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#Autism hitting the headlines & trending - good

I was diagnosed as Aspergers last year - I’m still just me

Yesterday I had a overwhelming day

Last week I had an overwhelming week

Last month I had an overwhelming month

Last year I had an overwhelming year

This sums us up 💚
Last decade was overwhelming at times but thankfully not all the time, just some of the time but then a breakthrough comes, it’s always does.
I work on complexity and at times challenging assignments.

Problems so big: no-one fully understands the issues, never mind devise solutions.

Problems often rattle around for days, weeks, months, years, or decades & in one case a century.

Like I said big complex problems.
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“Schizoidia Everywhere” by Dr. W

#Solitary individuals may experience a variety of different emotional experiences & internal conflicts that would not be readily observable from behavior because generally the #solitary look they same because they are #solitary.

However, clinical experience & empirical research have shown that distinctions among #solitary types in connection to emotional functioning, social needs, and attachment-related dynamics vary considerably and have diagnostic implications.

Some #solitary individuals desperately want to belong but fear rejection and embarrassment so strongly that they isolate. This is what is commonly known as #shyness from a normative view & social #anxiety through a pathology lens in children.

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If gender clinicians were trained in #autism #adhd #aspergers they might understand the multitude of factors to be considered in gender Dysphoria: PCOS, emotional immaturity (3 or more years behind peers), fear of change and uncertainly, theory of mind issues, slower processing
Working memory, a spikey cognitive profile, a late diagnosis or no diagnosis, social naivety & gullibility, interoceptive, Alexythymia, sensory processing issues, proprioception issues, social & communication issues, literal concrete black & white thinking, executive function
Issues, fixations & obsessions, OCD, eating disorders, body dysmorphia, anxiety, depression, taking things literally, high likelihood of sexual abuse or sexual violence, trauma or PTSD, higher chance of psychosis, Synaesthesia, a sense of feeling different & not fitting in
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Therapist Tip: 1 in 44 children are now born with #autism A core theme in many #autistic #aspergers #adhd individuals is self hatred or self-loathing, in both the diagnosed & undiagnosed. Many are unaware they are #neurodivergent Many are misdiagnosed or have missed diagnoses
Those who were late diagnosed (after kindergarten) are included. A common theme is growing up feeling 'different', 'not fitting in', being bullied, not being accepted, 'feeling like an alien', not understanding oneself, confusion, negative self-esteem, #adhd #selfesteem
a lack of friends, family of origin issues, difficulties communicating, being misunderstood & #trauma They may have ptsd from childhood, developmental trauma, have been bullied and/or abused. They often feel as though something is inherently wrong with them (shame & guilt) #PTSD
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Therapist Thread 🧵 The difficulty in treating 'self-hatred'. BPD, other PD's, autism, aspergers, gender dysphoric clients who often present with extreme self-hatred. They have a great need to avoid their subjective internal experience or deflect it with external anger of hatred
They may be there in therapy but emotionally avoid, highly dissociate &/ or use drugs & alcohol, are hostile ("I hate all people", "no-one can help me", Shame- prone, isn't regular with appointments, never had a role model that cared for them in their life #therapy #hatredofself
Patients who attack themselves verbally or other is distressing for the #therapist The client has often hidden the level of self hatred they have. They have adapted in ways to hide this from themselves & others. Some feel they are punished by fate or karma. Some can't show how
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Autism trans 🧵: If your child is high functioning #autistic & just coming out as 'trans': 1. This is likely trauma based & autism based 2. They have been preyed upon or groomed because of their #autism What I mean by this is #autistic children teens or adults are socially
Naive & fullibe Due to their #autistic brain wiring. They do NOT 'see' or understand the bad 'intentions' of others. This gets them into all manner of troubles across the lifetime. They are highly vulnerable & need safeguarding due to their naivety #innocent #groomed #deceived
The way their brain is uniquely wired means they must have healthy responsible role models & mentors in their lives otherwise they are easily manipulated, led astray, taken advantage of, deceived, gaslit & worse. It does matter how high their cognitive IQ is #trauma #PTSD
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Autistic Women & medical conditions thread 🧵 RE: Common #Medical symptoms and conditions in #autisticgirls #autisticwomen
By @sbaroncohen et. al I feel this research study has implication on #autisticgirls #gender #ROGD #trans #detrans In my #Autism clinic it has
been common to hear about #puberty #Dysphoria
Menstrual problems, #PMDD #PCOS & #endometriosis What is really nice for clinicians is when we see research that backs up our clinical work. In consideration Of #gender distress #dysphoria #ROGD we should be considering this research ImageImageImage
In making clinical decisions that impact #autisticgirls #autisticwomen with #ROGD #trans #detrans This July 2021 study looked at common medical conditions in #autistic females.
For some time, researchers have been investigating #sexbias in #autism diagnosis. #Medical
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#Genderdysphoria & FASD short thread 🧵 #FASD is a brain-based disability, caused by alcohol. It is known as Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. It is a ‘Spectrum’ & often not visible physically. It often co-exists with #autism #adhd #aspergers #LD & remains largely under diagnosed
In #Australia, alcohol is part of the culture & part of life. It is a BIG problem. Mothers are cautioned largely not to drink & the fathers role is largely ignored, not realising their own addictions affect the foetus. Many children & teens have FASD Spectrum & they don’t know it
Nor do their parents. If the parents do know, there can be much guilt, denial, shame & lack of support. Many children with FASD are underdiagnosed or MISdiagnosed. There are a group of children/ teens with #FASD & #genderdysphoria (with or without #autism) #psychology
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Attending the NAPP National Association of Practicing Psychiatrists Gender Dysphoria In Young People Webinar 2 hours now. Will live tweet #live
This is a medical condition because it involves medication and surgery
Presentations by 5 different psychiatrists all experienced and working within the area of gender Dysphoria @dianna_kenny is speaking about intake assessment which is called “gatekeeping”
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Thread on #GNC & identity in #autism #Aspergers #adhd from @AspienWoman @AspiengirlVIP the assessment & diagnosis or self-diagnosis is full of dangers inherent in the vulnerability of many autistic female experiences, as they discover their authentic GNC selves/identity
From early on they don’t fit in, feel ‘different’, ‘alien’, ‘wierd’, from their peers. They are intent on following the rules perfectly, often devoid of context, correctly following the rules in black and white ways. They have intense intellectual & philosophical curiosity
About getting it “right”. They ask multiple questions from as early as they can talk. They use their intelligence to use strategies through imitation, echolalia, masking, personas of other people, overthinking, strong emotions perfectionism, social camouflaging, mimicking copying
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As someone with #aspergers (#ActuallyAutistic), I think it’s really cool that Elon Musk acknowledged he has Asperger’s on SNL.

