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Donald Trump's Speech on the New World Order - YouTube

“We, the people reclame controle over our government”

This is their war!

This is reality.

RT, please.

#coronavirus #CoronaApp #COVID19 #LockdownEnd #Lockdown21
The presidents Trump & Putin are in their final battle against the New World Order.

After three years in power, Trump has finally fulfilled his electoral promise of taking private banks out of the US public affairs, ending a century of exploitation of the global citizens.
This is a major achievement with far reaching consequences.
This outmost bold move comes at a crucial point in time, and faces us with the realization that Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump are united and have taken humanity to the crossroads of the New World Order and freedom.
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Day 8489 of #Lockdown2
Liver biopsy result - " Baby Pink in Color,
death due to detoxification is possible"
Day 9337 #LockdownExtended

Accidentally liked my 10 year old crush's 5 year old post on instagram.

Now she knows what I have been doing for the entire time
Day 11237 of #Lockdown21
Trapped a pigeon in balcony. Cooked it for breakfast.
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Thread: Is India "flattening the curve"?

Working with data of other countries and the exemplar cases of China and South Korea for 80+ days, I realized that it's rather difficult, if not impossible, to judge that just off a couple of indicators.

1/n (n=20)
And it's most certainly daft to try and read that off some noisy changes in a few days data. This has not been an easy fight for most countries that are gaining control over their #COVID19 spread.

#nCoV2019India #coronavirusindia
And involves tight coupling of 3-4 measures for a sustained period of time. To understand what they are and how to take control of the situation, @yaneerbaryam is a good follow.

One of the measures is extensive testing. Including asymptomatic cases.

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#Lockdown21 Rathinavani Community Radio Programs Podcast regarding #Covid_19india awareness shows & teasers threads from Jan 30 2020 | Rathinavani is the first community radio to broadcast the detailed information in Coimbatore city regarding #Covid_19india awareness

#podcast 1

January 20 2020 broadcast

Dr. Neminathan Talks about Coronavirus | Govt. Helpline Numbers | First Information Report from WHO…
#Podcast #Thread

March 21st 2020

Rathinavani 90.8 Community Radio | CoViD 19 - Janata Curfew | Community People Opinion | PM Modi Speech Tamil Translation | Hosted by RJ Vicky & RJ Madan | RCAS…
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This is Fifth thread on Basics of astrology in #Lockdown21.

Tap quoted tweet to read 4th thread if you haven't read it. I am posting content in 4th as well 5th Thread at the same time.

This thread will deal with many concepts like Dasha, Nakshatra, Exaltation-Debilitation etc.
Repeating again that install the application mentioned in Quoted Tweet or install Astrosage or install any other application in your mobile phone that allows you to generate birth chart after entering birth details.
I also request to go through video in Quoted Tweet to understand how to find your Birth Nakshatra. It is very important to know your Birth Nakshatra.

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Migrant workers: #SupremeCourt begins hearing petition by Harsh Mander and Anjali Bhardwaj concerning payment of wages to migrant workers amid lockdown due to #Covid_19.

Matter is taken up for hearing via video conferencing.

Advocate Prashant Bhushan tells the Court that lakhs of migrant workers are placed in shelter homes and this will make #SocialDistancing difficult; adds that if one person contracts the virus, it puts everyone in the shelter home at risk.

"They should be allowed to go home"
Bhushan says wages should be released because the migrant workers rely on wages for their meals.

CJI SA Bobde asks why wages are required when meals are being provided by the govt.

Bhushan points out meals given in shelter homes; not all migrant workers are in shelters
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Some communists & left liberals were asking what #RSS is doing in times of #CoronaCrisis?

This thread is for them. Have patience & read every tweet carefully.

Also remember, RSS has been there to help every Indian always, in each crisis we faced as nation.

In Gorakhpur, due to lockdown, when getting Chai also became almost impossible, Sangh Swayamsewaks distributed not even Chai but masks & food to #CoronaWarriors of @Uppolice. Food was also distributed at many bus stands for hungry people. #NationFirstForRSS
In Gorakhnath Hospital, one time meal for everyone is being provided by #SewaBharti. Migrant laborers going to other cities without food were provided food packets by #Sangh.
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Fourth thread on Basics of astrology in #Lockdown21.

