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When Modi announced a 14 hour #JantaCurfew, did he expect the whole of #coronavirus in india to die/vanish in 12 hours really? No
When Modi gave a 4 hour notice for nationwide #lockdown on 24th March by allowing elite to settle in their cosy homes, did he feel migrants would not be seen & heard at all? No.
When Modi announced #lockdownindia & invoked Mythology (Mahabharat war of 18 days) to claim that fighting against Coronavirus will take 21 days, did he believe himself? No.
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Some have started questioning the rationale of dates announced by @narendramodi . The first review of districts will be on Apr 20 .. That’s the 29th day of #JantaCurfew . If there are no cases for 28 days WHO & ICMR say the area is virus free .. #IndiaFightsCorona
Also by then majority of first wave of oreign returnees & their first contacts would be put of hospital ... Also the #TabhligiJamaat cases will be either tested negative or will be under hospitalisation .. #IndiaFightsCorona
Also by then the country’s health infrastructure would be in a robust state to take any unpredictable outbreak f reasonable magnitude ... Our in-house production of all related health products will hit peak by May 1st week ... #IndiaFightsCorona
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Messiah's Response to a pandemic :

1. #COVID2019 spread was at its' peak in China by First week of February.

2. On February 12, @RahulGandhi called on the government to up the ante.

3. Taking a wrong cue - the ante of IT Cell cyber coolies was upped to further vilify RG.
4. On February 24, @narendramodi serenaded DoLand & his family by gathering 70k clapping gullibles in a stadium.

5. First week of March - Operation Kamala launched to dislodge @INCIndia govt.

6. 9th March -19 Cong MLAs (including 6 Ministers) flown to Bengaluru by Modi's party.
7. 11th March - @WHO declared #COVID2019 as pandemic.

8. 20th March - Kamalnath govt fell.

9. Mission accomlished - on 22nd March - #JantaCurfew & clanging of Thaalis - leading to processions & Garbas on the streets.

SOcial distancing ?? Yeh kaun chiriya hai 😉
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#Thread - 1/18

Understanding #TablighiJamaat In Detail!

Despite knowing that fact that
1) 136M jobs at risk in post-Corona
2) The #Lockdown may incur a loss in the economy of Rs. 8.7 lakh crore
But our Hon'ble @narendramodi Ji went ahead & announced a complete #Lockdown that..
means he cares for every Indian's life rather than a loss in the economy because that can be rebuild. So, haters think about it, don't just hate him blindly.

Some Impt. facts:
1) March 12 #Kejriwal announced there should be no gathering of more than 200 ppl
2) March 13, there were 3400 ppl gathered in #Nizzamuddin
3) March 16, #Kejriwal again announced there should be no gathering of more than 50 ppl
4) March 22, PM #Modi announces #JantaCurfew along with that #Kejriwal announces complete #Lockdown in Delhi
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Thinking quietly, I feel that Lockdown was done because Tablighi Jamat conspiracy was already unearthed and due to Lockdown they would get little crowd to spread infection.

And after Lockdown was taken to a controllable level, they opened this case.

Just a benefit of doubt.
I am saying this because on 21st March 2020 Union Govt informed State Govts about this Tablighi matter. Which means they got the big picture by 20th March At least.

On 20th March 2020 at 2000hrs @NarendraModi announced #JantaCurfew

Once an enabling atmosphere for Lockdown was made through #JantaCurfew, Modi ji announced Nation-wide lockdown.

I am saying, a slip did happen, but they were trying to contain it in best possible manner. That is, through a 21 Days Lockdown.
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As different countries battle the #COVID2019 pandemic, there is much debate as to which country acted in which way and whether their actions were timely or not?

Also, which country model, on balance, works better than others? A thread, on Indian action since January 2020.
China notified on 7th January about #COVID2019 (without details).

8th Jan: India did its FIRST mission meeting.
17th January: India started screening of all passengers from China.
25th January: PM Modi's Principal Secretary chairs high level review meet.
#CoronaUpdate 2/15
India's #COVID2019 response is moving ahead.
29th Jan: Exports of N95 masks and PPE prohibited
30th Jan: 6 labs identified for testing (The day India reports first case)
31st Jan: 6 Quarantine centers established
1st Feb: India's begins evacuations. #CoronaUpdate 3/15
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1. #CoronaVirusIndia My reading of managing this epidemic by India. We will be recognised as a Global Leaders in handling virus epidemics. The entire Western, White & so called First World countries are abject failures. India will come out as HERO and China as VILLIAN.
2. #CoronaVirusIndia I am tired of graphs, talks, John Hopkins, Cambridge Professor, stage 3 & ‘imported’ gyan being applied on India. I am also sick of ‘Dr.’s who are NOT MBBS. Spreading panic & misinformation with a hidden agenda seems the norm. Read my observations about India
3. #CoronaVirusIndia Continuing with .....Read my observations about India... India is a nation with depth. It’s not chaos as western media puts it and fully backed by Indian anti/establishment jurnslists like @BDUTT and @sardesairajdeep variety. I am putting my theory now and...
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Cant imagine,

Can prof can do that ? @jmiu_official and @ABRSIR and Please confirm.

