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Well now, this article comes across my desk twice in 24 hrs & I've been aware of this fact & how it fits into the very complex multilayered fact patterns I've been posting out in all of my threadstorms in the last month I just haven't meandered my way into weaving in yet till now
This takes us all the way back to Perestroika & the fall of the Berlin Wall & the diaspora of senior Soviet officials into the new oligarchy & senior & most sinister KGB officials into the Russian Mafia & is at the very core of the launch of The Perestroika Deception.
There are 7 key American names involved in this & I'll deal mostly with them. You can read the WSJ article for complete context including the Russians and all the cash, but I'm focusing on who in America has been instrumental in aiding & abetting Soviet subversion & precisely how
The names you need to know now are:
Sen Bob Dole (R)
Fmr FBI Dir William Sessions (R)
Dole & Trump campaign official Paul Manafort (R)- This bit will shock you!
Gov Haley Barbour (R)
Fmr WH Asst. on Intergovernmental Affairs Lanny Griffith (R)
Dep Asst to the Pres. Ed Rogers (R)
With these 7 names, I'll try and coherently weave together several parallel fact patterns often not connected by analysts, like Quentin Tarantino's cinematic usage of the distorted narrative structure while hopefully not causing any strokes. Buckle up it's gonna be a bumpy ride.
We'll begin in 1990 & I'll try & put together for you:
Strong evidence of Neocon collusion with Russia in The Perestroika Deception
Lobbyist collusion with Russian infiltration
Early FBI collusion with the KGB through the Russian Mafia
Neocon collusion with Russia ginning up the 2013 Ukraine crisis in Russia's favor.
and, most shockingly:
Paul Manafort's long time Russian infiltration of the GOP, aiding Russian setup of Ukraine Crisis & infiltration of the Trump campaign to destroy his Presidency, not ensure it
1990. The Cold War was apparently ending, the US had just come out of the tremendous Reagan era, the economy was strong, national mood was high despite early rumblings of the Gulf War & we felt victorious & invincible.
Unfortunately it was a Cadmean victory we were then blind to
Bush was out first Neocon President being advised by Ed Rogers who was already in cahoots with then K Street Lobbyist & fmr Reagan advisor & Bush campaign advisor Haley Barbour already known as an evil genius who had represented big tobacco, big healthcare & big energy for years,
There were new avenues for meteoric wealth generation in newly "democratic Russia" that the Russians weren't shy about talking up to any DC powerbroker that would listen & they ran the beltway circuit so many times they wore a hole in both the inner and outer loop.
From prominent businessmen -- some facing criminal allegations -- to top politicians, well-known ex-Soviets are lining up to hire help with criminal cases, lobbying and consulting.
These figures, many of whom made fortunes in the wide-open 1990s amid the Soviet Union's disintegration, hire Washington insiders to help rehabilitate their reputations in the West or to persuade investors and regulators they are committed to good corporate governance.
They did this because an American Republican, with a history of being anti-Soviet for decades will be much more likely to convince other Americans that the Russian's are now the good guys. This was errata security & nothing more..
Remember Orwell? This era was the real world version of:
"The past was alterable. The past never had been altered. Oceania was at war with Eastasia. Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia.” The Russians chose neocons specifically because they were already long involved .
If you've read my previous threads, or tweets to Bill Kristol, you know I've been spilling the beans on Soviet influenced 60's era Democrat powerplayers, like Irving Kristol, Bill's dad, founding neoconservatism specifically to co-opt & subvert the GOP & traditional conservatism.
So the ex-apparatchiks cum oligarchs already knew they had a friend in Barbour. Maybe Haley even had a codename in the file in the Lubyanka? Well buddies Barbour & WH insider Rogers founded a lobbying firm in 1991 callled BGR Group. They're still around:…
In some cases, the details of how these ex-Soviet clients made their fortunes are murky, and the source, amount and purpose of the fees they pay Washington consultants can be as well. This is always a red flag for shady deals.
At times, even clients' names are camouflaged by lobbyists despite federal laws making clear that they can't disguise identities by taking fees from intermediaries. Without such rules, you'd just have a bunch of shell corps identified as clients of lobbyists and lobbying firms.
Many were playing an increasingly important role in the global economy, wresting ever-greater control of Eurasia's vast energy reserves & natural resources. All became politically powerful in Russia making them, and by extension, their U.S. advisers key in Eurasian stability
1995: Yeltsin struggled to finance Russia's growing debt & gain support from oligarchs for his bid in the1996 presidential elections,set off a new wave of privatization offering stock shares in Russia's most valuable state enterprises in exchange for bank loans.
