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before i start i just wanna say i respect brunei's people of authority and what not but holy crap guys you can do so much better than this
to explain my situation, im in a donation ceremony to those who are disabled, old and orphans, & hosted by the royal fam themselves; kurnia
ive lost my dad 8 years ago so ive been doing this for 8 whole years, or maybe less than that
but i have to give myself some credit that I, along with some other people here are p familiar with how the system works here
thus brings me to the thing i wanted to rant about; abuse of power, especially by the police officers here
i know as hell that this is a sensitive subject, especially in Brunei
but as my last year in contributing my share of the kurnia for my small broken family, id like to share a piece of my mind for a lil bit
as i said ive been doing this for a whole 8 years (inclusive of this year), and ever since ive started, things have been the same all year
same system, same everything
sure theyve made tweaks to the registration system to make everything flow faster, but the speed of the whole thing isnt what concerns me
you know when people first come to an event, they arent just going to sit where theyre supposed to sit like they know the floor plan and etc
ive handled a fair share of events and became an AJK/floor manager a few times, and lemme tell you, they dont.
theyre most likely just gonna stand there, crowd somewhere, wander off to a completely different area and etc. i get you
and here we're dealing with crying children with distressed mothers and grannies and grampas, so everyone should know what to expect!
now im not going to point fingers and say that the AJKs here arent doing any single post mortems after each events
theyre professional authorities,a more legitimate one than my student council organisation. its without a doubt theyve done lots of meetings
the thing is, the solution is NOT yelling at the civillians' faces so that they will oblige to your last minute instructions
come on, we're talking about officers yelling at the elderly and the already fed up parents.
think of the children, seeing their only parent getting screamed and pointed at in front of the others
i know im just a girl whos clueless on what goes behind the closed doors of a legitimate formal governmental meetings, yes ill admit that
but i think im also a decent human being who knows that theres a diff between instructing ppl wt respect, and spitting orders in their faces
yes i would assume tht your job is stressful and hard, you have to put on a stern persona so that ppl would listen to you
authorities have to do that and take charge or theyll be no social order right?
but come on, going as low as getting angry over a bunch of grannies who are losing their sense of hearing for not obliging to your orders?
shoving & pulling 2 yr old kids around so they can go back in line to get their kurnia that will be spent on their family's source of food?
yes im generalising shit, but there are indeed families who are very grateful for the kurnia and these donation ceremonies
that includes me and my family too. some barely scrape by in life, and using this as one of the things to ease their burden-
- the last thing they need is for the authorities in charge of the things they look forward to to downgrade and make them feel humiliated
i dont know whats going on in the authorities' lives, maybe theyre having a foul mood because of a problem or etc
but that also means that they dont know what goes on with ours
i am aware that some bruneians see that those who are in need of these types of charities are just advantaged. we're just gold diggers & etc
some might even say said families become richer with these kurnia
but thats also generalising
whilst i still stand on my ground, id just force myself to disregard those comments and just be ever-lastingly grateful to these donations
and i swear, im not the only person in this group that feels like this
so all we've got to say to you is just- you dont know what we have to go home to everyday
but as an open minded person who regards both sides, i can say that it goes the same with you from me
just because we're considered as the group who gets these "advantages" to help us get through in life
that doesnt mean you can just go and take advantage of us by treating us like animals & screaming at us, telling how your force knows better
we can understand you perfectly by language and gestures too you know. NEWS FLASH: we're human beings too!!
not. animals.
and by this, i can safely say that we are capable of respecting you authorities too
not saying that we dont- we do, its just consistently lowering for every year you do this to us
so, as this is my last year experience this bullshit, i hope that there are changes in the system
i hope that kids are not crying in fear and tiredness, i hope that grannies arent pushed around to walk faster
i hope that theres gonna be more post mortems and meetings on how to make this ceremonies more practical
((ahem, like allocate your police officers and soldiers at the hotspots where people tend to rush in/cut in line/crowd. just sayin))
i hope that some CERTAIN authoritative force become less stuck up because we all need to come down from the high that is our ego
because i know that with this, hopefully, theyll be less drama, conflicts and disrespect
because i know everyone just wants to go home as soon as possible, and rest without feeling 'attacked' and stressed out
so, to end this off, i just want to say that im forever thankful and appreciative by the authorities' help on these donations nonetheless
and (surprisingly) i still do respect you governmental authoritative figures- but do know that its burning out fast my dudes
so again, syukur alhamdulillah and thank you for all the donations. may the future ceremonies be better for all future donatees
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