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Mitch McConnell's @Senate_Fund dropping over $22.5M in eight races tonight:
138,632->#KSSen… ImageImageImageImage
Independent expenditures in the North Carolina Senate race are about to hit $150 million Image
Rough approximation of the total Senate IE spending over the entire 2020 cycle so far:

$146M - North Carolina
$107M - Iowa
$76M - Georgia (Both races)
$74M - Montana
$70M - Maine
$58M - Arizona
$54M - Michigan
$31M - Colorado
$30M - Kansas
$19M - South Carolina
$15M - Alaska
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Trump’s 2016 Cambridge Analytica leak is exactly the insidious political microtargeting we’ve been up against for years, including @SenCoryGardner’s 2014 upset win. Here’s how Republicans & foreign ops have manipulated American politics for years — a thread. #cosen #copolitics
First, extreme political microtargeting (what I call “dark tech”) is when personal data is collected & aggregated to create detailed user profiles. Profiles are then categorized for targeted advertising to manipulate for political gain. More @NewslineCO👇…
These tactics can be employed for short & long-term gain. For example, it can be used to win a specific election, or to seed long-term turmoil & instability via disinformation campaigns. We’ve seen this with Russian interference — make no mistake, this is 21st century warfare.
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imo the #COSen race stopped being a Tossup on the morning of November 9, 2016
Trump's victory was the nail in the coffin for Cory Gardner.
Exactly. Cory Gardner's victory in 2014 was a fluke. He is just a generic Republican with no charisma and only won because of the national environment. In literally any other year (except for maybe 2010), he probably would have lost
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PolitiFact - Gardner’s bill has as much to do with politics as preexisting conditions #copolitics #cosen…
"Thomas Miller, a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, a think tank in Washington, D.C., quipped that the main goal might be something else entirely.
"It’s probably about 100 words too long," Miller said. "It could have said, ‘I’m running for election. I’ll do whatever is necessary.’"
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Coloradans have been calling, writing, visiting, and literally sitting in @CoryGardner s' office for the last 5 1/2 years begging him not to take their health care away.
Gardner had disabled protesters arrested.…
#copolitics #cosen
And now, in a cynical election year ploy, Cory Gardner gaslights his own constituents about his record on health care.
Does he think Coloradans are stupid?
Does he think they will magically forget all the harm he's caused?
And Rest in Power Carrie Ann Lucas.
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Two good articles from the Colorado Sun this morning thoroughly dissembling @CoryGardner's fakery on health care. #copolitics #cosen
"Gardner’s bill does not contain a guarantee of specific coverage benefits. Without such a provision, an insurer could decide it wouldn’t cover treatment for certain chronic diseases for anyone, regardless of when they develop the disease,
making a promise to protect that preexisting condition meaningless, health policy experts say."
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NEW: Democrats are leading in #AZSen, #COSen, #MISen and #NCSen, according to our new polling of likely voters, while #GASen is close to tied, ~100 days out, tracking close to Joe Biden.

Much more on our fresh state data:… Image
Our state-by-state tracking of likely voters finds a weakness for GOP contenders in #NCSen, #MISen and #AZSen: They're trailing @realDonaldTrump among likely Republican voters. (This problem isn't showing up for Gardner in #COSen and Perdue in #GASen)… Image
Democratic Senate contenders in #AZSen, #COSen, #GASen, #MISen and #NCSen are pretty much matching @JoeBiden's performance among likely voters in their states, and most have an advantage with independent likely voters.… Image
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Since @CoryGardner claims he'll fight for Colorado's #publiclands, today seems like a good day for a (THREAD) to remind folks that as Colorado's Senator, Cory:
1) As recently as 2018, voted to gut the #LWCF, the very policy he touts leading in this ad
#copolitics #cosen
2) Voted to confirm Ryan Zinke & David Bernhardt, nominated by Trump to oversee our public lands, whose policies have dismantled a century’s worth of advancement on environmental protection, trampling on human health and wildlife protections #cosen #copolitics
3) Voted for a resolution against the Bureau of Land Management’s Planning 2.0 which would permanently eliminate rules intended to include communities and the public in conversations about oil leasing decisions on public lands #copolitics #cosen
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Denver’s best interviewer, @cprwarner, tries to get @SenCoryGardner to answer they key ACA question he’s been dodging and he gets the patented talk-over-and-ignore tactic that Colorado journalists know well. #cosen #copolitics
Lots of politicians have lots of tactics to avoid questions. Gardner’s go-to move is to interrupt and talk over journalists as soon as they offer the topic of the question, making it difficult for the audience to even hear what is being asked.
Gardner’s opponent, John Hickenlooper, will often challenge the premise of questions, which is fair, but it seems to devolve into frustration that he’s being questioned at all, as when he told @Marshall9News that journalists should be “protecting” him from ethics complaints.
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In the past 36 hours, U.S. Senate candidate John @Hickenlooper has lost two court cases and been held in contempt.

