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🧵With the successful re-election of Rep. Larry Bucshon (R) in #IN08, he has become the first congressman in Indiana's 8th Congressional District to win a 7th consecutive term -- since 1932. (1)
"The Bloody 8th" used to be a swing district. It gets mentioned a lot by congressional historians. The Evansville-based district, which stretches to Terre Haute, was called the Bloody 8th because of its swing status, and its fierce battles. #IN08 #Midterms2022 (2)
The Indiana 8th was centered around #Evansville circa 1931. Southern Indiana Democrats were a strong force. They won the seat in 1932 and held it for 10 years. Thus began a decades-long battle for the Bloody Eighth, one that would draw the notice of Newt Gingrich. (3)
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Post-midterm reflections THREAD: I am #thankful for every voter who looked at the candidates on their ballot and chose those who respect our electoral process over those who do not, especially candidates running for important election-related offices such as Secretary of State.
I give thanks for the thousands of volunteers and election officials who worked to ensure that #voting and vote counting proceeded efficiently and fairly. #midterms2022 #VotingRights
I am also thankful for the numerous pro-democracy groups (including @CampaignLegal!) who guarded vigilantly against efforts to disenfranchise #voters, and responded when necessary, including with legal challenges. #midterms2022
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“It’s not my job as a voter to prove voter fraud. It’s the government’s job to prove they’re doing transparent elections I can trust. So none of this even matters. They’re ILLEGAL ELECTIONS!”

#Rigged #RiggedElections #ElectionFraud #USelections #Midterms #MidtermElections
11.18.2022 Clark County in Las Vegas, Nevada American Patriot Mindy Robinson speaks regarding the 2022 Election Corruption.

#Rigged #RiggedElections #ElectionFraud #Stolen #StolenElections #USelections #Midterms #Midterms2022 #MidtermElections #MidtermElections2022
3. “It’s not my job as a voter to prove voter fraud. It’s the government’s job to prove they’re doing transparent elections I can trust. So none of this even matters. They’re ILLEGAL ELECTIONS!”

11.18.2022 Clark County in Las Vegas, Nevada

#Rigged #ElectionFraud
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THREAD. Ron Klain @WHCOS tells some remarkable lies. On @Lawrence (a gullible guy) Monday night, Klain said "no president ... since John F. Kennedy ... (has held on to) Senate seats and potentially even (went) up one Senate seat." This is untrue; @JonKarl also said this. (1)
The best MIDTERM performance on the Senate side by a party holding the White House since 1960 was:

1) 1962. Kennedy. Dems pick up 4 seats despite midterm.
2) 2002. Bush. Despite recession, GOP picks up 2 seats and control of Senate.

So .. 2022 yet, @MSNBC? No. (2)
2a) Tied for second place is Trump's 2018 midterm. The @NRSC knocked off four Democratic Senate incumbents. The Dems knocked off 2 Republican senators. In the end, the GOP Senate majority *gained* 2 seats in an otherwise terrible midterm. (3)
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Rick Scott was a great #FLGov from 2011 to 2019. He rebuilt the Florida GOP and then won the #FLSen seat. But he screwed up with his national plan, trying to build a platform for himself for a national position like Majority Leader. (1)
There's no denying that if you could list five to six things that slowed the GOP momentum in 2022, @ScottforFlorida's plan to vote on Social Security and Medicare every five years was a gift to Democrats, much like Paul Ryan's thick-headed budget plans in 2011. (2)
It makes no difference that Joe Biden lied about Scott's plan by saying the GOP would vote on authorizing Social Security "every year." Scott gave Biden a target, and forced GOP and fact-checkers to write about the plan. (3)
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#Midterms2022 Sono Anthony DeLuca (Pennsylvania), e Barbara Cooper (Tennessee) i rappresentanti del partito democratico defunti rieletti alla camera. #USA Image
Intanto al senato testa a testa tra Repubblicani e democratici, mancano ancora i risultati del #Nevada , e della #Georgia che andrà al ballottaggio il 6 dicembre. #Midterms2022
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#ElectionDay came and went with most disappointed the highly anticipated #RedWave didn’t leave Florida. But, with key races from #Midterms still being tabulated, all eyes are on to see who will prevail.

