-Boysen count amongst those courageous few Image
2/. There are a handful of well-known Germans who tried to stop Hitler

Claus von Stauffenberg’s attempt to blow up Hitler

Georg Elser, the lone wolf who tried to assassinate the führer

Sophie Scholl, executed for handing out leaflets

But Harro & Libertas are less well known ImageImageImageImage
3/. Harro & Libertas were a young couple at the heart of the largest German resistance group ever to oppose Hitler

He worked in the intelligence service of the Reich Air Ministry

She was a family friend of Hermann Göring

They risked everything...but they were doomed to fail Image
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