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I see @TorbaySDevonNHS have abandoned their legal & professional responsibility to keep patients safe.#CovidIsNotOver Case & hospital numbers are steeply rising. As we enter the 3rd wave of the yr, I urge you to put your #FFP3 mask back on & demand your trusts invest in #CleanAir
Exposure to #COVID19 can cause neurodevelopmental delay
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I think we need to stop referring to these people as ‘experts’. Our immune systems are exhausted fighting against repeated infection with SARS CoV-2 and, in the case of long covid, chronic infection. @WHO @bbchealth 🧵1/3
From a medical perspective, nothing about this is the least bit puzzling.

What is concerning, is the moral compass of those in charge; leading politicians, scientists, medical professionals, who all play their part to deny #COVIDisAirborne & infection harms. #CovidIsntOver 2/3
I have two questions:

(I) When are we going to invest in #CleanAir? Air filtration systems must start to be installed in public buildings, starting with schools & hospitals.

(II) When are we going to stop breaking HSA legislation & equip patient facing NHS staff with RPE? 3/3
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This is not how a healthservice should run.

Threat of contracting Covid will deter vulnerable patients from seeking medical care. Those who decide to take this risk, face risk of death or permanent disability.

How is this in any way legally or morally acceptable? @sajidjavid
Patients deserve to be treated & cared for in a safe environment.

NHS staff deserve to go to work without fear of dying or becoming permanently disabled.

Hospitals MUST start to install air filtration systems #hepa. It’s time to make the air safe & invest in #cleanair
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Dear @HumzaYousaf @DrGregorSmith @JasonLeitch @JohnHardenED Yesterday you published evidence you claim ‘clearly’ shows vaccines/new medicines mean there’s no need to retain the Highest Clinical Risk list, It’s far from clear to me. Please confirm my understanding 🧵
Evidence on vaccine efficacy consists of incomplete summaries of studies measuring different things using different methods, & includes studies that haven’t been peer reviewed. As you say “Many studies in this annotated bibliography will have several limitations”. Yes they do.
As for people added to the List by GPs – the 2nd biggest group, nearly 1/3 of people on the Highest Risk List, 50,778 people, it says: “Due to the range of conditions within this group, little research has been carried out on this specific group”. What there is looks dire.
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Many thanks to @ProfEmer for his presentation on ‘Health and safety: lessons learnt from the pandemic” at todays BMA Medical managers conference 2022.

I would like to share with you some of his slides & key points discussed. 🧵
From past experience (2002-3 SARS and 2012 MERS) UK government @Conservatives should have been better prepared for the SARS CoV-2 pandemic.
Health and safety research in *2008* for @H_S_E showed surgical masks (FRSM) failed to protect against an airborne transmitted pathogen. Image
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This is what “living with Covid” means.

H/t to @KashPrime for creating this outstanding plan.

#CleanAir 💨💨
@KashPrime One of the tools that we can all tap into, starting today, is lifestyle.

*Healthy, anti-inflammatory diet
*Regular exercise that we enjoy
*Consistent sleep (7+ hours)
*Social connection for mental health

