Therapist 🧵: #Narcissistic Fixated Stalking. #Stalking is illegal in almost every country in the world, but that doesn't mean those who are stalked get the help they need. Stalking is on the Increase due to social media, lack of knowledge by law enforcement as to what #illegal
To do with them, their high levels of manipulation & the law not keeping up with current times. Clusters B's are well known for stalking & taking revenge when they don't get what they want from you. Narcissists & psychopaths are even known to kill your pets.
They may contact your employee With outright lies, stalk you both online & offline & accuse you of stalking them. Stalking is something narcissists (and other cluster B's) love to engage in. It gives them power, control & yes, entertainment #dysfunctional
Some examples of Narcissitic stalking include: setting up cameras to watch or follow you, setting up fake social media accounts to watch you, using tracking apps to know where you are, Setting up cameras in the home or a workplace to follow you & video you #control #power
using other people to keep tabs on you, hiring investigators to follow you. Pretending to be someone else online to develop a friendship with you, utilising the 'system' to abuse you by making false complaints about you, contacting you work, your family, your friends #lies
your exes, to use information against you, spread false rumour and/or harm you, In any way possible. They may follow you both in real life & online. They will find any way they can to harass, stalk, seek revenge & make your life a living hell #toxic #fixated
They are known for being on 'fixated' litigious lists, are highly litigious, make multiple false complaints, use the system To harass or make your life difficult. This stalking revenge occurs after a Narcissitic injury, being told "NO", setting your boundaries. #psychosis
They may send repeated texts, emails, phone calls, drive-bys, make up fake social media groups about you, designed to discredit you, fabricate materials that belong #stealing
To you, hack your phone or hack into your computer. They are notorious for projection & will accuse you of stalking, being a fraud, abusing them. What they are doing is telling you what they are doing #projection
Some partners are known for videoing their partners (without their knowledge) & uploading those videos to the internet. Cyberstalking is very common. The narcissist is unable to move on and may continue the stalking for years & years. Some of my clients have been stalked for
To 10 or more years. A restraining order is. It effective however is is the start of their 'record'. Their pattern don't change & their behaviours eventually catch ip to them. These behaviors are a crime & cause distress, ptsd, for the victim. If you have been through
This experience, I can help you from both personal & client experiences. There is specialised help out there. You make make an appointment with me at
To understand, the narcissist is obsessed with you. They maybe narcissistic or #autistic & OCD or #clusterB The obsession is long-teen, intense, pervasive & protracted. Why are they so obsessed & fixated? They have no core self or inner value so they have to their value from
The external. Anything that feeds their ego is game. It is a predator/prey toxic game to the narcissist. #Stalking fixatedness & obsession is their 'oxygen'. There is NO sense of caring, empathy, love, concern for the other human being. They often act in 'parasitic'
Ways, attaching themselves to you, or a group. They ONLY attach themselves to you take from you, to gain information, to use you. It starts with love Bombing & then ends with discarding. They most always have #OCD They feel like they own you & you are an object to them 🚩
They have a #psychological need to be powerful important & in control of everybody in their sphere. They engage in
Splitting' - you are either all good or all bad. This is a #toxic defence mechanism. They do not see context, nuance or complications of people.
They demonise you. You can do no right. That was after they put you on the pedestal love you can only do right. They will then use their flying monkeys or #narcissistic agents to do their dirty work for them. Introspection self reflection or self-awareness are non-existent
They avoid shame, guilt, taking responsibility or taking accountability for any of their actions & they will blame you for everything they have done. They have a one sided story only about you & expect others to be on their side & agree with them #accoutability #noempathy
Remember they are black-and-white inflexible thinkers & they are always right. They make you the bad guy & they are the eternal #victim They invert, Twist distort & exaggerate what really happened. Up to 80% of domestic violence #abusers engage in stalking. They likely will #DV
A history of domestic #violence lying from childhood, a criminal background, whether that be with Police or just known by others. There is spyware on your phone, computer & spyware. You are not dealing with a healthy functional normal person #crime #truecrime #criminalrecord
Responding to them as though they are is futile. They are emotionally stunted likely at the age of a two-year-old. Their partners or family members may try to rationalise with them & get them to stop obsessing with you but there's usually does not work
They cannot except any personal responsibility for any level of criticism & will project it back on to you. This type of person has an inability to forgive & is full of resentment. They often have resentment about something that goes back as far as 20 years! #projection
Still #obsessed on it today & an inability to stop thinking about it in the present. You may be blamed for their abusive & neglectful parents unconsciously. They are unable to move past resentment & to learn how to forgive & move on. #livinginthepast
So they take it out on you. They have no concept of #boundaries & will violate yours on a repetitive basis. If you have exposed their #stalking they will make you their #scapegoat. It will get ugly & you will need to utilise police the legal system organisations friends family
Specialists in this area. 1. Keep a detailed journal. 2. Put up cameras 3. Record everything. 4. Tell everyone you know 5. Learn self defence 6. Get a lawyer 7. Get a restraining order 8. Learn about these personality disorders 9. See a specialist clinician in this area
10. Learn how to outsmart them 11. Get their hard drives & computer taken by police & forensically analysed. There will be evidence on there that relates to you. Use it. 12. Do not take this personally. It is not about you. They are psychopaths narcissists soiciopaths #clusterB

• • •

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👀Lifeless Eyes👀: In my post Masters externship, my clinical supervisor taught me about the 'eyes'. Many people do not realise these eyes 👀 to be a red flag ⚡️ to stay away from these people. Why do the eyes of narcissists, sociopaths & psychopaths look 'lifeless'? #clues
‘Lifeless’ eyes can be a dissociative state, where a person completely shuts off from their True core Self, inner self identity & emotions. They direct their focus toward their outer environment, a person of interest, or a person of potential threat, devoid of an inner self
These personality types no longer feel typical emotions as this can remove feelings of fear, shame, trauma or vulnerability. Their brains are wired differently than yours. They are unable to label and identify their feelings, have no empathy and can be very dangerous #lessfear
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