However, most have missed important concession speeches these last few days.
On the night of November 8th, some Republican candidates conceded pretty early. A few without any official results called from any major media outlets.

In this thread, I’m going to expose these RINOs for not even trying to contest the count well before the state cert deadlines.
Let’s start with the state where I live and saw the concession first hand, Colorado.

In District 8, @Kirkmeyer4CO (one tough woman endorsed by our local police/first responders) ran against @YadiraCaraveo (Latina daughter of immigrants endorsed by @PPFA and Dems from across CO)
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Longtemps 1 inquiétude des démocrates. Dans 1 de leurs bastions- l'Oregon- même s'il est partagé entre villes du nord (Portland) très à gauche et campagnes trumpistes de l'est, 1 triangulaire pouvait faire de la républicaine Drazan 1 gouverneure. Elle est vaincue par Tina Kotek
2. Ayant passé 1 partie du mois d'août en Oregon, cette campagne pour le poste de gouverneure était 1 résumé des #midterms: Drazan faisait campagne sur l'insécurité de Portland, ville présentée par elle et les antennes locales de Fox News en coupe-gorge..…
3...quand Tina Kotek, membre de la gauche progressiste du parti démocrate, qui entendait devenir l'1 des 1ères gouverneures lesbiennes aux Etats-Unis (avec Maura Healey au Massachusetts), a fait 1 campagne axée autour de la défense du droit à l'avortement.…
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THANK YOU election officials/poll workers/volunteers who worked & continue to work to ensure that #Midterms2022 are carried out successfully. Nationally this election has been free of major issues, and Americans should feel confident about the voting/vote counting process. Image
While many are focused on the horse race for control of #Congress it is worth noting that #Midterms2022 produced a number of pro-democracy gains through ballot initiatives, many of which received strong majority support. #DemocracyWins
#Arizona: The “Voters Right to Know Act” (Prop. 211) brings transparency to elections by requiring election spenders to disclose the original sources of their funding. Thank you @TerryGoddardAZ for leading on this effort.…
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Wie sich Populisten bei ihren Kultisten beliebt machen? So. Läuft übrigens genau so auch bei unserer #NoAfD ab. MTG ist sicher nicht das hellste Licht im Hafen, aber diese Tweets werden immer vom PR Stab erzeugt, nicht vom Chef.

#MAGA #midterms2022 #noAfD #ZeigtHerEureNippel

"Enemies are quaking in their boots" = sie schaudern/zittern/erbeben in ihren Stiefeln

Das macht man schnell zu einem

quacking = Quaken (Nein, nicht der Heilpraktiker/Quack) und schon geht ganz "woke" twitter wie auf Befehl auf sie los


Denn das
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Capisco che ci avevano avvisati, ma noi malati di politica abbiamo un difetto: vogliamo sempre sapere come andrà a finire. In questo caso parliamo di #Midterms2022. E lo facciamo volutamente, pur sapendo che in queste ore tra Italia e Francia monta un poco edificante caso Image
diplomatico sulla pelle di alcune centinaia di #migranti. È un copione che questo Blog aveva ampiamente annunciato, e non perché spicchi per capacità predittive, ma perché le avvisaglie c'erano da tempo. E i protagonisti mancano di fantasia. Dedichiamoci allora alla politica,
quella vera, quella che - piaccia o no ai complottisti trumpiani che da un paio di giorni (o di anni?) mi chiedono di parlare di fantomatici brogli - ha vissuto un momento importantissimo con il voto di #midterm.
A che punto siamo? Al #Senato la situazione è la seguente. Image
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Some #Midterms2022 Election Lessons:
A Thread

1. We really need to rethink how we—and how others—use polling data. Sometimes it’s not aimed at reporting. It’s an attempt to persuade—an electoral strategy—more than anything else.

