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Messiah's Response to a pandemic :

1. #COVID2019 spread was at its' peak in China by First week of February.

2. On February 12, @RahulGandhi called on the government to up the ante.

3. Taking a wrong cue - the ante of IT Cell cyber coolies was upped to further vilify RG.
4. On February 24, @narendramodi serenaded DoLand & his family by gathering 70k clapping gullibles in a stadium.

5. First week of March - Operation Kamala launched to dislodge @INCIndia govt.

6. 9th March -19 Cong MLAs (including 6 Ministers) flown to Bengaluru by Modi's party.
7. 11th March - @WHO declared #COVID2019 as pandemic.

8. 20th March - Kamalnath govt fell.

9. Mission accomlished - on 22nd March - #JantaCurfew & clanging of Thaalis - leading to processions & Garbas on the streets.

SOcial distancing ?? Yeh kaun chiriya hai 😉
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1-Dear @narendramodi ji,

Updating some more inputs, we have gleaned from health policy researchers and first responders to the #CoronaCrisis all around the world.

We urge you to share it with your team to inform the forward strategy on #Coronaindia

@PMOIndia @drharshvardhan
2-As we begin April – almost everyone agrees that it will be a hard month as the #CoronaPandemic spreads across the globe.

The epidemic may calm down by July and August, but #ChinaVirus is likely to be seasonal and could return with a vengeance in the fall.

3-The next challenge then becomes - How do we crack the current outbreak, develop a plan to return to normal life, and ensure that the #wuhanvirus never poses the same threat again?

@AmitShah @myogiadityanath @SharmaBpv @shashankupadhy_
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Day 6, Book 6

Every one of us is losing something precious to us. Lost opportunities, lost possibilities, feelings we can never get back again. That’s part of what it means to be alive -- Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami #21days21books #21daylockdown
Day 7, Book 7

And the air was full of Thoughts and Things to Say. But at times like these, only the Small Things are ever said. Big Things lurk unsaid inside.
The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy #BooksConnectUs
#21days21books #21daylockdown
Day 8, Book 8

Much of what was said did not matter, and that much of what mattered could not be said.

Behind the Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo
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First Sunday after #JantaCurfew . Looks like a country of 130 Crores has responded to the #21daysLockdown call by @narendramodi. Except for few issues around #migrantworkers District administrations are managing well. A matter which will need 100s of research papers post crisis.
Every single unit of administration rising upto the challenge . State govts establishing some of the best practices . India will be different with so many capacity building happening at every level .
Our curve is only moderately sharp because of irresponsibility of some . System is containing that too . Social groups lending a helping hand . With a caring & acting PM , CMs at their best , system tuned up , society responding positively India will come out unscathed .
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108 is considered a sacred and auspicious number in Hinduism. Ever wondered why? According to Vedas and Upanishads, number of facts and figures had been discovered thousands of years back that are scientifically surprising.
It is the representation of our existence and our universe as a whole. This is properly exemplified when we try to understand the basis behind each number. ‘One' signifies God’s consciousness, ‘zero’ signifies null or void, while ‘eight’ is the embodiment of infinity.
Thus, the number 108 is everything that we are about. It connects the ancient and the modern. In Vedic cosmology (and modern science), it is believed that the average distance of the Sun and the Moon to Earth is 108 times their respective diameters.
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Let's continue learning in #21daysLockdown.

We learnt 12 Zodiac Signs (Quoted Tweet) first. In this thread, we will learn about the 12 Houses/Bhaavas (घर/भाव) of Birth Chart (जन्म कुंडली) and their significations.

I will post daily around 11 AM and 5 PM. Revise daily.
17th Lesson

In this small video, I have highlighted all Houses in their serial order. You can see we start from 1st Bhaava & go in anti-clockwise direction.

इस वीडियो में मैंने पहले से बारहवें, सभी भावों को उभारा है. पहले से शुरू करने के बाद हम घड़ी से विपरीत दिशा में चलते हैं.
Lesson 18.1

The green rhombus in image is called First House or First Bhaava. It is also called Ascendant or Lagna. Its Lord is called Lagna Lord, or Ascendant Lord or Lagnesh.

This house represents native - his physical appearance, character, personality, weakness, strengths.
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1: India is under a national lockdown to battle the #Covid19 pandemic for the next 3 weeks. The Government of India and various state governments must ensure the lockdown doesn't aggravate people's hardships, by guaranteeing the operation of essential services.

2: Despite Govt of India' clarification that essential services will continue to operate during the lockdown, news reports across India show that police are forcibly shutting down grocery shops, vegetable and fruit vendors and meat shops. This harassment must stop immediately.
3: The lockdown must not be enforced through brute force by the police. Excessive & arbitrary use of force by the police only stands to worsen the existing fear & anxiety of the public. Govt of India must reach out to people & inform them about the pandemic at a community level.
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Let's make some use of #21daysLockdown.

We will learn names of all 12 Zodiac Signs (Rashi, राशि), their Lord (स्वामी) & some crucial qualities of each Rashi in next 3 days.

I will post at 5 PM IST daily here, you write in notebook & learn them. Revise before coming on next day.
1st Lesson

WRITE in a Notebook & LEARN content of this tweet by 5 PM.

There are 9 Grahas (Navagraha/नवग्रह).

1. Sun - सूर्य
2. Moon - चंद्र
3. Mercury - बुध
4. Venus - शुक्र
5. Mars - मंगल/कुज
6. Jupiter - बृहस्पति/गुरू
7. Saturn - शनि
8. Rahu - राहु
9. Ketu - केतु
2nd Lesson

MEMORIZE the number I mention against every Rashi. Daily revise sequence.

Circular Zodiac surrounding Earth measures 360 degree, is divided into 12 equal parts, each part of 30° called a Sign (राशि/Rashi).

Since 360°/30 = 12, there are 12 Rashi (राशि)/Signs.
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Lockdown Day #1 (with bae)

Things seem fine and manageable.
Navratri starting today.

Pic of Fast Food. #21daysLockdown #NAVARATRI #LOCKDOWNDIARIES #Covid19India Image
Update on Day #1
We are discussing whether to keep a dog 🐕 or something like fish.
Day #1 contd.

ICSE student in my room was flaunting how they have read classics like Mcbeth and Great Expectations in school. The KVian and CBSE pass out in me has started reading it already. We don't flaunt and we aren't easily impressed. Image
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