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Leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran Ali Khamenei to the people of Isfahan in a meeting this morning:

- The progress of the Islamic Republic nullifies the liberal logic of democracy

-The problem of arrogance with the Islamic Republic of #Iran is that if the Islamic
Republic develops and prospers and shows itself in the world, the logic of liberal democracy in the Western world will be invalidated.

-#Westerners managed to plunder the whole world with the logic of liberal democracy for more than two centuries. In one place they said
that there is no freedom here, and in another place they said that there is no democracy and entered under the pretext of establishing democracy. They plundered the property, wealth and resources of that country. Poor Europe became rich at the expense of many rich countries
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#Americans, #RussiaIsATerroristState has launched its campaign to destroy both our countries as last chance not to collapse.

They have rolled out #Trump2024 weapon. This is it. Russia has activated its employees inside America to begin this process.
1. We have fought them for hundreds of years. We know what they are doing and why. That is why we are immune to it. Their plan is visible if you remove all extra noise propaganda uses to disorient rational people. Here I tell you what Russia is doing:
2. Russia is trying to achieve two goals at same time: pressure #Ukraine into peace by forcing Americans to abandon us. This buys then time until they install Trump. They have now tied support for us as greed (antisemitic attack on our leader) and conspiracy by one American
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So ummm,
quick question for @POTUS, I know election season and all but ANYWAY:
Why is @tomcoderre getting to decide political appointees,
and why did Brooke M Feldman, UPenn 3.98 GPA Commencement Speaking @soledadobrien TV star,
even get a call or reply about my application? 🤔 why did I NOT EVEN GET A RESPONSE?…
Could it mayyyyyybe be…..
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#Cryptocurrency Market/#Bitcoin Market Analysis 9/5
I just got back from a nice vacation (Yay), so I'll keep this one short and sweet. A number of people think Oil is going to be the trigger for Bitcoin moving, and I will say it's quite silly.
Let's sum up what has happened in brief links:
Russia: "Why can't we pull out our $100b in China?" But hey you know, #BRICS ever so strong except when reality comes into play. Here's google translate:
"#China "took hostage" $ 100 billion of #Russia's reserves By investing 17% of gold reserves in the #yuan, the Central Bank stated that it was de facto impossible to withdraw money from Chinese assets. To use the yuan, you need permission from China"
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Thread: 27 July 2022: Day 154 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Latest @DefenceHQ update: #Russia making "tactical advances" around the Vuhlehirska power station in Donetsk. Lavrov in Africa, long an interest of Moscow's, trying to blame the West for the food crisis.

Not happy with Wagner being defined as a "private military company"
#pt: "Wagner" is a unit of the #Russian military under GRU. The purpose of the "private military company" presentation is to make it "deniable" - to minimise the domestic political impact of losses and to distance Moscow internationally from its atrocities…
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by @ASBmilitarynews

Analysis of current military situation in Ukraine

This analysis will touch up on commonly discussed topics around the Russian Military Operation in #Ukraine, from both sides of the conflict.

#Thread #ukrainerussiawar
1. #Russia - #Iran

Yesterday, Russian President Vladimir #Putin arrived in Iran to meet with the Supreme Leader of Iran and the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

According to public information and statements released, the meeting focused on economic and industrial relations between the two countries, specifically in the energy sector. There was no public mention of a military component being discussed.