Colorado's ethics commission will now consider how to punish his contempt and, later, weigh whether he broke ethics laws.

I'll tweet updates. #cosen #copolitics
Hickenlooper is not currently on the video conference but is available to testify, according to his attorney.

The commission seems to have softened when it comes to punishing Hickenlooper. They're eager to hear his testimony before they considering sanctioning #cosen #copolitics
John Hickenlooper has arrived, in a shirt and tie, on the video conference. Suzanne Staiert, with the Public Trust Institute, has begun quizzing him.

"I support Amendment 41, yes," Hickenlooper says, referring to the gift ban he's accused of violating. #cosen #copolitics
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Commissioner Leone makes motion to hold Hick in contempt and hold hearing on sanctions tomorrow #CoSen
Leone says Hickenlooper has displayed contempt for rule of law.
Leone speaks to the 2 lawsuits @Hickenlooper has proceeding against Ethics Commission.
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John Hickenlooper is not at the Ethics Commission hearing into his alleged violations of the Colorado gift ban.

A leading U.S. Senate candidate seems to be openly defying both a subpoena and a judge's order. Remarkable. #cosen #copolitics
On the other hand, this meeting is a massive technical mess, which speaks directly to what Hickenlooper and his attorneys have been saying, that WebEx is no way to conduct a hearing into a serious matter. #copolitics #cosen
Colorado's Independent Ethics Commission is in executive session as it talks with its attorney from the AG's Office.

A Hickenlooper attorney is at the meeting now. There wasn't one when it began.

The meeting remains a technical mess. #cosen #copolitics
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SHOT: GOP Senate sneaks a $170 BILLION dollar tax break for real estate developers into the #coronavirus relief bill meant to help struggling Americans.

CHASER: The Real Estate Roundtable, the group pushing the tax break, gave GOP Senators more than $70,000. #COVID19
COLLINS: @SenatorCollins’ campaign committee took $11,500 in contributions from The Real Estate Roundtable PAC. #MESen…
MCCONNELL: @senatemajldr took $17,500 from The Real Estate Roundtable over the course of his long career. #KYSen…
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10 things you may not know about me beyond my race for US Senate, a thread...
10) I’m a US Senate candidate who... a scientist! But I hope you already know that one! 😉 #WomenInSTEM @500womensci
9) I’m a US Senate candidate who... an aunt to my now 10yo nephew! I fight to save the 🌎, cures for diseases, & to end fun violence for kids like him. It’s all about the next generations! ♥️
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In March 2017, IFRR held its third ever organizing meeting in Boulder, CO, and I remember clearly talking about there being 44 months before the 2020 election. Now, it's 10 months. #copolitics #cosen 1/15
10 months from now, we will have done all the work: all the voting, all the calling, all the canvassing, all the organizing to bring about an absolutely can’t-lose takeback of our failing democracy.

We have no choice but to throw in to this fight, and no choice but to win. 2/15
🗓 KEY 2020 DATES:

✔️January 8: The Colorado state legislature opens
✔️March 3: We vote in the Presidential primary ("Super Tuesday")
✔️June 30: We vote in the Colorado primaries (includes the Senate race)
✔️November 3: We vote in the general election 3/15
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John @Hickenlooper is at MSU Denver for a student-led chat. I’ll tweet any highlights. #cosen #copolitics
@Hickenlooper On a question about abortion, Hickenlooper says, "“I support a woman’s right to choice, no matter what.”

People who want to cut Planned Parenthood funding “should be punished, in the court of public opinion and at the ballot box," Hickenlooper adds. #cosen #copolitics
@Hickenlooper Hickenlooper is asked if he supports student loan forgiveness.

“I’m not sure that we want to be writing off everybody’s debt and I’m not sure the children and grandchildren of millionaires should have their debt forgiven – should have free college."
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The State of Colorado reported 2018 Colorado hate crime statistics which were wrong, false or flawed.
OR the State of Colorado is currently reporting 2018 Colorado hate crime statistics that are wrong, false or flawed.

