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#BobMueller calling for Transformation of the #FBI after the Attacks of September 11th 2001

Q: Why did Comey call Mueller after he was FIRED ?

Q: Why did the Election of President Donald J. Trump cause the #DeepState to go into PANIC MODE?

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@DaBearsk35 @RichardGrenell =)



Recent Relationship with #BillGates?

Q: What did Angela know? And when did she know it?


Why did they LIE?
Why did they drive the Fear PsyOp?
Why did they cover-up Nursing Home DEATHS?
Why did they cover-up the LAB?
@DaBearsk35 @RichardGrenell During the Trip #AngelaMerkel celebrates the Opening of a New German Factory in Wuhan China
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Q: Who are the TRAITORS that ran the #ChinaVirus Fear PsyOp while Covering Up Cuomo's Nursing Home DEATH CAMPS and #Fauci's Lab in Wuhan China?
Q: In which States did Facebook's #Zuckerberg Finance the next-gen, ACORN-style Ground-Game Election FRAUD Ops under the cover of the China Virus Outbreaks and #MailInVoter Campaigns?
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#InternationalBankingCartel Themes at 2021 G7 Meeting



#PublicHealth & the #ChinaVirus Outbreaks


Gender "Fluid" + LGBT + Anti-Testosterone (Strong, Aggressive White Men are Bad)

Where have All the Cowboys Gone ?

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Dismissing Fauci as "Incompetent" and Always Wrong is a MISTAKE

Fauci's Feb 1st Email to his Deputy demonstrated a CLEAR UNDERSTANDING of the Threat of the Wuhan Lab being exposed

And he immediately moved into COVER UP MODE
"...Only Don't Tell Me You're INNOCENT"

Keep Pulling on the Strings

#Fauci is Very Well Connected

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Q: Why did Fauci cover-up the #ChinaVirus "Leak" from the Lab in Wuhan?

Why did Fauci cover-up Cuomo's Nursing Home DEATHS in the NYC area and launch a campaign on #CNN & #BigTech to DAMAGE President Trump into the Election?

What did #Zuckerberg know?

Fauci knew and he did NOT warn the President

Fauci knew and he did NOT warn the American People

Fauci knew and he coordinated a Cover-up and Lying Campaign with the #LiberalMedia and #BigTech

Q: How many #TRAITORS do you see? Image
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Fauci was VERY NERVOUS about the #ChinaVirus leak out of the Wuhan Bio-Lab

The Late January Email from Kristian Andersen set OFF ALARM BELLS

Fauci fully understood the implications and he had to NEUTRALIZE the problem
One of the "Tasks" assigned to his Deputy may have been to organize a Research Team that would work to Neutralize the Lab Origin Narrative Early

Scientific Claims would be made in Trusted Journals and by Reputable People

Divert Attention and Dismiss Lab as NOT Likely
Start Pulling the Threads on the Cover-Up

Fauci's Deputy -->

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#DemocratCorruptionNetworks seeking to transition from the #ChinaVirus Outbreaks into Saving the Planet from #ClimateChange

#Trudeau and the #ClimateChange Corruption Networks

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I don't know why WHO didn't add actual corona virus on the list. SERIOUSLY, It's Deep Concerning that the country where it all started is not even included.
#ChinaVirus #CoronaPandemic
WHO team which went on investigation says "Chinese Virus Lab Theory" is Not Accurate theory & didn't tell the exact source. Also, team further added "Corona Virus didn't arise from China".
Pakistani media have bigger ethics levels than Indian media 🤦‍♂️
They will not call "Chinese Virus" even once.
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Our European Partners were INVOLVED in the #ElectionFraud Ops of 2020 that INSTALLED Biden-Kamala
This will be MESSY
Trump's Nationalism Movement in the United States is seen as a THREAT to the Globalist Agenda

After leaving Office #Obama Organized Shadow Govt to Oppose Trump

European Banking Families are Primary Players in the #ClimateChange Corruption Networks

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#MarkZuckerberg Networks were working to OPPOSE President Trump's #AmericaFirst Agenda for 4 years and were ACTIVE in Several Key Swing States during the #MailInVoter Fraud Ops under the Cover of the #ChinaVirus FEAR PSYOP run by the #LiberalMedia & #BigTech
#Facebook is part of the #Globalist Cabal that has been SELLING OUT the American People for DECADES

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#BioWarfare Preparedness should be a Top Priority

But this would include Incentives to De-Centralize away from the Over-Crowded Mass Transit Cities and the #DemocratCorruptionNetworks strongly OPPOSE this

Single Points of Failure are Attack Points during a War

The model of a De-Centralized (or Less Centralized) Mesh Network with Redundant Capabilities is Vital to Weathering the Storm of a Blitzkrieg Attack
The Nature of War is Changing

Old Warfare Methods are still available

But there are NEW Methods that are available

Access is variable

Some methods only available to big players
But increasingly the IED Terrorist Model is expanding to New Tools
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Deny, Deny, Deny

Then start to ease the Truth into the media ether and re-frame the narrative with "trusted" Liberal Media partners
Fauci's Funding into the Wuhan Bio-Lab supported Gain-of-Function Research which explores the potential of New Variants of Viruses to have a Profile that would be a Threat to Humans

Build Knowledge base that has Dual-Use as a Preparation Strategy and a Bio-Weapon
Assuming a Lab Leak Event in Late Sept / Early October in Wuhan China

When did our Early Warning System Activate?