#Russia #Iran
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Now that #SCOTUS , under the orders of evangelical preachers, allowed the #GOP to regulate the wombs of #Americans , the next move would be to try to allow strict #FreeSpeech regulation as a step toward eliminating the First Amendment & establishing a theocracy modeled on
Iran. Then, police will be able to haul away @Chasten for exercising his now-banned First Amendment rights. Womb regulation & abolishing the First Amendment won't step there, as Clarence Thomas' wish of overturning Lawrence v Texas is realized. A Gestapo-like American
police state will be surveilling the bedrooms and bathrooms of all Americans. That's the dream of a craven @GOP that opposes regulation of what ills or kills us or rips off us but feverently wants to control the functions of our bodies.
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@NPR is doing its annual reading and tweeting of the #DeclarationOfIndependence. 246 years ago a group of men felt it so important that they risked everything to defy a King & start a path for a democratic republic. Today we’re seeing those values attacked by the stolen #SCOTUS
The #AntiDemocraticParty of the GOP passing laws & ideas to circumnavigate the will of #Americans. On this #IndependenceDay2022, it is time to not celebrate what happened 246 years ago, but to honor it by standing up for our #FellowAmericans ensuring that #Rights and #Freedoms
Are actually for all of us. #Autonomy is a #Right. Not being shot because you look dangerous or are frightened or just went to school #Right. Loving yourself & having your ability to have your own family is a #Right. #Healthcare is a #HumanRight (#AbortionIsHealthcare)
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What people don't understand about military political operations & weapons support.Simply destroying the adversary army, conducting regime change, killing the leadership & installing a puppet, as well as even creating an army to support your new regime. WONT WORK. IS NOT ENOUGH/1 Image
Because we have seen the #Americans do this
MANY TIMES. And it does not work. #Vietnam for 15 years & tens of billions invested to prop up a failed govt. In #Iraq, destroyed #Saddam's army, installed the puppet government, trained a new army were there for nearly 20 years /2 Image
the #US have disbanded the republican guard, the military, rearmed the #Iraqis with #US weapons.The #CIA had infiltrated and cleansed the politicians. They invested billions of dollars...And guess what...It all belongs to #Iran now...Another example, #Afghanistan, #USA goes in/3 Image
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The people who want an independent #JammuKashmir are not people who are hostile to #India and #Pakistan but people who are talking about ending the enmity between India and Pakistan. We want you to make Kashmir a bridge of friendship and both recognize the status of this region⏬
Today, after 75 years, the people of Pakistan are chanting slogans of independence. We are not slaves of anyone. We saw that last week the Prime Minister of Pakistan was chanting slogans of independence.⏬
So if Pakistanis want to be free they can call #Europeans and #Americans #AbsolutelyNot then what is our problem why they want to keep us slaves.

Tauqeer Gilani
Zonal President JKLF AJKGB ZONE
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Thread: 5 April 2022: Day 41 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
The Pentagon believes #Russia has temporarily reoriented to focus on conquering eastern #Ukraine first, after its attempt to seize the capital in the west was repelled.
The #US briefing suggests that #Russia's switch to conquering #Ukraine east to west (after its attempt for the reverse failed) still includes #Odessa as an immediate target, which the Russians would have to land at from the sea.
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#UkraineWar #US
American volunteers in Ukraine tell of the "evil Putin is doing there". There's a good chance they didn't even know where #Ukraine was before they were sent there.
And now, having played war, they talk about political issues with brainwashed reports like what #CNN ( did to the neo-Nazi "Redis".
There are revealing videos - Americans are asked to show countries on the world map. We will only post one fragment, but there are hundreds of such videos.

Search #YouTube for "#Americans show countries on the map" or "Can you name a country?
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So it begins. We can’t afford to pay for citizen testing for the uninsured & @RepMcKinley @BillPascrell @HouseGOP @HouseDemocrats WON’T ENFORCE THE #CARESACT #FFCRA so Insurers will continue to stiff bills & premium paying patients will be used as human shields for COVID19 bills. ImageImageImageImage
What country do we live in where those who can afford to pay stick the bill to those who can afford least to pay? So what happens to the test to treat debacle? It appears the uninsured are left to fend for themselves. And $CI wants to doctors to sue the patients! #caresAct #FFCRA ImageImageImageImage
The wastewater is climbing, the government has left governed to fend for themselves? @EdGainesIII @drdanchoi @misterchambo @RepMcKinley @BillPascrell @FrankPallone @michaelcburgess It appears $CI $UNH $ANTM is in charge. They are violating law, so who will pay for the patients? ImageImageImageImage
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There are 3 main scenarios how this conflict could evolve going forward. Each of those scenario has certain probabilities of it occurring. Lets examine each one of them and their implications to the world in general:
Scenario 1 - (P:60%) #Ukarine & #Russia agree a ceasefire. Ukraine agrees to cede #Crimea and #Donbass to #Russia. #Putin withdraws #RussianArmy. #Europe over a period of time removes #sanctions. In a year, World becomes normal & everyone lives happily. Best outcome possible.
Scenario 2 - (P:30%) The conflict escalates. stalemate ensues. #Putin reaches #Dniper, takes over Kyiv. #Ukraine is bi-furcated in two - #EastUkraine under #Russian control, #WestUkraine aligned with #NATO. #SanctionsRussiaNow continue for long. #Europe consolidates with #USA
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One is the American roulette and the other, the French European roulette. The difference between the two is that an #Americans roulette wheel has 38 numbers while the #EuropeanUnion has 37. Players bet on what number and color a little ball will end up.… The wheel spins one way and the ball goes the opposite until it drops onto one of the numbers.

