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Thread by @yalljust_myfans: "Idk why folks don’t believe me when I say I’ve been scared of my baby sister, every since she went all “I see dead people” on us 5-7 years a […]"

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Idk why folks don’t believe me when I say I’ve been scared of my baby sister, every since she went all “I see dead people” on us 5-7 years ago.
Well I do have some free time 🤔
It's actually short anyway. So it all started one school morning. Like I said before, I'm a Pastors kid. So every morning before school, we started the day with a scripture and like 6am.
As usual, one morning the alarm goes off and moms made her rounds, waking my siblings up before finally reaching my room. Moms came in, woke me up and then basically I went right back to sleep until I heard her say "I know he ain't still..."
.. followed by her footsteps coming back down the hall. At that moment I did like this cartwheel-semi handstand movement out of the bed to make it seem like I'd been up the whole time.
Which would've worked, had I like not hit the wall in my attempt. So when she walked in, I was on the ground in pain, but that's not important.
I walk into my parents room which is where "6am bible study" was held, and sit next to my siblings who were all on the ground half sleep.
When I tell y'all we used to bring our whole comforters into the room for prayer, and be half sleep on the ground? It was so funny! Because my mom (half sleep herself) always opened the bible to a random page, read it, and made one of us say the prayer.
You ever heard a sleepy person pray? We'd be like "*snores* thank you God just.....*snore*...cus you been so goooood....*snore*...mmmm, thank you Jesus.." brains ain't even awake yet 😂
Nevertheless, "6am bible study" ends and it's time to get dressed. As I leave the room,I notice that my baby sister Nia, wasn't present. Being the caring and not at all envious that she got to keep sleeping big brother that I am, I ask my mom where she was?
Moms is like "Oh Nia is sick. Like she's burning up, I may take her to the doctor". I'm lowkey salty because not only did she miss bible study, but she get to stay home. But it's whatever.
I get dressed, after spending most of the morning fighting my siblings for use of the bathroom, and go to catch the bus...a bus that I miss.
ALL of us know...that walk into the room to tell your parents you missed the bus? Sheesh. But this was like my 4th time that semester so my dad wasn't going for it. He's like "Ykw....since you wanna miss the gone walk". My mom sitting there just egging him on like
I just thought it was funny how I had to walk to school, but when my sisters missed the bus...
Anyway, back on topic. I got to school, go to my classes, and head on home. On the bus otw back, I've like talked myself into confronting this walking situation. Walk in with hella pressure on my chest.
I head up the stairs, and knock on my moms door which is closed. She's like "...who is it?", but she kind of said it in a whisper. I'm like "..Um, Andrew..". You hear footsteps and then moms unlock and open the door.
To my surprise, she looks absolutely terrified. I'm like "What's wrong? What's going on with you". She says "Andrew something is wrong with you sister!". I'm like "Well yeah, I mean you said she's sic..." she interrupts "NO! I mean she's sick but idk something wrong with her."
I'm just like
She continues "I've been here alone with her and when she woke up, she walked in here. I asked her why she was out of bed, knowing she's sick. Next thing I know she started talking in like this little girl voice, and was like 'Moommm"...
She continues "I'm like 'yes baby'?. She holds up her hands and is like 'Look mom...its small' and is holding her hands to make some kind of shape." At this point, I was convinced that my mom...had pretty much lost her damn mind, Cus none of this made sense.
She keeps telling me the story:
Mom:"I was already scared cus she walked in with her comforter around her neck going down her back like she's a queen or something, so I'm like 'Ummm, what are you trying to show me baby?"
Nia says "Look....look at it mom...its...look at it" and is smiling at her hands. My mom said she was like "Now Nia hell, I don't see nothing, what you talkin bout?". Nia dropped her hands, and begins to give my mom a blank stare without blinking, and walk away"
On everything, I BUST out laughing. Like what?
Moms didn't appreciate me not taking her seriously lmao. She's like "Andrew I'm serious! Whatever! I called your dad and all". Tbh she's kinda like teary eyed/laughing herself.
I'm like "And where is Nia now?". Mom replies "She's sleep". I go to her room to check and sure enough, Nia is there knocked out. I giggle some more, and head into my room to play my xbox.
Hours go by, and the rest of my family still isn't home, except for my baby brother who is sleep. My dad picked my siblings up, so until he returns, they aren't there. As usual, my mom sense peace in the home, meaning chores weren't done lol.
