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This thread will be my reaction to the shooting of 2 Police officers Glenn Innes, NSW, who responded to a #DV situation

1st I offer sympathy for the families & Officers involved

The day after 9/11 my family new I was volunteering 4 active service

My feelings r real 4 uniform
That is the problem with current #DV Policies in Australia. The focus on education does not account for the moment of violence. The reacting to a perceived threat to the sense of self experienced by the perp when their reactions become instinctive, however slight the threat maybe
This threat maybe as simple as a raised eyebrow, a sarcastic remark or in really controlling situations a spouse that simply disobeys.

To understand, how does a well educated soldier react to a perceived threat is perhaps more insightful.

Riot training prior to deployment
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1/ @TheTakeaway @tanzinavega really disappointed you had this guest on a show peddling controversial theories that weaponize the failures of the #criminaljusticesystem #racism and #massincarceration against survivors of #domesticviolence and #coercivecontrol.
2/#VAWAs failures lie not only in its non-holistic, non-systemic approach to addressing #DV—not as #coercivecontrol and not in coordination with child safety risks, as it should be—but also in its methodology, assumptions, implementation etc. @thetakeaway @tanzinavega
3/Just because #VAWA is flawed doesn’t mean you throw the baby out with the bath water. Her theories are dangerous to #survivors and hide its misogynist underpinnings as they center #abuser needs over #survivor and #child #safety, #stability #strength. @TheTakeaway @tanzinavega
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As was demonstrated in #InjusticeKavanaugh’s job interview, Herculean efforts by Dr Blasey Ford are ridiculed and rebuffed

If I could receive an hour of honest independent legal support 4 every REFFERAL I got 4 reporting #DV, I would be living in my Winnetka house/home office
instead of in my car, living w/ hacked phone, email, stripped of my license due 2 hacked US mail, ID theft.

It’s not that we don’t report
It’s not that judges don’t know the law
It’s because they all love the money, my money, and misogynistic power
Head and Master outlawed
2/ 1981 (#Kirchberg_v_Feenstra), yet denial of due process, equal protection, even in Illinois with gender, disability non-discrimination written into IL Constitution.

Have substantial #PaperTrail
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Perhaps I can contribute 2 the judiciary conversation based on my experiences in Cook County case 08d6436
1. When they hold hearings in secret, is no record to challenge
2. If they won’t let me speak, I cannot make a record for review
3. If they obstruct discovery, denied proof
The GOP is engaged in a personal and professional smear of Dr. Hall, demonstrating the very misogyny they deny they engage in.
In my case, since the clerk of court won’t produce the COMPLETE record for an appeal, despite pleading to force clerk to comply, my appeal was dismissed for want of prosecution
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A man commits obscene abuse & ppl think "no one's at risk here" b/c "it's a family matter". Wake up, or this will never change. "Domestic abusers" are just narcissistic criminals w/a sneaky way to get away w/crime. "Domestic violence" is violent crime.…
AGAIN: "Domestic" violence is just an insidious method violent narcissists use to hide their horrific crimes. This article does a much, much better job of laying out years of abuse and manipulation by the triple-murderer who killed 2 of his own children:…
We help violent narcissists by treating their criminality as "not the same as *real* crime". This monster groomed+seduced a 15yr old then abused their babygirl so badly that the teen mom had the baby adopted! 18yrs later, this man seduced & murdered that same daughter. #shock #dv
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This #RobPorter mess brings up MANY issues we in the #domesticabuse prevention space see routinely. As a #DV prosecutor on the early days post-OJ with CA's Nicole Brown laws new on the books there was a LOT of "you overreacted; he's a good guy at work." Sound familiar, #metoo? 1/
So many #domesticabuse victims and survivors have a similar story: good guy in public; horrible and controlling in private. So we EXPECT lots of "he was a good guy; she must be over-reacting; this is not the man we know" #RobPorter-type defenses. they have 2 faces. 2/
OF COURSE he will behave at work. That's his paycheck. That's his public face. But at home ... all the jealousies and toxins come out in his private face. Believe the people who see his private face. 3/
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