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It will be great if we can share our wins as a community, so that others also have hope.

Let's add wins in this 🧵 👇

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(1/n) Compiling a 🧵 of 2021's threads created regarding Credit Cards & #Airmiles & Hotel Loyalty topic.

This whole world is very dynamic in nature, hence, the data / T&Cs / Value may have changed a little, however, the intent to understand the subject.

(2/n) Starting with one of the hot favourite - @AmexIndia MR Points Versatality:

(3/n) Just an example of travel benefits of credit cards:

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The free #spins can in our opinion be quite hit and miss especially if you only have the lowest X1 multiplier. If you manage to get the maximum X5 multiplier with a lot of free games you can see some impressive #wins but this seems to be quite uncommon.… The Dark Knight Rises offers quite a bit in terms of free spin bonuses and extra features although it appears to be quite a low variance game where you will get a lot of small wins which keep you going while waiting for the bigger hits.… We would have like to see at least a X2 multiplier on all free spins as X1 offers no real chances at the bigger wins. Microgaming may have fallen into the age old problem of the sequel not living up to the original. In our opinion the original
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I want to cry every time I check the online communities I joined this time last year.

Most of them are now barren wastelands.

Some thoughts on why online communities fail... 🧶
First, picture the scene:

You joined a poppin' Slack or Discord a while back.

It was LIT when you joined, but now it's... not lit.
Worse, it's a total ghost town...

A person without a profile photo floats around talking to themselves.

The latest post in the #wins channel is 7 months old – and it has two pitiful thumbs-up reactions.

The leader of the community is nowhere to be found.
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Let’s be very clear about what’s really going on here Amy @Amy_Siskind <thread> It’s been awhile since I’ve done a thread but this final assault on our Republic, ironically by these so called Republicans, needs to be addressed. To steal a line from trump, no really, this....1/
This may be the most important <thread> that I’ve ever tweeted. Why? Well, no one else is talking about this and it will impact all of US. The “this” is what trump and his criminal cabal are really up to right now. Let’s start with some background that we can all agree with....2/
trump is a serial liar, we all know that. He’s told over 20,000 lies since taking office. But even so, he still manages to SHOW US who he is AND tell US what he’s going to do. He telegraphs things all the time. It were conditioned to “know” he’s a liar, so we don’t listen....3/
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Adipose-derived mesenchymal stromal cells for the treatment of patients with severe SARS-CoV-2 pneumonia requiring mechanical ventilation. A proof of concept study - EClinicalMedicine #ATMSC

Unrelated trials w/similar cells:
Researchers test COVID treatment that decreases mortality rates by 70%…
Spanish researchers develop treatment that drastically cuts mortality in critically ill Covid-19 patients…
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In the beginning when they got punish and kicked out of by Hitlar Palestine 🇵🇸 is the only country that welcomed them because our religion teaches us to be kind to the oppressed people. & today they are doing this to our peopel.
Today they become the oppressors who arrest little child, destroy City, don’t let us pray peacefully and kill us on every occasion. Shame on Israel and the people of Israel Jews . We are kind to every religion because Islam ☪️ teaches us to be. But they killing our people.
No news covers this no news shows when Muslims gets oppressed and tortured. All the news do is point out the isis and tell everyone this is what Muslim do. All media do is tell everyone Muslims are #terrorist . Please
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Look Ryan @ProudResister it’s simple. @SpeakerPelosi has something to hide or she would #ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW So, she’s compromised, she’s protecting some who’s compromised, she agrees with trump’s agenda (she is rich) OR, and this is a long shot, she’s stalling to 1/ <thread>
2/ aid an ongoing investigation. Imagine, that the @FBI who have obviously been investigating trump and his criminal connections for years, see @LincolnsBible @ninaandtito or @gregolear and others for more details, imagine that he is either a willing informant, which fits the....
3/ Comey dropping a dime on HRC and throwing the election to trump scenario, remember it took two times. Also, as soon as trump was elected, the first arrests were crime family members in New York, the mob! So trump is this willing, as in wears wires and cooperates, kind of....
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