For more:…
2. The youth vote matters. A lot.
3. The press should do more reporting and less predicting.
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Is Marjorie Taylor Greene ok? Has someone checked in on her? h/t @rerutled
If Marjorie Taylor Greene was a Muslim, she would be in Guantanamo Bay and in shackles.

But because she is white, evangelical, and a woman--a rich one at that--Greene is instead a member of Conress in the most powerful country in the world.… #Midterms
Marjorie Taylor Greene is one of the most dangerous politicians in the U.S. today.

That she increasingly represents the face of the GOP speaks volumes about how craven that party is and how complicit white women are in upholding it.

Greene, like Trump, is not aberration
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JUST IN: #BNNUS Reports.

Marleine Bastien, Haitian-American has won her seat for the County Commissioner for District at the Miami-Dade County Commission. Bastien has made history by becoming the second Haitian and first Haitian woman with this victory. #Haiti #US
Bastien is a longtime Haitian community and immigration activist. Marleine Bastien shared her excitement and thanked the voters with the message, "Tonight's victory is for ALL the residents of District 2! I am humbled and honored to serve as your next County Commissioner...
for District 2. Together, we will work for a better and more inclusive ..." "District 2 that gives everyone a fighting chance to thrive.
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Alright, I promised a thread, didn’t I?

The #Midterms2022 didn’t go as we expected because they had to cheat us out of a Red Wave and I can prove it.

PS: @elonmusk, if your algorithm bands me during this, I’ll never forgive you.
Let’s start with Michigan. Voters came out in sweeping numbers. So much so that they felt threatened enough to ballot dump more than once in the race between Tom Barrett and Elissa Slotkin
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For anyone still surprised that so many white women still vote Republican after Roe v Wade was overturned… #Midterms #AbortionRights
White, Christian zealots used democracy to cut it at its knees by destroying the right to abortion–a right which most Americans support.…
So successful has white supremacist patriarchy been at convincing you that you’re lucky to live in the U.S. and not Saudi Arabia or Iran, that so many of you did not pay enough attention to the theocracy that white supremacy was building right here.…
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Der weltweite Frieden ist immer noch eine Utopie.
Weltweit herrscht Krieg, auch in Europa, in der Ukraine...
Und die Mainstream Presse – nicht nur die deutsche – mischt mit und übt sich in blinder Kriegspropaganda.
Da der ukrainische Stellvertreterkrieg so lange wie möglich hinausgezögert werden soll, wirken Friedensideen deplatziert oder gar defätistisch. Die Gründe für den derzeitigen Krieg in der Ukraine werden gar nicht erst diskutiert.
Man konzentriert sich auf den Überfall, der einerseits erwartet wurde, andererseits aus heiterem Himmel gekommen sein soll. Mit aller Macht werden Narrative verbreitet und verteidigt:
- völkerrechtswidriger Angriffskrieg Russlands/Putins"
- Aggressor Putin will nicht verhandeln..
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GOP Senator Ron Johnson (@RonJohnsonWI) of Wisconsin has won a third term, defeating Democrat Mandela Barnes (@TheOtherMandela) and handing Republicans a chance to take control of the 50-50 Senate. #midterm #election #Midterms2022 #Politics
Johnson campaigned on the nation’s soaring inflation, voter dissatisfaction with President (@POTUS) @JoeBiden and rising crime rates.
Johnson’s campaign and outside groups backing his re-election bid unleashed a flurry of TV ads in September and October that accused Barnes, Wisconsin’s lieutenant governor, of being soft on crime.
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A Jefferson County Circuit Court judge who signed the falsified search warrant that led Louisville Metro Police officers to Breonna Taylor’s apartment the night she was fatally shot has been ousted from her position by voters. #Midterms2022 #Politics
Judge Mary Shaw, of District 5, fell short of securing her position on Election Day to Tracy Evette Davis. According to the Jefferson County Clerk’s Office, Davis received 51% of votes with 100,870 votes cast in her favor, compared to Shaw’s 98,503, or 49%.
Shaw was elected in 2006, and took the bench in January 2007, according to her website. She was a circuit court staff attorney for more than 16 years.
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The current US Congress, Senate, and Gubernatorial #MidTerms2022 Elections at a Glance.
On Wednesday, high-profile races in Arizona and Georgia remained too close to call, and votes in contests to determine which party controls the House and Senate were still being counted.
The Georgia Senate race between Trump-backed Hershel Walker and incumbent Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock is razor thin. If neither candidate receives 50% of the vote, the race will be decided in a runoff on December 6.
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This is a spreadsheet of Cook Report races which I made based on currently reported results (9am Wed).