Twitter defense by @ABRSIR is less believable in view of his other tweets last couple of months.

Share results of all his students.
Confirm if he has 15:55 Musl!m ratio.
is not it incitement ?
While, I was still compiling the tweets that makes believe this prof less, @ABRSIR has protected his account. Well but just in time.

I have gathered some material. Rest others who got it archived may add in this thread.
First and Foremost, @ABRSIR is "Khilafah" Campaigner and call every Musl!m for Jihad to establish Khilafat

One Ummah-One Struggle-One solution is his call.
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मैं एक बुरा व्यंग्यकार हो सकता हूँ परंतु आज मैंने इस सत्य का साक्षात्कार किया कि बर्तन माँजने में मेरा कोई सानी नहीं है। तनिक अभ्यास से बर्तन प्रच्छादन के क्षेत्र में मैं नए कीर्तिमान स्थापित कर सकता हूँ, गति और गुणवत्ता दोनों में। धन्यवाद मोदी जी! 🙏 #JantaCurfew
बर्तन भिन्न भिन्न प्रकार के होते हैं। जैसे तवा काले रंग का होता है। तवा भारतीय राजनीति के कुछ हैदराबादी की भाँति होता है, जिसपर पराठे को कितना ही जलाएँ उसके चिन्ह परिलक्षित नहीं होते। तवे की ढीठ कालापन ऐसी सांप्रदायिक पार्टियों के सेक्युलरिज्म की भाँति होता है।
कुछ नेता नॉन स्टिक प्रवृत्ति के होते हैं। यह किसी दल या विचारधारा से नहीं चिपकते। यह एक दल से दूसरे दल भटकते रहते हैं। आप इनके ऊपर डोसा बनाएँ या चीला, अनुभवहीन हाथों में प्रत्येक प्रकार के खाद्य की परिणति भुर्जी स्वरूप में होती है।
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Can't resist making a political thread about the implications of yesterday's #JantaCurfew and 5 pm show of solidarity. There are multiple interesting takeaways. Here goes:

It is probably for the first time in human history that such a large population has stood behind one leader's call to action. This is a population which has never seen or known a pandemic, and has chosen to put economic and other considerations aside in larger Indian interest
There might be a hundered reasons for a person to disagree with or oppose PM Modi, even vote against him. But in a crisis situation, they have trusted him blindly.

Consider the nature of his call too. The nation, probably the world, has never seen a politician who...
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Step 1. Modi gave a 29 minute speech on #coronavirus pandemic.
Step 2. Modi urged people to express gratitude thru #ThaliBajao.
Step 3. WA messages started making rounds correlating thalibajaoing to spiritual, cosmic, heavenly angles invoking religion, civilization,science/1
Step 4. Godi media started getting orgasms about Modi's 14 hour #JantaCurfew killing all '12 hour old' #coronavirus in India.
Step 5. WA messages of Modi's masterstroke in full swing urging all to make the event a huge success.
Step 6. Strict Curfew took place during the day.
Step 7. Celebrities, industrialists, BJP leaders, police officials took part in #ThaliBajao event which was broadcasted all over.
Step 8. The whole of India went into a frenzy, a celebration, group gatherings on streets as #Social_Distancing went for a toss.
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#WuhanVirus Where's India headed? Are spread rates normal? State-wise analysis. Can our healthcare system take it? What are our options? Strategy to tackle #WuhanVirus for India? & more
Is India heading for a worst case scenario with the #WuhanVirus?
Growth trajectory on the log scale is linear for India as for most countries. Keeping with the known exponential growth in the early phase of an epidemic before it flattens out.
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#JantaCurfew अच्छा आइडिया था. कर्फ्यू में 'जनता' जोड़कर पब्लिक को मालिक अहसास करवाना बढ़िया था.

अब जब थाली और ताली आपके हमारे घरों में बज गई है. तब आप हम कुछ बुनियादी बातें पूछते हैं.