There is a rumor that Albert Einstein said that “You cannot beat a roulette table unless you steal money from it.” If this is actually true it would seem… that the person who plays roulette either isn’t too smart or just not in it for the money. It would appear that the last is true as many play roulette. There are websites dedicated solely to the discussion of roulette bets and there are numerous places
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Many #Americans are led to believe that there are only two sides to a question. This way of thinking goes back to the times before the civil war (1861-65), when the two major political parties had already formed.…
In other western democracies, a plurality of parties is the norm: there are typically 3 or 4 major parties and a large number of others: Japan 3, Germany 3, UK 4, France 3, Italy 4.

Here is a list of political parties around the world:…
False dichotomy leads to a polarization of views and gives rise to movements on the extreme left and right. How is it possible, that every federal election goes right down to the wire on a 50-50 split?…
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#Russia's government not being very subtle about how this is going to go with #Ukraine: a provocation will be staged and the Russians will claim to be acting in self-defence when they invade, while screaming about 'Western false-flag operations'.
Integrating this thread from Feb. 11 here
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US intelligence believes #Russia is preparing to stage a false flag incident to justify its initiation of hostilities in #Ukraine. Been a lot of signs for months that Moscow was plotting provocation to ignite this.
#Russia's representative to international organisations in Vienna. At this stage, Moscow isn't even trying as it prepares its provocation to begin the offensive in #Ukraine.
I think we'd all worked out the Russian script that far, but all the same nice to know NATO has, too.
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Sadly, #MedicareForAll will not help #healthcare costs until the underlying problem with MEDICARE and the ENTIRE HEALTH SYSTEM is FIXED, a LONG 🧵 1 of 24 #Medtwitter @somedocs @AmerMedicalAssn @WCMSSM @MichStateMedSoc References:
2/ b/c @SenateFloor @HouseFloor & @CMSGov are yet again not fixing the true problem & instead are again targeting #Physicians by decreasing payments by another 9.75% on top of the fact that reimbursements to providers has already been decreased by 22% over the past 2 decades
3/ On average only 40% of the what your #insurance , including #Medicare , pays your doctor actually goes to the doctor as #income . The overhead costs to be a doctor takes at least 60% of the payment a doctor gets from Medicare or Insurance equivalent.
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This is RIDICULOUS what a lazy sap #Biden is! NO no no to this $200B/yr drivel! We ALREADY negotiated so stop moving the goalposts & THIS is drastic! IDGAF about @Sen_JoeManchin. In that case, We wanna corp ish from #BIF bill! #BuildBackBetter #HoldTheLine…
Maybe we change some of the corporate ish in here if they play games & act like we’re still “negotiating”. They’re acting in bad faith so both bills or NONE like we said! PLZ #HoldTheLine! $2T over 10 yrs is a joke.…
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I think its time to talk about #ReligiousFreedom and exactly where one person’s #freedom starts, and another’s ends. And no I’m not talking about a woman’s body dividing cells, I’m talking about breathing adults who #vote
#ReligiousFreedom is SO important to everybody. And I agree that I ALSO want my own #FreedomOfReligion. But other people DON’T get to define that.
I am in charge of my own #belief systems. You could even say I’m RESPONSIBLE for them🤔
No matter how wacky they got, the point in time where I am no longer allowed to practice my #Religion, would start IF it harmed another breathing adult, and that word #harm is pretty loaded too, isn’t it?
How do we define #Freedom?
How do we define #Life?
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Five rockets fired at Kabul airport some hours ago, presumably by #ISKP.
CENTCOM said the other day it was able to deal with rocket attacks on #US forces in Kabul, and that appears true: all of the #ISKP missiles overnight were intercepted
Afghan commanders, driven from their country, might join the British army
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“There’s only two things that matter, the 3 November movement, what happened on the third of November, and then what happened in the Wuhan lab.

You get to the bottom of those two, everything else takes care of itself.” #SteveBannon (full text follows)…
As promised:

"If you’ve been canceled by social media, dismissed by Fake News or written off by Paul Ryan, don’t worry — there is still a home for you.
Twice a day Monday through Friday, and again for two hours on Saturday, you are welcome to Steve Bannon’s “War Room” for entertainment, education and a crash course in taking back your country.


You certainly won’t be alone.…
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