"ANDREW!!". She yells my name so loudly, I sprint downstairs, jump off the third step and slide a little cus I had on socks. I'm like "What's wrong?!" She's like "Here, take this basket of clothes to my room"
I grab the basket and head up stairs talking mess under my breath like "Man she don't even need these in her room. I'm the only one here so I gotta do all the clothes bruh that's not fair, cus if Aaron was here.." until once again I'm interrupted by her scream again
"ANDREW!!!!" she yells. This time I decided to be smart and see what she wanted before I came,so shiiddd, I yelled back "YESS?". She's like "COME HERE!! HURRY UP!!". I wanted to see how far I could take this, so I'm like "WHYY MAA??!" lmaoo
"HURRY UP DANGIT!" she yells back. I'm tired of this game so I head down, talking as I enter the kitchen. "Mom you want me to just take all the clo...what the hell?!" As I turned the corner to enter the kitchen, I see my mom standing behind the island in the kitchen staring..
I follow her eyes only to see Nia, standing on the opposite side of the kitchen. Eyes locked on my mother, not blinking. Hair looking like she was struck by lightining, with a comforter wrapped around her like she's some kind of mom wasn't lying.
My mom is whispering like "Omg, omg, see! I told you! Talk to her Drew, say something". Not gonna lie, everything is kind of weird , but I'm not necessarily "scared" yet. I'm like "Ummmm....hey pretty."
She turns only her head towards me, still not blinking and is like "Hey Drew....I'm E". I'm like "You're..who?". She repeats herself "I'm E...I'm E'".. and starts giggling. MAANNNNNNNNNNN when I tell y'all I have rarely experienced that kind of fear.
She holds up her hands, and makes this kind of...idk shape. And is like "Look...its small...". My mom is like "SEE DREW I TOLD YOU!" and next thing I know, Nia head snaps back in my moms direction, and shes giving her the same blank stare without blinking.
Let me tell y'all something. A person who doesn't a confirmed psychotic, okay? My mom grabs my arm and is like "Oh lord get her Drew do something!"
Problem is folks,the situation has become serious. Idk who "E" was but "E" looked pretty pissed off, and tbh, I was tryna see who side I should be on. So I'm like "Do what? I mean..look,she's mad at you right? What did you do to make her..feel however she feels?"
I’m honestly tryna get on “E” good side. If things go left, maybe she’ll let me live and be like her minion or accountant or something.
My mom is about to cry, and is like "Drew that's not funny! What happening to my daughter! Do something!". I figured by do something, my mom meant...handle it.
I reach on the counter and grab a spatula. Not gonna lie, I got emotional because I'm just like "Wow...Imma have to kill like, my own protect my mom? Imma need like therapy or something after this"
As I walk closer, she's still staring at my mom. I get her attention "Umm...E.". She looks at me. "How you feeling?"
"I'm fine😐" she says. Boy I clenched that spatula and was about to...idk what I was about to do but I was about to do something, likely poke them damn eyes out.
My breathing gets heavier and heavier the closer I get, and I'm pretty much having a full asthma attack by the time I actually reach her. I told myself "Okay...Imma ask her some questions...she answer em right, she's good. She answer em wrong, imma spatuala the hell outta her"
Me: "Where are you at?
Me:"Who is that? *pointing to my mom*
Me:"Who am I?"
Me:"And who are you?
Nia:"*turns back facing my mom*..."I'm E"
Alright, spatula time
I'm getting closer and closer to her like
But then....I looked in her eyes. Y’all it’s my baby sister. Thinking of harming her started getting to me, so I’m conflicted and get emotional like
Meanwhile my mom over in the kicthen all teary eyed, still tryna ask her questions. Moms tells me "Drew, lay her down? Just try to lay her down". So I take her by the shoulders and escort her to the couch.
She lays down, and I walk away. I got back to the kitchen to see my mom calling 9-1-1. I'm like "You're calling the cops? Ma...we can work on this, we don't even know who "E" is, what is she's like the same person"
Moms said "Shutup! I'm calling the paramedics". My dad and my siblings arrive and we tell them the story. They try to wake her but she's really groggy and barely talking. In come the paramedics.
Long story short, Nia was so sick that she’s overheated. I assume she’d been sweating in her sleep because she was so dehydrated that she’d begun to hallucinate. At least that’s how it was explained to me.
We get told that a few more hours and things could've gotten worse. I'm like "'s a good thing I was here. Handle this properly, ya know?. Possessed lol must be crazy." cus I wanted my credit for not slicing her with that spatula.
They take her to the hospital, and hook her up to IV. I stayed home and went to bed, cus I was emotionally drained at this point. The next morning, I go into my sisters room to check on her. I knock and she says "Come in!"
I'm like "Well hello 'E'" tryna joke around. Her face drops and she's like "...who is E? She had and til this day has no recollection of any of that happening. Only what me and my mom told her happened.
And to be quite honest, that's perfectly fine with me. Because I love my baby sister so much...but if she ever thought it would be funny to try and scare me by acting the way she did that night, I will gladly punch her AND E in the throat.
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