उस सरकार से जिसके कहने पर आज पूरा देश एकजुट हो गया....
जिस देश के पास एक ऐसा नेता हो गया है, जिसकी एक हुंकार पर लोग कुछ भी किए दे रहे हैं. वो बात अलग है कि ये आवाज़ लिंचिंग की घटनाओं, दिल्ली दंगों, अर्थव्यवस्था के बिगड़े हाल, फांसी लगाते किसान, नौकरी मांगते बेरोज़गारों के लिए कभी नहीं उठी.
ये बात सही कि थाली बजाना इंटरटेनिंग और ज़ीरो इंवेस्टमेंट वाली चीज़ है, इसलिए लोग जुट गए. लेकिन सोचिए इस ताकत को रखने वाला आदमी अहम चीज़ों पर नहीं बोलता है. लेकिन क्या हो कि एक दिन जब कोई ज़रूरी सवाल उठाए जाएं, सत्ता से बाहर जाने जैसी बातें हों तब कोई इस ताकत वाला आदमी क्या करेगा
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Hi @pilibhitpolice @Dmpilibhit , this photo is from your official tweet . Can you please explain why the police chief and DM totally disregarded safe - distance norms and led this procession at 5 pm during the #JantaCurfew ? ....
And a video is here ....
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Reflections on #JantaCurfew and why it was a missed opportunity. It COULD have been an opportunity for people to understand and practice the principle of #Social_Distancing. Instead you had crowds celebrating the defeat of Corona at the hands of Modi ji. Why this fiasco?
Modi didn't use facts, logic, persuasion, empathy combined with a relief package to make it possible for all to actually practice #Social_Distancing. Instead he and the BJP relied on their usual staple - blind faith in the Great Leader, in a ritual, WA fake news.
The result was predictable. People thought Modi ji wanted a grand show of support which would miraculously chase away Corona - and they gave it to him. Not their fault. This fault rests with the leaders who discourage people from understanding principles & thinking for themselves
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Some sense of proportion for our West-is-awesome bhajan mandali.

NY as of right now is 12,323
NJ is 1,327
Total is 13,650

The lockdowns are a joke. Number of cars on highways have not reduced. People are roaming on the streets, going to parks. My neighbour was partying yday.
People are flouting rules. I hear stories of people still going to offices in NJ, stopping for a coffee at Starbucks as if nothing has happened. Does this look like a lockdown? This is the scenario in the epicenter of the outbreak with 13000+ cases.
Spoke to friends in Germany and they say people are acting like its a holiday. Partying, clubbing, concerts. Compare this to India’s seriousness with a complete shutdown with only 300 cases in a country of 1.3 BILLION people.
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A thread to show the #COVIDIOTS in India.. #JantaCurfew went wrong!!
Go #Corona??
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I think that if Modi deserves credit for the thought behind this event, then he sure as hell deserves the criticism for not having thought things through. What could've been a step in the right direction, turned out being 2 in the wrong. #JantaCurfew #Covid_19india #5baje5minute
Also, shout-out to these idiots who skipped through the entire address by the PM and went mad for the "taali bajana, thaali bajana and ghanti bajana". The man spent 20 minutes explaining the need for social distancing and this is what they took from it! 🤦🏻‍♂️
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'जनता कर्फ्यू' की सफलता का जश्न मनाने सड़कों पर उतरे सैकड़ों लोग 👏👏
कोरोना का बैंड बजाने के बाद भव्य शोभा यात्रा निकालते बहादुर भारतीय

#JantaCurfew #IndiaComeTogether
#JantaCurfew में कोरोना वायरस की कंबल कुटाई के बाद सोशल डिस्टेनसिंग की नई परिभाषा गढ़ते देश के वीर जवान
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Visuals from #Rajasthan

Men, women , children come out on streets of Jaipur to support unsung heroes of our society

In the backdrop of iconic hawa mahal chant slogans #CoronaBhagao

#JantaCurfew #JantaCurfewChallenge

#Covid_19india #CoronavirusPandemic
Visuals from walled city of #Jaipur

While a woman beats thali from the jharokha (lattice window) of her house, daughter and pet joins in .

#Covid_19india #COVID19outbreak
#ThaliBajao #JantaCurfew
In #Jaiour #JantaCurfew brings joint families together .

Entire family comes out together on their doorsteps to beat the thali.

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This is an unprecedented feeling. The entire nation united in hope, in appreciation, in fear, in despair, giving each other strength. There was shankh, dhol, bells, thaalis, crackers. I have never experienced this. #JanataCurfew
Here’s my daughter, in gratitude to the men and women who are keeping us safe from the deadly disease #JanataCurfew
Some more images... of neighbours I didn’t even know I had. In solidarity. #JanataCurfew
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Our doctors and nurses normally hear the sounds of ambulance sirens, of the emergency PA system, of the whimpers & cries of the patients, of the MRI machines; but today at 5 pm let us make them hear a different sound. The sound of untold gratitude. Come out, India. #JantaCurfew
The sound of gratitude. May it wander around the wards and whoosh through the drip tubings and permeate gauze and travel faster than a patient's scream and emerge through to the other side unscathed and may it soothe the burnt-out doctor and the exhausted nurse. May it.
In years to come, when they ask how did India lift the spirits of her doctors and her nurses battling on the frontline against all odds, show them this clip, of @Niranja83004384's dadi.
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Breaking - A high level meeting was held earlier today with Chief Secretaries of all the States by the Cabinet Secretary and the Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister.
All the Chief Secretaries informed that there is overwhelming and spontaneous response to the call for #JantaCurfew given by PM @narendramodi.
In view of the need to contain the spread of COVID 19, it was agreed that there is urgent need to extend the restrictions on the movement of non-essential passenger transport including inter-state transport buses till 31st March 2020. #IndiaFightsCorona
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