This doesn’t prevent Covid, but it makes us more resilient.
@KashPrime If you’re interested, a map of dietary behaviours associated with longevity is summarized nicely here.…
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Today I am asking the @niexecutive, the @UKgovcomms who fund them and the @IRE_Govt who we have a leaky border with to consider my mental health. And that of many others. Almost two years now of no normal life. You may say ‘but we opened up, you can do everything’ - but do I want
to do everything when it’s not safe? No. Therefore I’ve forgotten what it’s like to casually call into a friend’s house, to work in an office, to travel, to have hotel breaks, to nip into a shop without a mask and make a takeaway tea and sip through the lid without cleaning it!
To try clothes on in a changing room. To eat out in a restaurant, inside where it’s warm! To hold my baby nephews, to hug and comfort a good friend. To have my husband able to visit me after surgery. To have in person meetings and appointments and feel safe. To be a leader in
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Our campaign team suggested I write a thread about work I've done on climate. Honestly, where to begin? Since leaving university in 2007 I've been at the forefront of the environmental movement, leading groups that have transformed the national debate. First up @planestupid -1/16 A split screen - on the left is an image of Tamsin, a white
Following the Commons action which made Heathrow Airport's third runway front page news for the first time, I worked alongside anti-aviation leader @HACAN1 in the @StopHeathrowExp coalition. I organised West London communities to oppose the airport and this huge protest - 2/16 An image of a poster for a protest called Make a NOiseA picture from that protest of 1000s of people standing in t
There were so many more moments in those early days of the campaign against Heathrow's expansion (and all the organising that I led as part of that campaign) but - this thread could be a book and that's not what twitter is for so, let's move on to @ClimateRush - 3/16 Page 3 of the Evening Standard from the evening of the first
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Official #CodeRed alert | Major particle #AirPollution episode building as winds slow and turn easterly. MODERATE #AirPollution in places every day until HIGH 7-8/10 by Monday night or Tuesday. Check updates and health advice ImageImageImageImage
Thread 2/... Major ozone and particle #AirPollution episode building. HIGH ozone by Sunday and Monday evenings and HIGH particles by Monday morning in London and eastern England. MODERATE in many places HT @CopernicusECMWF… ImageImageImage
Official #CodeRed | Serious widespread MODERATE or HIGH particle and/or ozone for most of England and Wales on Monday, Tuesday. Scotland also by Wednesday. Check updates and health advice ImageImageImageImage
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#UnionBudget2021 | This Budget recognises circumstances like never before, in view of calamities that have affected a country or a region within a country. But what we have endured with COVID-19 to 2020 is Sui generis: FM Nirmala Sitharaman
#UnionBudget2021 | Under #AtmaNirbharBharat FM #NirmalaSitharaman announces 27.1 lakh crore package which is equivalent to 13% of the GDP
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Union Environment Minister @PrakashJavdekar is virtually inaugurating the country's first demonstration plant at #Pune which produces Compressed #Biogas from #Biomass

@ddsahyadrinews @airnews_pune @airnews_mumbai @moefcc
Praj Matrix's has earned many patents and their technology is being used in many countries around the world. This is an example of #AatmaNirbharBharat: @PrakashJavdekar,

while virtually inaugurating the demonstration plant at Pune which produces Compressed #Biogas from #Biomass
Stubble-burning is a big problem in North India. Farmers feel burning is less expensive than cutting stubbles. It leads to pollution in those areas. We need to find a solution for this. If new technology is given to farmers, they are always ready to use it: @PrakashJavdekar
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[Thread] Teachers- air quality in classrooms is important (& so are confidence & comfort)

1. Empowerment: understanding risks & positive action to keep safe 1/ #schools #Covid19… Image
Education: Hacks to explain ventilation & to reassure 2/ #Covid19 #ventilation #homes #schools #nursinghomes #offices #restaurants ImageImageImageImage
Toolkits & posters for safety
#COVID19 #CleanAir 3/ Image
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Let’s talk about science and research for a second. Research journals are given a rating used to measure their importance based on citations. This is called an “Impact Factor”. An Impact Factor of >10 puts a journal near the top 1% of all cited journals. 1/x
So a high Impact Factor journal is widely considered reputable by the general scientific/research/medical community. So when a high Impact Factor journal comes out with a statement, it should be taken seriously. 2/x
Consider this article “Trump lied about science” from @ScienceMagazine (IF 41.85)… 3/x
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In London, fewer deaths have been caused by Covid-19 than are lost due to air pollution each year.


First, fact checking!..

As of 18/09/20, total hospital Covid deaths in London was 6,172. In-hospital deaths are estimated to be 73% of total.…

So 8,455 total London Covid deaths.

The 2015 King's College London report on Air Pollution put annual deaths from PM2.5 at 3,537 and from NO2 at 5,879. (This is after accounting for a 30% overlap between the effects of PM2.5 and NO2.)…

So 9,416 annual London air pollution deaths.