#copolitics #coleg #cosen
In August, Colorado released their annual crime report with their new report on Colorado hate crime. It showed Colorado hate crimes nearly doubled to 185 in 2018 from 96 in 2017. Much of Media collectively reported the 'hate crimes nearly doubled' narrative.
The 2018 hate crime statistics have quietly been changed or reduced. Now Colorado is showing 139 hate crime cases in 2018 and not the originally reported 185 which was released back in August.
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@CBP @SenCoryGardner @GovernorPerry @ENERGY @CoryGardner @RealBenCarson @HUDgov @RyanZinke @Interior @NRA @Cosen 102nd reason to #VoteCoryOut:

Invertebrate @SenCoryGardner refuses to condemn Trump's open & brazen attempts to solicit foreign interference in the 2020 election: #copolitics #cosen
@CBP @SenCoryGardner @GovernorPerry @ENERGY @CoryGardner @RealBenCarson @HUDgov @RyanZinke @Interior @NRA @Cosen 103: @SenCoryGardner's silence when Trump cut & ran from our Kurdish allies and enabled Turkey to slaughter them, is appalling cowardice.

The Kurds were our closest & most important allies in combatting ISIS. #StandWithKurds #copolitics…
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Mike Johnston departs #COSen. In interview, he says winning primary would have required expensive and negative primary, which "would have risked the chance of weakening the eventual nominee so that we could have lost to Gardner and lost the seat."…
Johnston said he wasn't calling on other candidates to drop out, but said avoiding a divisive primary was best.

"I think when you're part of a team you've got to do what's best for all of us, not what's best for one of us. And this seemed like the clear right choice for me."
Also, Johnston said he wasn't endorsing Hick, but isn't ruling out endorsement later. And he said he hasn't talked to Schumer/DSCC.

"There's been no pressure from them or anyone else for me to get out," he said.
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I’ve observed Colorado @SenCoryGardner since his election. What I’ve seen has left me dismayed. Rather than building bipartisan bridges to get things done, Cory became a supine Trump yes-man. There are 1000s reasons he shouldn’t be re-elected. Here are 101: #VoteCoryOut #COsen
#1: Even though he was elected by the narrowest of margins in 2014 in a state that has since voted for Hillary in 2016 & a democratic state govt trifecta in 2018, Cory continues to act as if he has a mandate from the white nationalist alt-right. #VoteCoryOut #cosen
#2: Cory Gardner has consistently voted for the extreme Trump agenda. During the 2019-2020 Congress, he’s voted with Trump over 90% of the time. During Trump’s 1st two years, Cory’s voting record was over 95% in line with Trump. #VoteCoryOut #cosen
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I think one can be in favor of an official impeachment inquiry while also respecting the dilemma Nancy Pelosi faces.

She knows that Donald Trump is a criminal, yet she needs to hold on to the House in the next election.
Nobody fought harder than Speaker Pelosi to take back the House.

She knows that a Democratic House is all that stands in the way of the right-wing destroying this country for a century in this era of Trump.

With climate change and healthcare these are life-and-death stakes.
And right now Speaker Pelosi foresees a plausible future in which the impeachment of Donald Trump backfires on Democrats and results in Donald Trump's re-election, a Republican House, a Republican Senate, and a 6-3 Supreme Court.

It's a frightening thought.
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I'm a former federal prosecutor. In fact, I was once appointed a Special Counsel myself, and investigated a corrupt governor who was convicted and resigned. After reviewing the #MuellerReport, here are my thoughts: [thread]
1) After decades spent investigating complex federal cases, I have read indictments that presented evidence less damning than the obstruction section of the #MuellerReport.
2) In light of the contents of the Report, Attorney General Barr's remarks at his press conference seem designed to protect the President, rather than simply announcing the release of the Report.
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Senate Republicans and @realDonaldTrump continue to attack the Affordable Care Act. Now the Trump administration is trying to strike the entire ACA down. These Republican senators (all are up for re-election) are not taking your access to health care seriously:
David Perdue (R-GA), Thom Tillis (R-NC), and Cory Gardner (R-CO) have voted over and over again to risk protections for pre-existing conditions and make health care coverage more expensive. #gasen #ncsen #cosen
John Cornyn (R-TX) has voted over and over again to risk protections for pre-existing conditions and make health care coverage more expensive. And don’t forget, Cornyn was in charge of rounding up the votes to dismantle the ACA in 2017. #txsen
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