Tap quoted tweet to read 3rd thread if you haven't read it. In this thread, we will learn meaning of numbers which you find written in your birth chart. You'll be able to calculate Moon Sign, will know more about degrees.
Request you all to install this application named Hindu Calendar.

In this application, you can find Kundali (कुंडली) option on Left side where you can enter Date and Time and Choose location (place of birth). You can swipe Left to see generated Kundali.…
When you enter time and date and location, you get details as in first image. Upon scrolling down, you can see Rashi in which each Graha is transiting and position of that Graha in Degree-Minutes within that Rashi. Swiping left will show you the generated Chart.
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Danger associated with #ModiVideoMessage of turning-off all household light's at #9PM9minute on 5th April.
Why it is nothing lesser than a "barbaric madness"?
By simultaneously turning off 24.6% power demand in country? 1/n
A thread..
367GW power is generated in India by various means, which is then fed into all power transmission networks by Generating Stations, which is being distributed by 33Kv, 11Kv supply system to our households for domestic needs & lightings.
2/n Data
#9PM9minute #COVIDIOT
Power supply & demands is maintained at 50Hz frequency in India. If a sudden demand increases then this cause frequency⏬ drops & if demand is reduced den frequency⬆.
Out of 367GW, 24.70% is lighting household demand
41.1% is industrial demand
Thread. 3/n
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#SupremeCourt notice to Centre on a #PIL by activists Harsh Mander & Anjali Bharadwaj for immediate payment of basic minimum wages to migrant workers & self-employed poor affected by #Lockdown21. SC seeks response by Apr 7.
Solicitor General Tushar Mehta objects to Mander's plea, saying #PIL shops should remain shut at least in such times.

He adds genuine public spirited people are on ground, helping others, & not filing PILs sitting in AC rooms.

#SupremeCourt has rejected a plea for using hotels & resorts for #MigrantsOnTheRoad due to unavailability of enough shelter homes & issues of hygiene.

Court observes it won't be possible to ask the Govt to examine each & every plea in situations like these.

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This is 3rd Thread on Basics of Astrology in #Lockdown21. In 1st two threads, we finished 12 Signs (Rashis) and 12 Bhavas (Houses) of Kundali. In this thread, we will learn some basics like Grahas in Natal Chart, their Aspect (Drishti), how long each Graha transits in 1 Rashi etc
Lesson 1.1

Rahu-Ketu are always 7 Houses apart from each other in Natal Chart. Start 1 at House where Rahu sits, Ketu will be at 7th. Vice versa

जन्म कुण्डली में राहु और केतु हमेशा एक दूसरे से सातवें घर में होते हैं. जहाँ राहु हो, उसको एक गिनकर आगे सातवें भाव पर केतु बैठते हैं.
Lesson 1.2

To say it in other words, Rahu-Ketu are always 180° apart from each other. Rahu-Ketu, both are shadow planets (Shadow Grahas).

राहु-केतु एक दूसरे से सदैव 180 डिग्री पर होते हैं, मतलब उनके बीच हमेशा 180° का फ़ासला रहता है. राहु और केतु, ये दोनों छाया ग्रह होते हैं.
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Even if 1% of population gets infected & we have as much as CFR as in #southkorea, our efforts are averting between 0.5-2.3 million deaths. In terms of mitigation, we are the first country in the world to do a #Lockdown21 on a national scale #covidinindia #LockdownLessons 1ofn ImageImageImageImage
How to move forward? First, some ground realities
1. Testing everyone is going to take time.
2. Treatment is going to available only later.
3. Vaccine development is far

Next, once lockdown is lifted, most of India is susceptible to new infections.
How to stop future infections?

If there are active transmissions going on, it will spread like wildfire later. So catch these foci of transmission and contain them to these local areas.