However, they were giveaways of valuable state assets to a small group of tycoons in finance, industry, energy, telecommunications, and the media who came to be known as "oligarchs" in the mid-1990s.
This was due to the fact that ordinary people sold their vouchers for cash. The vouchers were bought out by a small group of investors. By mid-1996, substantial ownership shares over major firms were acquired at very low prices by a handful of people.
Enter Bob Dole. Dole was an early bug supporter of Yeltsin. In 1991, he was one of the first & most supportive advocates for Yeltsin while the Bush administration was hoping & planning on Gorbechev's survival in office.
"Let me be clear in saying that no one has been more supportive of President Yeltsin than I, in June 1991, I went to Andrews Air Force base to meet President Yeltsin virtually alone, since the U S State Dept believed Gorbachev was 'the only game in town.'"
But Yeltsin was never intended to be popular. In fact, he was never intended to be successful. He was there to act as an object lesson for the Russian people that de-Communization & democratization were a failed idea from the beginning. He was raised up specifically to fall hard.
Between 1991-1995 in Russia, resource grabs were fiercely competitive between just a handful of mega-billionaires who had essentially become an elite club of monopolists who controlled most industry in Russia. The previous year, war had broken out in Chechnya which was quite bad.
Dole's response" Just as it was wrong to place too much focus on Gorbachev in 1991, it's wrong in 1995 to ignore the fact that President Yeltsin has made serious errors, moved toward authoritarian rule & has lost the political support of virtually all reform-minded Russians."
This brings us to 1996, when Dole hired longtime political technician Paul Manafort as his campaign advisor, who was also at that time advising Oleg Deripaska, Russian Mafia thug who murdered his way to the total control of Russia's Aluminum processing industry snatching billions
Deripaska was a friend & supporter of Vladimir Putin who was already being groomed for the Presidency, which was simply given to him 3 years later. No vote.
Now. There's a Dole-Manafort-Russian Mafia-Putin connection, and we know that Putin was crowned as President only 3 years later. So this can reasonably suggest a pro-Russian position, particularly since Manafort was advising bot Dole & the gangster. But behold the Uniparty
Bob Dole excoriated Clinton: "The Clinton Administration's misguided devotion to 'Russia first' policy turned into a 'Yeltsin first' policy resulting in the loss of a tremendous opportunity to state American concerns forcefully before thousands were slaughtered in Chechnya."
So Bob Dole, with his unmentioned pro-Russia policy corruption was calling out Clinton's pro-Russia policy while China influenced American politics prior to & during the Clinton administration & also involved the fund-raising practices of the administration itself. Seem familiar?
Here's a refresher on Chinagate:…
And a refresher on The Perestroika Deception's level of long-term strategic disinfo:…
Dole & his Russians
Clinton & his Chinese
Both working towards the same goals while concealing the Uniparty
Now we introduce William Sessions, fired FBI Dir, who condemned Russia's rising mafia. "We can beat organized crime," he told a Moscow security conference in 1997. This nugget will prove interesting in a minute & also hypocritical.
Enter another Russian Thug: Semion Mogilevich. His group engaged in drug and weapons trafficking, prostitution, and money laundering, and organized stock fraud in the United States and Canada in which investors lost over 150 million dollars. He as well is a friend of Putin.
He was added the FBI 10 Most Wanted in 1998, so he was unable to manage his US affairs. Lawyers are often chosen by bot business magnates & mobsters. Mogilevich hired Willliam Sessions as his adviser in the US. His friend Putin was crowned the next year.
We'll leave one mobster in 1999 & fast forward to one we've already talked about but now in 2003. Remember Doles campaign advisor Manafort's "investment client" Oleg Deripaska? Now he's back and making friends with his friends friends to fight bribery allegations for a US visa.
That friend was Bob Dole who he paid $300,000 to Dole's law firm, Alston & Bird, according to lobbying reports. After that, Mr. Dole worked to persuade U.S. officials his client isn't a criminal and that his business operations are transparent."
Well Dole's efforts were successful. In 2005, the State Department reversed itself and granted the visa. Mr. Deripaska then paid Mr. Dole and his firm an additional $260,000. He's loose in the US whenever he wants now.
Now we find our old friend William Sessions. The anti-Russian Mafia guy. He now represents Semion Mogilevich,accused of 45-counts of racketeering and money-laundering in Philadelphia & masterminding an elaborate stock fraud using a web of shell companies in Europe.
Here's where some dirty shit happens. Sessions went to the DOJ with an unusual offer: Mr. Mogilevich would provide the U.S. with intelligence on Islamist terrorism if prosecutors would help get his charges dropped. IE Drop the charges & I spill Islamic beans.
