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NeuroDivergent People aren't in control of our own narrative & the diagnostic manuals are one way the NeuroTypicals control the narratives around NeuroDivergent People.
I want to say this now, before it's too late, as there are people working to stop me from saying this.

If they have their way, NeuroDivergent people will not be able to speak out against these oppressive systems.
They claim speaking out against the medical model is to "speak out against science & modern medicine" - not understanding that SCIENCE is something that SHOULD BE always evolving.

They want to silence the #ActuallyAutistic voices, sharing their stories and lived experience.
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We've been excited to see #Neurodivergent candidates shine throughout #elxn44vote! We wanted to highlight a few stars as they finish their campaigns.

Starting with the amazing #ActuallyAutistic @NPNDP, Nick Page - a voice for justice.
Check out his site: An orange background graphic with a brown "Stage"
Next: @kemalahmedproud, who's been inspiring canadians & advocates across borders with commitment to building a better future for #neurodivergent young people.
He's an access specialist & a true leader, in addition to being a dedicated community volunteer. An orange background graphic with a brown "Stage"
The amazing @TanyaHK_Ndp is working in #RedDeerLacombe to help families and communities, with her experience building accessible educational services and sustainable change🙌 An orange background graphic with a brown "Stage"
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My followers are a blend of #Autistic/#Neurodivergent folks around the world & then #cdnpoli people -- here's a super quick video explaining why I talk so much about these things and why our movements are important 💜 (& thank you all so much for 2k!!)
Here is some info about #elxn44 , and why the snap election here in “Canada” matters so much.

First, some candidates I hope you can go follow - #1 @kemalahmedproud, who has publicly been attacked for supporting Autistic people against the behavioural modification industry!
@NPNDP - openly Autistic & hella compassionate, @kmalakos - fierce advocate for disabled folks & his riding, @deebizzo - bold and brilliant leader,
@PaulTaylorTO - champion against food insecurity/ injustice, @AmyNormanNL, Inuk land protector & badass. more later...
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They've called the cops. Same security guard as March 9 & 10.…
Home again, home again jiggity jig.
Let my video serve as the example it's quite literally meant to:

1- hospitals and police to this to anyone, if they feel "disrespected", respect for the patient doesn't factor;
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‘Young girls with #autism are more likely to experience a decrease in symptom severity over time compared to boys’? Uhhhh… nope, girls learn how to #mask and #camouflage #autistic mash’s #actuallyautistic #asd #autisticgirls #neurodivergent…
This is why I’m training professionals what to look for, the questions to ask, social camouflaging, the different subtypes and how 2e gifted kids improve over time.
This is in direct opposition the recent study that #Autism comes out in #adolescence in teen #autisticgirls which is also untrue:… it’s just glaringly obvious in many teens but there are always #redflags autisticwomen #autisticgirls #actuallyautistic #adhd
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Why I’m proud to be autistic.
I’m proud to be autistic because it means I’ve rejected the narrow, prejudiced, pejorative definition of autism most people subscribe to.
I’m proud to be autistic because I’ve accepted the parts of myself that are different to what society expects of me.
I’m not denying my true identity to appease other people any more.
I’m proud to be autistic because of what it took me to get here.
A raw, painful retrospective exploration of six decades of my life.
It would have been easier to let things lie.
But I sought the truth.
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Last night my #autistic 15yo explained to me how they understand their #neurodivergent brain to work, in particular as relates to their ability to focus.
Imagine a bar, like a health bar in a game, that represents their total attention capacity. There are four things that can fill this bar: thoughts, sights, sounds and movement (eg fidgeting, hand flapping, chair spinning).
The extent to which thoughts on a given subject, like the one they're supposed to be learning in class, fill the bar is determined by their novelty, interest and challenge.
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On Friday June 4, 2021 I attended a meeting with Secretary of State Blinken. The purpose of the meeting was to talk all things #Palestine
#SheikJarrah #Silwan #Jerusalem #Gaza #EqualityforAll #OneLove
Full thread in 1 convenient viewing location here:…
I attended as an individual. I am not affiliated with any PAC or organization. I obviously do not speak for or represent the #Palestinian people. There’s like 7 million of us at least, and like 2 million of #Palestinians stuffed in #Gaza alone.
To the #Palestinian Americans who boycotted this meeting after the #Biden Administration handed Israel $735 million dollars in weaponry following the merciless attacks on Palestinians locked in Gaza.
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Aujourd'hui on écoute le Fou à pieds bleus et on refuse la psychophobie !