So, the focus is NOT on the states/areas that are detecting, testing and controlling well.
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#Day7 #Lockdown21 Looks like India has entered plateau. The number of tests increasing. Too early to say if #covid19 wont affect India like it did in others. Caution: Early to predict future trajectory #Covid19India #India #coronavirusinindia source: Image
To win the battle against #Covid19India, we require an effective containment strategy.… , India needs to adopt a syndromic approach with targeted testing. This is the way forward to reduce the maximum adverse impact. @tarunb20 @icmr_nie @Director_NCDC
The real threat as we move forward are the missed and silent areas, which have not reported #covid19 cases or delayed in reporting. The syndromic approach can tackle all these cases by isolating them and reducing transmission. However, #PPE is mandatory for frontline workers.
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ग्राहक.. आटा कैसे किलो है ...
दुकानदार ..जी 40रुपये किलो ,
ग्राहक... इतना महंगा क्यो दे रहे हो भैया अभी तो dm साहब बोले है 25 रुपये किलो है आटा.....
दुकानदार... तो जाइये आप dm साहब से ही खरीद लीजिए
ग्राहक .... अच्छा चावल कैसे किलो है...
दुकानदार.... चावल 50 रुपये किलो....

ग्राहक... भैया बहुत महंगा दे रहे हो कुछ कम कर दो
दुकानदार..... अब आप जाकर dm साहब से ही खरीदिए हम इससे कम में नही दे पाएंगे ।
अब दुकानदार को क्या पता था कि सामने वाले ग्राहक dm और एसएसपी है जो उन्ही जैसे दुकानदारों के लिए भेष बदलकर मार्केट में सब्जी....
.......फल राशन खरीद कर भाव पता कर रहे थे ।
फिर आगे क्या होना था, ये तो आप लोग समझ ही गये होंगे....
True story
#varanasi_DM 😊👍
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Meet the people who are walking to their hometowns and villages amid #Lockdown21 and what made them take the long journey home.
Birjesh Kumar, 20

Earns Rs 7,000 per month

Headed towards: Agra, UP

Why he left: “The bakery has remained closed for over a week now and there there is no work. If I don’t go home, I won’t able to survive here .”

Read more:
Raj kumar, 20

Earns Rs 450 per day

Headed towards: Shahjahanpur, UP

Why he left: “I had been sitting idle for days. We got food only if someone donated. My family members kept calling and drying over phone. They want me home safe”.

Read more:
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Managing the #COVID2019 #Lockdown21 situation : lessons from Gaddappa ( A thread )
Practice social distancing, stay away from the crowd.
Refuse to go out with your friends. Stay home.
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Big Breaking: Health Ministry and WHO team reached Tabligi Zamat Islamic centre in Nizamuddin West area after 300 people mostly foreigners are reported to be #Corona suspects. 6 tested positive. After Delhi Police report to MHA efforts on admit the suspects in the Hospital.
Big question is how these Tabligi zamat people managed to gather and engaged in preaching despite the ban on any gatherings or meetings? As per report 2000 people gathered at the Centre two days back...
Finally, government agencies woke up to the #Coronathreat by Tablighi Jamaat in the Nizamuddin area. Medical reports suggests that many of those hospitalized tested positive. FIR against Maulana for illegally holding meet in violation of the prohibitory orders after #Lockdown21
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इन कठिन परिस्थितियों में, रसोई में हाथ बंटाते हुए पुरुष सदस्यों के लिए 10 आवश्यक सूचनाएं:

1. दूध आकस्मिक ही उबल जाता है, और उसके बाद गैस बर्नर और स्लैब की सफाई पुछाई कठिन और दुख दाई होती है। अतः दूध पर नजर रखें वॉट्सएप पर नहीं।
2. दूध उबलने पर भगोना काफी गरम होता है, तौलिए या फिर किसी औजार से पकड़ कर उतारें। जले हुए हाथ को मुंह में चूसते हुई तांडव करने से कुछ नहीं होगा।

3. रसोई में इस्तेमाल होने वाले सभी औजारों और उपकरणों का उचित स्थान एवं नाम पता कर लें।
4. बर्तन साथ के साथ धो कर रखें। इकट्ठे पंद्रह-बीस बर्तन देख कर बीपी बढ़ाने से कोई फायदा नहीं।

5. ज़्यादा बर्तनों में नवाबों की तरह खाना ना खाएं। धोने आपको ही हैं, ध्यान रहे।
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वही हो रहा है जिसका डर था। बस चलने के बाद, दिल्ली UP बॉर्डर पर अब और भीड़ आ रही है। अब सबको घर जाना है। बहुत अलग अलग कारण है इस घर जाने की जिद के पीछे। कुछ को मकान मालिकों ने निकाल दिया, कुछ का रोजगार चला गया, कुछ को बस घर ही सबसे सुरक्षित लग रहा है,कुछ को लग रहा है छुट्टी है तो ImageImage
....दिल्ली में क्या करें।