DOJ rejected the offer. The Mogilevich talks were brokered by a prominent Washington security expert named Neil C. Livingstone, who was briefly in the news during the 1980s Iran-Contra scandal for his work on terrorism issues with White House aide Oliver North.
Until recently, Mr. Livingstone was CEO of GlobalOptions, a Washington corporate-intelligence firm he founded. Mr. Sessions sits on the firm's advisory board. Most of its clients "operate in Russia and the Caribbean." The shit starts to get deeper. Now with shady private spies.
In 2004, lobbyists at Barbour Griffith introduced GlobalOptions to a Cyprus-based firm called Highrock Holdings. Highrock is controlled by Dimytro Firtash, a Ukrainian businessman who acknowledges the company's major shareholders included Mogilevich's wife.
So far, we've weaved a long narrative that has now tied all of the key players together. It took a while. But it puts the American players directly in bed with the Russian Mob (w/lots of KGB), major crimes, serving pro-Russian interests & now mixed up with shady private spies.
All of these people are neocons, Trump's sworn enemies. Yet the connections drawn in the WSJ article are among a pile of gobbledygook used to screech Russian Collusion. There's only one Trump connection here. Paul Manafort, who definitely has deep Russian pro-Putin ties.
These guys are all fucking neocons. Of course they're going to be mixed up with shady Russian bullshit, they were founded on it. Manafort was Trump's campaign manager from May to August. 4 whole months. Plenty of time for a Russian agent to rig an election.
All of these guys are amateurs. When the Americans got involved with the Russians, they already had known or highly suspected criminal ties as well as ties to Putin. Some of these guys helped generate American support for Putin. All of them share a connection with GlobalOption
Let's look at GlobalOptions for a sec. First, they're not GlobalOptions anymore. They're still all over the search results page & mentioned on other websites with vague information saying nothing. The first thing I found was news of a 2016 name change to coventbridge & a new URL
But when I went to the URL it looks like something a 16 year old kid would put together in an old version of FrontPage. The info on GlobalOptions management doesn't match any of the names connected from this thread. It was also some kind of fake private investigator service.
Here's the URL
Here's what a real Florida PI firm website should look like:
Interestingly I did find this: CoventBridge Group, Ltd, a UK holding company
Their services are entirely generic & uninteresting.
I looked into their "Social Networking" Service page & it's offering: web search using more than one search engine, finding newspaper articles, database search for yet more newspaper articles, & a stated ability to use googlemaps.... Seriously? They charge for this?
I figured I must have made a mistake so I went back to searching. It took me 9 different combinations of words including GlobalOptions. I finally found a sourcewatch page with info matching the WSJ article:….
The sourcewatch page hasn't been updated since 2003.
The company website link sends you to: coventbridge.
The whole thing is amateur. Almost intentionally amateur.
These Americans getting involved with known shady Russians,easily exposable connections to Putin & a FLOOD of irrelevant other US-Russian connections that literally have nothing to do with Trump whatsoever. The only person who did was Manafort who was fired in 4 months.
The Americans connected to Russians & Putin but not Trump, did promote & support a pro-Putin agenda & worked in various ways to boost his image here. Manafort's paper trail is 5000 miles long & discoverable with basice search terms, even old articles.
There was Clinton's Chinagate: shady and simultaneously Dole's unpoken Russiagate: shady. Considering the Sino-Soviet split deception, I think it reasonable that Clinton & Dole were both surrounded by different groups who were interconnected.
Which means, considering that a lot of these same names are popping up in [current year] Russiagate that Clinton knew about Manafort a long damn time before he was even hired by Trump. Apparently it wasn't a state secret inside the beltway.
So how could he have been there to fix Trump's win if he was known about beforehand, got fired after 4 months, 3 months before the 2016 election yet not "exposed" in viral mainstream #FakeNews until October 2017?!
I concur wholeheartedly that there is Russian Collusion. The evidence points strongly to Clinton.n The convenient timing of the Russiagate repeat button that's been stuck since January doesn't suggest a rigged election, it suggests an overthrow attempt.
Clinton & Obama have already committed high treason with UraniumOne & Obama's Hezbollah orgy. What's a little government overthrow too?
18 U.S. Code § 2385 - Advocating overthrow of Government
Let's just add this to the growing list.
But on the bright side, we have been able to connect a good number of prominent neocons to Russian people with both Soviet government, but also KGB/Russian Mafia in felonious ways.
and, for me, most importantly, we've not only connected Clinton to Communist China through Chinagate, but
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