Why were we NOT clear on the Airborne Threat in mid January when WHO said "No Problem Here"
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#Infertility (Temporary?)

the infection of the human testis with SARS-CoV-2 may impair male germ cell development, leading to germ cell loss and higher immune cell infiltration…
#ACE2 Receptors

Impact on Testosterone and Male Infertility remains poorly understood, but theoretical risks would make the Virus Profile attractive to certain players in the game…
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The Next Phase of the #SocialExperiment ?

- De-Centralization beyond Over-Crowded Mass Transit Cities

- Segregation Dynamics

- Reverse Gentrification along Social Fault Lines
Q: How would you cure #Malaria ?

Q: How will the #ChinaVirus Dynamics re-shape the Over-Crowded Cities in Emerging Markets ?


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#NYC is highly skilled at managing Inventory and controlling the media narrative

Realtors starting to slowly leak the Vacant Units onto the market

But the Post Vaccine Re-Opening will be challenging as Social Unrest and Violence Re-emerge this Summer
Once Bitten, Twice Shy Psychology to Dominate

People will be hesitant to return to "normal" until the City proves it can re-establish Law-and-Order

The next #NYCMayor has an enormous challenge ahead

Even the 2nd Coming of a Giuliani-type would take 1-2 years to turnaround
The young Student types are likely the 1st to return

The attraction of NYC's Social Night Life will draw them back. We are already seeing significant Street Night Life as the Weather Shifts to warmer Nights

But there will be Challenges this SUMMER

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The Illusion of the Truman Show is Breaking Down -- There is a Gitch in the Matrix

International Banking Cartel -> Mega Corporations -> #FakeNews Media Whores -> Political Puppets own thru Carrots & Sticks

Shape the Hearts-and-Minds of the Masses thru #MockingBirdMedia Dynamics
Why did the Media LOVE Trump before he won the 2016 Election?

Why did they support Any-and-All Coup Attempts by the Deep State?

Why did they cover-up Cuomo's Nursing Home Deaths & pump the #ChinaVirus Fear PsyOp to provide narrative for the #MailInVoter Fraud Ops in 2020?

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The #ChinaVirus came from the Bio-Lab in #Wuhan China

Xi and the ChiCom Networks LIED for 3 months and allowed it to SPREAD ALL AROUND THE WORLD

The ChiCom networks are the Enemy of the American People and the Enemy of Civilized People EVERYWHERE

The Game is about Controlling the Narrative

The #LiberalMedia Suppressed the Surge in Black on Asian Violent Crime to protect the #BLM Narrative into the 2020 Election Cycle

Many in the #DemocratCorruptionNetworks have been aligned with the #ChiComs for DECADES
The #LiberalMedia ran a Cover-up for Cuomo's Nursing Home DEATH CAMPS b/c they needed the Fear PsyOp of a DEADLY Virus to create the cover for the #MailInVoter Fraud Ops in Key States to Install the #Globalist Puppets
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The "Climate Guilt" PsyOp targeting the young, impressionable, and naive Gen Y Echo Boomers in the United States, Europe, and around the World

(You better learn to Swim)
and Learn to Ride a Bicycle
The #LiberalMedia are the Enemy of the American People
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#Fauci Admits the Theater Angle of Wearing a Mask

But Fauci is WRONG to suggest the "simple Face Covering" Masks are an Effective Barrier that Protects the person wearing it.

>90% of the value is in Limiting the OUT-FLOW from someone that may be Spewing Virus Particles
Vaccinated Persons are believed to be a LOWER Risk of Spewing Virus OUT


The Vaccines seem to reduce the risk of becoming infected.

If infected the viral illness seems to be more Limited and the thinking goes the high Viral Load is likely lower and shorter duration.
Fauci has bee a TOTAL DISASTER during the #ChinaVirus Outbreaks

His real value is in his access to Immunology R&D networks due to his position at the NIH.
He can and should be REPLACED. And given his Political Biases he should NOT have a say in the Replacement

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So... #BillGates did NOT leave the Microsoft Board to Help Save the World from the #ChinaVirus


So... Why did the PR Teams want to Re-Brand #BillGates as the Virus Expert while they were pumping the #ChinaVirus FEAR PsyOp to create the cover for the #MailInVoter Ops to REMOVE President Trump?

Maybe #Fauci knows

And don't forget...

the #JerseyGirl has been a strong supporter of #HillaryClinton for DECADES

I'm sure she knew NOTHING
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#FakeMarriage since AT LEAST 2006

And yet #Melinda spins the Bullshit with #LiberalMedia Whore #RobinRoberts in 2016

Q: Why did the PR Team want to soften their image and appeal to the Human side by working the Dating #BillGates angle when the Marriage was DEAD since at least 2006?

#BillGates Steps Down as Microsoft CEO in 2000 and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was established

yadda yadda yadda

#JeffreyEpsteinDidntKillHimself in early August 2019

Gates steps down from $MSFT Board in early March 2020 as #ChinaVirus Outbreaks Emerge

#Divorce 2021
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If you had read my 17 March 2020 blog post, you know that Covid is a Wuhan400 Bioweapon. I knew the game long before the world woke up to the threat whose only objective is to remove regimes oppose to Chinese dominance in World Trade such as France, UK, Trump and Modi
Here is the post. read again…

A document written by Chinese scientists and Chinese public health officials in 2015 discussed the weaponization of SARS coronavirus, reveals the Weekend Australian.
Titled The Unnatural Origin of SARS and New Species of Man-Made Viruses as Genetic Bioweapons, the paper predicted that World War Three would be fought with biological weapons.
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