किसी से कोई शिकायत नही है मेरी, ये आदमी का स्वभाव ही होता है कि मुसीबत में कैसे भी घर पहुंच जाए, 'सब ठीक हो जाएगा'।

विदेशों में जो भारतीय थे वो भी तो यही सोच रहे थे। क्या पता कल कोई और भी यहीं सोचे, की चलो गांव....

कई लोगों को जनती हूं जो जनता कर्फ्यू से पहले ही गांव निकल गए। इनकी भी कोई गलती नही है।

बस इतना सोच रहे थे कि ,घर तो जा रहे हो, लेकिन भगवान न करे घर, कुछ दिन में अगर वो....😔
दोष सिर्फ हालात का है, या मनहूस चीन का।
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As different countries battle the #COVID2019 pandemic, there is much debate as to which country acted in which way and whether their actions were timely or not?

Also, which country model, on balance, works better than others? A thread, on Indian action since January 2020.
China notified on 7th January about #COVID2019 (without details).

8th Jan: India did its FIRST mission meeting.
17th January: India started screening of all passengers from China.
25th January: PM Modi's Principal Secretary chairs high level review meet.
#CoronaUpdate 2/15
India's #COVID2019 response is moving ahead.
29th Jan: Exports of N95 masks and PPE prohibited
30th Jan: 6 labs identified for testing (The day India reports first case)
31st Jan: 6 Quarantine centers established
1st Feb: India's begins evacuations. #CoronaUpdate 3/15
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The government’s ‘package’ is a curious blend of callousness and cluelessness. It’s not just one virus we’re fighting – pandemics are also a ‘package.’

@PSainath_org on what we should do about #COVID19
@ShashiTharoor The central government's package in response to the Corona Outbreak has little regard for the poor and the marginalized. We hope this article by P. Sainath catches your attention.
@bainjal With not a word on how the poor public is to access food and other essentials, the two speeches by our PM sparked off a panic waiting to happen.

Further, GoIs ‘package’ responding to the crisis has little regard for the poor. Hope this article catches your attention.
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Stocking up due to #lockdown21?
Here are a few tips that will help you survive the lockdown.
1. Stock up on basic, nutrient-dense foods

Keep rajma (kidney beans) and chana (chickpeas) handy. “If nothing else, these can always be made into a chaat, as a snack."…
2. Some must have masalas:

Powdered haldi (turmeric), dhaniya (coriander), jeera (cumin), mirchi (chilli) and hing (asafoetida), as well as whole mustard and whole jeera.…
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In #Bhilwara 1,06,856 households & 5,33,786 people have been surveyed. 149 are high risk cases Of Influenza Like Illness(ILI) and 3317 are normal ILI symptoms. Out of these 133 are people who travelled from abroad. #Covid19 #Rajasthan #Lockdown21
Over the next two days 1948 teams of medical & other departments will reach 4,22,358 rural households in #Bhilwara & survey 21,64,311 covering 88.15% people. #COVID19 #Rajasthan @rohitksingh
So far hotels, hostels and resorts I #Bhilwara have been taken over and 1511 number of #Quarantine rooms have been established and total number of 14,411 beds are available at the moment. In govt hospitals there are arrangements of 200 isolation beds and 35 in Pvt hosp. #COVID19
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Thread: How #COVID2019 could change the world forever. It is amazing how we find ourselves in the midst of a habit changing evolutionary Black Swan event in the #Corona pandemic. Personal meetings, large scale employment, newspapers, data, delivery boy... Read 1/1
I stopped physical newspapers a few years ago. But notice how the #Lockdown21 is forcing almost all nps dependents to evolve into reading news on palm. A great percentage of them could permanently shift to digital. Beginning of the end of newspapers due to #COVID2019. 1/2
With the world clampdown on travel, see the increase in remote meetings via Video Conference. G20 and SAARC are the showcase of what future summits and meetings could be. Dovetails so well with climate change. A personal favorite positive #COVID fallout.
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