I know people have mixed feelings about about Elon, but sharing something like this could help a lot of people.


“Asperger’s” is really just a name given to a small section along the autism spectrum, and has been classified by the DSM-5 as Autism Spectrum Disorder for almost a decade now.

For me, once I started understanding I had ASD it became a lot easier to interact with other people.
People with ASD can miss social cues & tend to fixate on something specifically said, rather than the overall conversational flow.

(Maybe your friend just wanted to tell you about their trip to Mexico... then your synapses fire and you talk about Teotihuacán for 14 minutes).
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A short thread about resisting the #kleptofascist takeover, with an added last-ditch family appeal. 😐✊🌹🇪🇺 #resist #StopFascism #RuleOfLaw
When the execrable Cummings/Johnson regime launched its attack on Parliament back in August, I was horrified: this was in fact a coup against democracy. Like thousands of others, I hit the streets to protest. 😖✊🌹🇪🇺 #StopTheCoup #resist #JohnsonMustGo #RuleOfLaw
As a historian with Asperger’s & misophonia, the idea of giant crowds is truly horrifying to me, and I’d much rather be quietly writing books in the countryside… 😐✊🌹🇪🇺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 #autism #Aspergers #AutismStrong #resist
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Lets talk about #aspergers (a thread) since @GretaThunberg is being bullied for this: 1) I'm diagnosed by multiple practitioners as having high-functioning autism with aspergers. "Having" is a problematic verb. I don't "have" blackness or "have" maleness or "have" brown-eye-ness.
@GretaThunberg 2) The neurotypical majority (people without autism) aren't "othered" as "neurotypical" just like I'm not "othered" as right-handed for being in the right-handed majority. The conversation about being autistic often starts in the problematic place of "having" an ailment.
@GretaThunberg 3) Finding my own truth and self-worth as an "I am" rather than "I *have*" is challenging because many diagnoses related to my autism also use the language of ailments. "Sensory processing disorder." "Depersonalization / derealization disorder."
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It’s not just the general public that misinterprets #Autistic “severity” & hidden meanings from observable behaviours (see analysis in ‘A Tale of Two Ableisms’ by @TheAspergianCom RT @RussellRElliot) re. GretaThunberg & Kodi Lee.

Even professionals can get it wrong.
A so-called body language expert’s interpretation of Greta Thunberg’s #Autistic facial expressions is a case in point. For some time now Greta Thunberg has been a convenient target for unsolicited thoughts from all sorts of people in this world, good and bad.
Yet since most of us have never met Greta or her parents, nearly all of these must be projections from the inner recesses of people’s psyches, good and bad.
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To those of you who say people with autism don't feel emotions I say this:
The past few days have been very difficult for me. My mam has been very upset and although I know why, I have no idea how to correct it. This has a consequence of making me more upset. I know that it's
not my responsibility to make her happy, but when the only person I have ever known that would do anything for me is upset, it bothers me greatly. Added to this that I am unable to express or even understand my feelings makes me even more frustrated. I get angry at myself for not
being able to help my mam. I spent a long time with my mam and emotion cards as a boy, so when my mam is sat on her sofa crying because of something someone has said, I know that she has been deeply hurt. Yet the only way I know how to help her is by making her a cup of tea,
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