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Maybe now is a good time to throw out a fun fact:

As one of his last acts as president, Barack Obama signed into law an order which made it easier for our spies at the NSA to share intel with other law enforcement agencies.


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That act dramatically increased the access law enforcement had to raw intelligence.

Sooo, for example, the IRS might get easier access to intel on the subject of a tax evasion case.

At the time, it received almost no attention but it struck me as potentially a final democracy-saving act meant to help those who came after him investigate those who conspired against us.

The act dramatically increased the number of eyeballs reviewing international intelligence.

More people looking at more evidence dramatically ups the potential for bad guys to get caught. 4/
It also dramatically reduces the ability to kill individuals’ efforts to investigate wrongdoing since any of dozens of agencies could be looking at the same behavior for different reasons. 5/
We’ll see how this plays out but don’t be surprised if we someday come to hear that one of the main reasons Trump and Co. got taken down and taken down so fast was because of information-sharing and cooperation between agencies. 6/
One of Obama’s very last acts made that more readily possible... and that never struck me as an accident.

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