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My chest is not its best, so I'm back on the IVs for 2 weeks. This is what 14 days of intravenous antibiotics looks like in its constituent parts. It's been 5 & 1/2 months since I was last on IVs - a good stretch for me. I put it partly down to that sweet sweet lockdown air... ImageImage
...Remember that? Wasn't it amazing?
I'm particularly worried about our #airquality in the next couple of weeks with the return of the school run. Our government has messed up an amazing opportunity to really change public transport habits for the better, & I'm livid...
...So yeah, I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned this before, but #AirPollution kills. Please only drive if you absolutely have to. And don't ever idle your engine unnecessarily - that's a real 🍆 move. Huge thanks as always to the @NNUH staff, & everyone fighting for #cleanair
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Current scenario enabled by wishful scientists that dont understand the dynamics of policy & governance:

1- policymakers & polluters say 'show me the data'
2- we show them the data & they reply 'the data is not good enough';
3- finance 'experts' provide p-hacked forecasts
3- of weak models based on mega incomplete data!
4- scientists know that we always need more data... agree & ask for funding to collect more data.
5- policymakers promise to fund research but never do because the media stories are enough to make it appear they are acting.
6- The very few businesses who think they are profiting from polluting repeat the same misguided tactics year on year:
-Show me the data
-You have 'no proof of harm' from toxic air, water, and food.
-Everyone did/does it
-Enforcing #cleanair regulations will cause jobs loss
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Hey, remember during the 2018-19 school year when they gave out water bottles to students to promote drinking water?

Even at the schools that still had lead in the water?

@NYCSchools was supposed to address this long ago.

A #WaterSafety thread.
According to the page, the noted was the action to be taken, and addition, “[a]ll schools either have been, or will be, retested from fall of 2018 to the end of 2020.” Water Testing  State law requires us to test the water for l
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“The corresponding drop in regional traffic, along with reduced industrial and commercial activity, also has led to a significant decline in air-polluting emissions.”
#COVID19 #cleanair #reduceemissions…
It should not take a pandemic for our planet to see major reductions in pollution and smog levels. We need eco-friendly policies that are in place once the pandemic ends. #COVIDー19 #ecofriendly
When in Congress, I’ll make sure to support all legislation that is beneficial to our environment.
Policies that protect the planet and our economy require balance. We need economic development with long term conservation goals.Environmental progress means economic prosperity.
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1. Hey, Aaron! Why do you care about transit so much?

I’m glad you asked!

What I REALLY care about is what transit does & wow! does it do a lot.

Hop on board - let’s tour few of the amazing things we get from a great transit network & why it matters.

#yeg #yegcc #transit
2. Transit is an economic driver. The 2009 Ottawa transit strike had a negative economic impact of about $400 million over 51 days - that’s est. $2.5 billion a year!

In 2019 #yeg that number will be even higher.

Let that sink in a little.

#economy #yegcc
3. A 2016 Auditor’s report estimated transit saves #Yeg about $700 million a year by reducing congestion/ traffic jams, collisions & decreasing parking demand and environmental impacts.

This is big money, folks.

Let’s unpack that.

#transit #savings #yegcc
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Cameco $CCO $CCJ Conference Call is now over. Here are a few tidbits:
Purchases have increased to 21-23M lbs #uranium for 2019 calendar year. 12.7M lbs committed purchases so far. Will also begin purchasing for 2020 needs later this year. 70% of buying will be in Spot market...
Increase of 2M lbs in contracts was due to clients wishing to add some lbs to existing deliveries. Off-market discussions increasing with utilities on term contracting. Definite rise in #nuclear utility interest since 232 removed border trade issue...
Cameco says still lot of undisciplined producers/sellers in both Spot and Term markets keeping prices from recovering, but volumes of material dropping. Also took a shot at developers who are promising to bring on supply even tho unrealistic at current prices, not helping...
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THREAD: We have just released an unprecedentedly detailed mapping of NO2 pollution levels around the world, revealing the worst pollution hotspots and showcasing the power of a new generation of smog-tracking satellites. Interactive map:…
The new TROPOMI instrument onboard the @esa Sentinel 5P satellite gives us unprecedented detail on atmospheric pollution levels, revealing the largest sources in an area. See the hotspots here around several highly polluting coal plants on Java, Indonesia.
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