+1= Dem Victory
-1=GOP Victory
+0.5= Dem winning
-0.5 = GOP winning

Based on this, right now, I think the Dems hold onto the US House.

#Election2022 Image
Note especially: 3 (of 10 total) GOP "Toss up" seats have already been called for Democratic Victory.
#NC13 #OH01 #TX34.

On the Dem "Toss up" side, there's #VA02 which flipped Red. But that's it.
In summary, of currently held Dem seats, only 1 flipped Dem-> GOP (#VA02), with 6 races leaning GOP.

On the other hand, of current GOP seats, 4 have flipped GOP->Dem (#MT01, #NC13, #OH01, #TX34) and 7 lean Democrats.

I think the Democrats will win the US House. Image
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סיכום ביניים של ה #Midterms2022 לבקשת @GilBitan :

1. סנאט: כרגע תיקו 48, כלומר נשארו 4 מושבים במירוץ - אריזונה, שם קלי (D) מוביל ב-6% הפרש ועם 33% מהקולות שטרם נספרו; ויסקונסין, שם ג'ונסון (R) מוביל עם 1.2% ועוד 6% שנותרו. רוב ההערכות הן שלא יהיה מהפך ונגיע ל-49-49.
2. מה שמשאיר אותנו עם שתי מדינות מפתח - נוואדה, שכ-20% מהקולות בה טרם נספרו, היא מדינת השחמט כרגע: אם הדמוקרטים ינצחו בה, וזו הערכה סבירה מאוד לאור העובדה שרוב הקולות שנותרו מגיעים בדואר וממעוזים דמוקרטיים, מפלגת השלטון סוגרת 50 ומבטיחה לעצמה רוב (יחד עם האריס). Image
3. אבל 20% זה המון והפער לטובת לאקסאלט (R) הוא לא בלתי מבוטל (2.7%). אם הרפובליקנים מצליחים לנצח בנוואדה, כל העיניים זזות לג'ורג'יה - עם 0.5% הפרש לוורנוק (D) ועוד 4% מהקולות, סיכוי טוב מאוד שאף מועמד לא מגיע ל-50% ואנחנו ממשיכים לסבב ב' בינואר. Image
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Wage mal erste Einschätzung zu #Midterms2022 im 🧵, insg. gilt noch abzuwarten, wie Ergebnis letztlich ausfällt:
1. Ausbleiben großer Gewinne der Trump-Anhänger, gut! Zeigt, daß Demokratie in #USA stark ist 1/5
2.#Trump-Kandidaten eher nicht überzeugend für Bevölkerung
3. Eher Grundunterstützung für #Biden|s Kurs 2/5
4. 🇪🇺und 🇩🇪 sollten – gleich bei welchem Endergebnis – Unterstützung für #Biden erhöhen. Das geht nur durch glaubhafte transatlantische #Lastenteilung, die bislang leider unzureichend erfolgt. Wäre 1 Mittel, nicht weiter Wasser auf Mühlen von #Trump-Unterstützern zu kippen. 3/5
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JUST IN: #BNNUS Reports.

Democrat Wes Moore (@iamwesmoore) was elected Maryland’s first Black governor Tuesday, defeating Republican Dan Cox (@DanCoxEsq) in a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans 2-1. #US #elections #Midterms2022
Moore's victory shifts the governorship from Republican to Democratic hands.
Only two other Black politicians have been elected governor of the United States: Virginia's Douglas Wilder in 1989 and Massachusetts' Deval Patrick in 2006.
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