#smallartist #smallcreator #illsutration #ArtistOnTwitter #artshare #artwork #Neurodiverse #Neurodiversity #neurodivergent
Pour celleux qui ne lisent pas l'anglais, on peut traduire les textes ainsi :

"Pas de place pour la psychophobie
Je ne suis pas bizarre, je fonctionne différemment
(Neuro)Atypique et fier'e"
Si le visuel vous plaît et que vous voulez des prints avec un bel oiseau, voici le lien vers mon shop :…
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We need to stop using derogatory terms such as ‘treatment-resistant’ or ‘non-compliant.’ There are many reasons involved, many of which are either the therapy framework or the therapists themselves. It is utter arrogance and delusion to exclusively place the onus (1)
on the patient with no room for self-reflection. “If the therapy doesn’t work, it’s the patient’s fault, not the therapy itself” is a mentality that needs to go. It hinders progress by shutting doors to the formulation of newer & innovative frameworks. We hear everywhere how (2)
CBT is ‘evidence-based’: but for whom? Does it account for neurodivergents’ sensory processing differences affecting every level of psychological, social, and mental functioning? No. There are many neurodivergent people struggling with their mental health and they aren’t (3)
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Let's look at the harm of not listening to activists. From this platform, we have been talking about the injustices in Virginia Beach against neurodivergent and Black residents. We have dedicated a large amount of our resources and time to focusing on Virginia Beach.
On…, we have highlighted-- solely using evidence from the prosecutor's office and @VBPD, the glaring human rights violations and mismanagement of handling Matthew Rushin's case.
We highlighted the injustices that happened to Champ Turner, a Black, undiagnosed Autistic father who was attacked by a 400 white man, got away, called 911, and was charged with and convicted of the same crime as Matthew Rushin…
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Let’s talk about #RejectionSensitiveDysphoria or #RSD (a thread). Or better, let’s have @squishdivergent tell you in this excellent article:…
RSD is not a disorder or diagnosis. It is a phenomenon that happens to people with a long history of being invalidated and rejected, people with #complexTrauma, people with certain #mentalHealth conditions, or people with a neurological predisposition. Black background with rainb...
RSD is common among #Neurodivergent folk, especially for #ADHDers, and can be a result of wiring and a history of being rejected. (Alt text added to images) Image description: On a bla...
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🧵1) I don't know if my view is appreciated or puzzling to the professor and students in my seminar course on the conquest narratives. It's been enlightening in some ways because it has started to prove my theory that there is a hermeneutic for those who are #ActuallyAutistic
🧵2) I have been quite appreciative of the voices I have connected with, especially here on Twitter (@robertjmonson, @JoLuehmann, etc) that have expanded the space of interpretation I take into consideration when approaching the biblical text.
🧵3) While one cannot be wholly objective about a text (Hermeneutics 101), it has helped me develop a stronger empathy for "interpretations from the edge," minority and philosophical interpretations. Admittedly, this also stems from my own baggage with Evangelicalism.
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ADHD: "Nicotine ...may have properties similar to stimulant medications (e.g., Ritalin) used to treat ADHD. [It] may increase attention and reduce hyperactivity & impulsivity."…
#MedicalNicotine #ADHD #ADHDAwareness #Autism #Neurodiversity #Neurodivergent
ADHD: "The positive relation between ADHD & nicotine dependence is best explained by the self-medication hypothesis. This hypothesis supported by ample evidence."…
#MedicalNicotine #ADHD #ADHDAwareness #Autism #Neurodiversity #Neurodivergent
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*An appeal to NON-autistic people: please take a few moments to read this thread*

We (#Neurodivergent people) were taught early in life that everything YOU (#Allistics) said and did was what WE (#Autistics etc) had to aspire to.

We weren’t even told an alternative existed. 1/9
Our #Autism was suppressed before we knew the word for it.

When we protested, we were met with punishment and ostracism.

When we suffered in silence, we were never rewarded for protecting YOU from our *legitimate* anger.

We were converted to #AutisticMasking to survive. 2
All children need mirroring for healthy development. We #Autistics received very little.

Our talents were often not recognized or acknowledged. If they were, it was not for our benefit, but for yours.

Our faults were all noted and attributed to us alone. 3
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Dear @slowdownshow :
You are a poetry podcast on @NPR . You receive gov't funding. I have been asking you to transcribe yr podcast for years. I am tired of asking you. I am about to sue you. Let us involve @NEAarts and the Americans with Disabilities Act @USEEOC . Sincerely, JW
Questions from the audience:
But Jillian, do you need transcripts?
Yes. I am #neurodivergent
But have you tried diplomacy?
Indeed. I have tried it.
But it is just a poetry podcast/you are a poet?
That is why it is even more important to me.
Image of The Slowdown's comment form. My email and phone number are blacked out. Message filled out. Checkbox reads "Sign me up!" I did not check it. The pun is not lost on me. Captcha reads "I'm not a robot." That, too, is accidentally witty of them.
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Scenes from the hammock.

#August2020 ImageImageImageImage
Toes flirting with the trees and the sky.


Part of my #neurodivergent #selfcare is at least a half hour of swinging in my #hammock each day.

It regulates me.

It makes me happy.
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Go away Taylor. The Chicks waited 14 yrs to release #Gaslighter and how here you are, oops, look at me.

Nah. Listening to an adult album right now.
I hope Taylor has an amazing release.

Music is my language and a major way I process this world.

Sometimes when I'm overwhelmed, I need all the music. Sometimes I can only handle 1 artist /band and anything else feels intrusive.

That's just how my #neurodivergent brain works
With Kanye teasing an album drop today and Taylor sharing her great news, it felt too much for the week-long Gaslighter space I've been in.

I'm #ActuallyAutistic and not much feels safe anymore. I didn't want to be moved from the music space I'm in.

But I will. Music is love ❤️
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I'm back on the medication treatment for my ADHD train today. 🚂🚃🚃🚃

Let's talk about ADHD some more to celebrate. 🧵
Boring disclaimers first: I'm not a medical professional. ADHD and most psychiatric conditions are extremely personal and specific, so I'm going to be sharing my personal thoughts and experiences, but only as one perspective to consider for yourself and others.
Practically nothing I'm going to say would I claim is common to everyone with ADHD. The human brain is a weird and complicated and unique thing.

I don't think ADHD brains are more diverse than neurotypical brains, but the differences matter more, and get more attention maybe?
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Hey followers - there's over 3000 of you but we don't know each other very well.

For years now I've been sharing issues ranging from #disabilityrights, being #autistic in an #ableist society, to #vaccines, #MMIW, #alttext, #Dyslexia, #dyspraxic, #Epilepsy, #racism, #PTSD,
#depression, #domesticabuse being the cores of what I share and lands in your timelines.

I've recently shared with you all that I'm in a process of reclamation - my culture, my identity, my gender, my sexual preferences - all of it.

So now you know my skin is white passing
but I am also part #Aboriginal and that matters deeply to me and I won't be erased anymore.

I am #pansexual. I don't need you to be of any particular gender to be attracted to you.

I am a #nonbinary #femme. But I also lean heavy in masc traits sometimes too.

I am #disabled
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THANK YOU #Neurodiversity Community at @Square for this care package as I recover from #COVID_19!!!

The beard oil is especially appreciated as my quarantine beard continues to grow.


@jack: Your employees are so kind & amazing! @ClaudiaJNg @CosmicKarmic @cjereneta + more! An image of my hand holding...An image of me, a white man...
The #Neurodiversity Community at @Square is made up of employees who are #autistic, otherwise #neurodiverse, parents of neurodiverse children, and allies.

It’s a main reason why I started @PivotDiversity: the belief that empowering neurodiverse employees strengthens companies. An image of the company Squ...
I’ve volunteered my time assisting this employee resource group. It’s allowed me to work with them to test concepts which can work for #neurodivergent employees everywhere. It’s an amazing group!

It turns out (slight sarcasm) EMPOWERING autistic & neurodivergent people works. An image of a lunchroom wit...
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The #Reads for the Rest of Us list for Dec is coming soon @MsMagazine! I'm also working on the mother of all "most anticipated" reads (by women, #TGNC, #queer, #fat, #immigrant, #neurodivergent, international, and otherwise underrepresented writers) of 2020 list.
It's a big job! I have over 300 titles that I am sifting thru; so many look fantastic. #Fiction, #nonfiction, #poetry, and more. Some I've already #read, others not yet. I've heard from or reached out to over 65 #publishers and #publicists, they are working hard for you!
Do I know about your #newbook? Message me, email me, Tweet me, if you're not sure. My goal is to help raise visibility of historically marginalized #writers. I'm so lucky to get to learn about and read your amazing work along the way!
#womenwriters #readwomen #tbr #diversebooks
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I don't want to have to be an asshole about #ageism.

I'd much rather prefer to age in peace with the supports I need but that's fantasy, not reality.

I was told as an elder #ActuallyAutistic, thanks for my service but it was time for me to step aside now so younger
#ActuallyAutistic could have their turn.

Listen, #AllAutistics need to be heard. ALL OF US.

How are my needs as an aging #neurodivergent person going to be met if I don't advocate?

Am I to trust people who say things like, "old people just need to shut up now" to have my

If you're 20 I'm not sure what you might know about being a #neurodivergent #ActuallyAutistic dealing with menopause at 50?

Are you going to force Dr's to hear me? To address my 100,000+ hot flashes in the past 5 yrs?

Check your #ageism so I won't have to.

Please 🌻
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